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>- I ■<> , 



The Christian Annual 

For the Year of Our Lord 



Edited by Henry Crampton, Secretary C. P. A. 

Christian Publishing Association, 

J. N. Hess, Publishing Agent, 






Whose Little Girl Are You? 
In the Cottage O'er the Way. 
Did You Fall Fighting? 


Marietta Two Step. 
Tabor Valley Two Step. 
Pansy Waltz. 
Rest Cottage March. 

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Palm Branches— Solo By Faure 

How Sweet the Name— Solo- High Voice 

By Fearis 

How Sweet the Name— Solo— Low Voice 

By Fearis 

God is Love— Duet— Soprano and Tenor 

By Jerome 

Thine Forever— Solo— Soprano o r Tenor 

By Jerome 

He Leadeth Me— Solo— High Voice 

By Ashford 

He Leadeth Me— Solo— Low Voice By Ashford 
Dream of Paradise-Solo By Hamilton Gray 

Flee as a Bird— Solo By Dana 

Calvary— Mezzo— Soprano or Baritone 

By Rodney 

Jerusalem- Alto By Parker 

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth 

By Handel 

Ever Near Me— Solo for Medium Voice 

By Jerome 

A Closer Walk With God— Solo for So- 
prano or Tenor By Jerome 

Beside Still Waters— Solo for Alto or Bar- 
itone By Jerome 

Shepherd Divine, I Come— Solo for So- 
prano or Tenor By Jerome 

Come Holy Spirit— Duet for Soprano or 
Tenor and Alto By Jerome 

Sun of My Soul— Duet for Soprano or 
Tenor and Alto By Jerome 

The Kins of Love My Shepherd is~Duet 
for Soprano and Tenor By Jerome 

Thy Will Be Done— Duet for Soprano and 
Tenor By Jerome 

Come Into Me— Quartet By Jerome 

The Haven of Thy Breast— Q u a r te t 
By Jerome 

Many The Wreck Below. (Bass Solo). 

Springtime of the Soul— Duet for Soprano, 
or Tenor and Alto. 


Dolly Wants to Kiss the Baby 10c 

Every One You Meet has Trouble (Humorous) 


This Letter is for My Papa 10c 

When I Am Big Like Papa 10c 

We add the following by Jerome, to the list 

There is a (ireen Hill Far Away (Medium Voice) 
Lead Kindly Light - - " 
Nearer My God to Thee - " 

Rock of Ages - - _ • " " 


Light at Evening Time (For Soprano or Tenor 

and Alto). 
Gently Lead Ds. (For Soprano and Tenor). 
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Huntington, Indiana. 

The Editor's Say to the Brethren. 

The 1905 Annual is sent out with the prayer that it will be help- 
ful to the cause we represent; it is sent, too, with the feeling that it 
is not perfect, for changes have taken place since the reports were 
sent in, and possibly* since the reports were given to the printers. 

Ju the gathering of the material, the great sacrifice made by 
many of our churches and ministers has been revealed. I have read 
these accounts, laid the letters down, later read them again, then 
thanked God for such noble men and women. A quotation from one 
letter will reveal the real facts in many others : "I am very sorry 
to have to send you such a poor report of our conference; but really 
our people are so scattered and so poor, and I have preached so 
long for almost nothing, and am so far behind financially, that I 
now have to turn my attention to something else so that I can get 
square with the world." Such sacrifices are not fully realized only 
by those who make them. 

The heart}^ co-operation of all is needed to make the Annual 
what it ought to be; and all should feel free to send corrections 
when the need is seen. The book should be as correct as it is pos- 
sible to make it. 

i am not sure that the list of conference is complete, but it is all 
I could get. 

Possibly some ministers are left out of the Directory who ought 
to be in ; if so, I am very sorry ; but I could only put in those 
who reported to me, as asked for weeks in the Herald of Gospel 
LiBKRTY, or were reported by the conference ofiicers. 

It was necessary to treat all the illustrations alike; this will 
account for some things being omitted. 

Manj' kind words have been said, but not one word which re- 
vealed the spirit of harshness or impatience, no matter how often 
information was asked. 

1 want to thank all the conference clerks and officers for their 
kindness and patience, and trust that as they read the Annual 
an.:] discover mistakes, they will feel kindly toward editor and 
printer, and remember that the mistakes were not intentionally 

Finally, "The Lord bless thee, and keep thee; the Lord lift up his 
couutenance upon thee, and give thee peace." The Editor. 



The Christian Publishing Association. 

Officers and Trustees. 

President, 0. \Y. Whitelock, Huntington, Indiana. 

Secretary, Rev. Henry Crampton, Eaton, Ohio. * 

Treasurer, George Worley, Covington, Ohio. 

Publishing Agent, J. N. Hess, Dayton. Ohio. 


Rev. T. M. MeWhinney, Rev. G. D. Lawrence, 
Rev. D. M. Helfenstein, Rev. I. H. Gray, 

Rev. W. W. Staley, E. L. Goodwin, 

Prof. J. X. Dales, also the President and Secretary. 

The new building of the Christian Publishing Association is one in which we 
can all feel an interest; it is located on one of the best corners in the city, one 
block from the union railioad station and one block from the post-office — -two per- 
manent buildings. Our building has a good basement; four store-rooms on the 
first floor; several suites of rooms on second and third floors, and offices and compo- 
sition room on the fourth floor for the Association's use. The building will be 
<'quipped with modern machinery, elevator, etc. The succ«ss of the enterprise is 
due to the business tact of 0. W. Whitelock and I. H. Gray, and to the unceasing 
oversight of J. N. Hess. These brethren certainly deserve the hearty appreciation 
of our people everywhere. 

The business of the Association is in a healthy condition, and the prospects are 
encouraging. During 1904, three new books have been issued — ^Scripture Doctrine, 
by J. J. Summerbell; Fruit-Bearing Truths, by J. P. Barrett, and Christian Endeavor 
Addresses, by J. F. Burnett. These books should be bought and read by our people, 
for they are by our own brethren. 

During the year new editions of The Christian Hymnary, The Complete Sunday- 
school Secretary Book, and The Complete Sunday-school Class Book were issued, 
beside a number of pamphlets on various topics. 

The subscription list of the Herald of Gospel Liberty is larger than it was a 
year ago, and the Sunday-school literature is doing well. 

We can be loyal to our Publishing House without being sectarian, and it is very 
easy to see that if we do not look out for our own institutions and support them, 
we cannot expect them to succeed. Let us be true to what God has placed in our 
hands to take care of for his cause, and to enable the world to reach a much higher 
plane of existence. Editors, Secretaries and Agents can succeed only as the people 
who elect them to these positions of tremendous responsibility and tr\ist stand by 
them. ' Henry Crampton, Secretary. 


Christian Church Events For the 
Year 1904. 

Current Events of the Year 1904. 

Forty accessions to the church at Stelvi- 
deo, Ohio — New church building at String- 
town, Indiana, dedicated — The church build- 
ing at Huntington, Indiana, destroyed by 
fire — W. L. Gennett closed his twenty-sixth 
year as superintendent of the Sunday-school 
at Fairview, New Jersey — Rev. G. W. Sweet, 
Draketown, Penna., died — Deacon William 
G. Moulton, York, Maine, reached his nine- 
tieth birthday — The parents of Rev. M. W. 
Borthwick celebrated their 59th wedding an- 
niversary at Albany, New York — New 
church building at Danville, Illinois, ded- 


Rev. H. A. Smith resigned at Greenville, 
Ohio, and accepted a call to Eaton, Ohio — 
Interesting revivals with very encouraging 
results held in many churches — Rev. Alex- 
ander Averill, Somerville, Mass., died — Rev. 
Edwin Morrell accepted a call to Piqua, 0. 
—The First Church at Muncie, Ind., cele- 
brated its twelfth anniversary — Rev. Jesse 
Jacobs, Boundary, Ind., died — Church build- 
ing at Farmland, Ind., rededicated, 


Fire destroyed the "Hermitage" at Frank- 
linton. North Carolina — Rev. B. S. Batchelor 
died at New Bedford, Mass. — Special meet- 
ings closed at Troy, Ohio, with 127 addi- 
tions — Rev. S. Stackhouse, Westerfield, 
Ind., died — Church building at Bristol, Ind., 
rededicated — Trustees of the Christian Pub- 
lishing Association decided to build a pub- 
lishing house at Dayton, Ohio — Rev. George 
Hubartt died at Warren, Indiana — W. H. 
Hendershott was ordained at Towanda, Kan. 
— Rev. George C. Enders, Pittsfield, Ohio, 
declined the degree of LL. D., which was 
offered him for the modest sum of "a single 
solitary eagle of the yellow" — Rev. C. J. 
Jones was tendered a reception by the 
Golden Rule Circle of the Haverhill, Mass., 
church, where he was supplying the pulpit 

Iroquois Theater burned at Chicago, • 111., 
with a loss of more than 600 lives — Dowie 
started on a trip around the world — Senator 
Hanna announced that he was not a candi- 
date for the presidency — Iceland secured 
more liberty from the Danish crown — Jean 
Leon Gerome, a French painter and sculptor 
of note, died — Ex-President and Mrs. Cleve- 
land lost by death their eldest daughter, 
Ruth — William McAdoo, Democratic police 
commissioner of New York, instructed his 
inspectors to suppress poolrooms, disorderly 
and gambling houses. 


The price of cotton was the highest since 
the Civil War — Japan and Russia com- 
menced fighting — Tremendous fire in Balti- 
more, Md. — Senator Hanna died — Perry S. 
Heath, secretaiy of the Republican National 
Committee, because of the death of Senator 
Hanna, resigned — Lincoln's birthplace was 
offered for sale — Mr. vV^arren F. Spalding, 
secretary of the Massachusetts Prison As- 
sociation, made >-ae statement that crime 
cost the state $5,000,000 annually. 

The Central Federated Labor Union, in 
New York City, issued orders for its mem- 
bers to drink onlv union-made whiskey — 
France and Spain signed an arbitration 
treaty — Count Von Waldersee, field-mar- 
shall of the German Armv. died — Senate 
committee began the investigation of the 
case of Reed Smoot, the Mormon senator 
from Utah — Two hundred uniformed police- 
men attended a religious service conducted 
by the pastor of the Second Presbyterian 
Church, in the Bijou theater, at Pittsburg — 
Labor troubles in Colorado cost the state 
over $600,000 for military guards— The 
Hudson River tunnel was completed — Bos- 
ton, Mass., experienced a small earthquake 
— Andrew Carnegie gave $5,000,000 more 
for educational purposes — Queen Alexandra 
lunched with a number of factory employees 
in London, England. 


for three months in the abscence of the 
pastor — Rev. F. H. Beck died at Kessler, 


Rev. Peter ]\IcCullough and wife returned 
to their home in Dayton, Ohio, after spend- 
ing the winter with their children — Brother 
and Sister L. T. Carpenter, members of the 
Trumbells Corners Church, New York, cel- 
ebrated their fiftieth -wedding anniversary — 
The friends of Rev. James E. Hayes and 
wife, of Locktown, New Jersey, celebrated 
their 66th wedding anniversary with a sur- 
prise party — Rev. G. L. Aspinall was com- 
pelled to give up the work at Williamsport, 
Ohio, on account of poor health — Rev. O. E. 
Brown, Orient, Iowa, died — Rev. F. H. 
Peters began his work as pastor at Fall 
River, Mass. — Rev. C. J. Jones, D. D., 
elected president of Union Christian College, 
]\Ierom, Ind. — Rev. G. R. Hammond, Mel- 
lott, Ind.; Rev. M. D. Wolfe, Haverhill, 
Mass., and Rev. McD. Howsare, Maple Rap- 
ids, Mich., attended the World's Sunday- 
school Convention at Jerusalem — New house 
of worship dedicated at Liberty, N. C. — Rev. 
G. W. Draper organized a church at Carbon- 
dale. Ill.^The Toronto, Ontario, church 
dedicated their new building — Rev. Hugh 
Woten died in Jay County, Indiana. 


The "First Church," Fall River, Mass., 
celebrated their 75th anniversary — Rev. 0. 
A. Jacobs baptized nineteen persons at Por- 
terville, Illinois — Brother Alfred Taylor and 
wife of Phillipsburg. Ohio, church, celebrated 
their fiftieth wedding anniversary — The 
church at York. Elaine, celebrated their 
96th anniversary — Rev. G. B. Ciin baptized 
twenty-eight persons at Stelvideo, Ohio — 
Rev. D. P. Warner died at Gloversville- N. 
Y. — Rev. G. D. Lawrence, Urbana, 111., took 
up the work of field agent for the Christian 
Publishing Association — Rev. J. B. Weston, 
D. D., Stanfordville, N. Y., attended the an- 
nual meeting of the American Bible Society 
in New York City, and conducted the open- 
ing service — Rev. E. E. Harvej' died at 
Huscher. Kansas. 


Fourteen thousand coal miners struck in 
Iowa — The local ontion law of Texas was 
sustained by the Supreme Court of the 
United States — A millionaire was indicted 
at Portland, Oregon, for trying to cheat the 
Government of tracts of land— Grace 
Church, New York City, gave an Easter of- 
fering of $90.000— The Supreme Court of 
Kansas said the Bible miglu be read in the 
public schools— Rockefeller gave $500,000 
to the Johns Hopkins hospital — Ex-Queen 
Isabella of Spain, died — An explosion on the 
battle-ship Missouri, killed thirty-two per- 
sons — The United States Geological Survey 
found extensive deposits of coal on Bering 
River, Alaska — The inventor of the \vater- 
bury watch died — Because he refused to at- 
tend church, a sixteen-year-old boy, in 
Pennsylvania, was beaten and kicked to 
death by a Cauholie priest — King Edward 
and Queen Alexandra visited Ireland — Pres- 
ident Roosevelt reappointed William D. 
Crum, a negro, Ccector of Customs at 
Charleston, S. C— On the 30th President 
Roosevelt pressed the button which set the 
machinery in motion at the Exposition at 
St. Louis. 


The Panama Canal zone, and all property 
included, was transferred to the United 
States, and Secretarv Shaw sio-ned a war- 
rant for $40,000,v.„^ to pay for the property 
— Russians destroyed costly piers and forts 
at Dalnj'. so that the Japanese could not 
use them — The ereat African explorer, Hen- 
ry M. Stanlej', died in London — Miss Clara 
Barton resigned the presidency of the Amer- 
ican Red Cross Society — The American 
Peace Society asked ilie L nited States to of- 
fer to mediate between Japan and Russia — 
Governor Blanchard, in his inaugural ad- 
dress, pledged Louisana to protect the ne- 
groes — The battle-snip iJiode Island was 
launched at Quincy, Mass. — The Western 
Union Telegraph Company ordered that no 
racing news should be sent from race-tracks 
over its wires, except as regular messages — 
Senator M. S. Quay died at Beaver, Penna. 



C'entoiburg. Ohio, church pledged $1,525 
for Dcfianc-e College — Rev. B. Mason, Me- 
Lallens Corners, Pa., had his shoulder dis- 
located by a horse — Brother Thomas Worley 
the honored treasurer of the Miami Confer- 
ence, died at Covington, Ohio — A "Children's 
Church with a choir of its own," organized 
at Piqua, Ohio — ^Children's Day was ob- 
served by many churches and Sunday- 
schools — Twenty-Hve new subscribers to the 
Herald of Gospel Liberty secured at Atwood, 
111. — .Rev. Joel Myers resigned as field sec- 
retary of Iowa, and Rev. J. C. Grafton was 
elected — Church building at York, Neb., ded- 
icated — Rev. Edwin Burcli died at York- 
town. Ind. — Maple Temple church building, 
Xorth Carolina, burned — Rev. M. D. Wolfe 
was given a very cordial reception by his 
church at Haverhill, Mass., on his return 
from the Holy Land — An interesting Cen- 
tennial 'Memorial held at Carbondale, 111. — 
Rev. Spencer Home died in Bradford, Me. 

The church at Hunterslaiid, N. Y., cele- 
brated their seventieth anniversary — Rev. 
Jane M. Vinson sent in twenty-four new 
subscriptions for the Herald of Oospel Lib- 
erty — Rev. Henrj' Brown, on account of fail- 
ing health, gave in the work at Holley, N. 
Y. — Rev. W. D. Samuel accepted a call to 
Huntington. Ind. — Rev. W. H; Sando ac- 
cepted a call to Urbana, 111. — New Church 
building dedicated at Thivener, Ohio — Rev. 
VV. J. Barnes, Brooklyn, N. Y., went to 
Europe for two months — Rev. L. J. Aldrich 
moved from Merom. Ind.. to New Rockford, 
S. D. — Rev. William Pangburn, of the 
Southein Ohio Conference, died — Mr. and 
Mrs. Robert Call, of the church at ^.organ- 
ville. N. Y., celebrated their fiftieth wedding 
anniversary — Rev. William Jenkins, Ray, 
Ohio, died— The church at Gulf Mills, Pa., 
celebrated their seventy-first anniversary — 
Rev. B. V. McKinley died at Middleport, O. 

Interesting cami)-meeting at Craigville, 
.Mass. — Rev. W. T. Boice began work at 
Des Moines, Iowa — The; Salamonia, Indiana, 
chuicli cck'biated theii- sixty-third anni- 


The British amateur golf championship 
was won by Walter J. Travis, an American 
— The tenth anniuil arbitration conference 
was held at Lake ]\Iohonk, New York — Earl 
Grey appointed to succeed Lord Minto as 
Governor-General of Canada — President 
Roosevelt was asked by the Western Feder- 
ation of Miners to investigate the mining 
conditions in Colorado — Attorney-General 
Knox was appointed to the United States 
Senate to succeed M. S. Quaj^ — Col. R. H. 
Pratt was removed from the presidency of 
the Carlisle Indian School b- Secretary Taft 
— 'The United Confederates held their re- 
union in Nashville, Tenn. — The steamer 
General Slocum, having a Sunday-school 
party of about 1,200 on board, was burned 
in the East River, New lork, resulting in a 
tremendous loss of life — At Moscow, Russia, 
.two hundred persons were killed by a tor- 
nado — General Miles refused to be the Pro- 
hibitionist candidate for president, and Dr. 
Silas C. Swallow, of Harrisburg, Penna., 
was nominated — The Republicans nominated 
Theodore Roosevelt for president and Chas. 
W. Fairbanks, of Indiana, for Vice-pres- 


The Populists nominated Thomas E. Wat- 
son, of Georgia, for president, and Thomas 
H. Tribbles, of Nebraska, for vice-president 
— The Democrats nominated Chief Judge 
Parker, of New York, for president, and 
Henry G. Davis, of West \ irginia, for vice- 
]iresident — At Concord, Mass., the centen- 
nial anniversary of the birth of Nathaniel 
Hawthorne was observed — Two hundred peo- 
ple were killed near Manila by a cloudburst 
— Forty-five thousand meat packers struck 
in Chicago- — Paul Kruger, of Transvaal 
fame, died at Clarens, Switzerland — The 
Russian Minister of the Interior, M. Plehve. 
was assassinated — ^Inspector Lundberg, who 
passed the General Slocum was dismissed 
from the Government service. 

The people of Crete asked the Italian 
Government to free them from the power of 
Greece— All heir to the Russian throne was 



versarv — Mt. Sterling. Ohio, ohurcli raised 
an indeMedn?>s of $700. and spent ^Mi) on 
their parsonage — Rev. Teter Winebrenner 
died at Warren, Ind.— The Mt. Cllive church 
building, near Farmersburg, Ind.. was ded- 
icated-pMt. Union, Penna., house of worship 
re-dedicated — Rev. James Roberts died at 
Sabina, Ohio — iJeacon Edwin ^Merchant, 
treasurer of the Tioga River Conference for 
nearly forty years, died. 


Three young men otlered themselves for 
foreign mission work at tlie IMianii Ohio 
Conference — Two new books issued; Scrip- 
tuie Doctrine, by Rev. J. J. Summerbell, D. 
D.. and Fruit Bearinor Truths, by Rev. 
J. Pressley Barrett. D. D. — ^The church at 
Madisonville, Penna.. held their thirteenth 
annual reunion — Rev. R. H. Gott began his 
work as pastor at Kokomo, Ind. — Rev. 
Stephen Cheek, Noble, 111., died— Rev. S. D. 
Hawk resigned at Newark, N. Y., on account 
of ill health— Rev. I. V. D. R. Johnson died 
at Farmland, Ind. — Interesting revival held 
at Charleston Four Corners, N. Y. 

The wife of Rev. Peter McCullough died 
at Dayton, Ohio — The annual session of the 
Mission Board of the American Lnristian 
Convention was held at Eaton. O'hio; the 
resignation of Rev. A. M. Kerr as mission 
treasurer was accepted — Rev. A. H. Bennett 
baptized sixteen persons at Hope, 111.; the 
oldest was sixty-five and the youngest 
twelve years — The second International Mis- 
sionarv Convention was held at i^armland, 
Ind.— The church at South Wcsterlo. N. Y.. 
gave their new pastor a heartv welcome — 
Rev. B. S. Crosby left Shultzville. N. Y.. to 
take charge of the church at Versailles, unio 
— Rev. J. R. Laird resigned at Kittery. Me. 
—The Pleasant Hill church. Wingate^ Ind., 


Rev. M. W. Borthwick began his pastor- 
ate at Hagerstown, Ind. — Revival meeting at 
Hand Ford. Virginia, with twenty accessions 
— Charles Beebe, son of Rev. G. A. Beebe, 
was killed by a train at Portsmouth, N. H. 
— Church building at Medway, N. Y., re- 
dedicated — New house of worship at Haub- 
stadt, Ind.. dedicated — ^Revival meeting at 
ilontpelier. Ind., closed with twenty -three 
accessions — Rev. Marv J. Vinson secured 
fifty-four subscriptions to the Herald of 
Gospel Liberty. 

born — The National Encampment of the 
Grand Army was held at Boston, Mass.; 
(iciicral W. W. Blackman was elected Com- 
mander-in-Chief — David B. Hill announced 
tliat after January 1, 1905, he will retire 
from politics — The'battle-ship Louisana was 
launched at Newport News — ine Archbishop 
of Canterbury arrived in New York — Ex- 
Sultan Murad V. died at Constantinople — 
\V. J. Bryan offered his services to the Dem- 
ocratic for campaign work. 


(ieneral Kuiopatkin abandoned Liao-Vang 
— Colonel Younghusband and the Tibetan 
leaders signed a treaty at Lhassa; the 
British expedition returning to India — The 
eighth International Geograpiiic Congress 
was held at Wasuington — '1 ,ie fiftieth anni- 
versary of the l)irth of -le Republican party 
was celebrated at Saratoga. N. V. — I ae 
American Bankers' Association met in New- 
York City — Peter Karageorgovitch crowned 
king of Servia — Mount Vesuvius discharged 
a large amount of lava — Senator George F. 
Hoar died at Worcester. Mass. — President 
Roosevelt was petitioned by English Re- 
formers to intervene in the troubles of the 
Congo Free State. 


Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, lae designer 
of the Statue of Liberty, died at Paris, 
France — Postmaster Henry C. Payne died at 
Washington. D. C — The ' thirteenth inter- 
national peace congress was held at Boston, 
Mass. — The -l)attle-ship Nebraska was 
launched at Seattle. Washington — Robert J. 
Wynne appointed Postmaster-General by 
President Roosevelt — King George of Sax- 
ony died — The battle-ship Georgia wa=. 
launched at Bath, Maine — The Russian Bal- 
tic Squadron fired upon English fishing ves- 
sels in the North Sea — Robert S. Rhodie, 
head of the steamboat inspection service at 
New York, was dismissed by President 
Roosevelt — The Subwav at New York wr. 
formally opened for travel. 


A treaty of arbitration between tae Lnit- 
ed States and France was signed — Roosevelt 
and Fairbanks were elected by a large ma- 
jority — The battle-siji'^ Ncic Jersey launched 
at Quincy. Mass. — The French Premier pre- 
sented in the House of Deputies a bill for 
the separation of the church and state — A 
treaty of arbitration between Great Britain 
and Portugal was signed — The s.atue of 
Frederick the Great, presented to the 
United States by the German Emperor, wis 
unveiled at Washington. 



The American Christian Convention. 


President, Rev. Ouvek W. Powers, D. D., 
Columbus, Ohio. 

Vice-President, Rev. L. W. Phillips, Frank- 
lin, N. H. 

Secretary, Rev. J. F. Burnett, D. D., 
Muncie, Ind. 


Missions — Rev. J. G. Bishop, D. D., Day- 
ton, Ohio. 

Finance — Rev. John Blood, Lewisburg, Pa. 

Education — Rev. M. W. Baker, Ph. D., 
Springfield, Ohio. 

Sunday-Schools — Rev. Thomas S. Weeks, 
Fall River, Mass. 

Christian Endeavor — Rev. Horace Mann, 
Rifle, Colo. 

Publishing — Hon. 0. W. Whitelock, Hunt- 
ington, Ind. 


Rev. W. H. Denison, A. M., 
Rev. M. T. Morrill, 

Rev. J. P. Barrett, D. D., 
George Worley, 
A. S. Lynn, 

Rev. Hannah W. Stanley, 
Rev. George A. Conibear, 
Rev. Robert Harris. 


Dr. W. A. Bell, 

Rev. P. H. Fleming, 

Rev. P. A. Canada, 

Rev. W. G. Sargent. 


Uev. A. C Youmans, 

Rev. J. P. Watson. I). H. 


Rev. T. M. McWhinney, D. D., LL. D. 
Rev. J. W. Wilson, ' 
John B. Pease, 
Robert Call, 

Alexander Savage. 

Rev. Mrs. Emily K. Bishop, President. 
Clelie Loback, Vice-President. 
Mrs. Athella Howsare, Recording Secretary. 
Miss Orpha S. Adkinson, Corresponding 

Mrs. Ada 0. Warbinton, Treasurer. 


Rev. Mrs. Ellen G. Gustin, President. 

Rev. Mrs. Emily K. Bishop, Vice-President. 

Miss Annie E. Batchelor, Recording Secre- 

Miss Annie Libby, Corresponding Secretary. 

Mrs. Mary J. Batchelor, Treasurer. 


Rev. G. W. INIoriow. 


For the Convention, second Sunday in 
December; Foreign Missions, second Sunday 
in March; Home Missions, second Sunday 
in June; Education, second Sunday in 


Send the Convention ar.d Educational col- 
liHtions to Rev. J. F. Burnett, Muncie, Ind. 

Send the Home and Foreign Mission col- 
lections to Rev. J. G. Bishop, Doyton, Ohio. 



The American Christian Convention. 

This body represents the organized forces 
of the Christians. In its quadrennial meet- 
ing an attempt is made to secure the expres- 
sion of the best thought concerning our com- 
mon interests, and to devise measures for 
promoting the welfare of the institutions 
and organizations represented. . 

The few days spent in counsel once in four 
years are not sufficient to do more tiian re- 
view the work of the quadrennium and in- 
augurate needful measures for enlarging and 
carrying forward the enterprises of the de- 
nomination. Continuous work is demanded 
to make the plans of the Convention effec- 
tive. This is pro\nded for by committing 
the work to secretaries, boards and other 
agencies, and placing all under the supervis- 
ion of the Executive Board of the Conven- 

Four factors enter into the success of the 
Convention measures ; the wisdom of the 
plans, the faithfulness and efficiencv of the 
officers, the proper co-operation of the de- 
partments, and the support of the people. 
The responsibility for the first and second 
rests with the Convention in its quadrennial 
assembly; the oiners may be greatly helped 
by ■wise action on the part of the Executive 
Board. To this end annual meetings for 
review of the work and for supplementary 
plans to meet emergencies are held; statis- 
tics . are gathered ; information concerning 
the work of the departments is disseminat- 
ed, both through the denominational papers, 
and by other publications; and, to some ex- 
tent visitation of conferences and institu- 
tions by representatives of the Board is 
provided for. Misunderstandings are re- 
moved, conflict between the work of various 
departments is avoided, and the effectiveness 
of all is increased. 

A very important part of tae Convention 
work is done by the General Secretary. Be- 
quests are coming constantly for informa- 
tion, advice and encouragement. The suc- 
cess of all the departments has been aided 
by the quiet work done in the secretary's 
office. Whatever incidental expenses are 


incurred by the Sunday-school and Christian 
Endeavor departments are met from the 
collections of the Convenuion Secretary, as 
these have no treasuries of their own. 
Probably no contribution for general pur- 
poses brings better results than the one for 
the American Christian Convention, al- 
though it has always been the smallest of 
the authorized collections. 

The Convention is coming to be more gen- 
erally recognized as the leader in our organ- 
ized work. The whole is greater than any 
of its parts, and the Convention is more 
than any one of its departments. But here, 
as with individuals, the- law holds, that the 
agency that is greatest anions us will be 
that which is most truly servant of all.' 

Columbus, Ohio. 


Capron, lllinc s. 



The Missionary Department. 

Rev. J. G. Bishop, Dayton, Ohio, 
Mission Secretary, A. C. C. 

The following constitutes the Mission 
Board of the Christian Church : 

J. G. Bishop, D. D. Secretary of the de- 
j.drtiiifHt, and ex-officio pfesidciit of the 

Rov. W. H. Denison. A. M., Recording 

J. P. Barrett, D. D., Rev. G. A. Conibear, 
Rev. M. T. Morrill, Rev. Robt. Harris, Rev. 
Hannah W. iStanley, Mr. Geo. Worley and 
.Mr. A. S. Lynn. 

Mission Council: Revs. W. H. Denison. 
.1. V. Barrett, H. W. Stanley. ,). G. Bishop 
ami Mr. Geo. Worley. 

Communications relating tu any line of 
the Missionary work and to The Christian 
Missionary, and all remittances for mis- 
sio;iary purposes, except from the Woman's 
Mi.sioinry Societies, should be addressed to, 
.]. (i. i'lsiK 1', D.iNlon, Ohio. 


President, Rev. Emily K. Bishop, Dayton, O. 
Vice-President, Mrs. Clellie Loback, Craw- 

fordsville, Ind. 
liec. Sec'y, Mrs. Athella Howsare, Maple 

Rapids, Mich. 
Cor. Secretary, Miss Oi-pha Adkison, Le- 

Grand, Iowa. 
Treasurer, Mrs. Ada O. Warbinton, '.\ :;ers- 

town, Ind. 


President, Rev. Ellen G. Gustin, Attleboro, 

Vice-President, Rev. Emily K. Bishop, Day- 
ton, Ohio. 
Rec. Sec'y, Miss Annie E. Batchelor, New 

Bedford, Mass. 
Cor. Secretary, Miss Annie T^ibby, Saco, 

Treasurer, Mrs. Mary J. Batchelor, New 
Bedford, Mass. 

All money from woman's missionary so- 
cieties should be sent to their respective 
treasurers, as above; for home missions to 
Mrs. Warbinton; for foreign missions to 
i\Irs. Batchelor. 


The total receipts to the mission treasury 
the last year were $19,138.56. This includes 
.$•2,228.03 which came through the Woman's 
Board for Foreign Missions, and $723.24 
which came through the Woman's Board for 
Home Missions. 

The total receipts for all purposes this 
year are $1,336.08 more than last year. But 
while this is true, the outlay to meet, in 
some measure, the growth of the work, has 
been correspondingly larger than the in- 
crease of the income, so that we find the bal- 
ance on hand — $1.974.92— less than we had 
on hand at the beginning of last year by 


The following statistics will indicate — 



perhaps about as accmatelj' as tabulated 
statistics can indicate — something of the 
work done the r)ast vear in the home field : 


Number of workers for the whole 

or a part of the year 28 

Number of sermons preached 2,519 

Number of services held 3,926 

Number of religious calls made.. 6,907 
Number of conversions reported . . 348 

Number of members received .... 383 

Number of churches organized .... 4 

Number of Sunday-schools organized 12 

Average attendance at church service 5,411 
Average attendance at Sunday-school 3,681 
Number of subscriptions to The 

Christian Missionary 159 

Number of subscriptions to Her- 
ald of Gospel Liberty 49 

Amount paid by missions toward 

missionaries' salaries $4,756.87 

Amount paid on A. C. C. calls. . . . 511.01 
Amount paid for all other purposes 6,178.61 
Both the statistical reports and the let- 
ters from the various home missionaries, as 
given quarterly in The Christian Mission- 
ary, have shown good work done. At Toron- 
to, Canada, Columbus, Ga., Greensboro. N. 
C, and Danville, 111., new churches were 
built. At Rifle, Colo., Lima, Ohio, and 
North Greensboro, N. C., new churches are 
in process of construction. Our mission work 
in Colorado, North Dakota and Montana, 
made encouraging progress the last year, 
and is starting in well for this year — Our 
mission fiscal year commences and ends 
October first. 

.■^ppropnalic.ns are vo*.ed this yeai for 
about thirty points. Does some one say, 
"That is spreading the small amount avail- 
able over too much territory? Perhaps 
that is so. And perhaps, the critic who 
thinks so, would do no better were he added 
to the Board and with the other nine mem- 
bers should see the field in its vastness and 
needs, as it is seen and learned from the ap- 
pealing letters that come from the various 
quarters of the United States and Canada. 
Of one thing we feel sure, if many of our 

pastors could sit one week with the Mission 
Board in its annual meetings, they would 
see that larger ofl"erings were sent up from 
their churches. 



Noth with standing the terrible war in 
which Japan is now engaged, the past year 
was more fruitful in spiritvial results, than 
any previous year in the history of our work 
in that country. There were more conver- 
sions and baptisms. 

A new station was opened at Utsunomiya, 
a city of 40,000; capital of a province, lying 
between Tokyo and Sendai. God has already 
given them several converts — foundation 
for a church in that city. 

Miss True being entitled to a furlough, it 
was expected that slie would come home in 
October last. But feeling that health condi- 
tions did not demand it, and that her ser- 
vices were so much needed there, she re- 
quested to be permitted to remain at her 
post of duty for another year. How noble 
the self-denial — for Christ's sake. 

One very encouraging feature of the work 
is the success of the Bible Training School 
in Tokyo— in the securing of students, and 
the evangelistic work that is being done by 
the students. Encouraging because more 
efficient native workers are so much needed, 
as well as more missionaries. Tne school 
begins this year with ten students. Need is 
already being felt for larger quarters for 
our school work. The need for more mis- 
sionaries and more buildings is an appeal 
that ought to be heard by our people. 

The following is a summary of the statis- 
tics of the Japan work for the year closing 
July 1, 1904: 

Missionaries 7 

Bible Women 3 

Students in Bible Sschol 5 

Stations 4 

Church Members 495 

Sunday Schools 18 

Average Attendance 594 

Native Ordained Ministers 7 

Bible Training School 1 



Organized Churches 7 

Out Stations 18 

baptisms 98 

Scholars in Sunday-Scliools 1299 

Native Contributions Yen 199 11 


Rev. A. D. Woodworth, Princinal of the 
Missionary Bible Training School, also does 
evangelistic work, 26 Kasumi Cho, Azabu. 
Tokyo, Japan. 

Rev. Christine Penrod, woman's depart- 
ment of the Bible School and evangelistic 
work, 26 Kasumi Cho, Azabu, Tokyo, 

Revs. Earl C. and Susie V. Fry, supervis- 
ion of the Utsunomiya Station, evangelistic 
and Bible teaching, Utsunomiya, Japan. 

Rev. and Mrs. E. K. McCord, supervision 
of the Sendai Station and its outposts, evan- 
gelistic and Bible teaching. Sendai, Japan. 

Miss Alice True, supervison of the Ishino- 
maki Station and its outposts, evangelistic 
and Bible teaching, 10 Sakashita, Ishino- 
maki, Japan. 



Rev. Ohta, the first convert and first na- 
tive preacher in our Japan Mission, under- 
stands, speaks and writes English, teacher 
in the Bible School, Tokyo, Japan. 

Rev. Takahashi, pastor at Tokyo. 

Rev. Watanabe, evangelist at Akabana, 
Itibashi and Kamaguchi. 

Rev. Irikawa, pastor at Utsunomiya and 
student in the Bible School at Tokyo. 

Rev. Kitano, English scholar, pastor at 
Sendai and evangelistic work at outposts. 
Sendai, Japan. 

Rev. Chickusa, pastor at Ishinomaki and 

Rev. Matsukawa, pastor at Wakayanagi 
and outposts. 

Rev. Sakurai, pastor at Ichinoseki and 
outposts, but now — November, 1904 — a sol- 
dier in tliB army. His wife is faithfully 
lielping to maintain the work in his absence. 

Miss O Ren Hamaguchi, understands, 
speaks and writes English; a faithful, devot- 

ed Bible-woman, with Miss True at Ishino- 

Mrs. Takahashi, Bible-woman, with Miss 
Penrod in the Tokyo work. 

Mrs. Kitamura, Bible-woman, now at De 
fiance College in America; expects to re- 
turn to the work in Japan next autumn. 

Rev. Koshiba, now taking a course in the 
Oberlin Theological Seminary, will probably 
return to Japan for work within a year. 

Besides the above, the students in the 
Bible Training School in Tokyo, ten all 
together, do much Christian work — Sunday- 
school teaching and soul-winning. 


Rev. T. E. White and Rev. Jennie Mishler, 
both, on account of health conditions, came 
home on furlough; Sister Mishler, early in 
April and Brother White, the latter part 
of May. Brother White returned to the 
field in October, while Sister Mishler is 
working among the home churches in the 
interest of the work for a time. Notwith- 
standing the smallness of the working force 
on the field for so much of the year — Broth- 
er Barrett, wife and native helpers God has 
graciously given us — good progress has been 
made in the work, as indicated by the fol- 


Missionaries, including wives 5 

Native helpers '^ 

Organized churches 4 

Church members 64 

Stations ^ 

Outposts or preaching points 13 

Sunday-schools 6 

Sunday-school enrollment 260 


Rev. D. P. Barrett and wife, Eva 0. Bar- 
rett, Ponce, Porto Rico. 

Rev. T. E. White and wife, Mattie White, 
Salinas, Porto Rico. 

Rev. INliss Jennie Mishler, at this time, 
November, 1904, home on furlough, working 
among churches in the interest of missions ; 
home address. Leaf River, Hi. 




Rafael Hernandez, residence, Santa Isabel. 

Esteban Montanoz, residence, Ponce. Now 
in training for Bible-woman. Mrs. Inez Tor- 
res, Ponce. 


Mucli more than usual of the Campmeet- 
ing work at Craig\'ille, Mass., last August 
was given to the cause of missions, in which 
much interest was taken. 

The second International Missionary Con- 
ference, held at Farmland, Ind., in October, 
was characterized by marked spiritual pow- 
er and a deepened and increased interest in 
missions. The collection, though hardly 
half what seems to some of us it should have 
been, was larger than at our previous 

The subject of missions is securing a larg- 
er place in the thoughts of more of our peo- 
ple, and is being given a larger place on the 
programs of more of our annual confer- 
ences, conventions, and institutes. 

The demand is being created and recog- 
nized for more distinctively missionary con- 
ferences and rallies. 

More of the Woman's Conference Mission- 
ary Boards are planning for, and holding a 
mid-year missionary conference, usually of 
one day. 

More Auxiliary church missionary socie- 
ties are being organized. 

Fully one-half more mission tract litera- 
ture was sent out from the mission rooms 
last year than during any previous year. 

Of The Christian Missionary, one million 
three hundred and seventy-two thousand 
eight hundred pages were printed and sent 
out during the the year. The magazine has 
found its way into quite a number of new 
homes during the year, and we have the 
assurance that its spirit, aim and work are 
being appreciated. It goes into some of the 
libraries of the country, into the reading 
rooms of our colleges, and on exchange, into 
the offices of American and European mis- 
sionary societies. As our representative in 
these places it guarantees a knowledge of 

our missionary work and its record in tlie 
missionary history of the age. 

This magazine is the official and only mis- 
sionary organ of the denomination. While 
ft e other papers of the denomination speak 
out, and speak well, for missions. The Chris- 
tian Missionary is the only one that gives 
the reports of the Mission officers, and the 
missionaries in both the home and foreign 
fields, witli much otiier information regard- 
ing our own work and the work of others in 
the great missionary world, that our people 
can get nowhere else. 

The January number is to contain the re- 
poit of the late International Missionary 
Conference — papers, speeches, and addresses. 
This issue alone will be worth the price of 
the magazine for a whole year — which is 
fifty cents. 


Three new recruits for the foreign field 
were put under appointment at the last 
meeting of the Board. One was already un- 
der appointment. These four, with Miss 
Mishler now at home on furlough, should all 
be sent to the field this year; and v>ill he 
if our home churches will make it possible — 
possible to send these and support those al- 
ready on the field. Able? No question 
about that. It is only a question of willing 
obedience to the Lord's command, to "Go" or 
•'Send." And that question may involve our 
own salvation. "To him that knoweth to do 
good," — when he has the ability and oppor- 
tunity — "and doeth it not, to him it is 
sin." James 4 :14. 


We watched her breathing through the night, 

Her breathing soft and low, 
As in her breast the wave of life 

Kept heaving to and fro. 

So silently we seemed to speak, 

So slowly moved about. 
As we had lent her half our powprs 

To eke her living out. 

Our very hopes belied our fears. 

Our fears our hopes belied — 
We thought her dying when she slept. 

And sleeping when she died. 

For when the morn came, dim and sad. 

And chill with early showers. 
Her quiet eyelids closed — she had 

Another morn than ours. 

— Thomas Hood. 



Mrs. Emma Dickson was 
82 years old November G, 
1904. That day being Sun- 
day, she walked five blocks 
to and from our church 
in Dayton, Ohio, and by 
request gave a talk to the 
Sunday-school, and offered 
li.e opening prayer in the 
church service. Mrs. Dick- 
son is the widow of one 
of our well-known minis- 
ters, and the mother of 
Mrs. J. N. Hess, with 
whom she has her home. 

Each man must seek 
and find truth for him- 
self and in his own way, 
and only that truth 
which he finds and 
makes his own has any 
value to him or affects 
his character. Mere as- 
sent or umvilling con- 
sent to what others be- 
lieve to be truth is ut- 
terly valueless to him. 
— William D. Little. 


\\ritten Ly Rev. Eliza L. Brown, Liberty. Indiana, on the occasion 
of our latest Quadrennial Meeting. 

Lord, as thy people meet, 

Down by the sea, 
And at the mercy seat 

Offer their plea, 
Hear thou the prayers we raise, 
Hear thou our songs of praise, 
Lead us in all our v,'ays 

Nearer to thee. 

As the great billows roll. 

At thy decree, 
Held by thy sure control, 

Yet flowing free, 
So may we own thy power, 
Thought, word and action o'er; 
Draw as our souls adoro, 

Nearer to tlier 

Fortli in the bloom of youth. 
Through love to thee, 
.Bearing thy word of truth 

Over the .sea, 
Hence have our loved Ones gone. 
That light divine shall dawn 
In souls that shall be drawn 
Nearer to thee. 

As the blue waters bright 

Fill all the sea. 
Breaking in waves of light, 

Shall knowledge of thee fill 
Each waiting land until 
All learn to do thy will, 
All trust in thee. 



Christian Endeavor Department. 

Christian Endeavor Statistics of the 

Christian Church, January I, 1905. 

Compiled by Horace Mann, C. E. Sec. for 
A. C. C. 

In part I am able to give names and ad- 
dresses of Conference ; and local C. E. Sec- 
retaries, also numerical strength of the con- 
ferences from which I have received reports. 

Maine: Conference Secretary, Florence 
D. Moses, Eastport, Maine ; Senior 
Societies, 6; active members, 165; Jun- 
ior Societies, 31 ; Junior members, 110. Local 
secretaries : Mrs. N. M. Heikes, Albion, Me. ; 
Miss Grace Redman, Coriiina, Me. ; Miss 
Emily Goodwin, Lubec, Me. ; Jos. Charles- 
worth, Newport, Me.; Mrs. F. D. Moses, 
Eastport, Me. ; Lizzie York, Bangor, Me. 

York and Cumberland : Conference sec- 
retary, Mrs. Annie B. Swasey, South 
Berwick. Maine; Senior Societies, 7; 
active members. 190; Junior Societies, 1; 
Junior members, 13. Local secretaries: L. 

C. Cushman, Centre Lovell, Me. ; Lizzie S. 
Bennett, Freedom, N. H. ; Edith Moulton, 
York, Me.; Annie Norton, Ogunquit, Me.; 
Mrs. Lucy Leavitt, Pine Point, Me.; Mrs. 
Annie B. Swasey, So. Berwick, Me.; Annie 
Thurrell, North Berwick, Me. 

;Merrimac: Conference secretary, Mary 
A. Rowell, Franklin, New Hampshire; 
Senior Societies, 7; active members, 197; 
Junior Societies, 4; active members, 66. 
Local secretaries: Ida E. Holmes, Georges 
Mills, N. H.; Mrs. C. E. Payne, Hill, N. H.; 
Mrs. E. W. French, Laconia, N. H.; Mrs. E. 
J. Ordway, So. Danbury, N. H.; Mrs. Geo. 
Taggart, Walpole, N. H.; Edith B.Williams, 
New London, N. H.; Mary A. Rowell, Frank- 
lin, N. H. 

Vermont: Conference secretary, Mrs. E. 
Greenleaf, N. Shrewsbury, Vt. ; Senior Soci- 
eties, 6; Active members, 216; Junior Socie- 
ties, 2; Junior members, 43. Local secretar- 
ies : A. L. Atwood, So. Pomfret, Vt. ; Mrs. E. 
S. Greenleaf, No. Shrewsbury, Vt. ; Martha 
A. Millish, Woodstock, Vt.; B. E. Potter, 
Belvidere, Vt. ; Marian Roys, Lincoln, Vt.; 
Mrs. N. C. Buck, Randolph, Vt. 

Rhode Island and Massachusetts: Confer- 
ence secretary, Rev. E. J. Bodman, 108 
Bogle Street, Fall River, Massachusetts; 
Senior Societies, 20; active members, 851; 
Junior Societies, 9; Junior members, 196. 
Local secretaries: Mrs. A. M. Barton, 
Acushnet, Mass. ; E. E. Ray, Assonet, Mass. ; 
Mrs. C. W. Goodwin, Shawmut Ave., Bos- 
ton- Mass.; Mrs. H. E. Collins, Shawmut, 
Mass.; Mrs. C A. Cornell, No. Dartmouth, 
Mass.; Miss E. W. Lawrence, East . Free- 
town, Mass.; Eleanor S. Chase, M. D., 373 
N. Main St., Fall River, Mass.; (Franklin 
St. Society) ; Miss R. H. Chambers, 62 
Roper St., Fall River Mass., (Bogle St. 
Society) ; Miss Edith Weeks, 3520 N. Main 
St., Fall River, Mass., (Steep Brook Soci- 
ety) ; Charles G. Russell, 76 Maxfield St., 
New Bedford, Mass., (First Christian) ; 
Lucy S. Gushing, 426 Union St., New Bed- 
ford, Mass., (Middle St. Society) ; Miss 
Bertha D. Reed. Sycamore St., New Bedford, 



:\lass., (Spruce St. Society) ; Miss Emma 
F. Chace, Somerset, Mass., (Pottersville So- 
ciety) ; Mrs. E. A. Chase, Potter Ave., 
Providence, R. I.j Sarah E. Olney, Rockland, 
R. I.; Miss Jennie M. Phillips, Swansea 
Center, Mass.j Geo. W. Norman, Westerly, 
R. I.; Elizabeth F. Bates, West Mansfield, 
]\Iass.; Annie Smith, So. Westport, Mass.; 
Miss J. T. Macomber, Y. M. C. A. Bldg., 
Fall River, Mass., (No. Westport Society). 

New York Central: Conference secretary, 
Mrs. Eva Radder, Marion, N. Y. Senior So- 
cieties, 8; active members, 266; Junior 
Societies, 5; Junior members, 150; Local 
secretaries : Mrs. Hattie Mitchell, Emerson, 
New York; Frank G. Eddy, Lakeville, 
New York; Mrs. C. C. Wilcox, Lake- 
mont, N. Y. ; Fred Foster, Memphis, N. Y. ; 
Minnie Dusenbury, Marion, N. Y. ; N. A. 
Thomas, Newark, N. Y. ; A. J. Pedley, North 
Rush, N. Y.; Mrs. M. E. Cameron, Plain- 
ville, N. Y. 

New York Eastern: Conference secretary, 
Rev. F. E. Gaige, Huntersland, New 
York; Senior Societies, 22; active mem- 
bers, 438; Junior Societies, 5; Junior 
members, 151. Local secretaries: Mrs. 
P. H. Pomeroy, 120 Washington Ave., 
Albany, N. Y. ; Myrtle Wilber, Bates, N. Y. ; 
Mrs. G. H. Matteson, Barkersville, N. Y. ; 
C. Frank Leviness, 158 Newell St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. ; Ada G. Uhl, North Clove, N. Y. ; De- 
lia Fuller, Daribury, Conn.; E. M. Dumond, 
East Cobleskill, N. Y.; Emma E. Story, 
Freehold, N. Y.; Mrs. F. E. Gaige, Hunters- 
land, N. Y.; Jennie Johnson, Ketchum, N. 
Y. : Mrs. Burton G. Palmer, Medway, N. Y. ; 
Sidney H. Clarke, Milan, N". Y. ; Maude M. 
Thorn, Portlandville, N. Y. ; Charles J. Lev- 
ey, Quaker Street, N. Y.; Arthur L. Swan- 
son, Ravena, N. Y.; Mrs. Belle Allen, Rural 
Grove, N. Y.; H. J. Knowles, too. Berne, N. 
Y.: Minnie Morse, Greenville, N. Y.; Mrs. 
Howard Davis, Stanfordville, N. Y.; Mrs. 
Chas. H. Wright, St. Johnsville, N. Y. ; Mrs. 
E. H. Johnson, West Day, N. Y. 

New York Western: Conference secretary, 
Mrs. O. P. Potter, Machias, New York; 
Senior Societies, 5; active members, 
191; Junior Societies, 3; Junior mem- 

bers, 74. Local secretaries: Florence 
VanDewater, Machias, N. Y.; A. L. Brand, 
Middleport, N. Y., (West Shelby Society) ; 
Clara Weaver, Lockport, N. Y.; Merton 
Phelps, Castile, N. Y.; Floy Smith, Bar- 
nard's Crossing, N. Y., (Parma & Greece 


New Jersey: Conference secretary. Rev. 
E. C. Hall, Hope, New Jersey; Sen- 
ior Societies, 10; active members, 345; 
Junior Societies, 5; Junior members, 213. 
Local secretaries: Miss L. M. Emmons, 
Baleville, N. J.; Mrs. Amanda H. Stover, 
Carversville, Pa.; Mrs. Elva Swingle, Avoy, 
Pa. ; Mrs. Maggie Horner, Bridgeboro, N. J. ; 
Sarah Siegle, Finesville, N. J. ; Mrs. M. Re- 
gina Stiteler Supplee, Gulf Mills, Pa.; Mrs. 
H. P. Wildman, 1026 Clinton Ave., Irving- 
ton, N. J.; Mrs. Eugene DeMelt, Lewisburg. 
Pa.; Mrs. Mary Hockenbury, Locktown, N. 
J.; Mrs. D. E. Powell, Madisonville, Pa.; 
Mrs. Charles Gaunt, Milford, N. J.; Sada 
Howell, Vienna, N. J. 

Ontario, (Canada) : Conference secre- 
tary, Fred L. Hainer, Stoufifville, Ontario, 
Senior Societies, 12; active members, 233. 
Local secretaries : Ruby Heise, Baldwin ; 
Wm. Fockler, Bloomington; Jesse Phillips, 
Brougham; Clara Lazenby, Ballantial; A. 
W. Ramer, Markham , Olive Howes, Drew 
Station; Walter Eves, Newmarket; Elmer 
Lick, Oshawa; Ada Barkey, Ringwood; H. 
Dalton, Sandford; Olive M. Hoover, StoufT- 
ville; Ella Macklem, Toronto. 

Erie: Conference secretary. Rev. H. G. 
Rockwell, DeWittville, N. Y. ; Senior Socie- 
ties 8; active members, 202; Junior Socie- 
ties, 5; Junior members, 108. Local secre- 
taries : C. D. Linniger, Beaver Center, Pa. ; 
Dona Ward, E. Springfield, Pa. ; Mrs. G.C. 
Zindle, Girard, Pa.; Irving Terry, 506 W. 
Fifth St., Erie, Pa.; Mrs. Ada Bently, 
Springboro, Pa.; Mrs. H. Noyes, Girard, 
Pa.; Joseph Rauser, Ellwood City, Pa.; 
Mrs. Flora House, 409 Main St., Conneaut, 


Ohio Central: Conference secretary, Rev. 
O. W. Dyer, 1301 Cortland Ave., Columbus, 
Ohio; Senior Societies, 5; active members, 
112; Junior Societies, 1; Junior members, 
40. Local secretaries, not reported. 



Northwestern Ohio: Conference secretary, 
Adda Clevenger, Gomer, Ohio; Senior Socie- 
ties, 9; active members, 400; Junior Socie- 
ties, 6; Junior members, 200; Local secre- 
taries: Alma Thompson, Dunkirk, Ohio, 
(Blanchard Church) ; Grace Thomas, 
Vaughnsville, 0., (Ottawa River Church) ; 
Esther Bates, Metamora, Ohio, (Richfield 
Society); B. E. Yeo, Harrod, Ohio; Louis 
B. Thompson, Defiance, Ohio; Bertha Car- 
olus, Spencerville, Ohio; Hattie Klinger, 
Herring, Ohio, (Lafayette Society) ; Clar- 
ence Larken, DeGrafi", Ohio, (Logansville 
Society) ; Nadie Black, Convoy, Ohio. 

Miami Ohio: Conference Secretary, Rev. 
Henry Crampton, Eaton, Ohio; Senior 
Societies, 22; active members, 657; 
Junior Societies, 9; Junior members, 
298; Local secretaries: Carrie Hatfield, 
Lebanon, Ohio; Mary Brouse, Eaton, Ohio; 
NeHie Hottle, Tipp. City, Ohio; Mrs. Cra- 
mer, Covington, Ohio.; Carrie Albaugh, 38 
N. Grimes St., Dayton, Ohio; Nellie Camp- 
bell, Eaton, Ohio; Adaline Kershner, Enon, 
Ohio; Mrs. Ida Brandon, Greenville, Ohio; 
Mae Thompson, Ludlow Falls, Ohio; W. E. 
Apple, Sidney, Ohio; Emma Hershey, Piqua, 
Ohio; Stella Porter, Plattsburg, Ohio; Lura 
Coppock, Pleasant Hill, Ohio; Mrs. Frank 
Walsh, Springfield, Ohio; Amy Mott, Troy, 
Ohio; Cora Murphy, Versailles, Ohio; Adda 
Eddy, West Liberty, Ohio; Josie Kriegbaum, 
West Milton, Ohio; Bessie Fulton, Yellow 
Springs, Ohio. 

Southern Indiana and Illinois: Confer- 
ence secretary, Cora Defur, Cynthiana, 
Ind. ; Senior Societies, 2 ; active members, 
24 ; Local secretaries : Clara Barrett, Cyn- 
thiana, Ind.; Elder R. J. Ellis, Boyleston, 

Indiana Reserve: Conference secretary, 
Edward T. Hatton, Center, Ind.; Senior 
Societies, 3; active members, 31; Junior 
Societies, 1; Junior members, 11. 

Western Indiana : Conference secretary, 
I. V. McKnight, Veedersburg, Ind. ; Senior 
Societies, 10; active members, 300; 
Junior societies, 3; Junior members, 
60. Local secretaries: M. Harper, Linden, 
Ind.; Grace Quggle, Mellott, Ind.; 

Oi'ville Jones, Newtown, Ind.; Alverda Hos- 
kinson, Merom, Ind.; Ina Bowers, Darling- 
ton, Ind.; Clarence Newman, Stone BluflF, 

Western Illinois: Conference secretary, 
Anna Buck, Avon, 111.; Senior Societies, 1; 
active members, 20. Local secretaries: Mrs. 
Kate M. Gillette, Avon, 111. 

Southern Illinois: Senior Societies, 2; act- 
ive members, 56; Junior Societies, 2; Junior 
members, 28. Locai secretaries: Maud York, 
Pomona, 111.; John Kyee, Murphysboro, 111. 

Southern Wabash: Conference secretary, 
Rev. J. M. Carmean, Newton, Illinois; 
Senior Societies, 3; active members, 42. 
Local secretaries: Mrs. Maud Lewis, New- 
ton, III.; Bertha Chapman, Hunt, 111.; 
Florence Amifen, ( ?) Lis, ( ?) 111. 

Northern Illinois and Wisconsin: Confer- 
ence secretary, O. E. Palmer, Leaf River, 
111.; Senior Societies, 2; active members, 
26. Local secretaries: Ida Palmer, Leaf 
River, 111. 

Union Iowa : Senior societies, 1 ; active 
members, 17. Local secretary. Miss Myrtle 
Stanley, Sandusky, Iowa. 

Southwestern Iowa: Senior Societies, 3j 
active members, 69. Local secretaries: 
Christina Thulin, Griswold, Iowa; Murrel 
Hoyt, Linden, la.; Mrs. Ora Bolle, Madrid, 

Northern Kansas, Senior Societies, 2; act- 
ive members, 40. Local secretaries: Alice 
Combs, Miltonvale, Kan.; Ethel Forrey, 
Lincoln, Kan. 

Southern Kansas : Conference secretary, 
Mrs. Emma Rasmussen, Turon, Kans.; Sen- 
ior Societies, 2; active members, 83; Jun- 
ior Societies, 1 ; Junior members, 33. Local 
secretaries: Mrs. M. A. Wait, Towanda, 
Kan.; Mrs. Emma Rasmussen, Turon, Kan. 

Osage, Senior Societies, 1 ; active members, 
60. Local secretary, T. Chancellor, Weau- 
bleau, Mo. 

Southern Christian Convention: Conven- 
tion secretary: Rev. C. H. Rowland, Frank- 
lin, Va. ; Senior Societies, 9; active mem- 
bers, about 250. Churches having societies: 
Suffolk, Bethlehem, Berkley, Norfolk, New- 
port News, Newport News, (East End), 
in Virginia. Elon College, . Greensboro, 
Burlington, in North Carolina. 

Japan, four societies. 

Total — Senior Societies, 192; active mem- 
bers, 5,481; Junior Societies, 65; Junior 
members, 1,794. 

Number of conferences reporting societies, 
28. Horace Mann. 

Rifle, Colorado. 




REV. J. W. WILSON, East Spkingfield, Pa. 
President, Board of Trustees of Aged Ministers' Home. 

A home for worthy, aged and needy 
Christian ministers, their wives or wid- 
ows, established and incorporated in 
1894. Located at Castile, Wyoming Co., 
N. Y., in easy reach of a Christian 
Church. The Home is sustained by do- 
nations and the income of a small en- 
dowment — $10,000 — given by the late 
Hon. Francis A. Palmer, of Broadway, 
New York. The endowment ought to be 
raised to $25,000. 

Matron, Miss Elva Ellis, of East 
Springfield, Pa. 

Board of Trustees: J. W. Wilson, 
President, East Springfield, Pa.; Merton 
Phelps, Secretary, Castile, N. Y. ; James 
Frost, Treasurer, Lakeraont, N. Y. ; 
Martin Summerbell, D. D., Lakemont, 
N. Y. ; John MacCalman, Lakemont, N. 
v.: J. B. Weston, D. D., Stanfordville, 
N. Y.;' T. S. Child, D. D., Fairfield, 

Executive Board: Rev. J. W. Wilson, 
East Springfield, Pa.; Merton Phelps, 
Castile, N. Y. ; James S. Frost, Lake- 
mont, N. Y. 



Educational Department. 

Rev. M. W. Baker, Springfield, Ohio. 
Secretary for Education American 

Christian Convention. 
The Educational Board met in October, 
when some changes were made in its person- 
nel. This resulted from the resignation of 
Rev. John Blood as a member and treasurer 
of the Board, to take the presidency of l.iC 
re-organized Board of Control for Franklin- 
ton College. Rev. W. G. >Sargent of Toron- 
to was elected to membership on the Board, 
which was re-organized as follows: 


Rev. Marion W. Baker, Ph. D.. B. D., 
Springfield, Ohio, president; Rev. ^Y. G. 
Sargent, B. A., Toronto, Ontario, clerk ; Pro- 
fessor ^Y. A. Bell, LL. D., Indianapolis, In- 
diana, treasurer; Rev. P. H. Fleming. M. A., 
Burlington. N. C 

The first year's experience demonstrated 
that the interests of Franklinton College 
could not be advantageouslv managed in 

coniu'ction with the more general education- 
al work of the Board, and as a result and by 
advice of the A. C. C. Executive Board, the 
"Franklinton Board of Control was revived 
and to it was referred the entire manage- 
ment of our school for Negroes. This board 
consists of the following members : 


Rev. John Blood, Lewisburg, Pa., presi- 
dent and treasurer ; Rev. N. Del McRey- 
nolds, Bellefontaine, Ohio; Rev. J. L. Fos- 
ter. Raleigh, N. C ; Rev. W. H. Hainer, Irv- 
ington, N. J.; Rev. F. H. Peters, Fall Riv- 
er, Mass. 


p]xperience also indicated that the Edu- 
cational calls could be sent out and re- ' 
mittances receipted more convenienlly and 
economically from the office of the A. C. C. 
Secretary. This plan was endorsed by the 
A. C. C. Executive Board and adopted. The 
A. C. C. Secretary receipts, acknowledges, 
and turns over to the Educational treasurer, 
all money for educational purposes. Both 
receipts and disbursements are published in 
the Herald of Gospel Laherty. 


The total receipts from November, 1902, 
to May. 1904, (including only one regular 
collection) were about $1,700.00. For the 
present year the indications are for a some- 
what smaller sum. This should be available 
for distribution early in 1905. the date de- 
pending on two issues, viz., the promptness 
with which the churches remit, and the 
promptness with which the .beneficiary 
schools supply the information for the cur- 
rent year on which the appropriations are 
to be reckoned. 


The Board seeks such knowledge of every 
school as will enable an intelligent dis- 
tribution, putting every dollar where its use 
promises the greatest good to the greatest 
number. In determining the distribution 
the effort is to consider all related circum- 
stances and conditions. The endowment, 
other sources of income, the current expen- 



ses, the separate and total salaries, the 
number of teachers and the amount of work 
each actually renders, the equipment, the 
courses, the number and class of students, 
the aggressiveness and policy of the school, 
and the accomplishment in proportion to the 
opportunities and resources — all these en- 
ter into the consideration of the Board in 
determining appropriations. 

That the institutions should not in all 
■cases see matters from the Board's point of 
view is not surprising. The problem is sim- 
ilar to that met by the Mission Board in 
determining what churches asking aid give 
promise of surest and largest returns, and 
to what extent each can be helped from the 
limited funds available for that purpose. 


The past year records no great growth, 
but life and progress are in general evidence. 
Some additions have been made to endow- 
ments, some courses have been revised, 
some gains made in enrollment and income, 
while Starkey, Elon, Deiiance and Palmer 
have added to their apparatus for labora- 
tory work. At Defiance and Elon, homes 
for ladies are needed and planned. U. C. 
College is in a stage of transition, having 
during the year changed presidents, revised 
courses, and entered on negotiations looking 
toward removal. On the whole, the statis- 
tics do not differ materially from those sub- 
mitted a year ago, and therefore are not 
this year given in tabular form. 


The Secretary has, by addressing letters 
to the officers of each conference, sought to 
come into communication with the whole 
field. The gathering of educational statis- 
tics, information, facts and standards is of 
vital importance. Encouraging but not 
wholly satisfactory results have been ob- 
tained. Better acquaintance among the 
brethren of the various sections, will ren- 
der plans for united forward effort along ed- 
ucational, as well as other lines, more def- 
inite and effective. 


During the year visits were made to 
Queen's University, Christian Biblical In- 

stitute, Starkey Seminary, and Union Chris- 
tian College. During the coming year it is 
hoped that at least one trip may be made 
possible, including in its itinerary our 
southern or our western schools. 


The course of study authorized by the A. 
C. C. at Norfolk, has been published, togeth- 
er with a brief sketch of each of our nine 
schools, making a pamphlet of fifty-four 
pages. Copies of this may be had from Sec- 
retary Burnett, Muncie, Ind. The course is 
not set forth as absolute or final, but as 
suggestive. It should form the basis from 
which should result by additions, elimina- 
tions, substitutions and revision the best 
practical course for ministers. 


The Educational Department in the Rer- 
ald of Gospel Liberty has been conducted, 
and is believed to have proven an effective 
means of promoting educational interests. 


The work that should be done by the 
A. C. C. Educational Secretary is of such 
nature and importance that its satisfactory 
execution is impossible as a secondary duty 
added to those of a pastor. Here rises a 
serious, practical question : To what extent 
should a pastor take for general work, time 
and energy rightly belonging to the study 
and the parish? If by the time of the 
next meeting of the Convention, plans could 
be laid for the employment of at least a 
part of the time of a practical educator, 
who should be at the head of our denomin- 
tional work in education, seeking by visita- 
tion, publication, advice, solicitation, and 
correlation to promote these interests, a def- 
inite step in a right and promising direction 
will have been made. 

Other denominations employ such officers 
with good resvilts in securing students, 
funds, endowment, teachers, and as an in- 
structor in methods of studying and teach- 
ing, as well as in other special subjects, in- 
cluding Bible introduction and exposition. 
This field offers for us a rich harvest if a 
resourceful man can be put to work in it. 


With institutions as witli individuals, 



there must be division of labor. Each has a 
special and peculiar work to the perform- 
ance of which all energies should be engaged. 
We believe that the denominational school 
still has a mission whose accomplishment 
measures success. 

This mission is in rare cases, if in any, the 
duplication of work offered by the public 
schools which the American people are glad 
to support by taxation. Church schools 
should supplement the state schools, and 
not enter into unnecessary competition with 
them. The supplementary w'ork needed is 
sufficient to engage all the resources of mon- 
ey and scholarship that the churches can 
produce and maintain. 

Whatever lines of essential instruction 
are neglected or deficient in the public insti- 
tutions of any state, should determine the 
work for the denominational schools of that 
state. We should not imitate the example 
of Romanism, in seeking to weaken the 
worth and usefulness of public institutions. 
The time may come when only distinctively 
religious instruction will be left to the de- 
nominational schools in most states. The 
church school, like the churches and the 
public schools, is a means and not an end in 
itself. The recognition of its work as sup- 
plemental will aid in handling the vexed 
question agitating some educators, and ar- 
raying church schools against state schools. 

Only when a church school offers superior 
instruction, courses, influences or opportuni- 
ties has it a moral right to seek patronage 
from those who would otherwise be in pub- 
lic institutions. The same is true in a com- 
parison of church schools among themselves. 
This is the only ground upon which our peo- 
ple can be urged to patronize our own 
schools — not that they are ours, but that 
they are as good at least, as the same per- 
sons might other\vise attend. The educa- 
tional training of our children is second in 
importance to their moral and spiritual 
training. It indeed has its main significance 
from being inseparable from character-mak- 
ing. It is as vital as the physical well 
being of the child. We do not put an ill 

child under the care of nurse or physician 
because of family or denominational rela- 
tions, but because We believe no better is 
available. So shall it be with the schools. 


The plan for centralizing (at Queen's 
University our eastern students), receives 
approval from this department and from the 
brethren of the section concerned because of 
what the school is and of what it offers. 
The character of an institution is deter- 
mined, not by its size or its endowment, but 
by its courses, instructors, thoroughness, 
and practical success in mind and character 
building. No class of schools, large or small, 
church or state, endowed or unendowed, in- 
cludes all either of the superior or the in- 
ferior institutions or instructors. 

Much is said in praise of the small school 
as generally superior, but if the virtue lies 
in being small, why is" every one of the small 
schools that is improving its opportunities 
and accomplishing a mission, striving un- 
ceasingly to get big? 

The writer studied at the small school, 
the large school, and that of medium size; 
at the church school, the state school, and 
the independent school; at the co-education- 
al school and that for men only. In each 
are found teachers who help and those who 
hinder; students who work and those who 
shirk; the spendthrift and the economist. 
These extremes meet in schools of every 


Not size, claims, management, or sources 
of support, but character determines the 
worth of institutions as of individuals. 
Service and prosperity lie in the way of the 
cultivation of those elements that form 
character, and in that way we are glad to 
believe our schools go. 

Marion W. Baker. 

It is not always the whistle which blows 
the loudest and longest that calls the work- 
men to the largest and most prosperous 
factory of the town. Lesson: — The most 
humble worker in the vineyard will produce 
the finest grapes. 



I Christian Biblical Institute. = 



y _ FACULTY. ^ 

5? Rev. JOHN B. WESTON, D.D., President, 1? 

() Professor of Biblical Literature, Theology, etc. [) 


^ Professor of New Testament Greek and Church History. 5? 

n *Rev. C. A. TILLINGHAST. D.D. f 

y Professor of Biblical History and Missions. ^ 


() Professor of Natural Sciences and English Criticism. I) 


? Instructor in English and General History. S 


s Rev. warren HATHAWAY, Blooming Grove, N. Y., § 

A Professor of Homiletics. A 

y Rev. JAMES MCALLISTER. D.D., New Bedford, Mass., U 

S Professor of Pastoral Theology. o 

A Rev. T. M. McWHINNEY,D.D., Yellow Springs,0., A 

I) Professor of Christian Ethics. y 


y Rev. D. I. PUTNAM, Ravena, N. Y., on Ecclesiastical Law. ' U 

S Rev. C. J. TONES, D.D., Marion, Ind., on Selected Topics. § 

A Rev. G. A.'CONIBEAR, Providence, R. I., on Optional Topics. A 

y ■' Absent on leave. y 



Christian Biblical Institute, 


This is the Theological School and Ministerial Training School of 
the religious body known as " Chriotians,'' instituted under the action of 
the American Christian Convention taken in 1866. 


of the founders of the school was to aid in preparation for their own min- 
istry; but it is open to well accredited Chiistians who desire to prepare 
for the ministry or other gospel work, without regard to sex, age, or de- 
nominational preferences. Its desire is to help build up the kingdom of 
Christ in any way it can best be done. 

Its theological " standard " is the Bible. Hence the object of the 
school is primarily and chiefly the study of the Bible, especially the New 
Testament, believing that from this source the preacher draws his best 
preparations for his work. Its courses of study are arranged with 
reference to this. 

By additions to the corps of teachers, last year, by securing Miss 
Stone, and this year Prof. S. G. Palmer, the Institute is enabled to do 
broader and more thorough work in lines specially adapted to the pur- 
pose for which the school is established, without adding to the students' 


of the school are light. It aims to bring its privileges within the reach 
of all by offering its tuition and the use of its very pleasant, furnished 
rooms free of charge, and by bringing board and other expenses to the 
lowest figure consistent with wise economy. The buildings are pleasant 
and pleasantly located. The students' rooms are cheerful, well lighted, 
and warmed by a hot-water system. The entire expenses of a school 
year, including heat and books, need not be above $85 or JSioo. 

For further information send for a catalogue, or address the president, 

Rev. J. B. WESTON, D.D., 

I Stanfordville, N. Y. 







Rev. Carlyle Summerbell, A. M. (Bucknell University), President. 
Perry L. Ford, A.B. (Palmer College), Professor, 
Charity J. Ford, A.B. (Antioch College), Professor. 

Harry Haas, M.S. (Union Christian College), Professor. 
Cecil B. Fortner, B.S. (Palmer College), Professor. 
Harriet L Buck, Instructor. 
Jennie Knight, Instructor. 

A. Maude Welker, Instructor. 

Madge I. Wallace, Young Ladies' Preceptress. 


Rev. J.J. Summerbell, A. M. , D. D. , (Union Christian College). 

Rev. T. M. McWhinney, D.D., LL.D ,(Meadville Theological School). 


Palmer College is owned by the Iowa State Christian Conference 
which elects annually one-third of the Board of Trustees of the College. 


The purpose of Palmer College is to develop young men and 
women, spiritually, physically and intellectually. We endeavor to en- 
courage the true spirit of Christianity without dogmatism, and firmness 
of purpose without bigotry. 

New Scientific Apparatus This Year. 

Thorough Scholarship. Healthful Location, 

Christian Environments. 




Sunday-School Department. 

REV. T. S. WEEKS, Fall Rivek, Mass. 
Sunday-school Secretary American Christian Convention. 

To the Brotherhood: 

We should be glad to report the numer- 
ical strength and other items of interest 
concerning the standing of our Sunday- 
schools in a definite and satisfactory man- 
ner, but as yet that is impossible. It is 
always well to have something to look for- 
ward to. When all our conferences appre- 
ciate the importance of Sunday-school work 
to the full, we shall then get reports from 
the proper officials in proper form, and be 
able in turn to put them in touch with 
many helpful things of which they know 
not now. 

It is safe to assume that we have more 
than 100,000 pupils,, teachers, and officers in 
our Sunday-schools, perhaps as many as 
12.5,000. Here is a great opportunity which 
entails a great responsibility. It means 
that more than 100.000 people, most of them 
young, are in contact with the open P>il)le in 

an atmosphere of religious liberty which is 
favorable to growth in grace and in the 
knowledge of Jesus Christ, and of the for- 
mer through the latter best of all. 

It makes a great difference whether a true 
manhood is nourished by the spirit of truth, 
or whether that manhood is cramped and fet- 
tered by a creed. The Bible is intended to 
help us to a larger life, a fuller life, a higher 
life; for these are the qualities of the "life 
eternal" which comes through a knowledge 
of the true God and Jesus Christ the sent 
one in whom the grace and truth are seen. 

The Bible school is the best agency for the 
development of a sane and satisfactory re- 
ligious life among the people, but the Bible 
school may be greatly improved beyond 
what it is to-day. It has been depreciated 
for what it has not done, but it should be 
approved and improved for what it has done 
and for what it may do. 

Not long ago we heard Marion Lawrence 
say that it was wisdom for the farmer to 
pay the most attention to the field which 
yields the largest crop ; and that as the Sun- 
day-school is that field of Christian activity 
which yields the largest returns to the king- 
dom of God, the church should pay more at- 
tention to it. We desire to endorse his 

Some churches (not a few), pay more 
money for the sexton, the choir, the social 
functions, or the floral decorations, than 
they do for the Sunday-school. We object. 
It would be as sensible for the farmer to 
waste all his fertilizers on his sheep pasture, 
and leave his meadows to run out or his 
( orn-fields to become barren, as it is for the 
church to expend energy and money on these 
minor agencies and neglect the most pro- 
ductive one of all. We trust the opening 
year may be marked by an advance move- 
ment on Sunday-school lines. We suggest 
special attention to the following items, 
which are a few of the many: 
• 1. Better rooms and better equipment 
for the Sunday-school. 

2. Better lesion helps. In harmony with 
the editor of the S. S. Literature, whose 
article appears in this department of the 
Annual, we are seeking for such improve- 
ments as are desirr ..j on this line. 

3. Better qualihcations for those who 
teach in the Sunday-school. Somebody in 
every church should be responsible for teach- 
ing tile teachers what to teach, and how to 
teach it. 

4. Sunday-school extension through such 
agencies as the Home D^paitment and the 



Medway, New York, Church. Reopened November, 4. 1904. 
REV. B. L. HESS, Pastor. 

Cradle Eoll. until you have many whole 
parishes enf^aged in a well directed study 
of the Word of God. 

There are two courses of study arranged 
by the International Lesson Connnittee for 

We are to spend the first six months 
studying the writings of John, beginning 
with John 1, and ending with Rev. 22. 

From July to January, 1906, we are to 
study the Old Testament from Isaiah to 
Malachi. This will furnish interesting ma- 
terial, and it is better arranged in course 
than such studies have usually been. 

Let us make much of the Sunday-school 
lessons for 190.5. 

In all the world the meuiuershin of the 
Sunday-schools is 25,810.861. Of those, 1.3.- 
092, 70.3 are in the United States, 7,456,1 OS 

in P]ngland and Wales, ai.d he smallest 
number is 187 in Greece. 

This membership is in 254,098 Sunday- 
schools, in which are found at work, 2,410,- 
818 teachers, with 23,227,330 scholars. This 
is the greatest department of the church of 
Christ in this world. We are glad to be in 

Vours for Christ and the Sunday-school, 
Thomas S. Weeks. 


The Christian Publishing Association pre- 
])ares four distinct publications for our 
schools, viz: The Sunday-school Herald, 
liihJc Class Quarterly, Intermediate Qua/r- 
lerly, and Little Teacher. Until some three 
years ago there was a second paper alter- 
nating with the Sunday-School Herald — the 



Good Tidings. The two papers carried the 
same ehiss of matter ami each was issued 
semi-monthly. Thus there were 48 issues 
a year only, and no paper for uiie fiftli Sun- 
day. Many schools insisted on iiaving a pa- 
per for each Sunda'- and so tlie Board wise- 
ly concluded to combine the two papers. The 
result is a weekly publication and a nuich 
larger general circulation. While beiore. 
some schools took but one of the two papers, 
now all take a paper tor full time. Since 
the union of the two, the paper has been 
very much enlarged and at least one-tliird 
more matter is given in the one than before 
in the two papers. Our circulation ranges 
from 10,000 to 11,000 copies, which means 
that the Sunday-School Herald enters about 
one-third of me families represented in our 
schools. Could we double the circulation, 
we could make the paper one of six, 
instead of four pages, without in- 
creasing the price. INIany schools 
feel too poor to take the paper, but in such 
cases our wide-awake boys and girls couki 
easily raise clubs for the Sunday-school 
Herald, for which service our .^^gent would 
be glad to give good premiums. ^^ ill not 
our pastors encourage the club idea, where 
their schools do not take the paper? 

The Bible Glass Quarterlj/ has a circula 
tion of about 25.500 copies and the Inter- 
mediate of 23.000. while the Little Teacher 
supplies 16.000 scholars. Thus, we have a 
total circulation of 64,000 helps for our en- 
rollment of about 70,000. Clearly we do 

not reach ail our schools, but no denomina- 
tional House does, and perhaps no House in 
a larger per centage. We would be exceed- 
ingly glad to reach all our schools, as we al- 
ready do in some of our lai'ger conferences. 
The earnings of the Helps for the past ten 
months have been $1,791, which, for the 
year, would be $2,000, and for the quadren- 
nium, $8,000. With such generous earnings, 
furtlicr improvements should be made in the 
literatuie. \^■ith a better quality of paper 
and adapted illustrations, the typographical 
a])pearance would be much imoroved. We 
think that we can assure our schools that 
such improvements will be made as early as 
the second quarter of 1905, when we shall 
be fully installed in our own House. We 
urge loyalty to our own Pviblishing Associa- 
tion and an earnest, kindly appeal to the' 
Trustees for such improvements as are need- 
ed. The colored maps used the past years, 
have added much to the appearance of our 
Helps, but the additional expense of this im- 
provement for the quadrennium will be 
close to $2,000. As we see it, our "schools 
need our own literature as truly as our fam- 
ilies need our own church papers. Not one 
faulting letter has come to us in the eight 
years past. This is gratifying, but we shall 
be equally gratified for any suggestions 
which may tend to the improvement of our 
Sunday-school Literature. 

Editor Sunday-school Literature 
Dayton, Ohio, December, 1904. 

J. P. Watson, 

REV. B. L. HESS, And Wife, Milwat, New York. 




First - class boarding school for 
young people of both sexes, from 
thirteen years old and upward. 
The situation of the school is un- 
rivaled, planted on the verge of the 
plateau overlooking Seneca Lake, 
and in full view of Watkins, the 
site of the famous Watkins Glen. 

Lakemont, -:- New York 




Lakemont, -;- N e w Y o r k 

Owing to the generosity of the late Hon. Francis A. Palmer, 
of New York, the school has possession of a magnificent new 
building, equipped with modern appliances for convenience and 
comfort. Ten teachers, specialists in their several departments, 
compose the Board of Instruction, and the students are pre- 
pared for any college, trained for business or take finishing 
courses in art, elocution and vocal and instrumental music. 
The health record of the school is above the average, and its 
distance from all demoralizing influence tends to promote 
moral and intellectual health. Special watch-care is taken of 
the girls, who are under the supervision of five lady teachers. 
Terms are very moderate, while the table is kept up to the 
standard of schools that charge twice or thrice the Starkey rate. 

For catalogue or information, address the president. 


Lakemont, -:- -:- N e w Y o r k 





Conference Department. 

New England Christian Convention. 

I'rcsUlent. Rev. L. W. I'billips. Franklin. X. 
H. : yi(( -]')•( siditit, Kev. P. A. Canada, New 
Bedford. Mass. ; Sccretury. Rev. M. D. Wolfe, 
Haverhill. Mass. : Treasurer, E. L. Goodwin, 
Boston, Mass. ; Finuucial Secretarii, Rev. T. S. 
Weeks, Fall River. Mass. ; Corrcsponiluig Sec- 
retary. Rev. H. W. McCrone. Amesbury. Mass. ; 
Secretarii of Missions, Rev. M. T. Morrill. Han- 
over, N. H. : Secretary of C. E.. Miss Mary 
A. Rowell. Franklin, X. H. : Junior C. E., Mrs. 
Alice V. ^lorrill, Woodstock, Vt. ; Secretary of 
Sunday-schools, Rev. M. T. Morrill, Hanover, 
N. H. 

This convention meets annually in June. 


Organized at Lvnn, Mass., November 5, 

Incorporated by Massachusetts Legislature, 
March, 1866. 

President, Rev. L. W. Phillips, Franklin. N. 
H. : Vice-President, Rev. P. A. Canada. New 
Bedford. Mass. : Secretary, Rev. M. D. Wolfe, 
Haverhill. ^Mass. ; Treasurer, E. L. Goodwin, 
Boston. Mass. ; Secretary of Finance, Rev. T. 
S. Weeks, Fall River. Mass. : Corresponding 
Secretary, Rev. H. W. McCrone. Amesbury. 


Incorporated bv Massachusetts Legislature, 
March. 1863. 

President, Rev. L. W. Phillips, Franklin. N. 
H. : Vice-President, Rev. P. A. Canada, New 
Bedford. Mass. ; Secretary, Rev. M. D. Wolfe, 
Haverhill. Mass. : Treasurer, E. L. Goodwin. 
Boston. Mass. : Trustees, J. W. Webster, Harry 
W. McCrone. G. A. Conibear. 

These two societies are composed of life and 
annual members, and meet annually at same 
time and place as the convention. 

Rhode Island and Mass. Conference. 

Territory — Rhode Island, Southern Massa- 
chusetts and Eastern Connecticut. 

President, Rev. W. B. Flanders, A. M., New 
Bedford. Mass. : Vice-President. Rev. P. A. 
Canada. A. M.. New Bedford, Mass. ; Secretary, 
Rev. G. A. Conibear. Providence, R. I. ; Treas- 
urer, .T. R. Dunham. Providence. R. I. 

Ministers — J. W. Barrv (Children's Mission) ; 
E. .J. Bodman : P. A. Canada : I. H. Coe ; G. A. 
ConiI:»ear : .1. G. Dutton : W. B. Flanders ; 
Edward Francis : E. C. Fry, Utsunomiya, Ja- 
oan. (Foreign Missionary) : G. W. Greenslitt : 
Ellen G. Gustin : Lester Howard (Prof. C. E. 
[.) : J. M. Lewis; Nelson Luther; Edward II. 
\Iacy : C. A. McDaniel ; .James McAllister ; A. 
3. Morrill (Field Secretary); R. .1. Nichols: 
!"has. Parker ; W. .7. Revnolds ; .1. Stillman 
;mith ; W. O. Sweet ; C. A. Tillinghast : T. S. 
Veeks : E. W. West. 

Ordained — 26. 


cushnet — I. H. Coe ; $1,500 ; 28 ; Mrs. S 

Pratt, Acushnet. Mass. 
oston — D. L. Martin ; $75,000 ; 47 ; F. H. 

Montgomery. Madison St.. Dedham, Mass. 
artmouth (Barkersville) — No pastor; $2,000; 

26 : no clerk reported. 
artmouth (Hixvjlle) — .John Parris (Cong.) ; 

$1,000 ; 25 ; Mrs. John F. Mosher. Shawmut, 

New Bedford. Mass. 
artmouth (Smith Mills)^$700; 26; Miss 

Carrie N. D. Potter. 
irihton (North) — J. M. Lewis; $2,200; 41: 

Silas L. Dean, Taunton. Mass. 
ighton (West)— $1,200; 30; Mrs. Lucy J. 

McNelly. West Dighton, Mass. 

Fall River (Bogle St.) — E. J. Bodman; $16, 

000 ; 131 ; Frank W. Lambert, Fall River 

Fall Rirer (First)— F. H. I'eters ; $20,000 

400; Fenner C. Brownell, Fall River, Mass. 
Fall River (North)— T. S. Weeks; $2,500: 85 

A. P. Lowm, 3512 N. Main St., Fall River 

Foster Center — G. A. Beebe ; $1,500 ; 69 ; Wal 

ter I. Stone, Auburn. R. I. 
Freetoivn (Assonet) — J. W. Reynolds; $5,000 

S3 ; B. F. Aiken, Freetown, Mass. 
Freetown (East) — No pastor; $5,000; 38 

Hannah J. Harper, E. Freetown, Mass. 
Howard Valley — No pastor ; $500 ; 25 ; no 

clerk reported. 
Mansfield (West) — John Ferrier ; $4,000; 64 

A. Crowley, West Mansfield, Mass. 
Matapoisett — No pastor ; 10 ; no clerk re 

Moosnp Valley — F. M. Buker (F. B.) ; $1,200 

31 ; Mrs. Ida Dawley, Green, R. I. 
New Bedford (Bonny St) — J. C. Emery; $6,- 

000 ; 51 ; A. E. Buffington, Crapo St., New 

Bedford. Mass. 
New Bedford (First) — James McAllister; $75.- 

000 ; 423 ; S. D. Ottiwell, New Bedford, 

yew Bedford (Middle St.) — P. A. Canada; 

$10,000; 230.; Miss P. J. Sherman, 66 S. 

Sixth St.. New Bedford, Mass. 
yew Bedford (Spruce St) — W. B. Flanders; 

$6,000 ; 73 ; Sarah E. Bowen, 327 Cedar St., 

New Bedford, Mass. 
Portsmouth (South)— E. H. Macy ; $6,000; 

95 ; Elbert S. Sisson, S. Portsmouth, R. I. 

Providence — G. A. Conibear ; $25,000 ; 174 ; C. 

B. Barrett, 92 Hamilton St.. Providence. R. I. 

Rehohoth (South) — $2,200; 22; C. II. Pierce, 

South Rehoboth, Mass. 
Rice City — F. M. Buker ; $2,500 ; 55 ; Mrs. C. 

A. Fuller. Green. R. I. 
Rockland — G. A. Beebe ; $2,000 ; 76 ; Sarah E. 

Olney, Rockland, R. I. 
Somerset (Pottersville)^-L. E. Coffin; $8,000; 

107 ; Ira Hathaway, Pottersville. Mass. 
Swansea Center — W. J. Reynolds ; $5,500 ; 

130 ; Miss Bertha Tucker. Swansea Center, 

Westerly — John G. Dutton ; $15,000 ; 305 ; 
Chas. H. Ledward. Westerlv, R. I. 

Westport (Brownells Corners) — $1,000; 29; 
;Mary A. La-rkin, North Westport, Mass. 

Westport (Central Village) — Edward Francis; 
$1,000; 23; Miss A. A. Kirby, Central Vil- 
lage. Mass. 

Westport (North) — T. S. Weeks (supply) ; $2,- 
.'>00 : 78 : Frank S. Petty, N. Westport, Mass. 

Westport (South) — Edward Francis; $1,500; 
42 ; James Smith, South Westport, Mass. 

York and Cumberland Conference. 

Territory — York, Cumberland and Oxford 
counties, Alaine, and one church in New Hamp- 

Next session. Center Lovell, Me., Sept, 1905. 

President, Myron Tyler, North Saco, Me. ; 
Secretani and Treasurer, W. G. Moulton, York 
Village. Me. 

3Iinistcrs — C. W. Cook; Levi Fugerson ; M, 
J. Honsberger ; Zebulon Knight ; A. G. Lewis ; 
J. Mugridge; N. T. Ridlon ; C. H. Shank; 
Myron Tyler. 

Ordained, 9. 


Blue Point — O. J. Hancock ; $1,000 ; 28 ; Mrs. 
H. E. Leavitt. Pine Point, Me. 

Center Lovell — C. H. Shank ; $4,000 ; 149 ; Lil- 
lian R. Mason. Center Lovell. Me. 





Literary, Business, Theolog- 
ical, Music and Art Courses 


Three Literary Societies with good Halls. 
Faculty of Ten. Location Hea h y. 
Moral and Religious Influences Good. 
Expenses Moderate. 



REV. J. U. NEWMAN, Dean, Elon College, N. C. 
W. W. STALEY, D. D., President. 



Freedom— M. J. Honsberger ; $3,000 ; 58 ; Ina 
E. Foss, Freedom, N. H. 

Harpswcll — J. H. Mugridge ; $600 ; VVm. Worth- 
ing. Cundv's Harbor, Me. 

Mt. Agdincuticus — C. W. Cook; $1,000; 21; 
Alvah Trafton, Cape Neddick, Me. 

North Saco — Myron Tyler ; $4,000 ; 120 ; Al- 
pheus Libby, North Saco, Me. 

Ogunquit — A. G. Lewis; $4,000; 112; Joel H. 
Perkins, Ogunquit, Me. 

South Berwick Junction — Zebulon Knight, $1,- 
000 ; 69 ; W. P. Graves, South Berwick, Me. 

South Berwick — C. W. Cook ; $1,500 ; 58 ; Em- 
ma L. Emery, South Berwick, Me. 

South Berwick and Wells — Zebulon Knight; 
$1,500; 129; Aaron Bragdon, Berwick 
Branch, Me. 

York Co)-tier— John A. Goss ; $10,000; 120; 
G. E. Moulton, York Corner, Me. 
Churches reported. 11. Preaching full time 

in all of them. Total — valuation $31,600 ; 

membership, 854 ; Sunday-schools, 10 ; Endeav- 
or Societies, 6. 

Rockingham Conference. 

Territory — Southern New Hampshire, two 
churches in Maine, three in Massachusetts. 

President, Rev. F. H. Gardner, Portsmouth, 
N. H. ; Vice-President, Rev. H. J. Rhodes, 
Manchester, N. H. ; Secretary, Rev. Jos. Lam- 
bert, Rye. N. H. : Assistant Secretary, Rev. 
John A. Goss, York Corner, Maine ; Treasurer, 
C. D. Garland, West Rye, N. H. 

Department Secretaries — -Sunday-school Rev. 
H. W. McCune, Amesbury, Mass. ; Christian 
Endeavor, Rev. M. D. Wolfe, Haverhill, Mass. ; 
Missions, Mrs. D. L. Bartlett, Amesbury, Mass. 

Ministers — E. W. Applebee ; David L. Chase ; 
J. W. Card ; Nathanael Day ; Miss Harriet 
Freeman ; F. H. Gardner ; John A. Goss ; O. 
J. Hancock ; Geo. H. Kent ; Jos. Lambert ; E. 
K. McCord (missionary) ; David B. Murray ; H. 
W. McCrone ; H. J. Rhodes ; C. P. Smith ; M. D. 
Wolfe : E. W. Applebee. 


Amesbury — H. W. McCrone ; $14,500 ; 54 ; Mrs. 

M. A. True, Amesbury, Mass. 
Centre Tuftenboro — L. W. Ferguson ; $2,000 ; 

25 ; C. W. Pinkham :Centre Tuftenboro, N. H. 
Haverhill — M. D. Wolfe ; $12,000 ; 217 ; W. D. 

Stearns, Haverhill, Mass. 
Kittery (First)— J. W. Card; $3,000; 73; Mrs. 

F. D. Grace, Kittery Point, Me. 
Kittery (Second) — J. "r. Laird; $11,700; 162; 

George Manent, Kittery. Me. 
Lynn — D. L .Martin ; $20,000 ; 20 ; Mary A. 

Millbury, West Lynn. Mass. 
Manchester— a.. J. Rhodes ; $12,000 ; 104 ; Fred 

H. Cate, Manchester, N. H. 
Mirror Lake — L. W. Ferguson ; $12,000 ; 25 ; 

J. A. Edgerly, Mirror Lake, N. H. 
Neicton — No pastor ; $5,000 ; 88 ; John N. 

Rowell. Newton Junction, N. H. 
North Hampton — A. G. Littlefleld ; $2,000 ; 40 ; 

Emmons T. Brown. Little Bears Head. N. H. 
Portsmouth — F. H. Gardner ; $7,500 ; 130 ; A. 

R. Junkins, Portsmouth, N. H. 
Rye~3os. Lambert ; $8,000 ; 72 ; C. W. Lang, 

Rye, N. H. 
Stratham — J. H. Mugridge ; $2,500 ; 34 ; J. T. 

Roby. Stratham, N. H. 
Wolfboro — No pastor ; $4,000 ; 85 ; Wm. Rogers, 

Wolfboro, N. H. 
York and Kittery — Geo. H. Kent ; $1,700 ; 33 ; 

Alsbury J. Goodwine, York Corner, Me. 

Vermont State Conference. 

Territory — Theoretically, the whole state ; 
actually, the northern half, as we have no 
churches in the southern half. 

Next session, Randolph. Time not settled. 

President, Rev. G. W. Morrow, Burlington, 
Vt. ; Vice-President, Dr. A. F. Moore ; Secre- 
tary, Rev. M. A. Hainer, Lincoln, Vt. ; Treaa- 
urcr. Rev. M. T. Morrill, Hanover, N. H. 

Department Secretaries — Sunday-school, Mrs. 
Alice V. Morrill, Woodstock, Vt. ; Christian 
Endeavor, Mrs. E. S. Greenleaf, N. Shrews- 
bury, Vt. ; Missionary, Rev. M. T. Morrill, 
Hanover, N. H. ; Publication, Rev. M. A.« Hain- 
er, Lincoln, Vt. 

Ministers— U. J. Chidley ; Silas Foster; E. 
S. Greenleaf ; M. A. Hainer ; Mrs. Myrtle Holt : 
M. r. Morrill ; G. W. Morrow (State Superin- 
tendent Anti-Saloon League.) ; Everett B. Per- 
kins ; H. C. Sisco ; B. F. Wheeler. 


BehHdere and Waterville — Silas Foster; $500: 

18 ; Mrs. A. M. Shattuck, Belvidere, Vt. 
Calais — Mrs. Myrtle Holt ; $800 ; 12 ; Marv A 

Holt, Calais, Vt. 
Lincoln— M. A. Hainer ; $1,500 ; 40 ; Mrs. Josie 

L. Morgan, Lincoln, Vt. 
Shrewsbury — E. S. Greenleaf ; $500 ; 46 ; E. S. 

Greenleaf, Shrewsbury, Vt. 
Randolph — Fraser Metzger ; $15,000 : 173 : 

Harry T. Lyman, Randolph, Vt. 
Woodstock — M. T. Morrill ; $19,000 ; 253 • 

Chas. H. English, Woodstock, Vt. 

Churches, 6 — town, 2 ; country, 4. Preaching 
full time. 6. Total— valuation, $37,000; mem- 
bership. 564 ; Endeavor societies, 6 ; Sundav- 
schools, 6. 

Maine Conference. 

The Maine Conference was formed at Pits- 
field, Me., 1895, by the union of the Maine 
Central Conference and the Maine Eastern 

Territory — Central, Eastern and Northern 

Next session, Corinna, Maine, 1905 

President, Rev. D. A. Boatright, Newport. 
Me. ; Vice-President, O. O. Crosby, Albion 
Me. ; Secretary, Rev. N. M. Heikes, Albion, 
Me. ; Treasurer, John Mills, Newport, Me 

Ministers — T. D. Baddershall ; Rufus Bart- 
lett ; D. A. Boatright ; S. L. Burrill ; Chas. 
Ellingwood ; H. G. Hardway : N. M. Heikes : 
Chas. E. Hewes ; Donald Hulburt : T P 
Humphrey ; Chas. W. Lake ; Wm. H. Lang ; 
S. H. McKeen ; H. H. McLaughlin ; T. G. 
Moses ; S. G. Palmer ; C. S. Pitcher ; Geo. O. 
Potter ; M. Thomas ; W. H. Tolman ; F. O 
Ward ; James Washburn ; J. W. Webster ; S G 


Albion — N. M. Heikes ;$4,000 ; 140; Ora Cros- 
by, Albion, Me. 

Aufiusta — F. O. Ward ; $7,500 ; 74 ; John O 
Boyes, Augusta, Me. 

Bangor — D. A. Boatright ; $2,000 ; 95 ; A. G 
Greeley, No. 16 13th St., Bangor, Me 

Charleston — H. H. McLaughlin ; 29 ; J. A 
Brooks, Charleston, Me. 

Clinton — No pastor ; $1,500 ; 28 ; no clerk re- 

Corinna — Henry Arnold ; $4,000 ; 34 ; Leslie 
F. Ireland, Corinna, Me. 

Dixmont ^East) — T. P. Humphrey; 100: J. R 
Smith, East Dixmont, Me. 

Fairfield (North) — No pastor; ^1,200; 25: 
Almira W. Tibbetts, North Fairfield, Me. 

Herman — No pastor ; $600 ; 26 ; E. H. Clem- 
ents, Hermon Center, Me. 

Millbridge — No pastor ; $600 ; 47 ; Mrs Ella 
P. Grant, Millbridge, Me. 

Monticello — Geo. Potter ; $9,000 ; 34 ; Frank 
Foster, Monticello, Me. 

Newburg (Second) — H. H. McLaughlin; 16: 
C. H. Whitcome, Newburg Center, Me. 

Neivport — J. w. Webster ; $2,000 ; 59 ; Mrs 
Emma Shaw, Newport, Me. 

Newport (North) — Henry Arnold; $600; 45: 
Miss E. A. Gray, North Newport, Me. 



North Canaan and West Eartland — No pastor ; 

17 ; Chas. P. Mve. North Canaan, Me. 
Pahni/ra (West) — H. H. McLaughlin; 20; Wm. 

M. Gitchell. Pittsfleld, Me. 
Palmyra — No pastor; $1,000; 31. 
Parkman — No pastor ; $1,000 ; 24 ; L. Tyler, 

Parkman, Me. 
Ripley — No pastor ; $2,500 ; 50 ; S. S. Parker, 

Ripley, Me. 
Stetson — Henry Arnold ; 29 ; W. B. Ireland. 

Stetson, Me. 
Winterport (West) — No pastor; $300; 17; F. 

A. Parker, West Winterport, Me. 
Eastport — Donald Hurlburt ; $5,000 ; 128 ; 

Herman Fountain, Eastport, Me. 
Lubec — C. A. McDaniel ; $7,500 ; I. W. Case, 

Lubec, Me. 
North Winterport — T. P. Humphrey ; Horatio 

E. Cole, North Winterport, Me. 

Vnionville — A. Case. 

Merrimac Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Phillips.) 

The Merrimac Conference was organized at 
Franklin, N. H., November 6, 1832. 

Territory — Nine churches in five counties. 
One in Grafton County, one in Sullivan County, 
two in Belknap County, four in Merrimac 
County, and one in Cheshire County, N. H. 

Place of next session, not decided ; time, in 
October, 1905. 

President, J. H. Rowell, Franklin, N. H. ; 
Vice-President, F. R. Woodward, Hill, N. H. ; 
Secretary and Treasurer, Rev. L. W. Phillips, 
Franklin, N. H. 

Executive Committee — President and Sec- 
cretary ex-offlcio. Rev. B. H. Wright, Hill, N. 
H. ; Rev. E. R. Phillips, Belmont, N. H. ; Rev. 
W. O. Hornbaker, Laconia, N. H. 

Department Secretaries — Sunday-schools, 
Rev. W. O. Hornbaker, Laconia ; Missions, xviiss 
Clara Rowell, Franklin ; Christian Endeavor, 
Miss Mary A. Rowell. Franklin, N. H. 

Ministers — W. J. Hall ; W. O. Hornbaker ; 
James McKenzie ; W. S. Morrill ; E. R. Phil- 
lips ; L. W. Phillips ; A. B. Russell ; Jas. F. 
Scott : E. H. Wright ; John Young. 

Ordained, 10. 


Belmont — E. R. Phillips ; $.5,500 ; 59 ; Mrs. S. 

A. Smith, Belmont, N. H. 
Franklin — L. W. Phillips; $10,000; 195; Miss' 

C. E. Rowell, Franklin, N. H. 
Georoes Mills— Vf. J. Hall ; $3,400 ; 24 ; Aus- 
tin W. Russell, Georges Mill. N. H. 
Grafton— "So pastor ; $3,300 ; 22 ; Jane R. Mar- 
tin, Grafton Center, N. H. 
Hill Center — No pastor ; $1,000 • 34 ; C. M. 

Cilly, Hill, N. H. 
Hill Village — James McKenzie; $5,000; 70; 

Nellie J. Hathon, Hill, N. H. 
Laconia — W. O. Hornbaker ; $5,000 ; 147 ; O. B. 

Bingham, 17 Bogle St., Laconia N. H. 
South Danbury — No pastor ; $1,500 ; 29 ; W. W. 

Walker, South Danbury, N. H. 
Walpole — Supplied by J. Cogswell : '«1,000 ; 29 ; 
H. E. Houghton, Westmoreland Depot, N. H. 
Churches 9 — town, 4 ; country. 5. Preach- 
ing full time. 6. No pastor, 3. Totals — 
valuation, $45,700 ; membership, 609 ; Endeav- 
or societies, 9. Sunday-schools, 9. 

The Christian Camp-Meeting Association. 

Craigville, Mass. 

This Association is incorporated under the 
laws of Massachusetts, and owns the public 
property, consisting of a tabernacle, Craigville 
Inn, a cottage, the streets and unsold lots in 
this village by the sea, and conducts annually 
religious meetings of a full week, commencing 
"Monday following the last Sunday in July." 

The location of the grounds Is beautiful, on 
the south shore of Cape Cod, in the town of 
Barnstable, about three miles from the village 
of Hyannis. which is also the railroad station. 
The first series of meetings was held in 1872, 
several years before the Association was in- 
corporated, or owned any property here. There 
were fifty ministers of our denomination pres- 
ent during the meetings, and about twenty of 
other denominations. Several were converted 
during the meetings, and Rev. J. C. Emery, 
then pastor of the Haverhill Church, baptized 
three persons. The presidents have been : 
Rev. William Miller, Rev. S. W. Butler, Rev. 
O. A. Roberts, Rev. I. H. Coe, Rev. Martyn 
SummerbfeU, D. D., Rev. J. W. Osborn, Ph. D., 
Rev. B. S. Batchelor, and Rev. J. B. Weston, 
D. D. 

The present oflicers of the Association are 
as follows : President, Rev. J. B. Weston, D. 
D. ; Vice-President, Rev. G. A. Conibear ; iSfeo- 
retary. Rev. A. H. Morrill • Treasurer, C. F. 
Gushing^ Directors, J. R. Dunham, Dr. F. B. 
Sprague, Rev. T. S. Weeks. F. G. Arnold, E. A. 
Chase, Heman Dowd, Rev. G. W. Webster, C. H. 

New York State Christian Association. 

The association meets yearly on the third 
Monday in June, at Lakemont. N. Y. 

Territory — Comprises New York state and 
parts of Pennsylvania. 

The objects are to promote the union and 
advancement of all our denominational inter- 
ests within its bounds, and by co-operating 
with other similar associations, the union 
and advancements of the interests of the en- 
tire denomination. Through its six depart- 
ments — ^Mission, Relief, Education, Publish- 
ing. Christian Endeavor, and Sunday-school — 
very much permanent good has been accom- 

President. J. B. Pease, Gasport, N. Y. ; iSeo- 
retary. S. Q. Helfenstein, Defiance. O. ; Treas- 
urer, .lames S. Frost, Lakemont, N. Y. ; Secre- 
tary of Missions, J. MacCalman, Lakemont, N.' 

Department Secretaries — Relief. J. W. Wil- 
son, East Springfield, Pa. • Publication, J. B. 
Bassler, Middleburg. N. Y. ; Education. W. P. 
Chase, St. Johnsville, N. Y. ; Christian Endeav- 
or, C. O. Brown, Otego. N. Y. ; Sunday-schools. 
L. A. Dykeman, Knoxville. Pa. 

In connection with the New York State 
Christian Association a new incorporation has 
been effected, known as the New York State 
Christian Convention, embracing the same ter- 
ritory. Its oflicers are the same as the Asso- 
ciation's officers. 

New York Eastern Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Peck.) 

Organized at Hartwick, Otsego County, N. 
Y., September 28, 1818. 

Territory — Its territorial area is recognized 
as bounded on the north by the counties of 
Herkimer, Fulton and Saratoga, inclusive ; east 
by the western counties of Vermont. Massachu- 
setts and Connecticut, inclusive ; south by New 
Jersey and Pennsylvania ; west by counties of 
Sullivan, Delaware, Otsego, and Oneida, in- 
clusive ; and such other contiguous territory 
as may find it convenient to associate with us. 

Next session. South Westerlo, Albany Coun- 
ty. N. Y., June 1, 1905. 

President — Rev. R. O. Allen, Stanfordville, 
N. Y. ; Vice-President, Rev. W. P. Chase. St. 
Johnsville, N. Y. ; Secretary, Rev. Ira L.. Peck, 
Freehold, N. Y. ; Treasurer, Hiram S. Brad- 
ley, Hartwick, N. Y. 

Department Secretaries — Sundav-school, Rev. 
W. P. Chase, St. Johnsville. N. Y. ; Christian 



Endeavor. Kev. F. E. Gaige, Huutersland, N. 
Y. ; Missions, Kev. A. C. Voumans, o2 Dove St., 
Albany, N. Y. 

Ministers — R. Osman Allen; \V. J. Barnes; 
Gustav Briegleb ; G. Veruer Brown ; Henry 
Brown; William Case; W. Parkinson Chase; 
J. Howard Clark; D. L. Conkling ; J. D. Col- 
lins ; B. S. Crosby ; Thomas N. Davis ; John A. 
Dillon ; Mrs. J. Alice Dillon ; R. G. Fenton ; 
John M. Ferrier ; Edw. French ; Frank E. Gaige ; 

A. C. Hacke ; Edwin C. Hall ; E. W. Haner ; War- 
ren Hathaway ; Burton L. Hess ; C. J. Jones ; Al 
bert Loiicks ; M. D. Lyke ; Charles S. Mace ; 
John McGlauflin ; Geo. C. McKiernan : Charles 
jS'elson ; Ira L. I'eck ; Geo. T. Perkins ; Silas H. 
Perlee ; Z. A. Poste ; Joseph Pratt ; D. I. Put- 
nam ; Alonzo Shafer ; William H. Shaw ; Geo. 
D. Shear ; J. H. Shoultz ; M. Summerbell ; A. 
G. Utter ; R. W. Vaudyck ; Jared J. Wells ; J. 

B. Weston ; J. P. Winaus ; A. C. Youmans ; 
Percy Robinson ; F. E. Rockwell. 


Albany— A. C. Youmans ; $10,000 ; 166 ; T. G. 

Robinson, 227 Hudson Ave., Albany, N. Y. 
Alcove — No pastor ; $2,000 ; 104 ; W. J. Cole, 

Alcove, N. Y. 
Austerlits — T. N. Davis ; $1,800 ; 18 ; W. A. 

Varney, Austerlitz, N. Y. 
Barkersvillc — Charles Nelson : $2,500 ; 42 ; Mrs. 

R. E. Bills, Barkersville, N. Y. 
Bates — No pastor ; $1,000 ; 19 ; Hattie C. Bates, 

Bates, N. Y. 
Brooldyn^W. J. Barnes ; $15,000 ; 181 ; Miss 

M. J. Christie, 29 Newell St., Brooklyn, N. 

$2,000 ; M. H. 
; 30 ; Mrs. Ed. 

Carlisle — G. N. Rockwell ; 

Brown, Carlisle, N. Y. 
Center Brook — No pastor ; $- 

Hamilton, Otego, N. Y. 
Charleston Four Corners — R. G. Fenton ; 
$1,500 ; 151 ; Jonas Y. Wands, Sloansville, 
N. Y. 
Clove — Albert Loucks ; $3,000 ; 102 ; H. F. Pa- 

len, R. F. D., 22, Wings Station, N. Y. 

Cranberry Creek — Alonzo Shafer : $2,000 : 84 ; 

Mrs. Flora Lockhart, Cranberry Creek, N. Y. 

Danbury. Ct. — G. A. Ferguson ; $2,000 ; 64 ; 

Mrs. G. H. Knapp, R. F. D. 20, Danbury, Ct. 

East Cobleskill — F. E. Gaige : $ ; 35 ; John 

Dumond, East Cobleskill, N. Y. 
Freehold — Ira L. Peck ; $7,000 ; 169 ; C. R. La- 

cev, Freehold, N. Y. 
Galway — A. G. Utter ; $1,500 ; 40 ; Eliza R. 

Showers, Mosherville, N. Y. 
Gilboa — No pastor : $ ; 34 ; Mrs. T. Chi- 
chester, Broom Center, N. Y. - 
Hartwick (First) — No pastor; $200; 23; Mrs. 

J. M. Hacklet, Fly Creek, N. Y. 
Hartwick — E. C. Hall : $5,000 ; 130 ; H. S. 

Bradley, Hartwick. N. Y'. 
Huntersland — F. E. Gaige ; $2,800 ; 109 ; Jer- 
ome Decker. Huntersland, N. Y. 
Ketchum — James West; $S00 : 44; Ceylgn Wil- 
liams. Ketchum, N. Y'. 
Laurens — E. C. Hall ; $1,500 ; 52 ; Merritt 

Clark. Laurens, N. Y. 
Maryland — G. C. McKiernan ; $1,000 ; 10 ; C. 

T. Bush. Maryland. N. Y. 
Medusa — Mrs. M. C. Youmans ; $3,600 ; 71 : 

Romaine Gifford, Medusa N. Y'. 
Mediray — B. L. Hess ; $5,000 ; 104 ; A. J. 

Simmons. Medway. N. Y. 
Milan — J. H. Clark"; $2,000 ; 67 ; Frank S. 

Welch ; R. F. D., Clinton Corners, N. Y. 
Oteyo — C. O. Brown ; $3,000 ; 99 ; H. S. Trask, 

Otego, N. Y. 
Petersburg — G. T. Perkins ; $2,000 ; 72 ; E. W 

Moon. Petersburg. N. Y. 
^'■"^ i^lains—E. Morton; $1000; 25; Willard 
" . Hicks. Pine Plains, N. Y. 

Portlandrmc~G. C. McKiernan; $1,000- 49- 

MiHuI Thorn, Portlandville, N. i' 
Qioikcr .street— C. W. Miller; $4,000; 130 • 
A., , ,; ^^avenport, Quaker Street, N. Y. 
Randalls. H. Perlee; $2,500- 76 - YatPS 
<^ok, Randall, N. Y. "^^"'"" ' '^ ' ^-ates 
Kurena~D. I. Putnam; $8,100; 113 • G W 
Unghtson, Ravena, N. Y. , vjr. ,y. 

Red Ruck — John Mc(Jlauflin ; $1,575 • 70 - J B 

Lamoree, R F. D., East Chatham, N. Y 
Reidsrtlle—Edv,ara French; $oou ; 52- Fred 
Stoueburner, Keidsville, NY . ^leu 

Richmondville — No pastor 

Rural a rove— W. E. Rockwell; $4,000- 84- C 

J. Gove, Rural Grove, NY . ^ , v.. 

8hultzviUe~%^mo; 125 {^ivs. A. C. Jackson, 

K. l<. D., Stanfordville, N. Y 
iioiith Berlin— G. T. Perkins: $1,500- 12- A 
O. Matteson, South Berlin, NY ' " 

w -Berne— Edward French; $2,500- 87- 
Wm. H. Adriance, Westerlo, N. Y. 
^"iLll'' J c"r,{'~^'^^son Putuam; $1,800; 58- 
c, ^^^K^ir Tillepaugh ; South Valley N Y 
i>oitth Westerlo— W. G. Price ; $4,000 ; 118 • J 

T. Hannay, South Westerlo, N. Y 
Stanford4yille—R. O. Allen; $8,000 '; 159- Al- 
bert Knapp, Stanfordville, N. Y 
8t. Johnsville—W. P. Chase; $12,000; 98- A 

E. Simmons, St. Johnsville, xV Y 
LmonMills—A. G. Utter; $2.6oo'; 97; Mrs 

Holhs Fox, Mills Corners NY 
Warnerville— Geo. D. Shear ; $2,500 ; 31 • Mrs 

Jessie Blanchard, Warnerville N Y 
West Day— tio pastor; $1,000; 30;' Mrs. E. H 
Johnson, West Day, NY »• i^'. a. 

^^* ^awrens— James West ; $800 ; 31 ; Mrs 
E E. Schofield, West Laurens, N Y 

Yonkers Biish—W. P. Chase ; $3,000 ; 15 ; Wm 
Flanders, St. Johnsville, N. Y. 

New York Central Conference. 

The New York Central Conference was or 
!une'f4,l82l°^''^' ^^"^P'^i"^ Coun?y,T y', 
fJ[T'€V'y~^'^S^^^sai' Cayuga, Seneca, On- 
nnri V>. ''^°'''.-^^*^^ *°^ Tompkins counties, 
and those portions of Livingston and Monroe 
counties lying east of the Ginesee River 
5-7 1905^*'^^''''' ""^ Emerson, N. Y., October 

President, James S. Frost, Lakemont, N Y • 

litfs^h N''v'"*ir ^^^; ^■'t^"'' Humphreys, North 

• Henr.vtf; M -^^^cre^a^x Frank L. Martin, West 

Henuetta, N Y. ; Treasurer, Wm. B. Milliman, 

100 Kenwood Ave., Rochester, N Y 

Department Secretaries— Missions. Rev S 
A. Lloyd. Plainville, N. Y. ; Relief Fred D 
Foster MemphLs. N. Y. ; Educatfon Rev JoS 
MacCalman. Lakemont. N. Y • Christian Pn 
deavor, Mrs. Eva Radder. Marion NY ° Sun! 
day-school. Rev. J. N. Latimer, Memphis,' NY 

Mimste^-s—^. Brate ; Wm. J. Grimes ' J W 
Guthrie ; p. I. Hathaway ; Arthur Humphreys ^ 
Geo'^-Rr^Rrkyen: ^^ ''''*'' ' -^""^ Macc'almfn ; 


Lakemont— 3ohn MacCalman; $8,000- 85- 

Elizabeth Bolley, Lakemont. N Y ' 

Amenson— H L. Griffing ; $2,000; ' .53 ; Mrs 
Raymond Elmer, Emerson NY 

*''R'"potl?^{^'VT.? i*^^^"^!" = '$1-500; 35 ; John 
K. Baker, Enfield Center, NY 

^""4n/;'."£:r.^^ '^^^^''^^ pastor. 'Supplies: $4,- 
400; (2; Frank Eddy. Lakeville, N. Y 

il/flnoH--ED. Hammond: $5,000; 81 ; Mrs 
Eva Radder, Marion N. Y 

i?''pl'^"f- ?J- I^atimer; $3,000; 73; Mrs. J. 

L. Parish. Memphis, N. Y' 
y en-ark— ^o pastor; $5,000; 78; Mrs. Mary 

E. Bradley. Newark, N Y ' 

^ T-^Q . „^"«(»— Arthur Humphreys ; $5,500 : 

1.^8 ; Frank L. Martin, West Henrietta NY. 


gjxn n/\jTnjTJT/vnjxruTjTruTj\njiJxruTJTJTjaniT^ ixurrLrLrLrLn jxtld 

Union Christian College. 

rounded 1559. 

Merom, Indiana. 

Places Excellent Educational Advantages Within Reach of 
AH ^Energetic Young Men and Women. 


Complete courses of instruction in the Sciences, Classics, Bnglish, 
History, Philosophy, Music, and Physical Culture. ISnglish 
Bible, Kthics and I^iterature constantly emphasized. 

Increased Endowments; Good Equipments; Practical and Effective 
Methods; Wholesome Environment. 

Open at any time to those who bring evidence of ability and good 
moral character. 

The expenses of Instruction, Board and Incidental Fees are within 
easy reach of students of limited means. 

Write for full information, catalogue, etc., to 

or A. M. WARD, Sec'y, 

Merom, Indiana. 
xnnnjTJTXuvirLrLruTrLTLru" uxriJinnJiJxrjuvirLririxLnjiJTJuuajTXLnjxrixuiJxriJ^^ 





Rev. C. J, JONES, D. D. President. 

Ill choosing a school, we 
naturally take into account 
various qualities; and no sin- 
gle institution may properly 
lay claim to a monopolj' of 
educational excellence. In- 
stitutions, however, like per- 
sons, have individual charac- 
teristics, a history peculiarly 
their own. 

U. C. College has behind it 
a record of more than forty 
j-ears. The school is no longer 
an experiment. Hundreds of 
her representa'ives are now 
filling honorable and lucra- 
tive positions of service in 
almost every calling in life. 
Merit wins in the end, and 
the college has studiously 
tried in all her history to 
deserve a fair share of patron- 
age. Speaking for the man- 
agement, I desire to thank the 
many donors and earnest 
workers whose co-operation 
during tlie past two years par- 
ticularlv, has made the out- 
look liright by opening a large 
field ot'expansion and we trust 
of efficiency. The greatest 
present neeU is more students. 

We confidently affirm that 
the cost of sound instruction 
and living at Merom is much 
lower than in the larger towns 
and more wealthy institu- 
tions. We aim to give the poor 
boy or girl a chance for the 
best things in college life and 

The religions life of our 
young people should be wisely 
and naturally directed. Man 
is a moiat as well as a physical 
'and intellectual being and 
the institution that fails to 
provide food for the spiritual 
life is failing in the most vital 
element of sound training. 
Mere ethics, as a pliilosophy, 
is not enough: we need to 

is not enough: we need to 
cli the inner springs of the religious life; imparting, by example, the Christian motive. This is 
one safes uard — the true ideal — oftducation. This element belongs to every great school, whether 



the students are few or many. 

The Christian College is the best place in this world to prepare for a well rounded life and hence 
a true success. 

In the opinion of able educators I'liioii Christian College is favorably located. The town is 
qniet, healthful, moral. A residence comnuinity surrounded by excellent farms; an abundance 
and extensive variety of frui'; and, -although about two miles from Merom Station, on the Illinois 
Central Railroad, has igood gravel roads and telephone and telegraph privileges. No licensed sa- 
loons nor gambling dens. Athletic grounds and a wholesome spirit of recreation give zest to out- 
door exercise. 

The churches and Christian Associations maintain regular religious services. The Literary 
Societies afford excellent practice in oratory and debate. The Lecture Association, composed of 
the faculty, students and citizens, provides for the ablest speakers and entertainers to be had 
through the lecture bureau^. 

The school trains teachers, lawyers, doctors and farmers as well as preachers. There is no 
cast or creed to hinder a full and free pursuit of study in any line of honorable scholarship. A full 
correspondence course is offered to all who cannot attend the College in person. 

The larger number of students thus far, have .become teachers. Many have taken up courses 
leading to the practice of law and medicine. Some have prepared for business, some for farming, 
and still others for the distinctly literary professions— like journalism. 


iTLTUxn ari/uTJTJTjTjxn/inji/iJxrunjTJTruTJUuvrinjTJTJT^ 





Plainville. — Stephen A. Lloyd ; $4,000 ; 7G ; 

Mrs. Mary Lloyd, Plainville. N. Y. 
Rock Strcam^No pastor ; $2,000: 14; C. Eliz- 




abeth Warner, Rock Stream. N. 
Bearshurn — No pastor ; $1,500 ; 

Wakeman, Searsburg, N. Y. 
Sprinywater — No pastor ; $1,000 ; 

Willis, Springwater, N. Y. 
Westbury — No pastor ; $2,000 : 67 ; 

Lovejoy, Westbury, N. Y. 

Churches, 13 — town, 1 : country, 





New York Southern Conference. 

Organized .".t Marathon, N. Y., .kniuary M, 

Elder Edward Tyler, first President; Elder 
Joseph W. Stearns, clerk. Composed of nine 
ministers and '^i^ht churches. 

Territuri/ — Uroonie, •Chenango, Cortland and 
Madison Counties, in the State of .NtMV York. 

PnsUltnt. 3. H. VanAtta, 210 Clinton Ai., 
Binghamton. N. Y. ; Vice-President, Geo. J*. 
Hul)l)ard. Harford Mills. N. Y. ; Becretarji. 
Rev. <'. Wesley Schiffer, Harford Mills, N. Y. : 
and Pincbluff. N. ''. : Treasurer, Miss Hattie 
Pollard, Harford Mills. N. Y. ; Christian En- 
(Icaror iSccrrldri/. Leander Youmans, Medusa. 
N. Y. ; tS II nd (Ill-school Becrctarii, Mrs. .1. F. 
Smith. liinghamton. N. Y. 

iMiiiistcrs — lOnsign D. Hammond ; I^ovell P>. 
Hammond ; Ira Holdrige ; Lyman Hul : Har- 
riet H. S. Mather, (licentiate) : C. Wesley 
Schiffer: .1. W. Stearns; 1'. C. Vaughn: .7as. 
West: I. .7. Wilmarth ; J. T. Youmans: Marion 
C. Youmans. 


liiiifihamton — .1. H. Shoultz ; $.3,000; 89; 

(!. W. Rider, 15 Colfax Ave., Binghamton, 

New York. 
East WiUrtt — No pastor; $1,000: 17; Francis 

Smith. Penelope, N. Y. 
Oh'ii Aiihrii — No pastor: $1.(»U0; Mrs. J. M. 

Adriance. (Jlen Aubry. N. Y. 
Harford Mills — O. I. Hathawav : $3,000 ; 35 ; 

Mrs. E. W. Wilcox, Harford Mills. N. Y. 
KirkHood — .1. P. Winans ; $1,500 ; 37 ; Mrs. 

Mvron .Tones, Binghampton. N. Y. 
Laiieer—JuH. • Fisk : $1,000 ; 29 ; Mrs. Seth 

Parker. Marathon, N. Y. 
Otrclic. First — No pastor ; $1,500; 14; Mrs. 

Lois Blodget, Beavor Meadow, N. Y. 
Union — No pastor; $1,000; 17; Mrs. D. P. 

Lasher. Hooper. N. Y. 
^Vcst Windsor — .1. P. Winans, $1,000 : 30 ; 

Mrs. Daniel .Tackson. West Windsor, N. Y. 

Churches. — city, 1 ; villages. 3 ; country, 5. 
Valuatiim. $14.(10(1"; members. 250. 

New York Western Conference. 

Territiirn — Western part of Monroe County. 
Orleans, Niagara, Erie. Genesee, Wyoming and 
Cattaraugus counties, N. Y. 

Next session at Morganville, Genesee Couuty, 
N. Y 

I'irsident, Rev. S. Q. Helfenstein. Defiance. 
Ohio; \ ice-President, Rev. O. P. Potter, Ma- 
chias. N. Y. ; Secreiarii, .lohn B. Pease. Gas- 
I)ort. N. Y.; Treasurer, J. D. Chase. Hilton. 
N. V. 



Drixirtincut Sicrctaric.'s — Sunday-scbool, 
Miss Mai-cia 'i'i-ler, Morgauville, N. Y. ; Chris- 
tian Endeavor, Mrs. (). 1'. I'otter. Machias, N. 
Y. : Missions. Rev. J. Alice l>illon, Castile, N. 
Y. ; Etlucatiou. Rev. J. A. Dillon. Castile, N. Y. 

Miniiitcni — Alden Allen; .Tolin B. Clark; J. 
A. Dillon : Elias Jones ; A. McKenzie ; D. W. 
Moore ; (). P. Potter ; C. H. Scholelield ; I. C. 
Tryon ; \V. A. Warner. 


Casiile — J. A. Dillon ; $5,000 ; 100 ; Merton 

Phelps. Castile, N. Y. 
East UoUaml — No pastor; $1,000; 24; Lewis 

Hawks, Protection, N. Y. 
Machias^-O. P. Potter; $4,100; 103; Clara M. 

Kerr, 'Machias, N. \. 
Manning — J. M .Brown ; $1,000 ; 50 ; Mrs. H. 

J. Foster, Holler, N. Y. 
MonjunviUc — John B. Clark; $2,100; 39; Rob- 
ert Call, Stafford. N. Y. 
Jiorth Pembroke — No pastor: $1,000; 61; D. 

Mavhew, Nortli I'embroke, N. Y. 
Oranijciwit — C. H. Scholefield ; $4,100; 110: 

L. H. Pease, Gasport. N. Y. 
Parma and Greece — A. McKenzie ; $3,000 ; 87 ; 

H. D. Rowlev, North Greece, N. Y. 
West Sltelbu — A. L. Brand ; $3,000 ; 72 ; 

F. J. Albright, West Shelby, N. Y. 

Churches. ',) — town, 2 ; country. 7. Preaching 
full time. 7 ; no pastor, 2. Totals — Valua- 
tion, $24.300 ; membership, 590. Endeavor 
societies, 7 ; Sunday-schools, 9. 

New Jersey Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Fenwick.) 

The New Jersey Conference was organized 
at Peapack, N. J., June 25, 1830. 

Territory — New Jersey and Eastern Penn- 

Next session at Locktown, N. J., May, 1905. 

President, Rev. W. H. Halner, Irvington, N. 
J. -.Vice-President, D. C. Loucks, Locktown, N. 

J. ; R(cordin<j Secretary, Rev. J. B. Fenwick, 
I*"iiu'sville, N. J. ; Correspondiny Secretary, 
Rev. E. C. Hall, Hope, N. J. ; Treasurer, W. R. 
Hoarder, Locktown, N. J. 

Department Secretaries — Sunday - school, 
Archie Webb, Vienna, N. J. ; Christian En- 
deavor, Rev. E. C. Hall, Hope, N. J. ; Mission, 
Mary D. Bodine, Locktown, N. J. 

Ministers — W. H. Hainer ; J. E. Haines ; 
John Conrad ; John E. Epright ; George 
C. Carter ; John Bird ; Elwood C. Hall ; 
James M. Pittmau ; S. D. Hawk ; J. B. Fen- 
wick ; J. R. Laird ; C. W. Miller ; W. L. Gen- 
nett ; D. E. Powell; D. C. Loucks: John Blood; 
W. J. Wright ; W. Irving Bassett • N. W. Cro- 
well : P. R. Pittman ; E. E. Mitchell ; Archie 
Webb ; C. N. Rockwell. 


BaleviUe — C. W. Miller ; $5,000 ; 207 ; Mary 

H. B. Couse, Halsey, N. J. 
Carversville — No pastor ; $4,000 ; 55 ; James 

Hagan, Carversville, Pa. 
Chapmantoicn — D. E. Powell; $1,200; 37; G. 

H. Swingle, Avov. Pa. 
Fatrricu- —Jas. M. Pittman ; $1,400 ; 76 ; C. T. 

Pinkerton. Bridgeboro, N. J. 
Fincsville — J. B. Fenwick ; $7,000 ; 58 ; Mrs. 

Florence Morgan, Finesville, N. J. 
Gulf Mills — S. L. Baugher ; $10,000 ; 66 ; Geo. 

Nagle, West Conshohocken. I'a. 
Hope — Elwood C. Hall ; $2,500 ; 38 ; R. M. 

Van Horn, Hope, N. J. 
Irvinyton — Wm. H. Hainer ; $15,000 ; 315 ; 

Melville R. Longfield, Irvington, N. J. 
Johnsonbury — S. H. McKeeu ; $6,000 ; 77 ; Jos. 

W. Hart, Johnsonburg, N. J. 
Locktoun — D. C. Loucks ; $5,000 ; 180 ; W. 

W. Bodine. Locktown. X. J. 
Lewisbury — John Blood; $12,000; 109; Mary 

A. McGlaughlin. I>ewisburg. Pa. 
Madisonville — D. E. Powell : $2,200 ; 153 ; 

Thomas W'alters, Jubilee, Pa. 

Castile, New York. 


thp: chkistian annual. 


Milford—3. W. Tetlow ; $14,500: 258; W. R. 

Sailer, Milford. N. J. 
Monroe — 
Stceet Valley — C. N. Rockwell ; $4,500 ; 73 ; O. 

r. Edwards, Sweet Valley, Pa. 
TuUyto\cn — W. Gennett ; $ ; 16 ; Arthur 

Wright, TuUytown, Pa. 
Vienna — A. R. Webb ; $5,000 ; 85 ; F. Geo. Ha- 

len, Vienna, N. J. 

Churches, 20 ; town. 18 ; country, 2 ; preach- 
ing full time, 15 ; half time. 1 ; occasionally, 4. 

Total valuation, $95,300 ; membership, 
1,803 ; Endeavor Societies, 18 ; Sunday-schools, 

Tioga River Conference. 

Organized at Covington, Pa., Oct. 4, 1844. 

Territory — Tioga and Bradford counties. Pa., 
and Steuben and Tompkins counties, N. Y. (or 
other territory contiguous). 

President. T. V. Moore ; Vice-President and 
Trrasurer, E. E. Rockwell ; Secretary, L. A. 

Department Secretaries — C. E., Mrs. Belle 
H. Hook ; S. S., Mrs. Lottie Cheesman ; Exec- 
utive Board, C. E. Lunger, C. F. Hook, and J. 
H. Cheesman. 

Ministers — Rose C. Allen ; J. E. Besamer ; 
Mrs. S. A. Besamer ; Cyrus M. Booth ; .T. Ij. 
Box ; J. H. Cheesman ; D. A. Cole ; J. L. Cot- 
tom ; F. Curlett ; S. H. Daw : L. A. Dykeman : 
H. L. Griffing : A. J. Hurd ; E. C. Livingston ; 
T. V. Moore ; Wm. Stocum ; C. C. Thorn ; C. F. 
Hook ; Mrs. Belle H. Hook. 


II Bennetts Creek — J. L. Box ; $ 

Adeline Vanderhoof, Canisteo, N. Y. 
Gamp Brook — No report. 
East Lawrence — C. F. Hook ; 

Hudson, Somers Lane, Pa. 
Evergreen — E. C. Livingston ; 

M. Cason. Evergreen, Pa. 
First Franklin — E. C. Living 

Helen B. Plielps, Powell, Pa. 
First Neicfleld — A. C. Wiley ; $2,000 

Cornish, Jr., Newfleld, N. Y. 
Greenwood — J. H. Cheesman ; $2,000 ; Stella 

Shaut, Greenwood. N. Y. 
Inyleside — Henry Brown : $2,400 : Alice Sim- 
ons, Prattsburg, N. Y. 
Knowrille — L. A. Dykeman ; $2,500 ; Alice 

Matheson. Knoxville. Pa. 
Merchantville — Supplied; $1,500: J. M. Kelley, 

Route 3, Campbell, N. Y. 
Wedgewood — No pastor ; $ 

Route 3, Watkins, N. Y. 
West Branch — A. J. Hurd ; 

Campbell. West Branch, Pa. 
West Pike — A. J. Hurd; $1,000; 

cent. West Pike, Pa. 
Young Hickory — No report ; $ 

Grinolds, Young Hickory, N. Y". 

Erie Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Young.) 

Organized in 1831. 

Territory — ■ Northwestern Pennsylvania, 

Chautauqua County, N. Y., and Ashtabula 
County, Ohio. 

Next session at McLallen's Corners, Pa., 
September, 1905. 

President, Rev. A. B. Kendall. Erie, Pa. ; 
Secretary, Rev. W. J. Young. Conneaut. Ohio ; 
Treasurer, T. M. Ryan. Erie, Pa. 

Ministers — J. H. Bassett : David Beanland ; 
J. S. Erhardt ; A. B. Kendall ; J. J. Lawrence ; 
B. Mason; H. H. I'ershing ; Stanton W. Pot 
ter ; H. G. Rockwell; George Roemer ; Adelbert 
Welch ; J. W. Wilson ; O. T. Wyman ; W. J. 


$2,300 ; 
3ton : $2,000 : 

W. H. 



; Ella J. Smith, 
$1.000 ; Mina 
Alice Vin- 
; Mrs. L. S. 

Bear Lake — George Roemer ; $3,500 ; 21 ; Mrs. 

Susie Barton, Bear Lake, Pa. 
Beaver Center — J. H. Bassett ; $1,200 ; 58 ; 

Lula Walton, Beaver Center, Ha. 
Conneaut — W. J. Young ; $8,000 ; 168 ; Mrs. 

Clara Weldon. Conneaut, Ohio. 
Dcwittville — H. G. Rockwell ; $2,400 ; 27 ; Geo. 

F. Leet, Point Chautauqua, N. Y. 
Draketoivn — Adelbert Welch ; $2,500 ; 43 ; Mrs. 

Pearl Gardner. Waterford, Pa.. R. F. D. 

Erie— A. B. Kendall ; $5,500 ; 93 ; W. S. El- 
dredge, Erie, Pa. 

Fairview — Stanton W. Potter : $500 ; 42 ; Mrs. 

G. C. Zindel, Girard, Pa., R. F. D. 
Franklin — No pastor ; no property ; 8 ; Willis 

LeSuer, Edinboro, Pa., R. F. D. 
Francis — Stanton W. Potter : .>i,200 ; 22 ; Mrs. 

Mary B. Wheeler. Girard, Pa., R. F. D. 
Hammond's Corners — J. H. Bassett ; $1,000 ; 

40 ; Mrs. Lucy Holden, Conneaut, Ohio, R. F. 

Hare Creek — George Roemer ; $1,200 ; 23 ; 

Mrs. S. S. VanTassel, Corry, Pa., R. F. D. 
Park Gate — No pastor ; $1,000 ; 22 ; Joseph P. 

Rouser, Ellwood City, Pa. 
Pine Valley — George Roemer ; $800 ; 21 ; Mrs. 
, Iris Simmons. Corry, Pa., R. F. D. 
Springboro — David Beanland ; $5,500 : 103 ; 

Mrs. Ada Bentlv. Springboro, Pa. 
Sprinafield — J. W. Wilson; $3,000; 136; Mrs. 

M. L. IMorrill, East Springfield. Pa. 
Washiiuifnn — B. Mason; $2,000; 70; Mrs. Al- 

mira McGrory. McLallen's Corners, Pa. 

Churches, 16^ — town, 6 ; country, 10. Preach- 
ing full time, 10 ; half-time, 3 ; once per 
month, 1 ; no pastor, 2. Totals--— Valuation, 
$39,300 ; membership. 897 ; Endeavor societies. 
10; Sunday-schools, 15. 

Rays Hill and Southern Pennsylvania. 

(Reported by Secretary Diehl.) 

Organized May, 1846. 

Territory — Bedford and Fulton Counties. 

Next session. Fairview, Bedford County, Pa., 
Wednesday before the last Sunday" in August, 

President, John B. Cooper, Glee, Pa. ; Vice- 
President, S. H. Karns, Pine Ridge, Pa. ; Sec- 
retary, F. M. Diehl, Locust Grove, Pa. ; As- 
sistant Secretary. Austin Peck, Covalt, Pa. ; 
Treasurer, J. N. Robinson. Purcell, Pa. ; Secre- 
tary of Sunday-schools, H. F. Mearkle, Em- 
mei-son. Pa. ; G. E. Secretary. H. M. Barton, 
Mench, Pa. ; Secretary of Missions, John Kauf- 
man. Gapsville, Pa. ; Secretary of Education, 
D. M. Rush, Everett, Pa. 

Ministers — Joseph Barney ; John H. Barney ; 
S. W. S. Foor ; A. R. Garland ; W. C. Garland ; 
J. R. Logue ; A. W. May ; D. M. Rush ; J. W. 

Licentiates — Henry Collins ; Riley W. Dan- 
iels ; .Tesse Kaufman ; John Martz. 

Ordained, 9 ; Licentiates, 4. 


Antioch — A. G. B. Powers ; $500 ; Austin Peck. 

Covalt, Pa. 
Bethel — J. R. Logue; $800; J. N. Robison. 

Purcell. Pa. 
Buck Valley — A. R. Garland ; $800 ; Mrs. Lo- 

retta Lashlev. Lashley, Pa. 
Greenfield — J. R. Logue, $200 ; B. D. Shipley. 

Pinev Creek, Pa. 
Jerusalem — J. R. Logue, $700 ; John Martin, 

Locust Grove, Pa. 
Cedar Grove — J. R. Logue, $1,200 ; E. D. Me- 

lott, Franklin Mills. Pa. 
Clear Creek — Joseph Barney. $800 ; Albert 

Eshleman, Everett, Pa. 
Damascus — A. G. B. Powers ; $1,500 ; W. R. 

Daniels, Hancock, Md. 
Fairview — J. R. Logue, $700 ; Emanuel Miller, 

Purcell, Pa. 




Draketown, Pennstlvania. 

Eyndman — J. H. Barney ; $700. 

Gapsville — J. H. Barney ; $1,000 ; Stephen 

Wink, Gapsville, Pa. 
Lebanon — J. R. Logue ; $800 ; Amos Elbin, Ar- 

Mt. Hope — W. C. Garland, $718 ; Samuel John- 
son, Hewitt, Pa. 

Mt. Zion — W. C. Garland ; $900 ; J. G. Collins. 
Elbinsville, Pa. 

Mi. Union — $1,200; Harry Barton, Meneh, Pa. 

Pine Grove — .Joseph Barney ; $500 ; Silas Rob- 
inson, Piney ("reek. Pa. 

May's Chapel — No pastor ; $700 ; T. R. Bishop. 
Mann, Pa. 

MiUigans Cove — W, C. Garland ; $600 ; S. B. 
Carpenter. Buffalo Mills. Pa. 

Pleasant Grove — A. G. B. Powers ; $500 ; Al- 
fred Peck, Needmore, Pa, 

Prosperity — W. C. Garland ; $600 ; Wesley Ben- 
nett, Hewitt, Pa. 

Ray's Grove—a. W. S. Foor ; $1,000 ; S. J. N. 
Poor, Breezewood, Pa. 

Rock Hill — Joseph Barney ; $1,500 ; S. H. Mear- 
kle, Emerson, Pa. 

Tatesville — Riley W. Daniels. 

Whips Gove — A. G. B. Powers ; $1,000 ; N. W. 
Mellott. Locust Grove, Pa. 

Sideling Hill — A. G. B. Powers. J. R. Logue ; 
$1,000 ; W. C. Mann. Saluvia, Pa. 

rnion Monorial — John H. Barney ; U. G. Ben- 
nett, Mench, Pa. 

Tonolowai/ — A. G. B. Powers ; Denton Peck,. 
Covalt, Pa. 

Shavers Valley — Joseph Barney. 

Ohio State Christian Association. 

Territory — Ohio and adjacent territory. 

President, Oliver W. Powers, D. D., 1301 
Cortland Avenue, Columbus ; Vice-President^ 
S. S. Newhouse, Lima ; Recording Secretary ^ 
Marion W. Baker, Ph. D., 105 S. Plum St., 

Department Secretaries— Finance,, Albert 
Dunlap. D. D., 144 W, Fourth Avenue, Colum- 
bus : Missions, Omer S. Thomas, Greenville ; 
Education, P. W. McReynolds. M. A.. Defi- 
ance. Christian Endeavor ; Hugh A. Smith, 
A. B., Eaton ; Sunday-schools . S. D. Bennett, 
A. B.. Dayton ; Publications. A. W. Hook,. 
Bradford : Relief. G. B. Garner, Vaughnsvllle. 






This the third year in the history of Defiance College under the new organization and 
board of control, is the banner year. Although in its infancy, two hundred and seventy-one 
different students were enrolled last year. It is safe to predict that from three to four hundred 
will be enrolled the present year. Nearly every available room adjacent to the College has been 
taken. Twice as niaiiv students outside of Defiance and Defiance County have already regis- 
tered as were enrolled last year. Students have enrolled from Canada, New York, Illinois, 
Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Oliio, Iowa and Japan The total enrollment now shows a 
gain of forty per cent in foreign attendance over that of 1903 and 1904. The majority of these 
have had high school or academic courses and have entered college. One at a glance is i:n- 
pressed with the high character of the student body. Some of those enrolled have formerly 
attended the Ohio State University, Delaware aud other large institutions, but have come to 
Defiance because of the advantages offered by the small college. 

There are several reasons for this growth and advancement In the first place the school 
disappoints no candidate who possesses good, moral character and is willing to apply himself 
diligently All worthy and competent graduates from every department are in demand. 

Another reason for this growth is the fact that expenses are extraordinarily low. 

A third reason is the confidence gained by the close personal attention given by the faculty 
to every student. Tareiits know that their sons and daughters are safe in Defiance College. 
They know that it aims at the highest type of Christian culture. The choice of a school often 
determines the future life of a student. No young man or woman can afford to experiment. 

It is the purpose of the management and the Board of Trustees to build up a school that 
will not only be a credit to thems-lves, but to the city of Defiance and the surrounding country 
and the body of people they represent Willi this object in view, every eflfort is being directed 
toward the establishment of the ideal college. It is the desire of the board to furnish young 
men and women an opportunity to obtain a thorough education along any line and at a small 

Every student is sure to get value received, provided he is diligent, ambitious, earnest and 
possesses the essential elements of the twentieth century manhood. 





Judge V. T. Sutphen, President Board Trustees, Defiance Colles^e. 


Peter Wesley McReyuolds, A.M., B D., President. Professor of Moral and Political Science. 

Chester A. Darling, A.M., Professor of Physical Sciences, Pedagogy and Physical Director. 

S. Q. Helfenstein, A. M, D.D., Dean of School Theology, Greek and BiblicalXiterature. 

Adelia Wilson, A M., Lady Principal, Professor of Latin and English. 

Chas. E. Slocum, M D., Ph.D , Professor of Biological and Geological Sciences. 

Judge F L. Hay. Professor International Law. 

Walter O. Webber, B.A., B. Ped., Professor of History, Assistant in Mathematics. 

J.J. Summerbell, AM., D D., Lecturer on Systematic and Biblical Theology. 

William P. Dempster. Ph.D., D.D , Professor of Old Testament Literature. 

T. M. McWhinney, D.D., LL.D., Non resident Professor of Applied Psychology. 

Mae Kennedy McReynolds. Director of School of Music, Teacher of Voice Culture and Oratory. 

Flossie Emeline Whitney, Teacher of Piano and Organ. 

Elizabeth Wells, Teacher of Shorthand and Typewriting. 

Iva Carpenter Teacher of Violin, Guitar and Mandolin, and Director of Orchestra. 



These officers excepting the Vice-President 
constitute the Executive Board and Board of 

Next meeting at Dayton, November, 190."). 

Northeastern Ohio Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Shucli ) 

Organized at Zion Christian Church, Marion 
County, Ohio, October 1, 1895. 

Territory — Comprises Wyandotte, Crawford, 
Huron, Erie, Hancock, Seneca, Richland, half 
of Marion and extreme western part of Mor- 
row Counties. 

President — Henry H. Holverstott, Marion, 
O. ; Secretary, John L. Shuck, Marion, O. ; 
Treasurer, Henry H. Holverstott, Marion, O. 

Ministers — M. E. Berry ; John F. Cook ; I. 
N. Dickason ; H. H. Holverstott ; Addison Over- 
lander ; John L. Shuck ; Charles Rinehart ; 
John Street; Abbie L. Burns (licentiate). 

Ordained, 8 ; licentiate, 1. 


Eapyvillr — H. H. Holverstott ; $300 ; 24 ; Wil- 
liam Britton. Marion, Ohio. 

Fairfield — H. H. Holverstott ; 28 ; Matilda 
Clark, Espyville, Ohio. 

Zion—U. H. Holverstott ; $700 ; 16 ; Phebe 
Baker, LaRue, Ohio. 

DecHff — No pastor ; 13 ; William A. Valentine, 
Hepburn, Ohio. 

Mt. Vernon Conference. 

Organized 1841. Incorporated 1901. 

Territory — Comprises Knox, Columbiana, 
Muskingum, Coshocton and a part of Morrow 

Next session at Centerburg, Knox County, 
Thursday after the fourth Sunday in August. 

President, Rev. Albert Dunlap, D. D., Colum- 
bus, O. ; Secretary, Rev. Silas S. Main, Berkey, 

Department Secretaries — Finance, Rev. J. W. 
Wright, Coshocton, O. ; Missions, Rev. L. W. 
Newton, New Brighton, Pa. ; Sunday-schools. 
Rev. J. M. Carter, New Waterford. O. ; Relief, 
Rev. J. H. Bone, Mt. Vernon, O. ; Education, 
Rev. R. H. Long. Centerburg, O. ; Publications, 
Mr. B. L. Shaffer, Frazevsburg. O. : Y. P. S. 
C. E., Rev. Chas. M. Hagans. Mt. Sterling, O. 

Ministers — J. M. Carter ; H. R. Clem ; Ly- 
curgus Cope : Albert Dunlap ; Ellen Dean ; 
Geo. W. Grate ; C. M. Hagans ; J. B. Hagans ; 

E. M. Harris ; R. L. Kilpatrick ; R. H. Long ; 
Silas S. Main ; S. S. McKown ; L. W. Newton : 

F. H. Peters ; J. H. Weaver ; J. W. Wright. 
Licentiates — J. H. Bone ; R. A. Sheldon ; E. 

A. Cope. 

Ordained — 17. 
Licentiates — 3. 


Appleton — No pastor ; $1,500 ; 90 ; J. H. Ben- 

ner, Johnstown, O. 
Antioch — Ellen Dean ; $1,400 ; 39 ; J. A. Dean, 

McClalnsville, O. 
Centerburg — R. U. Shoemaker ; $3,000 ; 73 ; 

Maud Loiig. Centerburg, O. 
Church Hall—G. W. Grate ; $2,700 ; 114 ; Miss 

S. Stooksberry, Lisbon, O. 
Cooperdale — No pastor ; $1,000 ; 30 ; G. W. 

Wright, Cooperdale, O. 
Danville — No pastor ; $1,000 ; 63 ; Mrs. Wm. 

•^ Church. Danville, O. 
East Middleton — J. M. Carter ; $1,000 ; 99 ; W. 

E. Grim, Columbiana, O. 
East Rochester— :i . S. Ehrheart ; $1,000; 100; 

W. C. Morgan. Kensington, O. 
East Union — E. M. Harris ; $1,000 ; 60 ; Israel 

Conard, New Guilford, O. 
Fairview — R. L. Kilpatrick ; $4,000 ; 143 ; B. 

O. Lohr, Mt. Vernon, O. 

//ace? Dell — No pastor ; $600 ; 40. 
Ili<lMand—3. M. Carter; $1,000; 122; M. 

Jehu, Teagarden, O. 
Licking — R. L. Kilpatrick ; $800 ; 17 ; J. B. 

Hall, Utica, O. 
Mt. Pleasant — E. M. Harris; $1,500; 145; 

Amanda Noland, Black Run, O. 
Mt. Zion — No pastor; $2,000; 95; B. L. Shaf- 
fer, Frazeysburg, O. 
'Sew Alexander — R. H. Long ; $800 ; 100 ; D. W. 

Crist, Moultrie, O. 
i^exc Bethel — J. W. Wright ; $600 ; 55. 
RoseviUe — J. W. Wright ; $1,000 ; 76 ; A. W. 

Johnson, Roseville, O. 
Sparta— R. H. Long; $1,000: 25; R. A. Shel- 

doh, Sparta, O. 
Sylraniu — R. L. Kilpatrick ; $900 ; 30 ; A. B. 

Pierpont, Granville, O. 
Utica — Chas. Garman ; $2,000 ; 89 ; Llnnle 

Jewell, Utica, O. 
Virginia — C. C. Jones ; $800 ; 90 ; J. L. Shaw, 

Coshocton, O. 
Westvillc — J. H. Weaver ; $900 ; 102 ; Rebecca 

Randolph, Beloit, O. 

Ohio Conference. 

President, Rev. J. H. Moody, Jackson, Ohio ; 
Vice-President, Rev. F. M. Nichols, Ray, Ohio ; 
Secretary, Callie Dempsey, Ray, Ohio. 

Ministers — ^William Bethel ; G. C. Blake ; 
Henry Canter ; F. M. Clouse ; C. A. Coon ; G. 
R. Coon ; J. B. Cummins ; F. E. Evans ; John 
Maddox ; J. H. Moody ; Nathaniel Nelson ; F. 
M. Nichols; J. A. Southward; J. A. Timber- 

Licentiates — F. B. Blake ; Henry Booth ; 
Ilarvey Melegan ; AUvay Ray ; James Thomp- 

Ordained, 14 ; licentiates, 5. 


Antioch— Z. H. Moody; W. H. Jones. Oak Hill, 

Antonis — No pastor ; C. C. Blake, Antonls, 

Fairview — F. M. Nichols ; Meda Timberman, 
Ray, Ohio. 

Hamilton — No pastor. 

Hopewell (Jackson Co.) — H. Melegan. 

Hopewell (Vinton Co.) — F. M. Nichols. 

Jefferson Furnace — No pastor ; Richard Crab- 
tree, Oak Hill, Ohio. 

LUv Chattel — No pastor ; D. F. Clouse, Omega, 

Locust Grove — No pastor. 

■ Macedonia — J. B. Cummins; Dollie Carter, Se- 
dan. Ohio. 

Morrow — C. A. Coon ; John Crabtree, Oak Hill, 

Mt. Joy — No pastor ; A. B. McBride, Rarden, 

Pleasant Valley (Pike Co.) — H. Helegan ; Bar- 
ak Chase, Waverly, Ohio. 

Pleasant Valley — H. Melegan ; John Sherben, 
Diffen, Ohio. 

Shiloh — No pastor. 

8. V. Chapel — J. B. Cummins ; Fred. Bowers 

Pride, Ohio. 
Zion — J. H. Moody 

Cecil Denny. Blatchford 

Ohio Central Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary S. A. Carls.) 
Territory — Comprises Central Ohio with 
churches in Champaign, Clarke, Clinton, Dela- 
ware, Fayette, Franklin, Hardin, Madison, Ma- 
rion, Morrow, Pickaway, Ross and Union coun- 
ties. , . 

Next session will be held at Watkins, Union 
County. „, 

President, J. W. Watson, Marengo, O. ; Vice- 



President. O. W. Dyer. Columbus, O. ; Secre- 
tary. S. A. Caris, Raymond, O. 

Department Secretaries — Missions, O. W. 
I'owers, Columbus. O. ; Relief, I. W. Sanaft, 
Broadway, O. ; Education, H. J. Duckworth, 
Mt. Sterling. O. : Publication. S. M. Millhol- 
land. Orchard. O. ; Sunday-school, Mrs. Belle 
Briney, Woodstock, O. ; C. E., O. W. Dyer, Co- 
lumbus, O. ; Finance, S. L. Loughrey, Marys- 
ville. O. 

Ministers — J. M. Browi) : S. A. Caris, A. H. 
Cisna ; B. H. Chrisman ; P. Clarridge ; H. J. 
Duckworth ; ; O. W. Dyer ; S. A. Hutchinson ; 
S. K. King ; L. E. Lewis ; S. M. Millholland ; 
E. J. Nutt ; D. C. Parsons; O. W. Powers; Ste- 
phen Shirk : Wm. Webb ; C. A. Williams. 

Licentiates — John Forcythe ; S. L. Stotler ; 
J. H. Warner. 


Antioch — C. M. Nefif. Mt. Sterling, O. 

Bookicalter — O. L. Pride ; $2,000 ; 41 ; G. S. 
Zimmerman, Jeflersonville, O. 

Centervillc — No pastor ; $2,000 ; 60 ; Eva Duke, 
Leescreek, O. 

Clarksburg — No pastor ; $6,000 ; 130 ; O. M. 
Howser, Clarksburg, O. 

Columbus, First Church — O. W. Powers ; 160 ; 
Alta C. Wise, 1170 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Co- 
lumbus. O. 

Dublin — No pastor ; $3,500 ; 133 ; Edna Davis, 
Dublin, O. 

Fire Points — C. M. Hagans ; 172 ; J. C. Busic, 
Five Points, O. 

Fountain Grove — No pastor; 45; C. D. Stick- 
les. Richwood. O. 

Orassy Point — O. L. Pride; C. S. Bethards, Se- 
dalia. O. 

Milford Center — J. B. Hagans ; 144 ; Mary C. 
Kimball. Milford Center, O. 

Mill Creek— a. M. Millholland; $1,200; 32; 

E. L. Renner, Bellpoint, O. 

Mt. Olives — No pastor ; $1,200 ; 60 ; C. E. Cur- 
ry. Plain City, O. 
Mt. Sterling — C. M. Hagans ; $5,000 ; 393 ; W. 

F. Cox, Mt. Sterling. O. 

Netcton — J. B. Hagans ; $2,000 ; 95 ; Mort 

Baughn. Raymond, O. 
Overly Chapel — Pleasant Claridge : Mrs. S. 

Rettinger. Chillicothe, O. 
Pleasant Grove — No pastor; no report; G. L. 

Thompson, Mt. Victory, O. 
Pompey — S. M. Millholland ; $350 ; 25 ; Sada 

Underbill. Cardington. O. 
Resaca — J. B. Hagans ; $2,200 ; 70 ; Bffle Fair- 
banks. Resaca, O. 
South Solon — O. L. Pride ; $1,500 ; 87 ; H. C. 

Rowland. South Solon, O. 
Summerford — No pastor ; $3,000 ; 87 ; Alice 

Sprague, Somerford, O. 
Trenton — R. R. Shoemaker ; $300 ; 75 ; R. W. 

Fisher. Sunbury, O. 
Union, (Marion County) — No report. 
Union (Union County) — No pastor; $150; 57; 

E. E. Shirk, Peoria, O. 
Vienna — -105 ; Mollie Tavenner, Vienna Cross 

Roads, O. 
'Watkins — S. M. Millholland ; $1,000 ; 50 ; J. 

Lame. Marysville, O., R. F. D. 3. 
West Liberty — S. M. Millholland ; 15 ; Daisy 

Roberts, Stantontown, O. 
'Williamsport — C. A. Tracy ; 133 ; J. West, Wil- 

liamsport, O. 
Wilson Chapel — A. D. Mann ; $2,000 ; 60 ; 

Laura Wilson, Orchard, O. 
Woodstock — H. J. Duckworth ; $2,000 ; 40 ; 

Wm. F. Smith, Woodstock. O. 
Zton Chapel — No report. 
Waterloo — C. M. Hagans ; $400 ; 12 ; W. H. 

Anderson, Pancostburg. O. 

Churches, 31 ; town, 16 ; country, 15. Preach- 
ing full time, 2 ; half time, 15 ; monthly, 8 ; 
total membership, 2,473 ; C. E. societies, 10 ; 
Sunday-schools, 26. 

REV. S. A. CARIS, Raymond, Ohio. 

Secretary Ohio Central Conference. 

Ohio Eastern Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Gregory.) 

Next annual session at Mount Zion, Morgan 
County, Ohio, commencing on Thursday, before 
the fourth Sunday in August, 1905. 

President, Rev. H. B. Briley, Carbon Hill, 
Ohio ■.Vice-President, Rev. Jas. B. Massie, Okey, 
Ohio ; Secretary, W. B. Gregory, Carpenter, 
Ohio, R. F. D. 1. ; Treasurer, Rev. John L. 
Porter. Thivenir, Ohio. 

Ministers — W. H. Arthur ; Chas. S. Briley ; 
H. B. Briley : W. W. Cardwell ; H. A. Grover ; 
H. G. Hardway ; Samuel Lewis ; G. L. Long ; 
Lloyd Litle ; Jas. B. Massie ; Wm. Phillips ; J. 
L. Porter ; L. E. Simmons ; J. V. Smith ; Wm. 
J. Warrener ; H. C. Wilson. 

Licentiates — Jas. B. Carpenter ; H. C. Lute ; 
N. W. Massie ; W. P. Myers ; Wm. Nelson ; 
Thomas Spencer. 

Ordained. 15 ; licentiates, 6. 


Antioch — No pastor reported ; $600 ; 60 ; A. 

Wilcox, Vinton, Ohio. 
Bulaville — Wm. Phillips; $1,000; 72; F. L. 

Hern. Gallipolis, R. D. 1, Ohio. 
Champaign — Not reported ; $200 : 203 ; I. N. 

Strausbaugh, Vinton, R. D. 1, Ohio. 
Goes Chapel — J. L. Porter ; $1,000 ; 116 ; A. A. 

Devol. Carbon Hill, Ohio. 
Columbia — Jas. B. Massie ; $800 ; 194 ; Estellne 

Wood. Point Rock, Ohio. 
Cook's Chapel — No report ; $200 ; 
Creola — No report ; $1,500 ; Sarah E. Rosser, 

Creola, Ohio. 
Dickson Run — No report ; $600 ; 25 ; Mary B. 

Mungan, Keystone, Ohio. 
Elisabeth — J. L. Porter; $1,800; 77; H. Ply- 
male. Thivenir, Ohio. 



Fairvieic—W. H. Arthur; $500; 123; J. T. 

ryle, Waterloo, Ohio. 
GallipoMs — W. H. Arthur ; ; 55 ; Mary E. 

Jacobs. Gallipolls, Ohio. 
Graham — Jas. B. Massie ; $500 ; 121 ; H. A. 

Lauer. Athens, It. D. 7, Ohio. 
LanysviUe — No pastor reported; $900; 76; 

Wm. Lowery, Langsville, Ohio. 
Liberty — No pastor reported ; $300 ; 145 ; G. 

W. L. Lemon, Spicy, Ohio. 
Little Kyger — No pastor reported ; $600 ; 68 ; 

Kate C. Mulford, Cheshire, Ohio. 
Macedonia — Jas. B. Massie ; $400 ; 142 ; W. H. 

H. Porter, Hilton, Ohio. 
Monroe — No pastor reported ; $ — ; 36 ; Mary 

E. Drake, Comly, Ohio. 
Morgan — No pastor reported ; $1,000 ; — ; A. 

M. Grover, Pine Grove, Ohio. 
Mound Chapel — No report. 
Mound Hill — No pastor reported ; $800 ; 51 ; 

Wm. J. Warrener. Federal, Ohio. 
Mt. Zion — Lloyd Litle ; $450 ; 142 ; W. S. Wol- 

lett, Nelsonville. Ohio. 
Mt. Zion — J. L .Manley : $800 ; 68 ; N. M. 

Wood, Sharpsburg, Ohio. 
Mt. Zion — No report. 
Ofcet/— Jas. B. Massie; $ ; 116; N. W. 

Massie, Lecta, Ohio. 
Pleasant Valley — No report. 
Prospect — No report. 
Salem — No pastor reported ; $1,000 ; 45 ; W. 

C. Turner, Dexter, Ohio. 
Union Chapel — No pastor reported ; $300. 
Wrightstown — J. L. Porter ; $600 ; 83 ; J. N. 

Archer, Calvary, Ohio. 

Miami Ohio Conference. 

Organized at Pleasant Hill, 1819. 

Territory — Parts of Hamilton, Preble, 
Darke, Shelby. Miami, Montgomery. Warren, 
Greene, Clark and Champaign counties. 

Next session, place not arranged. 

President, Rev. Warren H. Denison, Troy, 
Ohio ; Vice-President, Kev. W. A. Gross, 
Springfield, Ohio ; Secretary, Rev. B. F. 
Vaughan, Centerville, O. ; Financial Secretary, 
J. N. Hess, Dayton, Ohio. 

Ministers — Geo. L. Aspinall ; M. W. Baker ; 
William Beller ; S. D. Bennett ; J. G. Bishop ; 
(Mission Secretary, A. C. C.) ; Emily K. Bishop, 
(General Work); Richard Brandon: Eliza L. 
Brown, (Writer) ; L. D. Brown ; II. E. But- 
ler : B. F. Clayton ; C. H. Coddington ; Henry 
Crampton ; Wm. M. Dawson ; Warren H. Den- 
ison ; C. I. Deyo ; Geo. C. Enders ; J. E. Etter ; 
J. B. Fenner ; William Flammer ; O. P. Fur- 
nas ; Chas. C. Garman : G. L. Griffith ; W. A. 
Gross; C. C. Hatfield, (licentiate); M. F. 
Hawlev ; Chas. B. Hershey, (licentiate) ; B. F. 
Hoagland ; C. W. Hoeffer : A. W. Hook : Alva 
M. Kerr;Brcy Kerr^ (licentiate) ;HoraceMann: 
A. D. Mann; W. H. Martin, (licentiate) ; Peter 
McCullough; N. Del McReynolds, (General 
Work) ; T. M. McWhinney, (Lecturer) ; Edwin 
Morrell ; S. C. Morton, (licentiate and teach- 
er) ; S S. Newhouse ; N. W. Penrod, (licenti- 
ate) ; C. C. Phillips ; E. M. Rapp, E. S. Reed ; 
H. Y. Rush, (General Work) ; P. H. Samuel, 
(licentiate) ; W. H. Sando ; R. R. Shoemaker; 
Benj. Seever ; H. A. Smith ; E. R. Spade, (li- 
centiate) ; J. E. Spriggs; Mrs. F. Spriggs; J. 
J. Summerbell. (Editor Herald of Gospel Lib- 
erty) ; -Omer S. Thomas ; Flora Thompson ; B. 
F Vaughan. (General Work and Conference 
Secretary) ; W. T. Warbinton ; E. A. Watkins ; 
J. P. Watson, (Editor Sunday-school litera- 
ture) ; I. C. Way mire ; E. d. Ziegler. 

Ordained, 54 ; licentiates, 9. Pastors, 29. 
Retired, 12. General Work, 12. 


Addison — W. L. Lundy ; $600; 70; Nellie Ba- 
ker, Christiansburg. O. 

Ansonia — M. F. Hawley ; $5,000 ; 229 ; Wm. 
Schmidt, Ansonia, Ohio. 

Bethany — Henry Crampton ; $1,250 ; 154 ; Har- 
ry Ivans, Lebanon, O. 

Bethel — No pastor ; $300 ; J. W. Shoifp, Troy, 

Bethlehem— ^o pastor ; $800 ; 35 ; M. M. Black, 
West Alexandria, O. 

Circle Hill — A. W. Hook; $1,500; 100; Ella 
Landis, Bradford, O. 

Campbellstoun — M. F. Hawley ; $2,800 ; 83 ; 

C. E. Cox, Eaton. O. 

Carysvillc—H. E. Butler; $1,000; 113; T. J. 

Wert, St. Paris, O. 
Chambersburg — J. E. Spriggs ; $700 ; 12 ; Jo- 
seph Dealker, Dayton, O., R. R. No. 5. 
Charity Chapel — H. E. Butler; $1,000; 185; 

W. H. Prince, Sidney, O. 
Concord — Alva M. Kerr ; $2,500 ; 98 ; W. B. 

Ross, Eaton, O., R. F. D. 
Cove Spring — $1,500 : 75 ; May Garman, Troy, 

Covington — J. P. Barrett ; $18,000 ; 552 ; W. 

W. Whitmer, Covington, O. 
Dayton— S. D. Bennett; $6,000; 179; S. O. 

Albaugh, Davton. O. 
Eaton— n. A. Smith ; $15,000 ; 286 ; S. J. Gal- 

lowav. Eaton, O. 
Enon — Ercy Kerr; $3,000; 157; Kyle Dunkle, 

Enon. O. 
Felloicship — No pastor ; $1,000 ; 48 ; D. L. Mor- 
ris, Lebanon, O. 
Franklin — No pastor ; $5,000 ; 130 ; Mrs. Ella 

Conover, Franklin, O. 
Genntown — J. E. Spriggs ; $1,000 ; 127 ; E. M. 

Runyan, Lebanon, O. 
Glady Creek — W. H. Thompson ; $1,200 ; 49 ; 

Wm. Scarborough, West Liberty, O. 
Greenrille^Omev S. Thomas ; $10,000 ; 212 ; 

A. C. Brandon, Greenville. O. 
Greenville Creek — No pastor ; $1,000 ; 30 ; Da- 
vid I'attv. Bradford, O. 
Honey Creek — W. L. Lundy ; $800 ; 68 ; Harry 

Maxson. Christiansburg, O. 
Hood (Twin Creek) — J. A. Watson ; 800 ; 75 ; 

Myrtle O. Howell, W. Manchester. O. 
Hopewell at Pleasant Hill — C. I. Deyo ; $2,800 ; 

348 : W. C. Terry, Pleasant Hill, O. 
Houston — No pastor ; $1,500 ; 75 ; W. J. Plynn, 

Houston, O. 
Jamestoirn — No pastor ; $1,500 ; 55 ; Mrs. C. 

H. Walthall. Jamestown. O. 
Laura — $L500 : 100; Drucilla Jones, Laura, O. 
Lost Creek — W. L. Lundy ; $1,000 ; 51 ; Mrs. 

Esther E. Jinkins. Christiansburg, O. 
Lowet^ Stilhrater — No pastor; $1,500; 51; J. 

W. (iuehring. Englewood, O. 
Ludlow /•V///,<i~S. C. Morton : $1,000 ; 94 ; Mrs. 

A. J. Iddings, Pleasant Hill, O., R. P. D. 
McKees Creek — W. H, Thompson : $600 ; 64 ; 

Stanley Cockrill, Bellefontaine, O. 
Miamiviilc — No pastor ; $1,000 ; 30 ; Sallie 

Buckingham, Camp Denison. O. 
Xein Carlisle — No pastor ; $1,200 ; 25 ; Mrs. D. 

F. Akers. New Carlisle. O. 
New Palestine— n. E. Butler ; $1,200 ; 101 ; C. 

A. Jackson. Tawana, O. 
North Clayton — DeK. Judy ; $600 ; 61 : D. 

Ileckendorn, Covington, O. 
Oran— Geo. B. Cain; $1,000; 98; G. W. Short. 

Houston, O.. R. R. No. 2. 
Phillipsburq^:^. E. Spriggs; $1,000; 99; Delia 

Baker. Center. O. 
Piqua — Edwin Morrell ; $18,000 ; 378 ; W. C. 

liines, Piqua, Ohio. 
Plattsburg — C. C. Hatfield; $1,500; 68; John 

Osborn, Vienna, Ohio. 
Remington — No pastor ; $800 ; 30 ; Belle Buck- 
ingham, Remington, Ohio. 
Salem— 'No pastor ; $1,000 ; 35 ; Effle R. Rogers, 

Clayton, Ohio. 
Shiloli Springs — Wm. M. Dawson ; $1,600 ; 111 ; 

D. W. Klepinger, Dayton, O., R. R. 1. 



McClainsville, Ohio, Church, Rev. Ellen Dean, Pastor, by Whom the Church was Or(1anize]u. 

Spring Creek — No pastor ; $800 ; 182 ; John 

Duer, Sidney, Ohio. 
Springfield — M. W. Baker ; $7,000 ; 166 : G. W. 

Laser. Springfield, Ohio. 
Sugar Creek — H. Crampton ; $1,000 ; 78 ; B. F. 

\'aughan. Centerville, Ohio. 
Sugar Grove at Frederick— R. H. McDaniel ; 

$2,000 ; 100 ; Eli McGregor, Fidelity. Ohio. 
Troy — Warren H. Denison ; $35,000 ; 624 ; Ina 

E. Macy, Troy, Ohio. 
Union Chapel — G. B. Cain ; $400 ; 207 ; Samuel 

Beane, Arcanum, Ohio. 
Versailles — B. S. Crosby ; $8,000 ; 334 ; M. A 

Finfrock, Versailles. Ohio. 
West Grove^C. J. Hance ; $400 ; 88 ; H. G 

Ginrich. Arcanum. Ohio. 
West Liberty — W. H. Thompson ; $1,500 ; 72 

Miss Ora Brown, West Liberty, Ohio. 
West Manchester— C. W. Hoeffer ; $1,800 ; 109 

E. A. Rollman, West Manchester, Ohio. 
West Milton — O. P. Furnas ; $5,000 ; 172 ; J 

D. Karns. West Milton. Ohio. 
West Union — R. H. McDaniel ; $1,500 ; 156 

S. C. Kessler, West Milton. Ohio. 
Wolf Creek at Troticood—V\m. M. Dawson 

$2,000 ; 82 ; N. G. Worley. Trotwood. Ohio. 
Yelloiv Springs — B. F. Clayton : $1,500 ; 53 ; J 

P. Miller. Tellow Springs, Ohio. 

Churches 57 — town. 32 ; country. 25. Preach 
ing full time. 12 ; half time, 24 ; once per 
month. 12 : no pastor. 10. Totals — valuation 
$150,000; membership. 6,702. Endeavor socle 
ties, 23. Sunday-.s liool!. .". I . 

Ohio Valley Conference. 

Organized at Kvger, Ohio, September 11. 
1 003. 

Next session at Kyger. Ohio, Thursday be- 
fore first Sunday in September. 1905. 

President, Rev. John L. Manley, Middleport, 
Ohio. -.Vice-President. Rev. G. F. McCoy, Kyger, 
Ohio : Secretary, Gideon McCoy, Five Mile, 
West Va. ; Treasurer, Hamer Manley, Kvger, 

Minifiters— Thomas E. Busch ; J. L. Manley ; 
J. W. Martin. G. F. McCoy. 


Antioch — J. L. Manley ; 41 ; Flora Manley, 

Middleport. Ohio. 
College Hill — J. L. Manley; $500; 46; Lizzie 

McCoy, Five Mile, West Va. 
Kyger — J. L. Manley ; $350 ; 68 ; Kate Manley, 

Kyger, Ohio. 

Churches, 3 ; town 2 ; country. 1 ; preaching 
half-time at each ; members, 150 ; valuation, 
$355 ; Sunday-schools, 2. 

Southern Ohio Conference, 

(Reported by Secretary Gaskins.) 
Organized at the mouth of Brush Creek, 
Adams County, Ohio, in October, 1820. Eld- 
ers present. David Kirkpatrick, Robert McCoy, 
Cyrus Richards, Benjamin Vampelt and Mat- 
thew Gardner. Its first official act was to ap- 
point a committee to compile a hymn book. 

Territory — Comprises counties of Adams, 
Brown, Clermont. Hamilton. Clinton and High- 
land, in Ohio, and contiguous territory in Ohio 
and Kentucky, not belonging to other confer- 

Next session at Christian Chapel. October, 


President, Rev. S. L. Swope. Felicity, O. ; 
Vice-President, Rev. C. L. Winget, Westboro, 
O. : Secretary, Rev. H. A. Gaskins, Bentonville, 


Department Secretaries — Education, Rev. L. 
M. Shinkle, Five Mile. O. ; Sunday-schools, Rev. 
C. C. Lawwill, Ellsberry. O. : Publication, Rev. 
W. H. Dolby. Nicholsville, O. ; Missions, Rev. 
L M. Walker. Bruster Ave., Cincinnati, O. ; 
Relief. W. V. Miller. Russellvllle. O. ; Finance, 
C. C. Armocast. Felicity. O. ; Y. P. S. C. B., 
Rev. T. F. Bagbv. Hamersville, O. 

Trustees — P. P. Wolf. Augusta, Ky. ; David 
Black, Fincastle, O. Henry Klney. Felicity. O. 

Examininq Board — Rev. L. M. Shinklei Rev. 
C. C. Lawwill and Rev. W. H. Dolby. 

Ministers — T. F. Bagby : W. W. Bagby ; T. J. 
Bowman ; A. J. Bowman : W. R. Brodt ; Estella 



Pastor at Berkey, Ohio. 

Butlei-; J. V. Burnett; W. II. Dolby: II. A. 
Gaskins ; Geo. K. Jackson ; (_". C. Lawwill ; J. 
B. Lawwill ; W. \V. Meffoid ; T. J. Melvin ; Van- 
dal Miller ; Henry Pitser ; O. L. Pride ; Ada- 
line Sheeley ; John Shelton ; L. M. Shinkle ; J. 
W. Stephenson ; S. L. Swope ; I. M.Walker ; C. 
L. Winget. 

Ordained, 22 ; licentiates, 2. 


Antioch — S. L. Swope; .t;i,5U0; 135; H. S. 
Trlsler, Maple, O. 

J5et7ac7((m— No pastor; .$1,800; 100 ; W. E. 
Shelton, Aberdeen, O. 

Bible rixipel—C. C. Lawwill: .tiSUO ; 159; Elr- 
uon Sliinkle, liamersville, O. 

Broirns Chapel— ^o pastor ; $1,200 ; 30 ; Reu- 
ben Wilson, Mt. Oreb, O. 

Chrifitiini Chapel— U. A. Gaskins; $1,000; 102; 
Mrs. ('. M. Edwards, Mt. Holly, O. 

Dallu-'i—C. L. Winget ; $S00 ; 50 ; David Dea- 
kvne, Dallas, O. ^,,. 

Ea(jle Chapel— r. F. Bagby ; $1,500; 95; OUie 
Adninson. Bentonville, O. 

Enon — I. M. Walker; $800; 151 ; T. C. Neeper, 
Ellsl)erry. O. 

Fairvirw ('Impel — No pastor; $1,000- 131; J. 
C. Miller. Wahlsburg, O. 

Farmers Clinpel- I. M. WalkcM- ; $800; 130; 
Henrv I'itscr, Wahlsburg. «). 

Feeshnni — No pastor ; $20(i : 140; .Jessie Bo- 
lender, Feesburg. O. 

Ji'enoir.s7(i/j— I. M. Walker : $l.u(Mt; 115; V. 
Ronsh, Manchester, ().. R. F. D. 

Firwa.stle—C. C. Lawwill : $800 ; S4 : P. A. Kin- 
cade, Fincastle, O. 

Five Mile—W. H. Dolby; $1,000; 137; J. D. 

Shannon, Five Mile, O. 
Harwood — C. L. Winget ; $500 ; 100 ; Stella 

Abuer, Pulse, O. 
Hiatt—No pastor; $1,000; 75; J. C. Martin, 

Hiatt, O. 
Hi<j(jinsport — No pastor ; $2,000 ; 134 ; Nellie 

Boggs, Higginsport, O. 
Liberty B. V. — W. V. Miller ; $300 ; Cecil Ir- 
win, Eastwood, O. 
Liberty Chapel, H. O. — T. J. Bowman ; $800 ; 

42 ; Mary B. Ayers, Fruit Hill, O. 
Manchester — No pastor ; !J1,000 ; 33 ; J. N. 

Sowers, Manchester, O. 
Millers Chapel — H. A. Gaskins ; $1,000 ; 68 ; 

Robert Bradley, Sugar Tree Ridge, O. 
Mt. Pleasant— a. L. Swope; $1,200; 214; C. 

P. Folks, Felicity, O. 
Olive Chapel — W. V. Miller-; $1,000; 30; Wm. 

F. Kinnet, Georgetown, O. 
Mt Zion — H. A. Oaskins ; $2,000; 133; G. W. 

I>u.sliman, Clermontvijle, O. 
Xevitlc — T. J. Bowman ; $1,000 ; 90 ; J. H. 

Wood, Neville, O. 
Oak Grove — No pastor ; $800 ; 75 ; Ella Hay- 
slip, West Union, O. 
Pisuah^lSio pastor ; $2,000 ; 200 ; May Pang- 
burn, Levanna, O. 
Pleasant Hill — C. C. Lawwill ; $500 ; 87 ; W. S. 

^langus, Winchester, O. 
Poplar Chapel — S. L. Swope ;$1,200 ; 41 ; S. C. 

Gallon, Wigginsville, O. 
Pt. Lsabel — W. V. Miller ; $800 ; 150 ; A. M. 

Swope. Pt. Isabel, O. 
Riissellville — No pastor ; $2,000 ; 187 ; W. P. 

Fuller, Red Oak, O. 
Stouts Run — No pastor ; $500 ; 70 ; W. J. Scott, 

Stouts, O. 
Ten Mile — No pastor ; $500 ; 50 ; Bert Lindsay, 

Nice, O. 
Union A. C. — I. M. Walker ; $1,000 ; 101 ; Mary 

C. Gaskins, Bentonville, O. 
Walnut Grove — No pastor ; $1,000 ; 30 ; Edgar 

Boyce, Blowville, O. 
Westboro — C. L. Winget ; $2,000 ; 65 ; Miss 

Kate Wood, Westboro, O. 

Northwestern Ohio Conference. 

The conference was organized at St. Johns, 
Ohio, in the year 1838. 

Territory — Boundary lines on north, Mich- 
igan to Toledo ; on east, from Toledo to Mar- 
ion by the C. H. V. & T. R. R. ; on south, from 
Marion to Union City by C. C. C. & St. L. R. 
R. ; on west, from Union City to Michigan by 
Indiana line. 

Next session will be the sixty-seventh ses- 
sion, to be held October 1 to 5, 1905, at Spen- 
cerville, Ohio. 

President^ Judge A. M. Heidelbaugh, Ot- 
tawa, Ohio ; Vice-President, R. F. Hulliberger, 
Westminster, Ohio ; Secretary, Isaac Cassel, 
Herring, Ohio. 

Department Secretaries — Missions, Rev. G. 
B. Garner, Vaughnsville, O. ; Sunday-school, 
Rev. G. R. Mell, Delphos, O. ; Relief, Rev. J. 
W. Yantis, McComb, O. ; Publication, Rev. C. 
J. Hance, Spencerville, O. ; Educational, Rev. 
G. W. Foltz, West Cairo, O. ; Christian Endeav- 
or, Miss Adda Clevenger, Gomer, O. ; Finance. 
B. L. Clevenger, Gomer, O. 

Ministers — ^G. C. Allen ; A. M. Baker ; Earn- 
est Baker ; S. A. Bell ; J. W. Bowers ; W. O. 
l?ray ; Isaac Cassel ; James Claypool ; W. N. 
Deck : G. W. Foltz ; G. B. Garner ; E. D. Gol- 
ler, (Indianapolis, Ind.. employed by the Ind. 
State S. S. A.) ; John Halfaker : C. J. Hance; 
E. E. Hunt ; A. Leonard ; T. K. Leonard ; D. 
Leplev ; D. Lobaugh ; W. L. Lundy ; T. H. 
Mansfield ; F. McCague ; O. E. McClary ; N. S. 
McCloud ; G. R. Mell: A. Noffsinger : W. C. 
Rimer : J. II. Rogers ; C. C. Ryan : J. M. Sione ; 



S. E. Smith ; W. H. Thompson ; M. C. Todd ; 
C. A. Tracy ; B. F. Tucker ; J. VV. Yantls. 

Ordained — 29. 

Licentiates — 6. 


Antioch — Earnest Baker ; 800 ; 40 ; Adaline 
Gukakunst, Otterville, Ohio. 

Bethel — $1,200 ; 141 ; J. H. McOague, Defiance, 

Blanchard — C. J. Hance ; $850 ; 75 ; J. Spear- 
man. Dunkirk, Ohio. 

Bethlehem — H. R. Clem ; $1,000 ; 40 ; Mrs. Inea 
Brown, Harrod, Ohio. 

Cherry Grove — No pastor ; $1,000 ; 27 ; J. II. 
Harrod, South Warsaw, Ohio. 

Defiance — S. Q. Helfenstein ; $6,000 ; 70 ; D. E. 
Dozer, Defiance, Ohio. 

Delphos — T. K. Leonard ; $1,000 ; 25 ; Eliz- 
abeth Evic, Delphos. Ohio. 

Dupont — No pastor ; $900 ; 20 ; S. Worhue, Du 
pont. Ohio. 

Harrod— Isaac Cassel ; $1,200 ; 72 ; Miss Min- 
ta McKinney. AVestminster, Ohio. 

Hartford — No pastor ; $2,300 ; 48 ; Glenn Mor- 
mon, Spencerville, Ohio. 

Lima — S. S. Newhouse ; 70; P. T. Mell, Lima, 

Lafayette — Isaac Cassel ; $7,000 ; 182 ; B. 
Cloore, Herring, Ohio. 

Logansville—J. W. Yantis ; $1,200 ; 156 ; Q. C. 
Noggels. Logansville, Ohio. 

McDon-aUl — C. J. Hance, $1,200; 50; B. HoU, 
Kenton, Ohio. 

Miami — No pastor ; $300 ; 20 ; A. Stephens, 
Pemberton, Ohio. 

Miilillc River — T. K. Leonard; $1,500; 46; J. 

\V. .Johns, Scotts, Ohio. 
Middle Creek—W. O. Bray.; $1,000; 67; W. 

«;illespie, Grover Hill, Ohio. 
Mt. Zion — J. S. Halfaker; $1,000; 20; A. Bar- 
ringer, Rice, Ohio. 
Muchinippi — G. R. Mell ; $2,000 ; 45 ; M. M. 

Wright, Lewiston, Ohio. 
A'ciu Bethany — Rev. Bufford ; $400 ; 43 ; A. W. 

Cattells, Roulm, Ohio. 
'Sew Richland — No pastor ; $500 ; 50 ; C. M. 

Walters, New Richland, Ohio. 
Olive Brunch — Mrs. Sarah Bailey ; $2,000 ; 67 ; 

D. W. Bowers, Van Wert, Ohio. 
Ottaira River— H. R. Clem; $1,600; 298; B. 

F. Seitz, Columbus Grove, Ohio. 
Richfield — No pastor ; $4,000 ; 70 ; Mrs. C. A. 

Gucher, Berkey, O. 
Rose Hill — No pastor ; $300 ; 30 ; Geo. Hos- 
tler, Paulding, O. 
South Pulaski — No pastor; $1,000; 40; J. H. 

Holt. Bryan. O. 
SiiP Mile — John S. Halfaker; $700; 32; John 

Neff. Cecil, O. 
Spencerville— C. C. Ryan; $2,500; 249; Kll- 

burn Mochwart, Spencerville, O. 
St. Louis — No report. 
St. Johns— T. K. Leonard ; $1,200 ; 71 ; S. G. 

Lurk, St. Johns, O. 
Two Mile—G. W. Foltz ; $175 ; 23 ; M. W. Ki- 

zer, Wapakoneta, O. 
Vaughnsville — G. B. Garner ; $7,000 ; 160 ; J. 

W. Acton, Vaughnsville; O. 
West Cairo— G. W. Foltz ; $2,000 ; 149 ; D. D. 

Thomas, West Cairo, O. 

Christian Church and. Parsonage ob- Richfield, Located at Berkey, Ohio. 

The Anthony Wajne Library' 
The Defiance College 




Rev, W. G. Sakgent, Pastor. 

This building was dedicated Easter Sunday, 1904; it stands so tliat it will be the 

Sunday-school room when the church proper is built. 

Westminster — Isaac Cassel ; $1,500 ; 39 ; W. 

H. Tabler, Westminster, O. 
West Union — A. M. Baljer ; ?1,000 ; 33 ; Wm. 

Stelger, Spencerville, O. 
White Feather — No pastor ; $1,500 ; 38 ; A. B. 

Harshburger, McCastervllle, O. 
Liberty — No pastor ; $600 ; 15 ; C. Snapp, Jack- 
son Center, O. 

Churches 37 — town, 16 ; country, 21. Sun- 
day-schools, 35. C. E. societies, 13. Num- 
ber without pastor, 6. Number of members 
reported this year, 7,403. 

Scioto Valley Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Keck.) 
President, Rev. James Maple, Sinai, Ohio ; 
Vice-President, Rev. William Campbell, Wells- 
ton, Ohio ; Secretary, Rev. P. H. Keck, Wells- 
ton, Ohio ; Assistant Secretary, J. H. Bennett, 
Jackson, Ohio ; Treasurer, Rev. Andrew Sharp, 
Wellston, Ohio. 

Ministers — A. L. Buchner ; W. M. Campbell ; 
W. M. Carter ; R. J. Flora ; Henry Howe ; Dan- 
lei Jones ; P. H. Keck ; James Maple ; T. M. 
Maple ; Frank McCabe ; Albert Pemberton ; 
Andrew Sharp ; Frank Shope ; J. B. Taylor ; 
W. P. Thompson. J. H. Bennett, licentiate. 
Ordained, 15 ; licentiate, 1. 


First Christian — Andrew Sharp ; 22 ; W. R. 

Wray, Wellston, Ohio. 
Center Station — Thomas Hunter ; 25 ; Er- 

vln, Center Station, O. 

Chillicothe — R. J. Flora ; 18. 
Happy Home — W^. M. Campbell ; 30. 
Pleasant Hill — R. J. Flora ; $300 ; "20. 
Portsmouth — W. M. Carter ; 11. 
Rock Hill — W. P. Thompson ; $400 ; 8 ; J. B. 
Bennett, Jackson, Ohio. 

Ontario Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Sargent.) 

Territory — Province of Ontario, Canada. 

Next session, Ringwood, third Wednesda; 
in June, 1905. 

President, Rev. W. H. Chidley, Newmarket, 
Ont. ; Vice-President, Rev. D. Prosser, New- 
market, Ont. ; Secretary, Rev. W. G. Sargent, 
B. A. 689 Bathurst St., Toronto, Ont. ; Treaa- 
urer, E. Wilson, Brougham, Ont. 

Department Secretaries — Sunday-school*, 
Mrs. H. A. Winch, Belhaven, Ont. : Christian 
Endeavor, F. L. Halner. Stouffiville, Ont. ; 
Home Missions, Elmer Lick, Oshawe, Ont. ; 
Woman's Foreign Mission Society, President, 
Mrs. J. N. Dales, 58 Albert St., Kingston, Ont. 

Ministers — W. H. Chidley ; J. W. Dennen ; 
W. P. Fletcher ; C. Fockler ; Thos. Garbutt ; B. 
J. Gould ; C. H. Halner ; F. L. Halner ; W. H. 
Inch ; W. Percy ; D. Prosser ; J. Prosser ; J. L. 
Russ ; S. N. Rattan ; W. G. Sargent ; W. A. 
Terry ; B. A. G. Willoughby. 

Ordained, 14 ; licentiates, 3. 


Altona^~B. A. G. Willoughby; $2,000; 48; 
Ellas Hoover, Atha, Ont. 



Baldwin — J. W. Dennen, $5,000 ; 24 ; J. Ander- 
son, Vacheli, Ont. 

Bluumington — B. A. G. Willoughby, $3,500 ; 80 ; 
J. H. Ramer, Bloomington, Ont. 

Brougham — No pastor ; $1,000 ; 33 ; John Phil- 
lips, Brougham, Ont. 

Castleton — No pastor ; $500 ; 31 ; J. A. Black, 
Castleton, Ont. 

Chatuios — E. J. Gould ; $300 ; 12 ; Jacob Turls, 
Apsley, Ont. 

Church Hill — W. Percy ; $1,000 ; 52 ; W. 
Quantz, Ballantrae, Ont. 

Crumahe Hill — No pastor ; $1,250 ; 12 ; R. A. 
Palmatier, .Morganston, Ont. 

Drayton — W. P. Fletcher; $1,600; 44; D. Pea- 
cock, Drayton, Ont. 

Eddystone — Thos. Garbutt, $1,000 ; 48 ; J. J. 
Badcliffe, Eddystone, Ont. 

Franklin — D. Prosser ; $600 ; 32 ; I. S. Rose, 
Mt. Albert, Ont. 

Keswick— 3. W. Dennen ; $2,500 ; 77 ; S. B. 
I'urdy, Keswick, Ont. 

King — D. Prosser, $1,200 ; 50 ; W. C. Bogart, 
Kettlby, Ont. 

Little Britain — A. Henery : $650 ; 50 ; A. Mor- 
ton, Little Britain, Ont. 

Markham — No pastor ; $6,000 ; 36 ; A. W. Ra- 
mer, Markham, Ont. 

i/irtfo— W. P. Fletcher, $800 ; 50 ; J. Howes, 
Harrison. Ont. 

Mt. Carinel — No pastor ; $500 ; 23 ; Luetitia 
Wait, Castleton. Ont. 

Tiewmarket — W. H. Chidley ; $1,500; 134; 
H. F. S. Gardner, Newmarket, Ont. 

Orono—Ho pastor; $4,500; 12; N. F. Hall, 
Orono, Ont. 

Oshaiva — Rev. Sharp ; $12,000 ; 147 ; Elmer 
Lick, Oshawa, Ont. 

Ringwood — B. A. 6. Willoughby ; $2,000 ; 26 ; 
J. Burkholder, Ringwood, Ont. 

Scott — G. Johnston ; $1,500 ; 26 ; J. B. Lemon, 
Sandford, Ont. 

Scugog — A. Henery ; $400 ; 12 ; Sayles Gerrow, 
Scugog, Ont. 

Toronto — W. G. Sargent ; $2,300 ; 54 ; Miss 
Lila Macklem, 689 Bathhurst St., Toronto, 

Union Street— W. H. Chidley; $500; 35; J. 
Cowieson, Greenville, Ont. 
Churches 26 — town, 6 ; city, 1 ; country, 19. 

Preaching full time, 20 ; half time, 1. Totals — 

valuation, $60,000 ; members, 1,148. Endeav- 

er societies, 12. Sunday-schools, 22. 

Michigan Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Howsare.) 

Organized and incorporated at Marshall, 
Mich., in 1875, as successor of what was known 
as the Michigan State Conference. 

Territory— State of Michigan. 

President, Rev. E. Mudge, D. D., Manle Rap- 
ids, Mich. ; Vice-President, Rev. D. E. Millard, 
Portland, Mich. ; Secretary, Rev. McD. How- 
sare, Maple Rapids, Mich. ; Treasurer, Isaac 
Hewitt, Maple Rapids, Mich. 

Ministers — Mrs. Sarah Bailey ; S. W. Ben- 
nett ; J. S. Cottom ; A. K. Fincout : 
S. M. Fowler ; Eugene Griggs ; A. N. Henry ; 
Thomas Holmes ; McD. Howsare ; Thos. Lins- 
cott ; S. McGeorge ; P. W. McReynolds ; D. E. 
Millard ; E. Mudge ; Wm. Reily ; Nathan Roof ; 
V. S. Root ; P. L. Ryker ; A. NofiEsinger ; F. 
Moorhouse ; M. A. Preston ; Mrs. Emma Yinger ; 
P. H. Simpson ; S. Snyder ; Wm. Wilson ; J. A. 

Ordained 27 ; licentiates 1. 


Adams — No pastor ; $1,200 ; 32 ; Lafayette 

Post, Hinsdale, Mich. 
Barryton — -L. Cotton ; — ; 10 ; Mrs. Alice 

Dixon, Barryton, Mich. 

Britton — J. W. Bolton ; $5,000 ; 110 ; Mrs. O. 
B. Lenardson, Britton, Mich. 

Eureka — McD. Howsare ; $1,800 ; 100 ; Fanny 
Remaylye, Eureka, Mich. 

Lexington — S. W. Bennett ; $300 ; 29 ; J. W. 
Beers, Lexington, Mich. 

Maple Rapids — McD. Howsare ; $15,000 ; 220 ; 
J. D. Smith, Perrinton, Mich. 

Marshall— l<io pastor; $12,000; 183; Miss Em- 
ma Hinkle, Marshall, Mich. 

Middleton — McD. Howsare ; $1,100 ; 100 ; J. H. 
Zion, Middleton, Mich. 

Oxford — No pastor ; $5,000 ; 37 ; Mrs. W. Hag- 
erman, Oxford, Mich. 

Perrinton — No pastor ; $1,500 ; 20 ; Ida Pen- 
field, Perrinton, Mich. 

Pleasant Valley — E. Mudge ; $800 ; 16 ; Mrs. P. 
M. King, Banister, Mich. 

Romeo^J. A. Young ; $1,200 ; 68 ; Mrs. Julia 
Reynolds, Romeo, Mich. 

Thornville — S. Snyder ; $500 ; 50 ; no clerk 

Vergennes — E. Mudge ; $500 ; 14 ; Carrie Por- 
ter, Vergennes, Mich. 

Western Michigan and Northern Indiana 


Organized at the annual session of the North 
Indiana and Southern Michigan Conference, 
held at Oak Grove Church, Cass County, Mich., 
Oct. 9, 1879. Incorporated Sept. 10, 1880. 

Territory — Comprises Cass, Vanburen, St. 
Joseph, Kalamazoo, Allegan, Berrien, Barry, 
Otowan and Mason counties in Michigan, and 
St. Joseph and Laporte counties in Indiana. 


Pastor Toronto, Ontario, Church, and Member of 

Board of Education A. C. 0. 


Kan$d$ Cbristian College. 

Preparatory^ Commercial^ 
COURSES OF STUDY: Music, Normal, 

Scientific, Classical* 


TUITION : — Regular Departments, $7.00 per term Tten weeks). 
Commercial Department, $10.00 per term. 
Instrumental Music, ( Piano, Violin, or Wind In- 
struments) 50 cents per lesson. 
BOARD, Including furnished room, $2.50 per week. 

O. B. WHITAKER, President. 




C. C. Ilim- 
^1,200 ; 30; 

Next session held at Lee Chapel Church, 
rullmau, Allegan County. Mich. 

President, Hev. O. P. Miller, Casopolis, 
Mich. : ] ice-President, Rev. A. W. Willis, Man- 
istee Junction, Mich. ; Secrctari/, Libbie Pat- 
terson, Calonia, Jlich. ; Assistant Secretary, Sa- 
die E. Aliuack. Grand Junction. Mich. : Treas- 
urer, John Ikoss. Fountain, Mich. 

Ministers — J. S. Brown: A. S. K. Burton. 
(Mission Secretary) : Calvin Cummins ; S. C. 
Cunningham: Keason Davis, ((ieueral Evan- 
gelist) : O. P. Miller ; G. J. Kemington, Peter 
Vanhosen : A. W. Willis. 

Ordained, 9. 


Carr — G. J. Remington; $1,000; 20; Agnes 

Carr. Carr. Mich. 
Columu — J. S. Brown : |1,200 ; 59 

toon. Watervliet. Mich. 
Fairrieir Chapel — J. S. Masters ; 

Rosa Shear, St. Josejjh. Mich. 
Lake Vieie — Peter Vanhosen ; A. Stork, Bach- 
elor. Mich. 
Lee Chapel — Xo pastor: $1,200; 38; Nina A. 

Bensinger. Pullman, Mich. 
Olive Chapel — O. P. Miller ; $1,200 ; 106 ; H. 

H. Jessup. New Carlisle. Indiana. 
Galean—C. C. Tarr : $1,100: 121. 
Tallman — A. W. Willis : $.500 ; 10 ; Mrs. E. J. 

Miller, Tallman. Mich. 

Churches. 8 ; town. 3 : country, 5 ; preach- 
ing full time, 3 ; half-time, 4 : no pastor, 1. 
Total valuation, $7,500 ; members, 388 ; En- 
deavor societies. 1 : Sunday-schools, 9. 

For full information concerning Sunday- 
school or Endeavor work, write to Mrs. Lib- 
bie A. Patterson, Coloma, Michigan. 

Indiana State Christian Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Gott.) 

Territory — The territory included in this 
Conference shall be the State of Indiana and 
such contiguous territory as may be part of 
the district conferences which co-operate with 
this cont>rence. 

Memheiship — The membership of this Con- 
ference shall be as follows: (1.) The Pres- 
idents, the Secretaries ^nd the Treasurers of 
the district conferences of Indiana, and Pres- 
ident of I'nion Christian College. (2.) The 
officers of this conference. (3.) Delegates 
chosen by the district conferences of Indiana. 
Each district conference in the state of Indi- 
ana may be represented in the meetings of 
this conference by one ministerial and one lay 
delegate for every two hundred and fifty mem- 
bers or major fraction thereof. (4.) The 
President, the Secretary and the Treasurer of 
the State Woman's Board, together with the 
Presidents and Secretaries of the Woman's 
Boards of the district conferences. 

President. Rev. A. M. Addington. Albany, 
Ind. ; Vice-President. Rev. S. McNeelv. Tiosa, 
Ind. : Secretary, Rev. R. H. Gott, "Kokomo, 
Ind. ; Treasurer, Rev. L. W. Hercules, Center, 

Iiepcrtment Secretaries — Missions. Rev. M. 
M. Wiles. Sheridan, Ind. ; Publishing, Rev. J. 
T. I'hillips. Frankfort. Ind. : Sunday-schools. 
Rev. D. O. Coy. Taylorsville. Ind. : Education, 
Rev. D. B. Atkinson, ^Slerom. Ind. : Finance, 
Rev. C. V. Strickland. Huntington. Ind. : Chris- 
tian Endeavor, Rev. J. R. Cortner, Winchester, 


President. Mrs. R. H. Gott. Kokomo. Ind. ; 
Secretary. lona K. McLain, Galveston. Ind. ; 
Treasurer. Mrs. C. B. Kershner, Linden. Ind. ; 
Field Secretary for Indiana State Conference, 
Rev. M. M. Wiles. 

The Conference has authorized a general col- 
lection to be taken in all the churches during 

PiQUA, Ohio. 

February for church erection purposes, Rev. 
J. F. Burnett of A. C. C., to have supervision 
of same. 

Eastern Indiana Conference. 

The Eastei'u Indiana Conference was formed, 
by the consolidation of the Bluffton and Anti- 
och Christian Conferences. The Bluffttm Chris- 
tian Conference was organized near BlufCton, 
Ind., September 9, IS.'^O, with seven (7) or- 
dained and tliree (3) unordained ministerial 
members and twelve churches, with 362 mem- 
bers. The Antioch Christian Conference was 
organized at Farmland, Ind.. September 23. 
1857, with 24 ordained and 8 unordained mem- 
bers, and 32 churches. Thev were consolidated 
September. 1865, and were known as the Bluff- 
ton Christian Conference until 1873, when the 
name was changed to The Eastern Indiana 
Christian Conference. Articles of incorpora- 
tion were filed according to tlie laws of the 
State of Indiana, with the Secretary of State. 
Its first meeting as the Eastern Indiana Chris- 
tian Conference was held in Fnion City. Ohio, 
in 1874. The Inft sessi(jn wiis held with the 
Portland Christian Church, Sei)tember 13-16, 

Territory — Comnrists the (•(lunties of Wayne, 
Randolph. Jay. Henry. Delaware Blackford, 
part of Fnion. Rush and Grant, in Indiana, and 
part of Darke and Mercer <'i unties. Ohio. 

President. Joseph Lal'^uze, Liberty. Ind. ; 
Vice-President. John B. Fortenhaugh. Harris- 
ville. Ind. ; Secretary. Rev. .\. M. Addington, 
Albany. Ind. ; Treasurer. S. T. Overleese. Mll- 
roy. Ind. 

Department Secretaries — Education. Rev. F. 
P. Trotter, >Iiddletown. Ind. : Publication, Rev. 





H. L. Lott, Greenville. Ohio ; . Moral Reform, 
Rev. J. H. Cross, Losantsville, Ind. ; Confer- 
ence Missions, Rev. Anna Coats, Union City, 
Ind. ; Sunday-schools, Rev. H. B. Bosworth, 
Portland. Ind. : Christian Endeavor, Rev. J. R. 
Cortner. Winchester, Ind. ; Ministry, Rev. C. F. 
Byrket. . Anderson, Ind. ; Churches, Rev. DeK. 
Judy, Greenville, Ohio. 

To deliver annual address, Rev. Geo. W. 
Johnson. Eaton. Ind. 

Conference Examining Board — Rev. F. Stov- 
enour. Rev. T. Addington, Rev. Hannah W. 

Ministers — A. M. Addington ; Thos. Adding- 
ton ; G. W. Arnold : R. P. Arrick : G. W. Blod- 
gett ; H. B. Bosworth ; W. T. Boice ; C. F. 
Byrket : Geo. B. Cain • F. F. Canada ; Levi 
Capron ; Anna Coats ; John A. Coons ; Jos. M. 
Coons ; J. R. Cortner : J. H. Cross ; L. L. Den- 
ney : L. W. Gade ; Isaac H. Gray ; O. S. Green ; 
M. M. Guinn : O. A. Harris ; A. W. Hunt ; G. 
W. Johnson ; L. W. Johnson ; J. B. Jones ; T. 
Julian; DeK. Judy: B. F. Kemp; A. E. Kemp; 
A. Long ; Samuel Long ; H. L. Lott ; J. R. H. 
Latchaw ; W. E. Michael ; Ida Morris ; W. F. 
Mullen ; Jacob Nealeigh : J. T. Newhouse : J. R. 
Oliver ; Dally Powell ; Frank Powers ; Emma 
Reedy ; J. W. Robbins ; P. J. Robinson ; W. D. 
Ross : Isaac Ruth ; W. Mas Shafer ; S. S. Sim- 
onton ; Albert Smith : D. F. Spade ; William 
Spade ; T. A. Spitzer ; Fred Stovenour ; H. W. 
Stanley ; J. M. Smith ; W. H. H. Tate ; Wm. 
Terrell ; F. P. Trotter ; I. N. Ullery ; J. A. Wat- 
son ; J. A. Wetzel ; Geo. W. Wright. 

Number ministers on roll, 64. Superannuat- 
ed, 21 ; active ordained, 41 ; licentiate, 2. 


Albany— A. M. Addington ; $2,500 ; 74 ; J. W. 
St. Clair, Albany, Ind. 

Anderson — Mattie Makepiece, Anderson, Ind. 

Antioch — J. H. Cross ; $500 ; 69 ; M. M. 
Holaday, Losantsville, Ind. 

Beamsville — F. Powers ; $1,500 ; 193 ; E. H. 
Miller, Beamsville, Ohio. 
,Beaver Chapel — Geo. W. Wright, $1,500; 40; 
Joe McCav. Celina, Ohio. 

Bethel — Geo. W. Wright ; $500 ; 28 ; Mrs. Mat- 
tie McAfee, Coldwater, Ohio. 

Blountsville — $1,000; 22; J. S. Barr, Blounts- 
ville. Ind. 

Boston — Clara Beard, Boston, Ind. 

Bristol — F. P. Trotter, $1,800 ; S7 ; John Prigg, 
Middletown, Ind. 

Brocfc—$ IvOOO ; 35 ; Charles W. Shafer, Ver- 
sailles, Ohio. ; Route 3. 

Buena Vista — 18 : Nola Shafer, Farmland, Ind. 

Carlos City — $600 ; 25 ; Wayne Whitehead, 
Shirley, Ind. 

Chester Center— $S00 : 96; Jesse W. Miller ; 
Keystone. Ind. 

Chesterfield— .T. T. Newhouse; $1,000; 42; J. 
M. Heath. Chesterfield. Ind. 

Christian Chapel — G. W. Johnson ; $1,000 ; 
32 ; P. Perry Turner, Muncie, Ind., Route 
No. 7. 

Christian Union — $300 ; 35 ; Flora Whiteman, 
Bryant. Ind. 

Clear Creek — J. A. Watson ; $1,200 ; 127 ; Seth 
Hinshaw. Clark, Ind. 

Coletown — C. W. Heoffer ; $1,800 ; 48 ; Camil- 
la Fry, Greenville, Ohio, Route 4. 

Cotno — §500 : 7 ; Roy Nixon, Como, Ind. 

Concord — $.''.(>(i : 13; H. E. McErwiu, Green- 
ville. Ohio. 

Corinth — L. L. Denny; $600; 22; Luie Die- 
weise. Gaston. Ind. 

Eden — R. P. Arrick ; $1,000 ; 244 ; I. H. Shide- 
ler, Shideler, Ind. 

Fairvieu- — G. W. Johnson ; $500 ; 85 ; Geo. E. 
Hamilton, Darke. Ohio. 

Fall Creck—F. P. Trotter ; $2,000 ; 57 ; L. A. 
Pickering, Middletown, Ind. 


Bluffton, Indiana. . 

Farmland — A. M. Kerr ; $6,500 ; 148 ; Jennie 

Burnworth, Farmland. Ind. 
Fellowship—$l, 200 ; 99 ; John P. Leonhard, 

Portland, Ind. 
Ft. Recovery — A. E. Kemp ; $2,000 ; 121 ; Alma 

J. Rapp, Ft. Recovery, Ohio. 
Good Hope — $400 ; 5 ; A. C. Towell, Saratoga, 

Granville — A. M. Addington ; $1,000 ; 56 ; 

Andrew Clark, Albany, Ind. 
Gaston— 1. N. Ullery ; $500 ; 44 ; G. L. Jamey, 

Gaston, Ind. 
Hagerstoum — M. W. Borthwick ; $8,000 ; 80 ; 

J. M. Hartley, Hagerstown, Ind. 
Hanna's Creek — Fred Stovenour ; $1,000 ; 60 ; 

Homer LaFuze, Liberty, Ind. 
HoUanshurg — $3.000 ; 214 ; J. W. Ketring, 

Ilollansburg, Ohio. 
Harrisville — R. P. Arrick ; $3,100 ; 87 ; S. B. 

Combs ; Winchester, Ind. 
Hurricane — D. O. Coy ; $300 ; 56 ; S. T. Over- 

leese, Milroy, Ind. 
■Jefferson — A. N. Morris; $1,600; 131; David 

Myers, Upland, Ind. 
Jirch — J. H. Cross; $1,000; 36; O. Holaday, 

Shideler. Ind. 
Lake Branch — 32 ; Amos Pugh, Upland, Ind. 
Lugar Creek — $800 ; 39 ; H. C. McRae, Marion, 

Luke View — Geo. W. Johnson ; 50 ; 10 ; W. E. 

Michaels, New Madison, Ohio, Route 2. 
Millville — No report. 
Mississinaica — No report ; $800 ; 67 ; William 

B. Pace. Farmland. Ind. 
Mooreland — Fred Stovenour; $1,500; 140; Abe 

Wrightsman, Mooreland, Ind. 
Montprlirr — A. B. Watkins ; $3,000; 109; Miss 

Annie Shields. Montpelier, Ind. 
Mt. Gilead — Frank Powers : $800 ; 57 ; Oscar 

Imes, Redkey, Ind. 



Kaumlani), Indiana, Church. Reuedicateu Feisuuaky 21, 1C04. 
The building in which our second International Missionary Convention 
was held in October 1904. 

Mt. Pleasant C. U. — No report. 

Mt. Zion — $500 ; .57 ; F. M. Thornburg, Farlier, 

Muncie First Christiaii — J. F. Burnett ; $20,- 

000; 100; I). B. Miller, Muncie, Ind. 
Munvic Second Christian — .7. W. Robbins ; $1,- 

500 ; ."lO ; W. M. Faarr, Muncie, Ind. 
Ne^v Liberty — $1,000; 45: Zelnia Johnson, 

Lvnn. Ind., K. R. 31. 
■NohJe — J. A. Watson: $1,.300 ; 102; Lizzie 

Money, Portland, Ind.' 
North Star— a. W. Arnold: $1,400; 43; David 

Bender. North Star. Ohio. 
North White River — 500 ; 45 ; Mary .7. Shaver ; 

Winchester, Ind.. Route 4. 
Nottinr/ham — No report : M. C. Clevenger, 

Montpelier, Ind. 
New Pittsburg — .7. A. Watson: $1,300: 36; 

Norman McFarlan. New Pittsburg, Ind. 
North Star — G. W. Arnold: $1,400; 43; David 

Bender, North Star. Ohio. 
Ogdcn — No report : O. B. Byrliet, Ogden, Ind. 

Olive Branch— y. H. Tliornburg ; $900 ; 92 ; W. 

C. Bosworth. Farmland, Ind. 
Osgood — No report : A. M. I'earsofi, Osgood, O. 
Philadelphia — No report : May Marshall, Sel- 

ma, Ind.. Route 2. 
Pleasant Grove — $200: 33; James A. White, 

Parker. Ind., Route 22. 
Pleasant ////?— $2,00(r: 165 : A. L. Lindley, 

I'nion City. Ind., Route 35. 
Pleasant Ridge — T. A. Spitzer : H. M. Stump, 

Union City. Ind., Route 5. 
Pleasant Vale — N. H. Thornburg: $800: 33; G. 

F. Coons, Ridgeville, Ind. Route 13. 
Pleasant Valleij — No report ; Jennie Kemp, Mill 

Grove, Ind. 
Po)'t I and— Dally Powell: $10,000; 184; Ella 

Walters, Portland, Ind. 
Prairie Grove — 48 ; Emma Schlenker, Gaston. 

Salamonia—n. B. Bosworth : $2,000 ; 227 ; J. 

E. Hardy, Portland. Ind. 
Sardinia — $800 ; 00 ; Tillie Tucker. Bryant, Ind. 



Shiloh — $500 ; 33 ; Robert Woodard, Farmland, 

Silver Creek — Fred Stovenour, $1,000 ; 47 ; 

Joseph LaFuze, Liberty, Ind. 
Stclvideo — $500 ; 148 ; Lawrence Mackee, Stel- 

video," Ohio. 
Straughn — $600; 125; Mary Waddell, 

Straughn. Ind. 
Sugar Grorc — T. A. Spitzer ; $150 ; 82 ; Ethel 

Holloway, Hagerman. Ohio. 
Sulphur Springs— $800 ; 44 ; Allie Good, Sul- 
phur Springs. Ind. 
Teegardcn — A. E. Kemp ; $1,000 ; 130 ; A. R. 

Huddle. Ansonia. Ohio. 
Union Chapel — G. W. Johnson: $1,600; 126; 

Mrs. Chas. O. Thornburg. Selma. Ind. 
Union Chapel — $1,200 ; 14 ; Rachel Kimble, 

Montpelier, Ind. 
Wahash — $1,200; 40; Wallace Swartz, Wabash, 

Wabash Vulleti — $450 ; 32 ; Cl^arles Ganvy, 

North Star, Ohio. 
Walnut Grove— T. A. Spitzer, $550; 54; T. H. 

Johnson. Yorkshire, Ohio. 
White Chapel— $1,200 ; 143 ; C. F. Slonlker, 

Parker, Ind. 
White River — N. H. Thornburg; $600; 118; 

O. A. Baldwin, Farmland. Ind. 
White Union — $800: 64; D. H. Straugh, Sul- 
phur Springs, Ind. 
Winchester — $3,200 ; 206 ; Wm. H. Bales, Win- 
chester, Ind. 
Windsor — J. H. Cross ; $125 ; 45 ; Myrtle Clev- 

enger, Parker, Ind. 
Woodington — DeK. Judy ; $2,000 ; 102 ; M. E. 

Eidemiller. Woodington. Ohio. 

Churches, 85 — town, 31 ; country, 54. Total 
membership reported, 5280 ; amount raised for 
all purposes this year, $26,169.47 ; total value 
of church property. $105,717.00. 

Central Indiana Conference. 

Organized in Brother Stinbarger's barn, in 
Bartholomew County, Ind. 

The oldest records the secretary has shows 
that in the year 1850, the Indiana Central and 
Indiana Union Christian Conferences were 
merged into one body to be known as the In- 
diana Central Christian Conference. 

The minutes show that there have been sev- 
enty-nine annual sessions. 

Territorti — The following counties were In- 
corporated in 1884: Hendrix, Shelby, Johnson, 
Bartholomew. Brown, Owen and Jackson, 

President. Rev. E. K. Pond. Clifford, Ind. ; 
Secretary. Rev. D. O. Coy, Taylorsville, Ind. ; 
Treasurer, J. T. Coy, Taylorsville. Ind., R. R. 

Next session at Mt. Olivet. Owen Co., Ind. 

Department Secretaries — Sunday-school, D. 
O. Coy, Taylorsville, Ind. : Christian Endeavor, 
W. W. Freeman, Taylorsville, Ind., R. F. D. ; 
Missions, E. Aynes, Bloomington, Ind., R. R. 

Ministers — E. Aynes. F, Z. Burkett, J, W. 
Corrothers : D. O. Coy ; J. Cummings ; W. W. 
Freeman : E. K. Pond ; C. R. Williamson ; G. 
W. Witters. 

Ordained — 9. 


Chestnut Ridge — E. K. Pond; $500; 30; J. F. 

Pence, Seymour, Ind., R. R. 5. 
Clifford — F. Z. Burkett ; $800 ; 91 ; A. Newton, 

Clifford. Ind. 
Crooked Creek — E. Aynes ; $500 ; 50 ; C. Eddy, 

Cooper, Ind. 
Indianapolis — H. B. Whitecotton ; $ ; 33 ; 

Guy Campbell. 844 Anthon St., Indianapolis, 

Mt. Olivet — D. O. Coy ; $800 ; 85 ; John 

Crouch. Spencer. Ind. 
Mt. Zion — W. W. Freeman ; $500 ; 73 ; J. Tip- 
ton, Pike's Peak, Ind, 

Neiv Bethel — W. W. Freeman ; $1,000 ; 125 ; 

H. Edwards, Taylorsville, Ind., R. R. 25. 
Old Union — F. Z. Burkett ; $3,200 : 106 ; Ella 

Cunningham, F^dinburg, Ind., R, F. D. 
Pleasant Ridge — W. W, Freeman ; $800 ; 138 ; 

Florence Uunlap. Mooney, Ind. 
Pleasant Valley — E. K. Pond ; $500 ; 21 ; 

Bertha Williams, Acton, Ind. 
Rainstown — W. W. Freeman ; $500 ; 39 ; James 

U. May, Rainstown. Ind. 
Story— C. R. Williams; $100; 30; G. Great- 
house, Story, Ind, 
Taylorsville — No pastor ; $800 ; 40 ; William 

Hendrixson, Taylorsville, Ind. 
Young's Creek — F. Z. Burkett ; $1,000 ; 136 ; 

Benton C. Walters, Franklin, Ind. 

Churches 14 — town. 2 ; country, 12 ; preach- 
ing once per month, 12 ; no pastor, 1 ; total — 
valuation, $12,000; membership, 1,046; Sun- 
day-schools, 11. 

Indiana Miami Reserve Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Mounsey,) 

Organized in the month of October, 18.')2, 
Conference convenes annually on Tuesday even- 
ing before the first Sunday in October. 

Territory — Comprises the counties of Madi- 
son, Hamilton, Tipton, Clinton, Howard, 
Grant, Huntington, Carroll, Cass, Miami, Del- 
aware and Wells. 

President, A. N. Morris, Upland, Ind. ;' Vic^- 
President, M. M. Wiles, Sheridan, Ind. ; Sec- 
retary, Bruce Mounsey. Liberty Center, Ind. : 
Treasurer, Samuel Todd. Frankton.. Ind. ; 
Trustees, J. G. Cook. W. Helrie, Peter Wiles, 
Enos Fitzsimmonds and J. L. Carter. 

Next session will be held with the South 
Liberty Church. four miles southwest of 
Ijiberty Center, Wells County, Ind., beginning 
Tuesday evening, before first Sunday of Octo- 
ber, 1905. 

Ministers — George Basell ; Eli Byrket : D, A. 
Cook : J. F. Clymer ; J. L. Clark ; J. W. Dip- 
boy ; E. A. DeVore ; D. S. Fife ; Albert Godley ; 
(evangelist) ; John Garretson, (evangelist) ; 
T, J. Gardner : L. W. Hercules ; A. P. Hinkle ; 
(evangelist) ; Lewis Himer ; Thomas Hubbartt ; 

C. C. Hensley ; A. S. Jones ; John Layman ; 

D. C. Limille : A. N. Morris ; J. F. Morris, 
(evangelist) Tillie Morris, (evangelist) : Bruce 

W. A. BELL, Indianapolis, Indiana. 
Member Educational Board A. (J. C. 



Weaubleau Christian College 

M E N T 


This school without State aid, and with but a small 
endowment, has continued for thirty-two consecutive 
years, twenty-five of which it has had the same 


The school is under the management of a Board of 
Trustees, consisting at present of W. R. Davies, Pres- 
ident; J. P. Ware, Secretary; Jos. Whi taker, Treasurer; 
John P. Monre, T. Durneli, I. Wiggins, W. Crouch, 
and S. W. Whitaker. The charter requires that a 
majority of the trustees be members of the Christian 
Church. The school will, as in the past, aim to be 
Christian, but not sectarian. 


Boarding, including room, fuel and light, $2.00 per week. 

Tuition, Fall Term of 14 weeks, .f9.00. 

Winter Term of 12 weeks. $8.00. 

Spring Term of 10 weeks, 17.00, if paid in advance. 

This tuition admits to any or all classes except the classes in 

Lessons on piano, organ or other instrument, 50 cents each. 

Ten lessons in vocal music, 110.00. 

By "baching," students can reduce their boarding expenses 
to 11.00 per week. 

Diploma, .fS.OO. 


The corporation now owns, free from debt, a com- 
modious brick building well adapted to the wants of 
the school. The circulating library, consisting of 
nearly looo volumes of the most popular books, is free 
for the use of the students. 


Weaubleau, a village of about 6oo inhabitants, is 
located on the "Frisco" railroad, 126 miles south of 
Kansas City, and 61 miles north of Springfield, Mis- 
souri Two daily passenger trains pass through the 
town, the south bound at 3:57 P. M., and the north 
bound at 12:02 P. M. 


Those wishing last year's Catalogue can obtain one 
by sending address to President of College. For other 
information address the President, 

John Whitaker, 

Weaubleau, Missouri 



Huntington, Indiana, New Church. Dedication to take Place in Spring of 1905. 

Mounsey ; W. P. Newhouse ; J. W. Page ; F. M. 
Patrick ; J. N. Ross ; C. W. Snodgrass ; E. B. 
Simmons ; M. L. Teter ; W. H. Villiers, (evan- 
gelist) ; Clara J. Villiers, (evangelist) ; M. M. 
Wiles, (state conference evangelist) ; Emeline 
Vi^isehart ; L. Webb ; J. B. Winton. 
Ordained, 30 ; licentiates, 6. 


Anderson — No pastor ; $1,300 ; 96 ; John Wil- 
ron, Anderson. Ind, 

Bethel — No pastor ; $500 ; 50 ; Henry C. White- 
man, Franlsfort, Ind. 

Center — John R. Latchaw ; $6,000 ; 90 ; J. S. 
Regan, Center, Ind. 

Olarktown — J. W. Page ; $300 ; 44 ; J. H. 
Ellsworth, Summitvllle, Ind. 

Dundee — W. P. Newhonse ; $1,000 ; 55 ; George 
Sllay, Alexandria, Ind., R. R. 21. 

Elwood — C. W. Snodgrass; $2,000; 145; S. H. 
Cochran, Elwood, Ind. 

Elmgrove — Bruce Monnsey ; $600 ; 94 ; H. M. 
McFarland, Anderson, Ind. 

Farville — Not reported ; $1,000 ; 30 ; D. B. 
Camlin, Vanburen, Ind., R. R. 27. 

Goldsmith — C. F. Burkett ; $1,000 ; 77 ; J. E. 
Teter, Goldsmith, Ind. 

Indianapolis — M. M. Wiles ; no property ; 52 ; 
Fred Whitecotton, 1742 Yondes St., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Iromvood — Rev. Witters ; $800 ; 95 ; Isaac Ash- 
ton, Frankton, Ind. 

Kings Chapel — J. W. Page ; $1,000 ; 30 ; Mrs. 
Laura Jackson, Garton, Ind. 

lAnwood — J. W. Page ; $1,200 ; 63 ; A. C. Pen- 
ister, Linwood, Ind. 

Landesville — A. Smith ; $1,200 ; 70 ; S. D. 
Lee, Landesville, Ind. 

Mt. Zion — W. P. Newhouse; $1,000; 133; W. 
H. Wilson, Bennett's Switch, Ind. 

Mt. Carmel — S. D. Fite ; $500 ; 49 ; Abraham 

Sloderbeck, Marion, Ind., R. R. 7. 
South Marion — J. McKarkel ; $800 ; 70 ; W. B. 

Crumrine, Marion, Ind. 
South Muncie — J. N. Ross ; $1,800 ; 32 ; Mary 

J. Shaner, W. Sixth St., Muncie, Ind. 
New Zion — J. W. Dipboy ; $1,500 ; 100 ; H. W. 

Cronover, Kokomo, Ind., R. R. 1. 
Newhope — (Tipton Co.) — Bruce Mounsey; $1,- 

000; 110; Miss Maggie Cochran, Tipton, 

Newhope— (Wells Co.) — J. W. Robins; $800; 

51 ; Miss Ella Thomas, Liberty Center, Ind., 

R. R. 1. 
New Salem — C. W. Snodgrass ; $500 ; 31 ; G. 

W. Sachteleban, Marion, Ind. 
OUve Chapel — J. W. Dipboy ; $300 ; 49 ; Mrs. 

Ollie Rich, Anderson, Ind.. R. R. 6. 
Prairieville — J. T. Philips ; $3,000 ; 147 ; Miss 

Ella Carter, Ruslaville, Ind., R. R. 
Pikes Peak — J. F. Cylmer ; $300 ; 118 ; J. H. 

Miller, Yorktown, Ind. 
Pleasant Valley — D. C. Limllle ; $300 ; 43 ; 

Charley Fallc, Middletown, Ind. 
Beedes Station — No report ; $500 ; 20 ; Wm. 

Humbert, Yorktown, Ind. 
Sugar Creek — Bruce Mounsey ; $800 ; 108 ; L. 

A. King, Kirklin, Ind., R. R. No. 2. 
South Liberty — J. W. Dipboy; $1,000; 70; 

Miss May Osborne, Liberty Center, Ind. 
Sand Bank — F. M. Patrick ; $1,000 ; 91 ; J. 

W. Miller, Hobes, Ind. 
Tetershurg — Bruce Mounsey ; $1,600 ; 60 ; M. 

C. Teter. Goldsmith, Ind. 
Union Valley — A. S. Jones; $300; 69; John 

Hasecuster, Elwood, Ind., R. R. 29. 
Whetstone — M. M. Wiles ; $800 ; 107 ; Wm. 

Hull, Anderson, Ind., R. R. 11. ^^ 



REV. A. J. AKERS, Farmersbukg, INDIANA. 
Pastor Mt. Olives Church. 

Northwestern Indiana Conference. 

Organized first as Tippecanoe Christian Con- 
ference, at Mt. Pleasant. Cass County, Ind., 
Aug, 31, 1844. After prayer by Elder Adkins 
the conference organized by electing Deacon 
Ira Smith Moderator, and Chandler C. Moore, 
Clerk. By vote the conference was called the 
Tippecanoe Christian Conference. 

Territory — Comprises Miami, Cass, Fulton, 
Marshall, St. Joseph, Laporte, Stark, I'ulaski, 
White, Carroll, Tippecanoe, Benton, Jasper, 
Lake. I'orter and Newton counties. 

Next session at Mt. Zion, Cass County, Ind., 
Wednesday before the second Sunday in 
August, 1905, at 2 p. m. 

President. Rev. S. McNeely, Tiosa, Ind. ; 
Vice-President, Rev. Wm. Heflin, Russiaville, 
Ind. ; Secretary, Rev. C. E. McCoy, New Wav- 
erly, Ind. ; Treasurer, S. J. Beck, Young Amer- 
ica. Ind. 

Ministers — A. W. Bowyer : E. Coplen ; Jas. 
Dunfee ; Wm. Feese ; S. Ford ; L. Gates ; Wm. 
Heflin ; Taylor Jackman ; J. R. Kobb ; E. C. 
Klink ; C. E. McCoy ; S. McNeely ; B. A. Mel- 
son ; Abe Miller; Silas Mosteller ; Wm. Reed; 
Wm. Rinehart ; J. C. Rupe ; Geo. W. Wiley ; 
Wm. Winegardner. 

church, pastor, value, members, clerk. 
Antioch — S. McNeely; $1,000; 40; B. P. Bry- 
ant, Swayzee. Ind. 
Arc/ofi—E. C. Klink; $6,000; 253; P. A. 

Barnes, Argos, Ind. 
Bloomingsburfi — Wm. Heflin ; $1,200 ; 200 ; J. 

A. Batz. Argos, Ind. 
Buffalo— a. McNeely; $1,000; 71; A. J. Coon- 
rod. BufTalo, Ind 

Burrows — R. H. Gott ; $3,000; 103; Chas. 

Kennedy, Camden, Ind. 
Bass Lake~J. C. Rupe ; $500 ; 15 ; Nelson 

Conner, Winona, Ind. 
Crooked Creek — C. E. McCoy ; $1,500 ; 67 ; 

Jim Gray, Royal Center, Ind. 
Deer Creek— R'. H. Gott ; $1,500 ; 106 ; C. N. 

Hyatt, Galveston, Ind. 
Eel River— S. McNeely; $1,500; 60; Will 

Myers, Peru, Ind. 
Oreentowrv — No pastor ; $5,000 ; 160 ; W. La- 

rome, Greentown, Ind. 
Hickory Grove — Joe Francis ; $1,500 ; 189 ; 

Faye Simons, Monticello, Ind., R. F. D. 2. 
Indian Creek — No pastor ; $500 ; 36 ; Samuel 

Kochel, Star City, Ind. 
Keepscreek — S. Mosteller ; $3,000 ; 24 ; John 

Hines, Clymers, Ind., R. F. D. 
Kokomo—li. H. Gott ; $3,500 ; 159 ; A. L. Vick- 

ery, Kokomo, Ind. 
Mt. Zion — Wm. Heflin ; $1,200 ; 60 ; Gertie 

Turnpaugh, Walton, Ind. 
Neiv Bethel — Pastor not reported; $1,000; 40; 

Clerk not given. 
Neio Warerly — C. E. McCoy ; $2,000 ; 39 ; Ar- 

rie Ferguson, Walton, Ind. 
Oak Grove — No pastor ; $1,200 ; 60 ; D. O. 

Smith, Winamac, Ind., R. R. 3. 
Oakland (supply) — Wm. Heflin; $1,200; 77; 

Solomon Beighler, Russiaville, Ind. 
Pipe Creek^C. E. McCoy ; $3,000 ; 144 ; Abe 

Helvie, New Waverly, Ind., R. R. 
Bock Creek Valley — S. Mosteller; $1,000; 75; 

W. L. Small, Walton, Ind. 
Riverside — Wm. Heflin ; $1,000 ; 13 ; Wm. Gal- 

brath. Winamac, Ind. 
Shiloh — S. Mosteller ; $1,000 ; 54 ; Etta Bus- 
sard, Logansport, Ind. 
Summit View — No pastor ; C. M. Bennett, Ar- 
gos, Ind. 
Thomas Chapel — Nomen McClain ; $1,500 ; 64 ; 

Sel S. Doty, Owasca, Ind. 
Tiosa — S. McNeely; $1,200; 69; Joseph Maus, 

Tiosa, Ind. 
Tippecanoe — Unknown ; $700 ; 55 ; Catharine 

Rush, Winamac, Ind., R. F. D. 
Twelve Mile — S. Mosteller ; $800 ; 86 ; Abe 

Moss, Twelve Mile, Ind. 
West Sonora — I. J. Bicknell : $2,000 ; 69 ; W. 

J. Brown, Deer Creek. Ind. 
Youn(/ America — I. J. Bicknell ; $2,000 ; 89 ; S. 

J. Beck, Young America, Ind. 

1/el River Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Barnes.) 

Organized in August, 1844, on Eel River, In 
state of Indiana. 

Territory — It embraces the counties of 
Adams. Allen, Blackford, DeKalb, Elkhart, 
Kosciusko, Huntington, La Grange, Noble, Steu- 
ben, Wells, Wabash and Whitley, in the state 
of Indiana. 

President, Judge O. W. Whitelock, Hunting- 
ton, Ind. ; Secretary, J. F. Barnes ; Hunting- 
ton, Ind. 

Next session will be held with Merriam 
Church, in August. 1905. 
woman's home and foreign mission boarl 

President, Mrs. M. A. Tompkins, Elkharf 
Ind. ■,Secretary, Jennie Blckel, Bluffton, Ind. 
christian endeavor union. 

President, Jacob J. Beislegel, Goshen, Ind. ; 
Secretary-Treasurer, E. B. Brown, Larwill, 
Indiana. ' 


President, J. M. Brown, Bluffton, Ind. ; Sec- 
retary-Treasurer, M. F. Graybill, Columbia 
Cltv, Indiana. 

Ministers — D. B. Atkinson ; J. W. Bolton ; 
D. S. Boswell ; Hiley Baker ; Jonathan Dlpboye ; 
Riley Freeman ; Samuel Frantz ; L. D. Hola- 
day; David Hidy ; G. R. Hammond; D. W. 



Jones : \V. K Miinville : Levi Marks ; J. M. 
Miller : J. J. Markley : I). A. MoGinnis ; W. (i. 
Parker : K. \V. I'age ; \Vm. I'erdue : Eliza Kob- 
inson : Marv (!. Hhenbottoni ; W. I>. Samuel ; 
W. W. StuaVt : K. T. Spohn ; C. V. Strickland : 
Fred <;. Stricklaud ; Mary A. Strickland; C. C. 
Tarr : Mrs. M. A. Tompkins ; J. F. Warner ; 
Thomas Whitman ; John A. Wood. 

Licentiate iliiiisters — J. J. Beisiegel ; George 
Gloyd : F. S. Jones ; Ford Bolton ; E. E. 
Brown ; W. C. Crothers. 


Antioch — No Pastor ; $120 ; So ; Ed Kitterman, 

North Manchester. Ind. 
Blutrton—3. F. Warner; !?2,500 ; 130; S. E. 

Whitman. Bluft'ton. Ind. 
BeUeville — G. R. Mell ; ifTOO ; 40 ; Eli Keller, 

Warren. Ind. 
Bucna Vista — O. A. Harris ; $800 ; 62 ; Viola 

LKmbar. Linn Grove. Ind. , 

iJro«<? !(•«(/— David Ilidy ; $2,500; 79; Rebecca 

Gerkin. Cromwell. Ind. 
Cof/«Hicr— riiley Baker ; $800 ; 58 ; Nettie Goff. ■ 

Collamer. Ind. 
Clear Creek — Ford Bolton ; $1,200 ; 51 ; Wil- 

lard Jones. Huntington, Ind. 
Dunfee — Mary A. Strickland ; $1,000 ; 67 ; F. 

W. <'lark. Columbia City, Ind. 
Eel Rircr — David Hidy ; $1,000; 125; Irene 

Brubaker. South Whitley. Ind. 

i:n;liar1--J. A. Wood ; $.'?.0(»0 ;- 40 ; Edna Swof- 

tield. Elkhart. Ind. 
(Joshen — J. A. Wood ; $2,000 ; 82 ; J. W. Kronk. 

(Joshen. Ind. 
IIiintiiKjton — W. D. Samuel: $12,000; 208; 

John H. Stewart, Huntington, Ind. 
Lecubuiv—C. C. Tarr; 800; 72; May Piatt, 

Leesburg. Ind. 
Merriam — R. W. Page ; $4,500 ; 182 ; Mina 

Young, Albion, Ind. 
MiUcrshiircj — L. D. Holaday ; $1,200; 84; J. L. 

Judav. Millersburg, Ind. 
Millwood — $1,000 ; 72 ; Wm. J. iMiller, Nap- 

panee, Ind. 
Majenica ■ Smith; $1,000; 138; Geo. W. 

(Jill, Majenica, Ind. 
Murray — W. W. Stuart ; $000 ; 50 ; Mattie 

Raver, Bluffton. Ind. 
Marion — No report. 
Aew? Madison — David Hidy ; $2,000 ; 88 ; J. N. 

Foust, Servia. Ind. 
North Union — No pastor ; $200 ; 15 ; N. B. 

Kennedy, Ft. Wayne. Ind. 
Xorth Webster — Samuel Frantz ; $1,000; 96; 

Silas Huber, Pierceton, Ind. 
North Manchester — Mary G. Rheubottom ; $3,- 

000 ; 170 ; Rosa Baker. North Manchester, 

Oliret — $1,000; 40; A. O. Cripe. Alexandria. 


Mount Oi.ive.s, Indiana, Church, Dkdioated August 7, 1904. Rev. A. J. Akeks, Pastor. 




Cynthiana, Ne'^V^ Liberty and Haubstadt, 

Indiana, Churches. 

Plum Tree—G. R. Mell ; $1,600 ; 97 ; Mollie 

Smith, Huntington, Ind. 
Paw Paw — J. W. Dipboye ; $1,000 ; 179 ; Cal- 
vin Dawers, Roann, Ind. 
Pleasant Hill — E. T. Spohu ; $2,500 ; 81 ; Alta 

I'eflfer, Albion, Ind. 
Pleasant Orove — $2,500 ;70 ; C. A. McCutchen, 

N. Manchester, Ind. 
Salamonia — Samuel Frantz ; $700 ; 42 ; Anna 

Ramey, La Fountain, Ind. 
Stringtoicn — John M. Miller ; $1,800 ; 22 ; Lil- 
lian Kilgore, Kimmel. Ind. 
Sparta — L. D. Holaday ; $4,500 ; 146 ; J. C. 

Crothers, Ligonier, Ind. 
Six Mile — O. A. Harris ; $1,200 ; 136 ; R. D. 

Chalfant, Bluffton, Ind. 
Sidney — W. W. Stuart ; $500 ; 55 ; W. Messi- 

more, Sidney, Ind. 
Spring Hill — Samuel Frantz ; $800 ; 65 ; James 

Growcock, Millersburg, Ind. 
Swayzee — $800 ; 61 ; N. E. F. Davis, Swayzee, 

Thorn Creek — R. W. Page ; $1,000 ; 67 ; P. F. 

Widup, Columbia City. Ind. 
Union — Hilev Baker ; $1,000 ; 70 ; Chester L. 

Coen, South Whitlev, Ind. 
Wakarusa — J. M. Miller ; $1,200 ; 169 ; D. V. 

Werntz, Wakarusa. Ind. 
Waterford — W. W. Stuart ; $750 ; 11 ; BUza 

Benner. New Paris. Ind. 
Warren — J. E. Etter ; $18,000; 348; John H. 

Thompson, Warren, Ind. 

Churches, 40 ; ordained ministers, 31 ; li- 

centiates, 6 ; preaching full time, 4 ; half time. 

Western Indiana Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Gott.) 

Organized in 1830. Incorporated 1874, at 
Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Territory — Counties of Sullivan, Green, 
Owen, Clay, Vigo, Putnam, Parke, Hendricks, 
Boone, Montgomery, Benton, Tippecanoe, 
Fountain, Vermillion, Warren and Clinton. 

President, Rev. C. A. Brown, Lebanon, Ind. ; 
Vice-President, Rev. A. L. Carney, Darlington, 
Ind. ; Secretary, Rev. R. H. Gott, Kokomo, 
Ind. ; Treasurer, B. F. Crane, Attica, Ind. 

Department Secretaries — Education, Rev. B. 
L. Lawson, Merom, Ind. ; Publishing, Rev. J. 
S. Boord, Veedersburg, Ind. ; Missions, Miss 
Ina Bowers, Darlington, Ind. ; Sunday-schools, 
Mrs. Ida M. Shaver, Crawfordsville, Ind. ; 
Y. P. C. E., J. V. McKnight, Hillsboro, Ind. 

Next session, 1905, to be held at Liberty, 
Ind., Tuesday before last Sunday in August. 

Ministers — A. J. Akers ; L. J. Aldrich, D. D. ; 
H. L. Bailey ; L. W. Bannon ; J. S. Boord ; C. 
A. Brown; A. L. Carney; A. W. Cash ; P. M. 
Click ; J. W. Dudley ; I. H. Earl ; J. C. Fran- 
cis ; T. C. Gillespie ; R. H. Gott ; G. R. Ham- 
mond ; A. R. Heath ; R. M. Johnson ; C. B. 
Kershner ; E. L. Lawson ; James Martin ; 
Nomen McLain ; J. S. Nickel ; J. W. Oliver ; 
J. A. Parr ; Miss C. T. Penrod, (missionary) ; 
J. T. Phillips ; W. H. Rupert ; E. D. Simmons ; 
A. D. Woodworth, (missionary) ; G. Woody ; 
Susan V. Fry, (missionary). 

Unordained—J. T. Gregory ; Mrs. B. O. 
Hayes ; W. P. Kibbey ; S. H. Loughner ; Mrs. M. 
J. Vinson ; G. W. Vancleve. 


Antioch — Rebecca Mundell, Frankfort, Ind. 
Bee Ridge, — L. F. Downing, Brazil, Ind. 
Big Springs — Ella Eno, Sullivan, Ind. 
Browns Wonder — E. M. Henderson, Lebanon, 

Center — Alice Swank, Wingate, Ind. 
Center Orove — Catherine Young, Thorntown, 

Christian Chapel — Effle Hart, Kirklin, Ind. 
Christian Liberty — Burt Miller, Sheridan, Ind. 
Croys Greek — C. S. Johnson, Harmony, Ind. 
Darlington — Lulu Chambers, Darlington, Ind. 
Elm Grove — Jeannette Anderson, Manson, Ind. 
Pairview — Frank L. Evans, Lebanon, Ind. 
Fountain — W. F. Beymer, Fountain, Ind. 
Freedom — E. M. Phillpott, Kingman, Ind. 
Friendship — A. O. Quick. Frankfort, Ind., R. 7. 
Garfield — Anna Foust, Darlington, Ind. 
Lebanon — Edna Powell, Lebanon, Ind. 
Liberty — Mrs. R. E. Schleppy, Crawfordsville, ' 

Linnsburg — C. E. Crain, Linnsburg. Ind. 
Linden — A. O. Brinson, Linden, Ind. 
Mellott — Nora HufC, Mellott, Ind. 
Merom — S. H. Sutton, Merom, Ind. 
Mill Creek— B.. G. Evans, Poland, Ind. 
Mt. Olive — G. W. Vancleve, Lewis, Ind. 
Neiv Salem — Minnie Kersey, Thorntown, Ind. 
Old Union — Will Courtney, Jamestown, Ind. 
Osborne Prairie — Allen Boord, Veedersburg, 

Otter Creek — A. G. Kessel, Brazil. Ind., R. 5. 
Pleasant Hill — J. D. Thomas, Wingate, Ind. 
Pleasant View — Clara McKern, Lebanon, Ind. 
Prairie Chapel — D. P. Frazier, Hillsboro, Ind. 
Scotland — Milton Johnson, Kirklin, Ind. 
Staunton — Lizzie Tibbett, Staunton. Ind. 
Shiloh — Emma McLain, Advance, Ind. 
Sterling — -Geo. Minnick. Veedersburg, Ind. 
Union Cemetery — F. Z. Helms, Aylesworth, Ind. 
Union Chapel — W. H. Harrison. Poland, Ind. 
Yeddo — Aaron Walton, Yeddo, Ind. 
Ziou — L. D. Gard, Cory. Ind. 


(J 5 

Southern Indiana and Illinois Conference. 

Organized in 1SG4. at New Liberty Cliurch. 
Gibson County, Ind. 

Prtsident, Clarence Defur, Cynthiana, Ind. ; 
rice-Prcsideni. A. H. Bennett, 1003 Chand- 
ler St., Danville, 111. ; Secretary and Treasurer, 
A. W. Hausser, Omaha, 111. 

Next session to be held with New Liberty 
Church, Gibson County, Ind., Tuesday before 
second Sunday in September, 1905. 

Department Secretaries — Sunday-schools, Jno. 
Baughman, Albion, 111. ; Education, R. J. Ellis, 
Boyleston. 111. : Christian Endeavor, Mrs. Cora 
Defur, Cythiana, Ind. ; Publication, A. H. 
Bennett, 1003 Chandler St., Danville 111. ; W. 
H. and F. M. Board, Mrs. Ella P. Defur, Stew- 
artsville, Ind. : Local Mission Board, John 
Baughman, Albion, 111. 

Ministers — A. H. Bennett ; J. M. Davis, (li- 
centiate) ; Clarence Defur ; R. J. Ellis : William 
Eurin ; Donald Vint, (evangelistic work) ; J. 
D. Wiggins; James L. Underwood (licentiate). 


Bethsaida — R. J. Ellis ; $800 ; 92 ; J. M. Nor-- 
rls. New Harmony, Ind. 

Boyleston — $450 ; 35 ; Emma Parkinson, Boyles- 
ton, 111. 

Burnt Prairie — $300 ; 37 ; Gertie Brown, En- 
field. 111. 

Christian Chapel — J. B. Littell ; $1,100; 62; 
Sarah J. Moore, Springfield, 111. 

yew Liberty — Clarence Defur ; $2,500 • 192 ; J. 
P. Emerson, Cynthiana, Ind. 

Pleasant Hill — R. J. Ellis; $500; 61; John 
Baughman, Albion, 111. 

Pleasant Union — ^R. J. Ellis ; $500 ; 22 ; W. P. 
Fulford. McLeansboro, 111. 

Poplar — A. H. Bennett ; $800 ; 81 ; A. W. Haus- 
ser, Omaha, 111. 

Parrish — J. M. Davis ; ; 20 ; Hannah 

Downen, Thompsonvllle, 111. 

Richland — Failed to report. 

Union — Failed to report for two years. 

Union Orove ; 21 ; Agnes Trammel 1, 

Dahlgren, 111. 

Cynthiana — Clarence Defur; (in the territory.) 
Total property value. Including parsonage 
and endowment, $30,000. Miss Cora Lowe, 
Cynthiana, Ind. 

Churches, 13 ; town, 3 ; country, 10 ; no pas- 
tors, 4 ; preaching, half-time, 1 ; one per month, 

7. Totals — Valuation, $18,050 ; membership, 

700 ; Sunday schools ; 10 ; Endeavor societies. 1. 

Haubstadt, Indiana, Church, Dedicated November 13i 190-1. 





. Illinois State Conference. 

Organized November 1, 1883, and held its 
first session at Atwood. Illinois. 

Territory — Comprises the State of Illinois, 
including Western Illipois. Central Illinois. 
Southevn Illinois. Southern Wabash, and that 
part of the Northern Illinois and Wisconsin 
and of the Southern Indiana and Illinois con- 
ference, which is in Illinois. 

President, A. L. Wingate, Avon, 111. ; Scc- 
retary, Kev. I. M. Hoel, Atwood, III ; Treasur- 
er, Chas. T. Crowell. Carbondale, 111. 

Department Secretaries — Missions, Rev. A. 
H. Bennett, Danville. 111. ; I'ublication, Rev. 
G. D. Lawrence. Danville, 111. ; Education, Rev. 
J. Alex Clapp. Danville. 111. ; Sundav-School. 
Rev. R. W. Pittman. Leaf River, 111. ; Y. P. S. 
C. E.. Rev. A. O. .lacobs, Newton, 111. 

Last session was held with the church at 
Carbondale, June 27th to 29th. 1004 ; it be- 
ing a centennial memorial session held in mem- 
ory of those ancient landmarks who bid adieu 
to the Springfield Presbytery. June 28, 1804. 
Hereafter the conference will be permanent- 
ly located with the church at Newton and will 
not leave there unless especially invited by 
some other cliurch within tlie state. 

Southern Wabash (111.) Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Jacobs.) 

Organized in 1810. in September, with the 
church at Spring Hill. Lawrence County, 111. 

Territory — Clark, Cumberland, Effingham, 
Jasper. Crawford. Laurence, Richland. Clay 
and Wayne Counties, 111. 

I're.siilrnt. J. A. Tracy, Claremont, 111.; 
Vice-l'resident, 3. M. Carmean, Newton, 111. ; 
Secretary, A. O. Jacobs, Newton. 111. ; Treasur- 
er, J. M. Plunkett, Palestine, 111. 

Ne.xt session at Porterville, Illinois, October, 

Ministers — H. D. Catte ; Wm. Campbell; F. 
W. Day : J. J. Douglas ; John Evans ; J. R. 
Frederick : W. A. Freeman ; M. V. Hathaway : 
D. H. Hatfield: A. O. Jacobs; Hattie Lannan ; 
J. B. Littell : P. S. J'lahanev : George McKin- 
ney ; W. L. Paul : J. M. Plunkett ; Samuel 
Price ; W. II. Ransford ; Walter Ritchen ; J. A. 
Tracy : Pleasant Wade ; Thomas Wade ; J. B. 
Wright : J. L. Wright. 

Licentiates — R. S. Hughes; Charley Mahan ; 
Alice Nute ; Walter Roberts ; N. C. Rowe ; Wil- 
lis Wright. 

Ordained, 24 ; Licentiates, 6. 


Antioch—^3. R. Ellis; .$600; 74; Mrs. G. W. 
Mowser, Claremont. 111. 

Industby. Illinois, Church and Pastor, L. w. Gade. 
This Church was Dedicated December 11, 1904. 



Berlin — John Evans ; $600 ; 49 ; E. H. Francis, 

Oblong, 111. 
Bethna — J. B. Littell ; $700 ; 109 ; O. J. Cole- 
man, Hunt, 111. 
Bethlehem — P. Wade ; $1,000 ; 151 ; Jas. W. 

Moore, Sumner, III. 
Bethsaida — $250 ; 86 ; Mary Jacobs, Eberle, 111. 
Bible Chapel — S. Price ; $800 ; 69 ; Harlen Cor- 

rel, Stoy, 111. 
Brockville — H. D. Catte ; $750 ; 101 ; Mrs. Nila 

Benefield, Hunt, 111. 
Christian Temple — J. Carmean ; $1,000 ; 86 ; 

Flora A. Moore, Cisne, 111. 
Cottage Home— $800; 46; A. L. Beard, Louis- 
ville, 111. 
Forest Ridoe — T. Wade ; $600 ; 60 ; W. A. Sut- 

terfleld. Ridge, 111. 
Fairview — -J. A. Tracy ;, $500 ; 45 ; Florence 

Cunefuer, Lis, 111. 
Fox Prairie — $400 ; 36 ; Miss Zula Curtis, 01- 

ney, 111. 
Grand Prairie — J. Wade ; $900 ; 111 ; F. E. 

Brown, Robinson, 111. 
Olenwood — P. Wade ; $600 ; 55 ; Mrs. Nancy 

Richmond, Noble, 111. 
Hardinsville — P. Wade ; Ella Douglas. 
^Hunt City — M. V. Hathaway; $1,000; 68; 

Rena Johnson, Hunt, 111. 
Hidalgo — J. J. Douglass ; $1,200 ; 150 ; M. H. 

Carr, Hidalgo, 111. 
Laymotte — J. M. Carmean ; 113 ; Willis Swing- 
er, Palestine, 111. 
Lucas Creek — A. H. Bennett ; $600 ; 185 ; 

Rachel Beal, Louisville, 111. 
Mt. Olive (Jasper Co.)— Charley Mahan ; 37; 

Delilah Odell, Yale, 111. 
Mt. Oilead — J. A. Tracy; $700; 227; D. I. 

Scherer, OIney, III. 
Mt. Zion — No pastor reported ; $800 ; 48 ; 

John Maddlem, Greenup, 111. 
Mt. Olive (Clark Co.)— H. D. Catte; $ ; 

30 ; Frances Spivy, Martinsville, 111. 
New Hope — H. D. Catte ; Chas. Wade, Walla 

Newton — A. O. Jacobs ; $ ; 90 ; J. A. Wil- 
son, Newton, 111. 
Oblong — S. Price ; A. Beeman, Oblong, 111. 
Pleasant Valley — P. Wade ; $600 ; 78 ; W. E. 

Sloan, Oblong, 111. 
Porterville — A. O. Jacobs ; $1,500 ; 130 ; Mrs. 

A. G. Price, Robinson, 111., R. F. D. 1. 
Pleasant View — J. J. Douglass ; $2,000 ; 97 ; 

Joanna Dollahan, Palestine, 111. 
Rafetown — Thomas Wade : $1,100 ; 49 ; Asa 

Jenkins. West Liberty, 111. 
Shiloh — W. T. Pane ; $700 ; 66 ; L. E. Mc- 

Vealy, Willow Hill, 111. 
Sugar Prairie — J. Evans ; $600 ; 20 ; Miss En- 

za Montgomery, Olney, 111. 
Sandy Creek — J. M. Carmean ; $800 ; 152 ; 

Mary Gillison, Lis, 111. 
Sumner — J. J. Douglass ; $1,000 : 136 ; Miss 

Ora Harbauge, Sumner, 111. 
Sugar Creek — J. M. Carmean ; $600 ; 107 ; Mrs. 

L. Betebener, Oblong, 111. 
South Bend — $800; 67; S. J. Hughes, Oblong, 

111., R. F. D. 1. 
Trimble — H. C. Rowe ; 128 ; Geo. W. Wilson, 

Trimble, 111. 
White Oak — Thos. Wade; $600; 115; Geo. 

Tracy, Oblong, 111. 
Winterrowd — J. A. Tracy ; $400 ; 59 ; Lusta 

Stiner, Winterrowd, 111. 
Willow Prairie. — H. D. Catte ; $600 ; 68 ; J. A. 

Keeran, Moonshine, 111. 
Bethel— Did not report. 
Liberty — Did not report. 
Mt. Moriah — Did not report. 
Freedom — Did not report. 

Churches, 42 ; membership, 3,233 ; value of 
church property, $25,100 ; Sunday-schools, 33. 

Southern Illinois Conference. 

Organized the last of August, 1833, two 
miles west of Pomona, near the farm house 
of Rev. W. G. Lindsey, in a most beautiful 
sugar grove. Those constituting the confer- 
ence were : Revs. W. G. and R. G. Lindsey, 
Rev. Simon Hiller, Rev. H. Casey, Rev. 
Moore, William Davis and Samuel Crawshaw. 

Territory — Jackson, Williamson, Johnson, 
Union and Pope counties. 

President, Rev. Geo. W. Draper, Carbondale, 
111. ; Vice-President, M. L. Fly ; Secretary, Abe 
Crawshaw ; Treasurer, Thomas Crawshaw ; 
Trustees, Thos. Crawshaw, Carbondale, 111. ; 
John W. V. Fly, Makanda, 111., R. R. 1 ; J. W. 
Clark, Cartersville, 111. 

Ministers — M. L. Fly ; W. R. Reed ; Perry 
Hess ; M. C. Brooks ; I. B. Durham ; C. W. 
Hiller ; John Brewer ; T. J. Davidson ; Wm. 
Underwood ; G. J. Bowerman ; G. W. Doolin ; 
Isidore Lindsey ; ,C. A. Ferill ; T. J. House- 
man ; E. R. Evans ; Geo. W. Draper. 

Licentiates — E. M. Williams ; J. A. Sloan ; 
Leander Feutral. 


Mt. Pleasant — W. R. Lindsey ; $800 ; 138 ; Bet- 
tie Horton, Pomona, 111. 

Craborchard — W. R. Lindsey ; $900 ; 52 ; Wm. 
Hagler, Carbondale, 111. 

Union — G. W. Draper ; $1,000 ; 86 ; J. T. 
Brooks, Cobden, 111. 

New Liberty — G. W. Draper ; $1,000 ; 107 ; 
John W. V. Fly, Makanda, 111., R. R. 1. 

County Line — William Fox ; $900 ; 47. 

Oak Grove — W. R. Reed ; $700 ; 49 ;. 

Hickory Grove— W. R. Reed ; $600 ; 53 ; S. T. 
Morgan, Policy's Mill, 111. 

Mt. Cana — I. B. Durham ; $500 ; 42 ; J. W. 
Clark, Cartersville, 111. 

Drury — No pastor ; $500 ; 40 ; John Rich, Car- 
bondale, 111. 

Mt. Carbon — Wm. Underwood: $900; 78; 
Selina Irwin, Murphysboro, 111. 

Union Hill — Geo. W. Draper ; $9,000 ; 86 ; P. 
C. Hagler, Carbondale, 111. 

Sunny Sides — John Hancock, Herin, 111. 

Central Illinois Conference. 

Organized at Union Church, Vermilion Coun- 
ty, September 24, 1852. 

Territory — Churches in Vermillion, Douglas, 
Coles, Moultrie, Piatt, DeWitt and Champaign 
Counties, Illinois, and Warren County, Indiana. 

President, A. L. Johnson, Alvin, 111. ; Vice- 
President, Rev. G. W. Rippey, Atwood, 111. ; 
Secretary, W. R. Wilson, Danville, 111. ; Treas- 
urer, E. P. James, Mansfield, 111. 

Note — -The above was copied from last year's 
report, as no report was received this year. — 

Western Illinois Conference. 

Organized by Elder John McMlllen at Pilot 
Grove Christian Church, in Hancock County, 
Illinois, October 2, 1857. 

The Spoon River Christian Conference was 
organized by Elders David Rogers and John 
Scott, at Highland, Pike county, Illinois, May 
21, 1840. 

On September 4,- 1864, the two conferences 
consolidated, and incorporated as the Western 
Illinois Christian Conference. 

President, L. D. Wilhelm, Industry, 111. ; 
Vice-President, A. L. Coons, Marietta, 111. ; 
Secretary, B. B. Finley, Avon, 111. Treasurer, 
Abram Morris, Fiatt, 111. 

Secretaries of Departments — Missions, Melis- 
sa Morris, Avon, 111. ; Sunday-schools, Jose- 
phine Lloyd, Avon, 111. ; Y. P. S. C. E., Anna 
Buck, Avon, 111. ; Literature, Geo. W. Irons, 
East Galesburg, 111. ; Education, Rev. W. E. 
Stockley, Fiatt, 111. 



Mmisters — Robinson Ashby ; L. B. Atchin- 
son : E. W. Irons ; Geo. W. Irons ; S. B. Laird ; 
L. M. Leavitt ; John McMillen ; W. E. StocUley ; 
J. R. Welch. 

Number ordained ministers, 8. 


Antioch — No pastor ; $800 ; 39 ; Mrs. M. A. 

Little, Smithfleld, 111. 
Christina — No pastor : $800 ; 29 ; Mrs. Emma 

Bordner, Lewistown, 111. 
Fiatt — W. Ernest Stockley ; $1,800 ; 36 ; 

Abram Morris, Fiatt, 111. 
Industry— h. W. Gade ; $2,600 ; 90 ; Lucinda 

Teets. Industry, 111. 
Lewistown — No pastor ; $1,200 ; 56 ; Repta 

Smith. Lewistown, 111. 
Marietta — L. M. Levitt, $700 ; 60 ; Flora Or- 

wig. Marietta, 111. 
Mt. Pleasant — W. Ernest Stockley ; $800 ; 20 ; 

B. F. Bolon, Cuba. III. 
Olire Chapel — W. Ernest Stockley ; $1,800 ; 

128 : J. M. Hendricks, Avon, 111. 
Ontario — Geo. W. Irons ; $1,000 ; 36 ; J. H. 

Newman, Woodhull, 111. 
Salem — No pastor; $1,000; 16; Henry Wilcox, 

Roseville, 111. 
remp^e— No pastor ; $1,200 ; 24 ; Nettie Miner, 

Table Grove, 111. 
Waterford — No pastor; (union house) ; 36; 

Kate Johnson, Lewistown, 111. 

Churches, 12 ; town, 4 ; country. 8 ; no pas- 
tor, 6. Total, valuation. $16,100 ; Endeavor 
Societies, 2 ; Sunday-schools, 12. 

Northern Illinois and Wisconsin Con- 

(Reported by F. McCague. Assistant Sec'y.) 

Organized at the home of Henry Hill in Ogle 
County, Illinois, September 27. 1840. 

Territory — Extends from Lake Michigan to 
the Mississippi River. Northern boundary, in- 
cluding counties of Racine, Walworth, Rock. 
Green and a part of Grant, all in Wisconsin. 
Southern boundary includes all north of Hen- 
ry. Bureau, and LaSalle counties, Tllinois, and 
to the point where the Illinois river crosses 
the eastern boundary of Grundy County, thence 
east to the eastern boundary of Illinois. 

President, Winfleld S. Sanford, Ashton, III., 
R. F. D. No. 2 ; Vice-President, 3. R. Wright, 
Capron, III. ; Treasurer, John Piper, Freeport, 
III. ; Secretary, W. L. Sanford, Ashton, 111., 
K. F. D. No. 2. 

Department Secretaries — Sunday-School, H. 
B. Steveson, Capron. 111. : Y. P. S. C. E., E. O. 
Palmer. Leaf River, 111. 

Ministers — G. A. Brown : M. G. Collins ; F. 
B. Rolph ; C .A. Richter ; J. R. Wright ; R. W. 
Pittman ; Fremont McCague : Miss Jennie 
Mishler (Missionary to Porto Rico). 


Capron — J. R. Wright ; $3.000 ; 49 ; Robert 

Ridge. Capron, 111. 
Leaf River — R. W. Pittman • $2,900 ; 58 ; J. 

D. Palmer. Leaf River. III. 
North Grove — R. W. Pittman; $2,400: 59'; 

C. F. Allen, Egan, 111. 
Washington Grove — Fremont McCague ; $3,500 ; 

109 ; W. L. Sanford. Ashton. 111. 
Flano^Fremont McCague : $1,500 ; 12 ; Mrs. 

Hannah Randall, Rochelle. 111. 

Richland Union Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary McNees.) 
The Richland Union Conference was organ- 
ized in the town of Marshall, Richland County. 
Wis., on the 6th day of May. 1866. 

Territory — Richland. Vernon. Monroe. Craw- 
ford, Woodland and Shank Counties. Wisconsin. 


President, Martin Buroker, Soldiers Grove, 

Wis., R. F. D. Route 3 ; Vice-President, L. P. 
Kline, Bloom City, Wis. ; Secretary, J. H. Mc- 
Nees, Richland Center, Wis. : Assistant Secre- 
tary, Robert Turner, Richland Center, Wis., R. 
F. D. Route 3 ; Treasurer, J. D. Jones, Mount 
Zion, Wis. ; Secretary Sunday-schools, H. J. 
Keepers, Excelcior, Wis. ; Missions — W. A. 
Elder, Soldiers Grove, R. F. D. No. 2 ; Educa- 
tion. G. W. Jones, Richland Center, Wis. R. D. 
No. 3. 

Ministers — Martin Buroker ; Wm. A. Elder ; 
E. W. Fisher ; G. W. Ford ; Henry Garner ; 
Ed. Haskins ; George W. Jones ; H. J. Keep- 
ers ; L. P. Kline ; J. H. McNees ; E. F. Smith ; 
Wm. J. Smith ; J. S. Steller. 


Bare Bluff — Henry Garner ; 16 ; no report. 

Beaver Valley— L.. P. Kline ; $100 ; 14 ; Elmer 
Bruce Hillsborrow, Wis. 

Excelsior Union — Wm. A. Elder ; $700 ; 64 ; 
Effie Cragg, Excelsior, Wis. 

Harmony — No pastor ; 20 ; Mary Armstrong, 
Five Points, Wis. 

Haskins Chapel — Wm. A. Elder ; $500 ; 35 ; O. 
R. Dyer, Boscobel, Wis., R. F. D. 

Maple Ridge — Wm. J. Smith ; 17 ; Spica Shu- 
mate, La Farge, Wis. 

Mound Park — Henry Garner ; 13 ; Sara Shult, 
Viola, Wis. 

Holdnu Ridge— W. J. Smith ; 11. 

Mount of Blessing — E. VV. Fisher; 7; Mary 
Smith, Soldiers Grove, Wis. 

Pine River — Wm. A. Elder ;, $500 ; 34 ; Mrs. 
George Celia, West Lima, Wis. 

Pleasant Ridge — M. Buroker ; $600 ; 70 ; H. 
D. Walker, Boaz, Wis. 

Pleasant Valley— No report; $350; 15. 

Richland, Center — No pastor ; 9. 

Smith Valley — No report. 

West Branch Chapel — G. W. Ford, (supply) ; 
$500 ; 34 ; Marion Baty, West Lima, Wis. 

West Willow — No pastor ; 8 ; Mary Jones, Rich- 
land Center, Wis., Route 3. 
Beaver Valley, Mound Park, and Harmony 

are building new houses (^ worship. 

Central Wisconsin Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Mrs. L. J. Hamblin.) 

Organized October 17, 1898, at the city of 
Stevens Point, Portage County, Wis. Incor- 
porated and charter granted by State of Wis- 
consin, Oct. 18, 1898. 

Territory — Comprises the following coun- 
ties : Sheboygan, Wood, Portage, Waupaca. 
Outagamie, Brown, Manitowac, Calumet, Fond 
du Lac, Green, Lake, Marquette, Adams, Juno 
and Clark, in the state of Wisconsin. 

President, Rev. John Fletcher, Split Rock, 
Wis. ; Vice-President, Deacon H. Hamblin, New 
London. Wis. ; Secretary, Rev. I. W. Spitzer. 
Waupaca, Wis. ; Corresponding Secretary and 
Treasurer, Mrs. L. J. Hamblin, New London, 
Wis. ; Supt. of Evangelistic Work, Rev. J. W. 
Babb, Fremont, Wis. 

Ministers — J. W. Babb ; Mrs. F. Bartlow ; 
F. J. Cornell : John Fletcher : Samuel Miller ; 
I. W. Spitzer ; A. E. Velie. 

Ordained, 6 ; licentiate, 1. 


Fremont — No pastor. 
Little River — No pastor. 
Stevens Point — No pastor. 
Madison — Samuel Miller. 
Sherman — I. W. Spitzer. 

Northern Wisconsin Conference. 

Organized June 16, 1849, at Stockbridge. 
Calumet County, Wisconsin. Incorporated 
August 10, 1904. 

Territory — Originally included all the state 
except the row of counties along the south- 




The college is dependent on its friends for financial support. If 
it could be suitably equipped for its work, and placed on a firm 
basis, its usefulness would be increased many fold. A few friends 
to the institution have remembered it in their bequests, and it i^ 
hoped that many others will. 

Those who have money to leave, or what would be better, to 
give now, would do a lasting and immeasurable good, by contrib- 
uting generously to Franklinton Christian College. 


John Blood. President, Lewisburg, Pa. 
N. Del McReynolds, Bellefontaine, O. 
F. H. Peters, Fall River, Mas. 
W. H. Hainer, Irvington, N. J. 
J. L. Foster, Raleigh, N. 0. 


In Charge. 



ern border of the state. The counties now 
actually occiipied are Outagamie, I'ortage. 
Sheboygan. Waushara and Waupaca. 

PresUhiit. Kev. Wm. Steuart. New London, 
Wis.. R. F. I>. Xo. 1 ; Sccrcturii. Henry K. 
Polley. Abbott.sford. Wis. : Assistant Secretary, 
Mrs. D. W. Thompson. New London. Wis. ; 
Treasurer, Samuel Cottrill, New London, Wis. 

ilinisiers — C. H. Clancv : John Dearholt ; A. 
Fish ; H. E. Polley : Wm. Steuart ; D. W. 
Thompson ; Edon J. Thompson. 


Greenbush — Wm. Steuart: $800; 18; Minnie 

Sieber. Glenbeulah, Wis. 
Maple Creek — D. W. Thompson; $800; 18; 

I»aisy Hutchinson, New London, Wis. 
ilukira — L). W, Thompson ; $000 ; 22 ; Samuel 

Cottrill, New London, Wis. 
Stcceiis Paint — No pastor; Mrs. Clara King, 

Stevens Point, Wis. 
yVautomu — No pastor ; $200 ; 5 ; Josiah Eth- 

ridge, Wildrose. Wis. 

Five churches. Town 1 ; country 4 ; no 
pastor, 2. Valuation. $2,400. Membership. 
63. Sunday-schools, 2. 

Iowa State Conference. 

I Reported by Secretary Ford.) 

Organized in 1874. 

President. Harry Haas, M. S.. Le Grand, la. ; 
Vice-President. R. A. Lewis, Redfield. la ; 
Treasurer. J. E. Ball. Le Grand. la. ; Secreturii, 
P. L. Ford, Le Grand, la. 

Department Secretaries — Missions, Minnie 
Fenwiclv, Des Moines, la. ; Education, Rev. J. 
A. Stover, (iriswold.. la. ; Sunday-schools. Har- 
ry Haas. ^I. S., Le Grand, la. ; Christian En- 
deavor. Miss L. B. Myers. Le Grand, la. 

loira State Conference Trustees — For .3 
years, Mr. Levi Goodell. Humbolt. la. ; for 2 
vears. Isaac Stover. Madrid. la. : for 1 year. 
Rev. R. A. Lewis. Redfield. la. 

Trustees of Palmer CoUene — Term expiring 
190.5 : Rev. J. W. Piper. Le Grand. la. : Isaac 
Stover. Madrid. la. ; A. H. Welker Marshall- 
town, la. ; Rev. R. A. Lewis. Rediield. la. ; A. 
L. Wingate. Avon. 111. Terms exoiring 1900 : 
A. M. Benge, Winterset, la. • Levi Goodell, 
Humbolt, la. : H. P. Clemons. Clemons, la. : A. 
M. Hanson, Le Grand, la. ; E. H. Polley, Chel- 
sea, Wisconsin. 

Central Iowa Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Ford.) 

Organized in 18.58. 

Territorii — No geographical limits other than 
indicated by the name. 

President, Rev. J. W. Piper. Le Grand, la. ; 
Vice-President. W. E. Burdine. Barnes. la. ; 
Secretary, P. L. Ford. Le Grand, la. ; Treasur- 
er, E. F. Saunders Montezuma. la.. R. F. I). 

Department Secretaries — Education. A. M. 
Hanson. Le Grand. la. ; Christian Endeavor. 
Miss A. .1. Helfenstein. Clemons. la. ; Mis 
sions. Rev. J. C. Grafton. Le Grand, la. : Sun- 
day-schools. Mrs. Lillie Saunders. Montezuma, 
la.. R. F. D. 

Trustees — For three years. Rev. F. G. Coffin. 
Madrid. la. ; for one year. E. F. Saunders. Mi-n 
tezuma. la. ; for two years. W. J. ClemonM. 
Clemons. la. 

3Iini.^ters — J. E. Ball; W. E. Burdine; H. 
Burdine ; F. G. Coffin ; J. Furnas ; Rebecca Fur- 
nas ; J. C. Grafton ; A. M. Hanson ; W. B. 
Milmine ; Joel Mvers ; J. W. Piper; N. 
Potter ; W. C. Smith ; Carlyle Summerbell ; Me- 
lissa Terrell. 


Forest Home — C. Hawk: $1,000: 80; Mrs. 'SI. 
Farmer. ^Montezuma. la. 

]iethel—\\. E. Burdine; 121; H. G. Neff, Al- 
bion, la. 
Lake City — No pastor ; $3,000 ; 30 ; Mrs. J. O. 

Smith. Lake City, la. 
Fcnjuson — A. M. Hanson; $1,000; Volney 

Keys. Ferguson, la. 
Barnes — C. Hawk ; $2,000 ; 139 ; Hattie Fisher, 

Barnes, la. 
I'airriev — J. C. Grafton ; $1,000 ; 38 ; Jas. 

Ilorrigan. Brooklyn, la. 
I.e (irand — C. E. Luck; 187; Mrs. Addie Adair, 

Le Grand, la. 
Clemons — D. M. Helfenstein ; 141 ; Anna Lun- 

din. Clemons. la. 

Southwestern Iowa Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Walters.) 

Territory — Southwestern Iowa and contigu- 
ous parts of Missouri and Nebraska. 

Next session to be held with Wheelers Grove 
church. Pottawatamie County. Iowa, to open 
Sept. 13. 1905. 

President. Rev. R. A. Lewis. Redfield. la. ; 
Vice-President, Rev. A. C. Burnham. Linden, 
la. : Secretary, N. Walters. Griswold. la. 

Department Secretaries — Finance. William 
f-. Dean. Griswold, la. ; Jlissions. Harry Read, 
Griswold. la. : Sunday-schools. Grace A. Nelson, 
Essex. la. : Y. P. S. C. E.. Gertrude Acklev, 
Corning. la. : Publication. Rev. J. W. Acklev, 
Corning. la. : Education, Rev. J. A. Stover, 
(jiriswold. Iowa. 

ilinisters — J. W. Ackley : A. C. Burnham ; 
E. M. Bogar. (licensed) ;" Henry Booher. (li- 
censed) : G. W. Bradley, (licensed) ; T. M. 
Bryan, (licensed) : J. B.' Denton : J. D. Gettis ; 
C. W. Goodwin: T. W. Howard; M. F. Irons; 
Mrs. A. R. James, (evangelist) : R. A. Lewis; 
Jos. McFarland ; Harrv Read, (licensed) : E. 
L. Rasp : Samuel Smith ; J. A. Stover : S. K. 
Thomas : A. A. Thomas ; Mrs. Maggie Wallace ; 
N. Walters. 

Opum ned. 17; licentiates, 5 


Coonrulley — J. W. Bryan. Pamora, la. 

Shiloh — R. A. Lewis; $1,000; A. M. Webb, 

Linden. la. 
Rockport. Mo. — Maggie Wallace ; E. O. Gutsch, 

Rockport, Mo. 
Franklin — A. W. Randall, Dale City, la. 
Wheelers Orove — A. A. Thomas ; $2,000 ; Au- 
gust Lembke, Griswold, la. 
Gristrold—J. A. Stover ; $2,000 ; William L. 

Dean. Griswold. la. 
Loucks Grove — A. C. Burnhann ; $1,000 ; Han- 
nah E. Loucks. Stuart. la. 
Lone Chapel — A. A. Thomas ; $1,000 ; E. B. 

Mapes, Hamburg. la. 
Linden — R. A. Lewis; $1,000; J. D. Coffman, 

IJnden. la. 
Madrid — F. G. Coffin ; $5,000 ; Geo. E. Hutton, 

Madrid, la. 
Iraniston — J. A. Stover: $1,000; M. A. Barnes, 

Lewis. la. 
Victory Center — Louise Patterson, Guthrie 

Center, la. 
Union Chapel — $1,000 : Mina Manor, Linden, 

Fairview, Taylor Co. — J. W. Ackley; $1,000; 

I>. W. Herring. Corning. la. 
Tnrkio Valley — $1,000 ; E. F. Manes, Fairfax, 

Fairview. Adair Co. — A. C. Burnham; $1,(J(J0 ; 

Flora E. Smith, Stuart. la. 
PUasnnt Hill, Pace Co. — $1,000; Geo. Ross. 

Essex. la. 
Lincoln School House — 

Convention apDortionment. $250. Churches 
have been aoDortioned on that basis according 
to membership. Four churches in town. Two 
bave settled nastors and full time preaching. 
-HI ethers have half-time preaching except 
s'vcn churchfs which have no pastors. 


REV. W. T BOICE, Pastor, 
Des Moines, Iowa. 

Des Moines Iowa Conference. 

Territory — Comprises counties of Dallas, 
Polk, Madison, Boone. Story, Warren. Adair, 
Union, Kinggold, Decatur, Clark, Lucas, Mar- 
lon, Monroe, Appanoose and Wayne. 

Next session at Winterset, Iowa. 

President, L. E. FoUansbee. Des Moines, la. ; 
Vice-President, D. Abbott. Aft on, la. ; !<ecrv- 
tary, C. R. Fenwick, Des Moines, la.- 

Woman's Mission Board — President, Mrs. 
Minnie Fenwick, Des Moines, Iowa ; Secretary, 
Ida Katzenbarger. Murray. Iowa. 

Ministers — Wm. Bagley ; G. H. Carter ; J. II. 
Creger ; .J. O. Elwell ; C. R. Fenwick, (evan 
gelist) ; Minnie Fenwick; L. E. FoUansbee, 
(lecturer) ; E. E. Garrett: F. C. Lee; Samui-l 
Lockwood ; N. B. Miller ; S. Mofflt ; John I). 
Reed ; Charles H. Young ; E. Fitzgerald. 


DCS Moines — W. T. Boice ; $2,400 ; 2G ; Mrs. 
Weaver, Des Moines, la. 

East Peru — Minnie Fenwick ; $1,700 ; 134 ; D. 
E. HoUingsworth, Peru, la. 

First Otter Creek — J. O. Elwell; $l,2pO; 93; 
Miss Bertha Bennett, Liberty Center, la. 

Hill of Zion — No pastor; $2,700; 227;, A. S. 
Lynn, Orient, la. 

Middle River — No pastor ; J. R. McMeen, Car- 
lyle, la. 

Mt. Zion — No pastor ; $800 ; 55 ; J. F. Claw- 
son, Westerville, la. 

ISlorth River — No pastor ; $1,200 ; 47 ; Washing- 
ton Dey, Spring Hill, la. 

Pleasant Ridge — W. B. Milne; 45; Mrs. Emma 
Moffit, Afton, la. 

Pleasant Valley — J. O. Elwell ; 85 ; David 

Abbott, Afton, la. 
Trurn — A. C. Burnham ; $2,250 ; 123 ; M. G. 

I'a trick, Truro, la. 
Winterset — E. E. Bennett; $10,000; 202; A. 

J. Sumner, Winterset, la. 

Union Iowa Conference. 

Territory — Comprises Keokuk, Washington, 
Muscatine, Louisa, Des Moines, Henry, Jlef- 
ferson, Wapello, Davis, Van Buren and Lee 
counties, Iowa, and Knox county, Missouri. 

Presidont, F. N. Slocum, I3aring, Mo. ; 
Secretary, Rev. D. M. Helfenstein, Clemons, 
la. ; Treasurer, Howard Carter, Washington, 

Ministers — Robert Boyce ; Charles Coop ; 
Lewis Fordyce ; D. M. Helfenstein ; David S. 
Hutton ; D. L. Morrow ; G. B. Phillips ; Elisha 
Rhodes ; Edward W. Sage ; E. H. Wiley. 

Licentiate — J. W. Wait. 

Ordained, 11 ; Licentiate, 1. 


Antioch — E. H. Willey ; ^±,400 ; 75 ; John L. 

Gilbert. Fairfield. la. 
Bethlchrm — W. E. Burdine ; $1,600; 146; Har- 
mon Fite. Eldon, la. 
Ebenecer — W. E. Burdine ; $1,200 : 71 ; F. P. 

Ball. Fairfield, la.. R. F. D. 
Oak Grove — E. H. Willey; $1,800; 31; C. A. 

Brookhart, Letts, la. 
Oofc^a/irf— No pastor ; $800 ; 30 ; G. R. Garrard, 

Coneville. la. 
Pleasant Ridge — E.- H. Willey; $1,100; 67; P. 

N. Slocum'; Baring, Mo., R. F. D. No. 2. 
Sandusky — Elisha Rhodes ; $8,000 ; 129 ; Miss 

Effle Notoney, Montrose, la. 
Sliiloh — Robert Boyce; $1,000; 37; Mrs. Jas. 

ilarsh, Washington, la. 

Churches, 8 — town, 1 ; country, 7. Preaching 
every Sabbath, 1 ; half time, 1 ; once per 
month. 5 ; no pastor, 1. Totals — -Valuation, 
$11,100; membership. 586; Endeavor Socie- 
ties. 1 ; Simday-schools. 6. 

North Missouri Conference. 

Organized at the Fairview School-house, 
Linn County, Mo., December 17, 1867. 

Territory — Charitan, Linn, Sullivan, Putnam, 
Mercer, Livingston, Carroll. Ray. Caldwell, 
Davies, Harrison, Worth, Gentry, Gundy, De- 
Kalb, Clinton. Clay. Piatt. Buchanan, An- 
drew, Nodaway and Holt counties Mo. 

Next session at Indian Grove Church, Sept. 
7, 1905. 

President, Rev. S. D. Collier, Lemonvjlle, 
Mo. ; Vice-President, H. Hull, 326 Arizona 
Ave., St. Joseph Mo.; Secretary, C. DeWeese. 
Mendon, Mo. 

Ministers — J. C. Brickley ; S. D. Collier ; 
Carter Deweese. J. F. Duckworth ; A. J. Gold- 
en ; F. E. Hessenflow : H. Hull ; N. L. Jen- 
nings ; S. F. Noel ; H. Perry ; J. W. Stephen- 
son ; T. B. Sweet ; Mrs. Alice Draper Smith ; 
C. M. C. Showalter ; C. W. Webster. Licen- 
tiate. S. S. Chapins. 


Bethlehem— "So pastor; $800; 23; T. J. Clark- 
son, Wakenda, Mo. 

Boilah—fi. D. Collier ; $500 ; 25 ; S. B. Jeffers, 
Pennville, Mo. 

Ilihle Chanel— a. T. Noel; $800; 35. 

hidian Orove—C. DeWeese ; $500 ; 61 ; J. T. 
INIay, Indian Grove. Mo. 

Long Branch — C. DeWeese; 29; Mrs. Adallne 
Cox, Kevtesville. Mo. 

Monarch — H. Hull ; 47 ; J. M. Hanon, Oregon, 

Mt. Harm:ony—S. D. Collier; $400; 23; H. E. 
Flaner, TTnionville, Mo. 

Pleasant Hill — No pastor ; $800 : 56 ; Mrs. De- 
lilah liaFlesh. Larendo. Mo. 



Pleasant Taftey — J. W. Stephenson ; 31 ; Geo. 

Smith. DeWitt, Mo. 
South Liberty — No pastor ; 21 ; M. J. Roberts, 

Liberty, Mo. 
St. Joseph — J. W. Stephenson ; 52 ; Martin 

Thomas, St. Joseph, Mo. 
■ Churches — country, 10 ; city, 1 ; pre.-iching 
once per month, 8 ; twice per month, 1 ; no 
pastor, 2. Totals — valuation, $4,100 ; member- 
ship, 403 ; Sunday-schools, 7. 

Osage Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Chancellor.) 

Organized September 23, 1866 ; Joseph 
Whitaker, president ; Rev. John Whitaker, sec- 
retary, and Wm. G. Lindey, treasurer. 

Territory — Hickory, St. Clair and Henry 

President, J. D. Simms, Gerster, Mo. ; Vice- 
President, L. K. Garling. Humansville, Mo. ; 
Secretary, P. Chancellor, Weaubleau, Mo. ; 
Treasurer ; H. C. Replogle, Gerster, Mo. ; Sun- 
day-school Secretary, E. D. Brown, Weaubleau, 

Next session of conference will be held with 
the church at Bethany, in August, 1905, at 
call of secretary. 

Ministers — John Adamson ; J. B. Adkins ; P. 
Chancellor ; A. H. Freeman ; L. K. Garling ; W. 
J. Maple ; J. D. Simms ; P. M. Thomas ; S. K. 
Thomas ; E. Turner ; John Whitaker. 


Antioch — J. D. Simms ; 46 ; C. B. Stillwill, Da- 
mascus, Mo. 

Bethany — L. K. Garling ; E. M. Allen, Gerster, 

Cross Lane — L. K. Garling; 12 ; J. D. Michael, 
Quincy, Mo. 

Monegan — L. K. Garling; $600; 30; E. E. Rea- 
soner. Deepwater, Mo. 

Union Hill — J. D. Simms ; 52 ; Mrs. Jennie 
Brown, Weaubleau, Mo. 

Weaubleau — John Whitaker ; $500 ; 70 ; Eva 
Wiggins, Weaubleau, Mo. 

Ozark Conference. 

Organized September 12, 1903, at Pleasant 
Ridge, near Drury, Mo. 

President, Rev. G. W. Mason, Tedrick, Mo. ; 
Vice-President, Isaac Orwick. Dora, Mo. ; Secre- 
tary, Rev. G. T. Graham. Drury, Mo. ; Treas- 
urer, John Hutchinson, Dinlow, Mo. 

Note — The above was copied from last year's 
report, as no report was received this year. — 

Kansas State Conference. 

The Kansas State Conference was organized 
at Madison, Greenwood County, Kansas, No- 
vember 3, 1881. 

Next session at Lincoln, Kansas, on June 8, 
1905, at 2 p. m. 

President. C. C. Stoner, Lincoln, Kan. ; Vtce- 
Pre.ndent, B. S. Barton, Lincoln, Kan. ; Secre- 
tary, M. D. Webber, Sylvan Grove, Kan. ; 
Treasurer, C. C. Hedrickson, Lincoln, Kan. ; 
Trustees, H. Vernon Winter, Olpe, Kan ; A. C. 
Wheeler, Delphos, Kan. ; E. Coate, Heber,- Kan. 

Northern Kansas Conference. 

The Northern Kansas Conference was organ- 
ized at Carr Creek, Mitchell County, Kansas, 
in 1878. 

Next session at Nelson, August, 1905. 

Territory — Beginning on the east with Re- 
public. Ottawa. Cloud and Saline counties, and 
extending westward to the Colorado boundary. 

President. C. C. Stoner, Lincoln, Kan. ; Vice- 
President, H. E. Warren, Superior. Neb. ; Secre- 
tory, M. D. Webber, Sylvan Grove, Kan. ; 
Treasurer, Henry Forrey, Mankato, Kan. ; Mi.s- 
sion Secretary, M. D. Webber, Sylvan Grove, 

C. C. STONER. Lincoln, Kansas. 

President Kansas State and Northern 

Kansas Conferences. 

Kan. ; Correspondiny Secretary, F. Cooper, Lin- 
coln, Kan. 

Conference Missionary — J. B. Denton, Emer- 
son, Iowa. 

Ministers — J. E. Amos ; B. S. Barton ; Han- 
nah Bushong ; Peter Bushong ; J. W. Coates ; 
Fred Cooper ; J. H. Doll ; Ellen Elliott ; C. D. 
Goernandt ; J. J. Hillman ; N. E. Lamb ; W. C. 
McClain ; S. Naillieux ; J. S. Strange ; T. M. 
Strange ; S. A. Strange ; J. W. Tipton ; H. J. 
Wright ; O. B. Whitaker. 

Ordained, 16 ; licentiates, 3. 


Doll-— J. S. Strange ; 9 ; Samantha Bird, Lin- 
coln, Kan. 
Fair Haven — No pastor ; 21 ; Sadie Lee, Alme- 

na, Kan. 
Lincoln — Fred Cooper ; 58 ; C. C. Hendrickson, 

Lincoln, Kan. 
Meredith — $500 ; 76 ; Rachel Knowles, Heber, 

Morning Star — 58 ; Gertrude Hines, Almena, 

Nelson — 54 ; Lizzie Rothimer, Rice, Kan. 
Olive Hill — J. E. Amos ; $1,200 ; 50 ; Bertha 

Mellott. Superior, Neb. 
Pipe Creek — 35 ; Chas. Ablard, Delphos, Kan. 
Pleasant Home — No pastor ; 30 ; Albert Lister, 

Brewster, Kan. 
Pleasant Hill — T. M. Strange ; 19 ; J. S. Reed, 

Beverly, Kan. 
Pravrie Gem — No pastor ; Mrs. Lisetta Eicher, 

Quicksville, Kan. 
Shermanrille — No pastor ; Mrs. Kate Bray, 

Charlotte, Kan. 
The Center — 22 ; Katie Anderson, Oberlin, 

Sunny side — J. H. Doll : 14 : Mr. Maxwell, Lin 

coin, Kan. 




Secretary Kansas State and Northern Kansas 

Eastern Kansas Conference. 

Territory — Comprises Cherokee. Crawford, 
Bourbon. Linn. Miami. Jolin.son. Wyandotte. 
Doniplaan. Atchison. Jefferson. Douglas, Frank- 
lin. Anderson. Allen. Neosho, Labette, Mont- 
gomery, Wilson. Woodson, Coffey, Osage, Shaw- 
nee. Jackson. Brown. Nemaha. Pottawatomie, 
Waubaunsee. Lion, Greenwood, Elk, and Chau- 
tauqua counties. 

Next session, October, 1905. 

President, J. L. Masters. Mound Valley, 
Kan. ; Sccre'tary and Treasurer, M. L. Carter, 
Earlton, Kan. 

Ministers — E. A'dams ; Alfred Allison : James 
Allison ; Fred Cooper : T. C. Darnall ; M. M. 
Gwinn : Alpha Mason ; J. L. Masters ; J. S. 
Masters : A. D. McHargue ; N. J. McHargue ; 
A. A. McMnrray ; Jacob Sicks ; J. M. Twiggs ; 
Fred Weaver ; H. Vernon Winter ; J. H. Wood- 


Elm City — H. Vernon Winter ; $600 : 137 ; Jen- 
nie Waugh. Edna. Kan. 

Fairview — No pastor; 11; G. W. Sicks, Inde- 
pendence. Kan. 

Hiyhland — No pastor; .50 ; E. S. Baker, Dex- 
ter. Kan. 

Jjune — No pastor ; .$500 ; 35 ; E. L. Frame, 
I>ane. Kan. 

Maple Grove — H. Vernon Winter ; 31 ; Effle 
Foster, Thayer, Kan. 

Mt. Pleasant — No pastor : 88 ; Lincoln Martin- 
dale. Burlington. Kan. 

Mt. Zion — No pastor; 40; Sallie Huffman. 
I'earl. Mich. 

Pleasant Valley — II. Vernon Winter; $300; 
77 : Julia Wilkins. Chanute. Kansas. 

Il7n/e Hall— 3'.): W. A. Noakes, Fall River, 
Churches 9 — town. 2: country, 7; preaching 

full time. T) ; no pastor. 4. Totals — valuation, 

.$1.0(10; membership. 508; Sunday-schools, 5; 

Endeavor Societies, 4. 

Southern Kansas Conference. 

Organized at Towanda, Butler County, Sept. 
20-22, 1877. Elder Isaac Mooney was elected 
President ; W. H. Fitch. Vice-president ; Hen- 
ry C«le. Secretary, and Charles Brown, Treas- 
urer. Elder Mooney served as president fropi 
the organization until his death, October, 1902, 
and H. Cole continues as secretary, now more 
than twenty-seven years. 

Territory- — The west three-fourths of south- 
ern Kansas. 

Next session at Neola, Stafford County, Octo- 
ber 7, 1905. 

President, B. Cameron. Sycamore Springs, 
Kan. ; Secretary, Henry Cole, Arlington. Kan. ; 
Treasurer, N. J. Rasmussen, Turon, Kans. 

Ministers — T. Birnbaum ; E. Cameron ; Hen- 
ry Cole ; Wm. R. Fuller ; G. W. Hanner ; W. 
H. Hendershot ; J. W. Kinney ; A. C. Mizener ; 
Emma Rasmussen. 

Ordained, 9 ; licentiates, 2. 


Eldorado — A. C. Mizener ; 14 ; Mrs. P. L. Miz- 
ener. Eldorado, Kan. 

Matfleld Green — No pastor ; $700 ; 30 ; John 
Cox, Matfield Green, Kan. 

Neola — J. M. Twiggs ; 70 ; E. Rasmussen, Tu- 
ron, Kan. 

Nickerson — No pastor ; $1,500 ; I. J. Byers, 
Nickerson. Kan. 

Pleasant Hill — J. M. Twiggs : $800 ; 40 ; Clar- 
issa Cole, Langdon, Kan. 

Pleasant Center — E. Cameron ; $500 ; 4 ; W. T. 
Davis, Burns, Kan. 

Towanda — O. B. Whitaker ; $1,200 ; 90 ; Birdie 
Orban, Towanda, Kan. 
Churches, 7 — town, 4 ; country, 3. No pastor, 

4. Totals — Valuation, $4,000 ; members, 255 ; 

Sabbath-schools, 6. ; C. E. societies. 2. 

Northwestern Kansas Conference. 

Organized Sept. 14, 1900, at the Morning 
Star Church, Norton County. Kans. 

Territory — Beginning at the east of Smith 
County, extending south to the present con- 
ference boundary. Thence west to the Colo- 
rado line. 

President, J. G. Merritt. Morrowville, Kan. ; 
Vice-President, D. B. Clouse, Almena, Kan. ; 
Secretary, Lizzie O. Pauley, Kanona, Kan. ; 
Treasurer, John Hines. Norton. Kan.. R. R. 1. 

Department Secretaries — Sunday-school, An- 
nie Wright, Norton, Kan., R. F. D. 1. ; Educa- 
tion, Lizzie O. Pauley. Kanona, Kan. ; Publi- 
cation, L. C. Caldwell, Kanona, Kan. ; Missions, 
J. T. Wright, Norton, Kan., R. F. D. 1. 

Ministers — Henry Hewson ; Riley Lambert ; 
J. T. Wright (Home Missionary) ; Hiram 
Daily; J. G. Merritt. 


Morning Star — Riley Lambert ; 21 ; Florence 
Hines, Norton, Kan. 

Fair Haven — Riley Lambert ; 32 ; J. C. Bright , 
Almena. Kan. 

Pleasant Home — J. G. Merritt ; 32 ; Albert Lis- 
ter, Brewster, Kan. 

Center — J. G. Merritt ; 15 ; Kate Harmon, 
Kanona, Kan. 

Southeastern Nebraska. 

Territory — Southeastern Nebraska. 

Next session, September. 1905, at Hoag Sta- 
tion, Neb. 

President. Rev. J. R. Hoag. Wyraore. Neb. ; 
Vice-President. Rev. William Kirk. York. Neb. ; 
Heeordinn Secretary. Rev. Thomas Diltz, 
Brownsville. Neb. Vorrespondiny t<ecretary. 
Rev. E. F. Flowers, Lincoln, Neb. 

Ministers — Thomas Diltz ; E. F. Flowers ; J. 
R. Hoag : William Kirk. 

This conference is not two years old. but a 



church has been organized at York and a new 
building was dedicated there last summer. 
Three quarterly meetings are held between 
conference sessions. 

Northwestern North Dakota Conference. 

• Organized at Denbigh. N. D.. July 6. 1904. 

Territory — -North Dakota and Montana. 

Next session to be held at Surrey. N. D., 
Thursday before second Sunday in July, 1905. 

President, Rev. Robert Harris, Denbigh, N. 
D. : Vice-President, Rev. Vina B. Wilgus, Sur- 
rey, N. D. ; Secretary, L. F. Wilgus. Surrey, N. 
D.'; Treasurer, W. C. Perry, Surrey. N. D. 

Women's Foreti/n Mission Board — Lulu Pear- 
son, president ; Vina B. Wilgus, vice-president ; 
Anna Perrv, secretary ; Mrs. Semler, treasurer ; 
all of Surrey, N. D. 

Ministers — Robert Harris ; M. f. Pearson ; 
Vina B. Wilgus ; W. A. Jackson ; H. G. Cowan. 

Ordained, 5. 



; 17 ; Violet Edwards ; Den- 
12; Elsie Michael, Granville, 

high. N. D 


N. D. 

Siirreu : 44 : L. F. Wilgus, Surrey, N. D. 

Salina : 24 : J. E. Wilson. Salina, N. D. 

Watcrfurd : 12; Estella M. Scott. Bur- 
lington. N. D. 
Cottonicood ; 15 ; Sarah J. Walton, Mal- 
ta. Montana. 

Endeavor societies, 2 ; Sunday-schools. 4. 
This conference owes its foundation to the 
Mission department of the American Christian 
Convention. Its missionaries are Robert Har- 
ris. Vina B. Wilgus and H. G. Cowan, who 
now work interchangeably over the territory. 

Western Washington Conference. 

( Reported by Secretary Brown. ) 

Territory — State of Washington. 

Next session left to discretion of executive 

President, Rev. H. Fry, Montesano. Wash. ; 
Vice-President, Rev. W. R: Caldwell. Montesa- 
no. Wash. ; Secretary, Rev. J. Emmett Brown,' 
Bordeaux, Wash. ; Treasurer, Lydia Fry, Mon- 
tesano, Wash. 

Ministers^J. Emmett Brown ; W. R. Cald- 
well : H. Fry ; F. D. Hutton ; T. Stone. 

Ordained. 5. 


Bitter Creek — F. D. Hutton ; 11 ; Mrs. Wilkie, 

Montesano. Wash. 
Delphi — H. Fry and J. Emmett Brown ; 21 ; 

E. C. Meyer, Dephi. Wash. 
Wynoochee Valley — F. D. Hutton ; 26 ; Jesse 

Lamb. Montesano. Wash. 
Western or John's River — W. R. Caldwell ; 

$675 ; 41 : A. A. Frv. Western, Wash. 
Melbourne — T. Stone ; $100 ; 7 ; Mrs. T. Stone, 

Melbourne. Wash. 
Brooklyn — Not reported. 

Red River Conference. 

No report. — Editor. 

Oklahoma Conference. 

Territory — Oklahoma and Indian Territory. 

President, Rev. J. T. White. Avery. Oklaho- 
ma : Vice-President, Rev. E. E. Garrett. Ar-- 
kansas City. Kansas : Secretary, W. H. Kemp, 
Parkland. Oklahoma : Treasurer, Mrs. F. E. 
Williamson. Renfrew. Oklahoma. 

Ministers — H. Cook ; P. Funderburg ; J. Gel- 
ler ; W. P. Hostetter ; W. H. Kemp : W. J. 
Shepherd ; J. T. White ; F. E. Williamson. 

REV. LAURA MOODY, Galena, Kaksas. 


Inion Home — H. Cook ; Mrs. Mary Cannon, 
Marsham. Oklahoma. 

( President White, writing of some of the 
many things there are to endure in a new coun- 
try, reveals the fact that great sacrifices are 
being made for the cause. He closes his letter 
with, "May God help you and us all to do that 
which is right and acceptable in his sight." 
The Oklahoma brethren need encouragement. 
— Editor.) 

Western Arkansas Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary McGinnis.) 
Organized in Boone County. Arkansas, by 
Rev. C. J. Brickley, John Gass and others, 
about the year 1893. Incorporated at Harri- 
son. Boone County Arkansas, about the year 

President, Rev. M. P. Julian. Chester, Ark. ; 
Vice-President, Rev. J. F. Baker, Decatur. Ark.: 
Secretary, Rev. D. D. Mc(;innis. Francis, Ark. 
Ministers — J. F. Baker ; S. S. Drake ; David 
Drake; M. P. Julian: A. J. Manners: D. D. 
McGinnis : Samuel Raynor : C. H. Young. 


Elizabeth Chapel — S. S. Drake. 
Francis — D. D. McGinnis. 
Lickhraveh — No pastor. 
Elmirood — D. D. McGinnis. 
Wolfbranch — S. Raynor. 
Pleasant Orove — A. J. Manners. 

Kentucky State Conference. 
The Kentucky State Conference was organ- 
ized at Kings Chapel. Carter ("ounty. Kentucky, 
on the 2.3d dav of October, 1890. 


Territory— CompriseB the State of Kentucky. Kown ; Carrie Morgan ; D. M. Morgan ; Al 

Next session, Pultz, Center County, Thurs- Miller ; L. D. McBlfresh ; W. H. Pollard ; Em- 
day before the first Sunday in November, 1905. ma Pollard ; W. J. Roe ; Eda Roe ; J. S. 

President, J. R. Wiggins, Muses Mills ; Vice- Scott ; G. W. Staggs ; Z. T. Thacker, Jr. ; 

President, D. J. Ross, Olive Hill, Ky. ; Secre- James Tomlin ; G. N. Upton ; C. Vandbiber ; 

tary, R. Gee, Grayson, Ky. ; Treasurer, W. L. G. W. Wheat ; J. R. Wiggins. 
Maddix, Court Roads, Ky. Ordained, 37 ; licentiates, 13. 

The object of the State Conference is to church, pastok, value, m'bmbeks, clhek. 

illJt^ fi^^%2^ ^^nf^^^ol^f^^.r.^^''^ ^'/^\^^l AnMoc7^— William McKown ; 49; Mary Mad- 
reports to the State Conference, and the j^^ Weslevville Kv 

State Conference makes a general report to q^^^,^' orove— Jos'. Jordan ; 35 ; Lizzie Jordan, 

the American Christian Convention. Vanceberg Ky 

Kentucky (First District) Conference. Bethel^ S. Evermen ; $200; 132; JefE Fan- 
■^ ' nin, Wesleyville, Ky. 
(Reported by Secretary Meadows.) Big White Oak — F. M. Logan; 48; Delia Reed- 
Organized in Bourbon County, Ky., in er, York, Ky. 
September, 1804 ; was laid off into districts Blankenship — J. R. Wiggins ; $600 ; 132 ; Sc- 
at Bethel Church, Carter County, Ky., on phia Stone, Mouth of Laurel, Ky. 
13th day of September, 1888. Briary — Wm. McKown ; 37 ; Rebecca Veach, 

Next session to be held with the St. John Quincy, Ky. 

Christian Church in Fleming Countv. Ky., on Carter — No pastor ; 42 ; Hiram Davis, Ports- 

the 7th day of September, 1905, at 2 :00 o'clock mouth, Ky. 

p. m. Cedar Lane — No pastor ; 44 ; Carl Helter- 

President, E. T. Thacker, Sr., Muses Mills, brand, Manchester, Ohio. 

Ky. ; Vice-President, James Tomlin, Ellesberry, Clarksberg — T. S. Blankenship ; $150 ; 38 ; L. 

Ohio ; Secretary, T. H. Meadows, Muses Mills, A. Webster, Vanceberg, Ky. 

Ky. ; Treasurer, J. R. Brammer, Muses Mills, Crain Creek — Z. T. Thacker, Sr. ; $250 ; 75 ; 

Kentucky. Millard Cooper, Ni Si, Ky. 

Ministers — T. S. Blankenship ; G. W. Burns ; Crooked Creek — No pastor ; 12 ; J. W. W^alk- 

Minnie Brammer ; John Carington ; S. H. er, Clovedale, Ky. 

Colville ; D. C. Colgan ; Harry Conley ; J. A. Dry Branch — No pastor ; 36 ; A. L. Buckner. 

Dunagan ; M. M. Davis : W. L. Evans ; T. H. Elbethel — J. Tomlin ; $800 ; 74 ; W. H. W. 

Glasscock ; C. H. Godfrey ; H. H. Gray ; May Outen, Plumville, Ky. 

Gray ; A. J. Grigson ; W. W. Hedger ; J. W. Elliotts Chapel — 42 ; Mrs. Nora Elliott, Val- 

Hickerson ; J. A. Hobbs ; J. P. Hobbs ; Wm. ley, Ky. 

Hobbs ; S. H. Hughes; A. P. Hurst; Taylor Easel Branch — No pastor; 12 ; E. Bond, En- 
Humphries ; A. H. Langdon ; S. P. Lawhoun ; terprise, Ky. 

James Logan ; A. E. Loper ; R. R. Lewis ; T. Garrison — L. D. McElfresh ; 45 ; Alice Osborne, 

H. Meadows ; F. H. McCarmick ; Wm. Mc- Tannery. Ky. 

9^00-<KX>0(><>-0<><>0 C>o^>0-0-0<><X>0-(>000<XK>-00<><><X><>00<><^^ 

I Queen's University and College, 


I The ARTS COURSE leads to the degrees of B.A. and M.A., 

8 D.Sc, and Ph.D. $ 

X Non-resident students are received and the total cost for resident students need not a 

<> exceed $160 per College Year. O 

J The LAW COURSE leads to the degree of LL.B., t 

I The THEOLOGICAL COURSE leads to the degree of B.D. 5 

6 The MEDICAL COURSE leads to the degree of M.D., and CM. S 

? The SCIENCE COURSE leads to the degree of D.Sc. and M.E. ? 

5 Queen's University is one of the three largest in Canada and 5 

9 twelve largest on the American Continent. There were 897 | 
9 students registered last season. 9 

I Calendar and Examination Papers may be had from 2 

? Registrar GEO. Y. CHOWN, B.A,, Kingston, Ont, | 




Kansas — 48 ; A. V. Clark, Crum, Ky. 

Laurel Point — T. S. Blankenship : 45; T. H. 

Stafford, Head of Grassey, Ky. 
Little Leathericood — 22 ; A. Lander, Brush- 
hart, Ky. 
Liberty — D. C. Colgan ; 37 ; Anna B. Colgan, 

Mt. Carmel, Ky. 
Little White Oak — No pastor; 25; John Hig- 

gins. Warwick, Ky. 
Long Branch — No pastor ; 18 ; Leonda Hines, 

Cr^jm, Ky. 
Alt. of Blessing — 44 ; Annie Sweargan, Olive 

Hill. Ky. 
yorth Cut — No pastor ; 18 ; Mary L. Sexton, 

Triplet. Ky. 
Pine Valley^No pastor ; 32 ; Sarah Evans, 

Vanceberg, Kv. « 

Pt. Pleasant — Minnie Brannide ; $300 ; 91 ; M. 

M. Davis, Muses Mills, Ky. 
Ratines Chapel — No pastor ; 16 ; Jane Zornes, 

Goble, Ky. 
Red Brush 

; Mary Buce, 
50 ; Mary P. 

Carter, Ky. 
Rock Springs — G. W. Giles ; 

Jones, Carter, Ky. 
Siloam—Z. T. Thacker, Sr. ; 22 ; Jas. W. 

McClease, Wesleyville, Ky: 
Staffords Hill^G. W. Staggs ; 75 ; Eliza Coop- 
er, Garrison. Ky. 
St. John — T. H. Meadows : $500 ; 125 ; J. R. 

Brammer, Muses Mills, Ky. 
Smith Greek— G. W. Staggs ; 54 ; M. L. Mc- 

Ginis, Smith Creek, Ky. 
St. Paul — No pastor ; 64 ; James E. Smith, 

Valley, Ky. 
Straight Fork — T. H. Meadows ; 60 ; Wesley 

Hamilton, Mouth of Laurel, Ky. 
Tar Fork — No pastor ; 54 ; Ella Mank, Head 

of Grassey, Ky. 

Trace— F. M. Logan ; 80 ; Anna Cooper, liugless, 

Walnut Qrove — Jos. Jourdan ; 40 ; W. J. 

Green, Brushart, Ky. 
Walnut Hill — No pastor ; 67 ; A. J. Pitts, 

Trotter, Ky. 
Tanery— 45 ; Alice Osborne, Tanery, Ky. 
Walnut Orove — Jos. Jordan ; 40 ; W. P. 

Green, Brushart, Ky. 
Walnut Hill — No pastor ; 67 ; A. G. Pills, 

Trotter, Ky. 
Zion Hill — Jos. Jourdan : 60 ; C. B. Evans, 

Quincy, Ky. 
Rock Ruhi — ^17 ; vC^arles Kook, Vanceberg, 

Sp!/ Run — L. D. McElfresh ; 70 ; Lillian 

Zanes, Garrison, Ky. 
Long Lick — A. L. Miller; 18; S. M. Rodgers, 

Stouts, Ohio. 
Oakland — 24 ; J. W. Burton, Resort, Ky. 

Churches. 46 ; 2250 members. 

Kentucky (Second) Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Forrest.) 

Organized at Concord, Elliott County, Ken- 
tucky, August 25. 1871. 

Next session. Pine Hill. Carter County, 
Thursday before the first Sunday in October, 

President. Rev. J. H. Eli>s, Gimlet, Ky. ; 
Secretary, Rev. L. H. Forest, Sandy Hook, Ky. 

Ministers — William Ball ; J. H. Ellis ; Ma- 
rian Evans ; J. S. Everman ; L. H. Forrest ; 
D. A. Fraley ; William Gee ; Robert Gee ; Wil- 
liam Hagar ; W. L. Maddix ; Eliza Medows : 
John Meser : John Pig ; E. B. Rice ; D. J. Robs ; 
Harvey Sanders ; G. W. Sexton ; Rlley Sexton ; 
Matthew Taber ; Sherwood Tacket ; Frank 

iSchool of MiningJ 



g The following Courses are offered : 

g I Four Years' Course for a degree (B.Sc. ) in 

(a) Mining Engineering. (e) Civil Engineering. 

(b) Chemistry and Mineralogy. (f) Mechanical Engineering. 

g (c) Mineralogy and Geology, (g) Electrical Engineering. 

g (d ) Chemical Engineering. (h) Biology and Public Health. 

( i) Three years for a Diploma. 

g The School of Mining has the best equipped Mining Laboratory on the conti- 

g nent. Fees, g6o per session. Total cost per School Year need not exceed $190. 

n For Calendar of the School and further information applv to the Secretary, School of Mining, 

Kingston, Ont. 






Thomas ; Harvey Treut : James White ; W. A. 
Whitlock ; Milton Wilburn ; Eliza Wolford. 


Muse Mills — Wm. Ball ; 3G. 
Alveney — J. H. Ellis ; 19. 
Everman's Chapel — S. Everman ; 43. 
Ross Chapel — U. J. Koss ; 24. 
Upper Stinson — W. A. Whitlocic ; 23. 
King's Chapel — M. Wilburn : 108. 
Spring Branch — W. A. Whitlocic ; 39. 
Pleasant Hill — W. L. Maddix ; 16. 
Johnson Chapel — W. A. Whitloctc ; 68. 
Straight Creek — G. W. Sexton ; 34. 
John Run — John Meser ; 12. 
Spicetvood — J. S. Eveman ; 87. 
Letherwood — rMarion Evans ; 40. 
Davy's Run — W. A. Whitlock ; 96. 
Pleasant View — L. H. Forrest ; 40. 
Pine Hill — Robert Gee; 11. 

Several churches not reported or lieard from. 

Southern Christian Convention. 

Territory — Tlie Southern Christian Conven- 
tion is composed of the following conferences : 
Virginia Valley Conference, J. S. Kagy, secre- 
tary, Harrisonburg, Va. ; Georgia and Alabama 
Conference, Rev. H. W. Elder, secretary, Rich- 
land, Ga. ; Alabama Conference, J. W. Payne, 
secretary, Truett, Ala. ; Eastern Virginia Con- 
ference, T. J. Lawrence, secretary. South 
Quay, Va. ; Western North Carolina Confer- 
ence, Rev: H. A. Albright, secretary, Moflit, N. 
C. ; N. C. and Virginia Conference, Rev. J. W. 
Holt, secretary, Burlington, N. C. ; Eastern 
North Carolina Conference, Rev. M. W; But- 
ler, secretax-y, Raleigh, N. C. 

Next session will meet Tuesday before the 
first Sunday in May, 1906. The selection of 
a place was left to the Executive Committee. 

President, Rev. W. W. Staley, D. D., Suffolk, 
Va. ; Vice-President, Rev. J. O. Atkinson. Elon 
College, N. C. ; Secretary. P. J. Kernodle, Elon 
College, N. C. ; Assistant Secretary, Rev. J. W. 
Patton, Elon College, N. C. ; Treasurer, 3. A. 
Mills, Raleigh, N. C. 

The home mission work of the convention 
as shown by the report of the president of the 
Christian Missionary Association at the last 
meeting of the Southern Convention is in suc- 
cessful operation. The Association, in addi- 
tion to aiding special points, maintains two 
general missionaries in its bounds. As re- 
gards foreign missions, it is believed there is 
a steady growth of interest. A special call 
was made upon the conference for missions 
at the late session of the Convention. 

The ofiicers of the Christian Missionary As 
sociation are : Rev. J. O. Atkinson, President, 
Elon College, N. C. ; Rev. J. W. Johnson, Sec- 
retary, Suffolk, Va. The Association meets 
Tuesday after the first Sunday in December, 
1905. The report of the Committee on Schools 
and Colleges, made at Berea Church, Nanse- 
mond Co., Va.. shows the indebtedness of Elsn 
College to be entirely liquidated and the en- 
dowment increased to $30,000. That the 
churches composing the Convention pay a fixed 
sum annually of .?1,800 for Elon College. 
Thus the college is freed from embarrassment 
as to its future progress. At the recent com- 
mencement it was decided to build a new dor- 
mitory to cost about $20,000, with modern 
equipments. Rev. W. W. Staley, D. D., is 
president of the college and its financial affairs 
are entrusted to him. 

The Convention has also inaugurated plans 
for an orphanage, for which considerable funds 
have already been contributed. Its location 
was placed in the liands of the following com- 
mittee : Rev. W. S. Long, D. D.. Rev. J. L. 
Foster, and W. J. Lee, Esq. Rev. J. L. Fos- 
ter, Raleigli, N. C, is secretary of the com- 
mittee and authorized agent of this fund. 

At the Berea Convention Rev. M. W. But- 
ler, Raleigh, N. C, was made Sunday-school 
L>epartment Secretary. 

The Christian Sun was purchased by the 
Southern Convention and Rev. J. O. Atkinson, 
elected editor. 

Western North Carolina Conference. 
(Reported by Secretary Albright.) 

Organized on the 8th of November, 1&94, at 
Shiloh Church, Randolph County, N. C. 

Territory — Piedmont section of the state. 

President, Rev. P. H. Fleming, Burlington, 
N. C. ; Treasurer, Capt. J. A. Turrentine, Bur- 
lington, N. C. ; Secretary, Rev. H. A. Albright, 
Moflitt, N. C. 

Department Secretaries — Home missions, 
I'rof. E. L. Moffltt, Asheboro, N. C. ; foreign 
missions. Rev. J. II Wright, Asheboro, N. C. ; 
education. Dr. J. U. Newman, Elon College, 
N. C. ; Sabbath-schools, Rev. J. R. Comer, 
Ether, N. C. ; religious literature. Prof. E. L. 
Moflitt, Asheboro, N. C. 

Ministers — H. A. Albright ; C. A. Boone ; J. 
R. Comer ; L. I. Cox ; J. O. Cox (licentiate) ; 
P. H. Fleming ; M. E. Hammer ; W. N. Hayse 
(licentiate) ; G. A. B. Holderby (licentiate) ; 
Mrs. G. A. B. Holderby (licentiate;) B. F. 
Kern (licentiate) ; W. W. Laurence; Dr. D. A. 
Long; H. F. Moflatt ; Dr. J. U. Newman, (Dean 
of Elon College) ; J. W. Patterson ; W. H. 
Roach ; P. T. Way ; S. H. Way ; J. A. Webster ; 
R. L. Williamson, (licentiate) ; T. E. White, 
(missionary to Porto Rico) ; J. H. Wright. 

Ordained, 17 ; licentiates, 5. 


Antioch (C.)— J. H. Wright; $450; 79; Fan- 
nie Oldham, Goldston, N. C. 
Ajitioch (R.) — J. A. Webster; $400; 37; Eben 

Hayse, Everet, N. C. 
Asheboro — W. T. Herndon ; $2,000 ; 43 ; Elijah 

Moflitt, Asheboro. N. C. 
Bifj Oak — J. H. Wright; $400; 69; J. A. 

Bailey, Big Oak, N. C. 
Broicn's Chapel — W. W. Laurence ; $1,400 ; 84 ; 

W. L. Brewer, Spencerville, N. C. 
Burlington — P. H. Fleming ; $6,000 ; 254 ; J. 

P. Montgomery, Burlington, N. C, 
Center Grove — J. D. Wicker ; $700 ; 25 ; R. L. 

White, Rosewood, N. C. 
Christian Union — L. L. Lassiter ; $300; 116; 

Calvin McNeill, Home, N. C. 
Clover Orchard — No pastor ; $ ; 48 ; no 

Graham — W. S. Long ; $1,750 ; 44 ; J. D. Ker- 
nodle, Graham, N. C. 
Grace's Chapel — L. L. Lassiter ; $600 ; 117 ; 

J. H. Phillips, Jonesboro, N. C. 
Hank's Chapel — T. W. Strowd ; $1,000 ; 145 ; 

William O. Farrell, Pittsbow, N. C. 
High Point — No pastor ; $1,000 ; 23 ; A. V. 

Driver, High Point, N. C. 
Keyser — J. H. Wright; $1,000; 27; William 

Keith, Keyser, N. C. 
Liberty — W. T. Herndon ; $500 ; 23 ; O. T. 

Hatch, Liberty, N. C. 
Mt. Pleasant — J. H. Wright ; $500 ; 53 ; J. A. 

Wright, Lobelia, N. C. 
New Center — H. A. Albright; $400; 120; E. 

E. McNeill, Why Not, N. C. 
Nctc Providence — J. W. Patton ; $3,000 ; 91 ; 

J. W. Turner, Graham, N. C. 
Park's Cross Roads — M. E. Hammer ; $600 ; 

114 ; R. W. York, Kildee, N. C. 
Patterson's Grove — L. L. Lassiter ; $500 ; 36 ; 

B. S. Thomas, Liberty, R. F. D. No. I, N. C. 
Pleasant Grove— H. A. Albright ; $1,000 ; 264 ; 

Alfred L. Bradv, Cheeks, N. C. 
Pleasant Union — No pastor: $500; 27; W. R. 

Harris, Jackson's Creek, N. C. 
Pleasant Cross — L. L. Lassiter ; $300 ; 29 ; 

Joseph Henson. Asheboro, N. C. 



I'lra-saiit lUiUji — J. K. ("oiuer; $800: 121: W. 

E. Albro<1. Ramseui. N. C. 
I'lcasunt Hill — L. L. Lassiter : $1,000: 134; 

1). II. Albright. Saudy Grove. N. C. 
Poplar Branch — L. L. Lassitei- : $50<i : 24 : - — . 
liunshn — M. E. Hammer : $900 ; 41 ; T. A. 

MofBtt. Kam.sein. N. C. 
Hhudii Grove — M. E. Hammer: .$400: 09: Hi 

ram F'reeman, Ether, N. C. 
shil(,h — J. K. Comer: $1,000; 83; B. S. Mof 

tirt. Moffitt. N. C. 
Sinithicood — W. T. Hemdon ; $400; 49; P. W. 

Humble. Liberty. N. C. 
Bpooiis Chapel — L. L. Lassiter ; $200; 22; Sal 

lie Mcl'herson. Empire. N. C. 
St. Johns— W. H. Roach ; $300 ; 136 ; W. H. 

Lawrence. Kandleman, N. C. 
Union Grove — J. R. Comer; $1,000; 6.5; D. W. 

Brown. Moffitt. N. C. 
Zion — P. S. Klapp; $900; 196; T. E. Perrell. 

Lockville, N. C. 

Churches. 34; valuation. $30,700; member 
ship. 2,836. 

Eastern North Carolina Conference. 

Organized November 27. 1894, at Christian 
Chapel Christian Church, Chatham County. N. 
C, and was presided over by Hon. S. P. Reade, 
of Palmer's Spring, Va. It was formerly a 
part of the North Carolina and Virginia Con- 
ference. The present officers of the Conference 
are as follows : 

President, Rev. W. G. Clements, Morrisville, 
N. C. ; Standing Secretary, Rev. Murdock W. 
Butler, Raleigh. N. C. ; Treasurer, J. E. Ballen- 
tine : Fuquay Spring. N. C. 

Ministers — Murdock W. Butler ; W. G. Clem- 
ents ; Jas. L. Foster ; S. B. Klapp ; 
ston ; J. D. Wicker ; W. C. Wicker ; T. A. 
Pounds ; G. R. Underwood. 


Antioch — W. T. Herndon ; Nellie J. Harris. 

Elams, N. C. 
Auburn — W. C. Wicker ; Wm. W atts. Auburn, 

N. C. 
Amelia — W. G. Clements ; J. E. Austin, Clay- 
ton, N. C. 
Bethel— W. T. Walters ; R. R. Marks, Enno, 

N. C. 
Beulah — G. R. Underwood ; J. B. Edwards, 

Rolesville, N. C. 
Bethlehem — W. T. Herndon ; T. W. Northing- 
ton. Jacks, N. C. 
Cutaicha Springs — M. W. Butler ; T. M. Franks, 

McCullers. N. C. 
Christian Chapel — J. D. Wicker ; J. B. Davis, 

Pease, N. C. 
Christian Light — J. D. Wicker ; J. E. Senter, 

May, N. C. 
Damascus — W. G. Clements ; M. A. McCauley, 

Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Eheneter — T. W. Strowd. 
Fuller's Chapel — -W. T. Herndon ; Joseph F. 

Coghill, Bearpond, N. C. 
Good Hope — J. L. Foster ; J. L. Pleasants. 

Purnell, N. C. 
Hayes Chapel — G. R. Underwood ; G. O. Bar- 
bee, Garner. N. C. 
Liberty— vr. T. Herndon ; C. D. Horton, Ep- 

some, N. C. 
Mt. Auburn — J. O. Atkinson ; S. P. Reade, 

Palmer Springs, Va. 
Morrisville — Edward French ; J. H. Moring. 

Morrisville, N. C. 
Mt. Carmel — W. T. Walters ; J. H. Mitchell, 

Franklinton, N. C. 
Mt. Hermon — W. G. Clements ; W. I. Beaseley, 

Garner. N. C. 
Mt. Gilead — W. T. Walters. 
Martha's Chapel — G. R. Underwood ; H. Mul- 

holland. Williams Mill. N. C. 

Member Educational Board A. C. 0. 

Moore Union — P. T. Klapp : A. C. Yarborough. 

Forkade, N. C. 
New Elam — J. W. Holt ; D. A. Mann, Patmos, 

N. C. 
New Hope — P. T. Klapp ; W. R. Rodgers. 

Youngsville. N. C. 
Neto Hill — -No report. 
O'Kelley's Chapel — G. R. Underwood ; J. W. 

Atkins, Williams Mill, N. C. 
Oak Level — J. L. Foster ; T. L. Williams, 

Youngsville, N. C. 
Pleasant Union — J. D. Wicker ; W. J. Long. 

LilUngton, N. C. 
Pleasant Hill — M. J. Creech ; Benson, N. C. 
Pleasant Grove — No report. 
Pope's Chapel — J. L. Foster ; Mrs. A. M. 

House. Franklinton, N. C. 
Plymoutn — J. E. Langston. 
Pineii Plains — P. T. Klapp ; H. G. Franklin, 

Method, N. C. 
Raleigh — M. W. Butler ; F. T. Ricks, Raleigh, 

N. C. 
Shallow Well — J. L. Foster ; B. F. Godfrey, 

Jonesboro. N. C. 
Spilona — J. E. Langston : R. I. Lassiter, Spi- 

lona. N. C. 
Six Forks — J. D. Wicker ; Miss Macie Rarely, 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Turner's Chapel — J. I). Wicker ; A. W. Wicker. 

Colon. N. C. 
Wake Chapel — G. R. Underwood ; J. E. Ballen- 

tine. Sippahaw. N. C. 
Walnut Grove — No report. 
Wentirorth — J. L. Foster; L. D. Stephenson, 

McCullers, N. C. 
Youngsville — J. L. Foster ; T. L. Moss. Youngs- 
ville. N. C. 
Sanford — G. R. Underwood. 



North Carolina and Virginia Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Holt.) 

Territory — Comprises that part of Piedmont 
section lying along the line between North 
Carolina and Virginia. 

President, Rev. C. C. Peel, Elon College, N. 
C. ; Secretary, Rev. J. W. Holt, Burlington, N. 
C. ; Treasurer, Rev. T. W. Strowd. Chapel Hill, 
N. C. 

Ministers — J. O. Atkinson, (Editor Christian 
Sun) ; A. P. Barber ; J. S. Carden ; T. B. 
Dawson, (teaclier) : W. H. Ford, (lecturer) ; 
H. C. Fulton ; W. T. Herndon ; J. W. Holt ; A. 
F. Iseley ; L. F. Johnson ; P. T. Klapp ; W. S. 
Long; C. C. Peel; J. W. Pinnix (teacher) ; T. 
W. Strowd; G. W. Tickle; W. T. Walters; J. 
W. Wellons ; J. French Edward, (licentiate). 

Ordained, 18 ; licentiates, 1. 


Apples Creek — J. W. Holt; $1,000; 215; Al- 
fred Apple, Browns Summit, N. C. 
Belews Greek — Ed. J. French ; $475 ; 74 ; V. O. 

Roberson, Belews Creek, N. C. 
Bethlehem — J. W. Holt ; $2,000 ; 298 ; L. D. 

Rippey, Altamahaw, N. C!. 
Bethel— T. W. Strowd ; $1,000 ; 70 ; J. F. O. 

Ferrell ; Union Ridge, N. C. 
Berea — L. J. Cox ; $3,000 ; 100 ;• C. M. Pritch- 

ett, Elon College, N. C. 
Concord — T. W. Strowd ; $700 ; 53 ; G. G. An- 
derson ; Milesville, N. C. 
Durham^—A. P. Barber ; $2,000 ; 138 ; W. H. 

Honeycutt, Durham, N. C. 
Elon College — J. O. Atkinson ; 83 ; Stella Cox, 

Elon College, N. C. 
Goshen Chapel — J. S. Carden ; $300 ; 43 ; G. 

L. Slaughter, Berea, N. C. 
Greensboro — L. F. Johnson ; $9,758 ; 110 ; L. 

M. Clymer, Greensboro, N. C. 
Happy Home — L. T. Cox; $800; 120; W. H. 

Davis, Oregon, N. C. 
Haw River — W. G. Clements ; $3,000 ; 45 ; H. 

V. Simpson ; Burlington, N. C. 
Hebron — C. E. Newman ; $500 ; 150 ; C. M. 

Gordon, Averett, Va. 
Hines Chapel — C. C. Peel ; $1,000 ; 220 ; W. A. 

Heath, (^reensboro, N. C;. 
Howards Chapel — L. I. Cox ; $800 ; 59 ; W. B. 

Madison, Wentworth, N. C. 
Ingram — J. O. Cox ; $1,000 ; 79 ; Miss Myrtle 

Boyd, Paces, Va. 
Kallam Grave — No pastor ; $400 ; 30 ; D. F. 

Wilson, Bason, N. C. 
Lebanon — W. C. Wicker ; $2,000 ; 136 ; Miss 

Cora Foster, Semora, N. C. 
Langs Chapel — J. W. Holt ; $800 ; 83 ; W. J. 

Fitch, Burlington, N. C. 
Mt. Bethel — L. I. Cox ; $800 ; 85 ; J. W. Knight, 

Stokesdale, N. C. 
Mt. Zion — A. F. Iseley : $1,000 ; 34 ; Mrs. Mary 

Bradley, Carr, N. C. 
New Lebanon — L. I. Cox ; $1,000 ; 62 ; W. H. 

Sharp, Summerfield, N. C. 
Pleasant Grove — J. O. Atkinson ; $2,000 ; 209 ; 

Joseph A. Farmer, News Ferry, Va. 
Pleasant Ridge — 
Sage Oarden-^W. H. Roach ; $200 ; 24 ; John 

A. Holder, Kernersville, N. C. 
Salem Chapel — C. C. Peel ; $600 ; 95 ; P. W. 
^ Dalton, Walnut Cove, .^^ C. 
Shallow Ford — J. W. Patton ; $1,200 ; 85 ; W. 

D. Walker, Burli-gion, N. C. 
Union, N. C. — C. C. Peel ; $300 ; 249 ; G. R. 

CTaham, TIniou liidge, N. C. 
Union, Va. — C. E. Newman; $1,000; 1>2; Al- 
fred Hayes, Vlrgilina, Va. 

Churches, 29 — town, 5 ; country, 24. Preach- 
ing full time, 2 ; half-time, 1 ; once per month, 
25 ; no pastor, 1. Totals — Valuation. $38,633 ; 
membership, 3,101. Endeavor societies, 3 ; 
Sunday-schools, 27. 

Virginia Valley Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Bryant.) 

Territory — Shenandoah, Rockingham and 
Augusta Counties, Va. 

Next session August, 1905. 

President, L. L. Lassiter, Ramseur, N. C. ; 
Secretary, M. L. Bryant, Elon College, N. C. ; 
Treasurer, C. D. Maphis, Linville, Va. 

Ministers — L. L. Lassiter. 


Antioch — C. C. Jones ; $2,000 ; 69 ; Tbos. 

Showalter, Singers Glen, Va. 
Bethlehem — L. L. Lassiter ; $1,500 ; 76 ; S. 

W. Lincoln, Manzy, Va. 
Beiilah — C. C. Jones; $500; 13; Blanch 

Chapman, Keezletown, Va. 
Concord — L. L. Lassiter ; $500 ; 34 ; J. C. 

Huffman, Broadway, Va. 
Linville — L. L. Lassiter ; $1.000 ; 66 ; Sallie 

Payne, Linville, Va. 
Mayland — L. L. Lassiter ; $1,000 ; 16 ; J. D. 

Hillard, Mayland, Va. 
Mt. Olivet— C. C. Jones ; $550 ; 60 ; Mrs. 

Maggie Life, Model, Va. 
NeiD Hope — C. C. Jones ; $1,045 ; 57 ; J. W. 

Liskey, Harrisonburg, Va. 
Woodland— C. C. Jones ; $800 ; 8 ; A. W. 

Andes, Weyer's Cave, Va. 
Wood's Chapel— A. G. B. I'owers ; $650; 59; 

Nettie Nefif, New Market, Va. 

Sunday-schools, 8. 

Virginia Central Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Tamkin.) 

This Conference was organized in 1849. 

Next session at Bethel Church, Rockingham 
County, Virginia, August, 1905. 

President, Rev. J. W. Dofflemyer, Elkton, 
Va. ; Vice-Presidefit, Rev. A. G. B. Powers, 
Needmore, Pa. ; Secretary, Rev. John Tamkin, 
Red Creek, Va. 

Ministers — J. W. Dofflemyer ; A. G. B. Pow- 
ers ; Killis Roach ; John Tamkin. 

Ordained, 4. 


Bethel — J. R. Dofflemyer, Shenandoah, Va. 

Christian Chapel — No clerk reported. 

Dry Run — Addison Munch, Seven Fountains, 

East Liberty — A. J. Kite, Grove Hill, Va. 
High Point — C. E. Roach, Nortonsville, Va. 
Island Ford — William H. Gordon, Island Ford, 

Joppa — W. L. Mclnturff, Edinburg, Va. 
Leaksville-G. W. Rothgeb, Leaksvllle, Va. 
Mt. Lebanon — Isaac Comer, Shenandoah, Va. 
Mt. Olivet — G. W. Crawford, Nortonsville, Va. 
Mt. Pleasant — Edgar McCoy, Shenandoah, Va. 
Newport — ^E. L. Loudenback, Kountz, Va. 
Palmyra— John Carper, Edinburg,- Va. 
Pimple Hill—^o clerk reported. 
Salem — No clerk reported. 
Timber Ridge — Mahlon Garvin, Hlghview, Va. 

Churches, 16 : members, 1,089 ; value church 
property. $10,800.. 

Eastern Virginia Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Scholz.) 

Organized at Holy Neck Church in 1817. 

Territory. — Eastern Virginia and part of 
Gates County, North Carolina. 

President, Rev. N. G. Newman, Newport 
News, Va. ; Vice-President, Rev. W. W. Stalev. 
Suffolk, Va. ; Secretary, Rev. Herbert Scholz, 
Berkley, Va. ; Assistant Secretary, Rev. W. D. 
Harward, Belfield, Va. ; Treasurer, Wm. H. 
Jones, Jr., Suffolk, Va. , 

Next session at Berea, (Norfolk) Va., Tues- 
day after fourth Sunday in October, 1905. 

Ordained ministers, 20 ; licentiates, 1. 

Churches, 39 ; town, 11 ; country, 28. To- 



tal valuation church property, $125,400 ; mem- 
bership, 5,3(10 ; Endeavor Societies, 2 ; Sunday- 
schools, 33. 

West Virginia Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Powers.) 

Organized at Flanigan's Hill, West Virginia, 
October, 1896, by Rev. N. B. Miller. 

The tenth annual session will be held at 
Flanigan's Hill, Tucker County, W. Va., on 
Thursday before the second Sunday in October, 

Territory — Randolph, Tucker, Grant, Pendle- 
ton and Hardy counties. W. Va. 

President, I. W. Wilfong, Moorefleld, W. Va. ; 
Vice-President, C. J. Wolford, Red Creek, W. 
Va. ; Secretary, Z. J. Powers, Horton, \V. Va. ; 
Asst. Secretary, A. P. Swadley, Dry Fork, W. 
Va. ; Treasurer, J. F. Fawley. 

Ministers — I. W. Wilfong ; C. J. Wolford ; 
N. B. Miller ; A. P. Swadley ; N. H.^ Ends ; S. 
E. Riggleman ; L. B. Thompson ; David Keller ; 
Z. J. Powers. 


Bretz — 13. 
Cortland- — 5. 
Coffman's Chapel — 24. 
Clover Mountain — 19. 

Oak Dale 

Powder Springs — 13. 
Pettit — 9. 

Southwestern West Virginia Conference. 

Organized at Henderson. West Virginia, in 
the year of 1898. 

President, Rev. J. A. Angel, Gallipolis, Ohio ; 

. Vice-President, Norman Gibson, Henderson, 

West Virginia ; Secretary, Wood B. Keeney, 

Shrewsbury, West Virginia ; Treasurer, C. G. 

Hill, Charleston, West Vir-^inia. 

Note — The above was copied from last year's 
report, as no report was received this year. — 

Western Pennsylvania Conference. 

Organized at Sugar Loaf, Pa., February, 

rernfor2/-^Fayette, Green, Washington, 
Westmoreland and Somerset counties. 

President, W. S. Miller, Suger Loaf, Pa. ; 
Vice-President, W. H. H. Knight, Hammond, 
Pa. ; Secretary, A. S. Seese, Greensburg. Pa. ; 
Treasurer, Maggie Brady, Haydentown, Pa. 

Note — The above was copied from last year's 
report, as no report was received this year — 

Alabama Conference. 

(Reported by Secretary Payne.) 

Territory — ^Eastern portion of Alabama. 

Next session with Noon Day Church, Carbln, 
Ala., beginning on Tuesday after the third 
Sunday in October. 

President, Rev. Geo. D. Hunt, Truett, Ala. ; 
Vice-President, J. W. Elder, Barfield, Ala. ; 
Secretary, J. W. Payne, Carbin, Ala. ; Treasur- 
er, Dr. J. M. Welch, Truett, Ala. 

Ministers — E. M. Carter ; J. A. Coates ; J. C. 
Colley ; W. D. Davis ; C. M. Dollar ; T. J. Ed- 
manson ; J. W. Elder ; T. H. Elder : T. W. 
Gray ; Geo. D. Himt ; W. R. Knight ; G. O. 
Lankford ; M. F. Lett ; J. B. Orr ; C. W, 


Antioch — E. M. Carter ; $600 ; 76 ; C. W. Cren- 
shaw, Roanoke, Ala., R. F. D. 1. 

Bethany — C. M. Dollar ; $300 ; 45 ; J C 
Knight, Lima, Ala. 

Beulah — Geo. D. Hunt ; $1,800 ; 179 ; W. J. 
Mann, Truett, Ala. 

REV. N. B. MILLER, PAhsons, W. Va. 
Organizer of the VV. Va., Conference. 

Christiana — G. D. Hunt ; $400 ; 58 ; R S 

Duck, Jr., Dadeville, Ala., R. F. D 2 
Christian Home — W. R. Knight ; $150 ; J C 

Cantey, Cowpens, Ala. 
Corinth — C. M. Dollar ; $3,000 ; 25 • W D 

Smith, Levonia, Ala. 
Forest Home—T. H. Elder ; $600 ; 48 ; T. J 

Smith, Pitman, Ala. 
Macedonia — J. W. Elder; $350; 57 ; O. J Da- 
vis, Able, Ala. 
McGuires O/mpeJ— G. D. Hunt ; $300 ; 77 ; J. H 

Veacy, Emuckfaw, Ala. 
Mt Carmel—M. F. Lett ; 15 ; T. F. Patterson, 

Cooper, Ala. 
Mt. Zion — C. M. Dollar; $500; 82: W H 

George, Ocre, Ala. 
A"6(c Harmony — J. W. Elder ; $1,000 ■ 132 ; T. 

L. Orr, Abner, Ala. 
Neio Home — J. W. Elder ; $150 ; 81 ; J. M 

Colliers, Ernest, Ala. 
New Hope — E. M. Carter ; $600 ; 179 ; J S 

Noonday — J. W. Elder ; $300 ; 27 ; Edgar Sikes, 

Wedowee, Ala. 
Pleasant Grove — Geo. D. Hunt ; $350 ; 116 ; T. 

E. Hubert, Wise, Ala. 
Rock Springs — C. M. Dollar ; $300 ; 98 ; A. B. 
Waldrep, Cornhouse, Ala. 

Sand Hill— J. B. Orr ; $ ; 23 ; Miss Susie 

Loyd, Gilmer, Tex. 

Churches 20 — all in the country. All have 
preaching once per month. Totals — Valua- 
tion. $7,100; membership, 1,262; Endeavor So- 
cieties, none reported ; Sunday-schools, 8 1 
number in Sunday-schools, 399. 



Brunswick, N. C, Conference. 

Territory — Brunswick and Bladen counties, 
N. C. 

Next session December, 1905. 

President, J. S. Robinson, Leland, N. C. ; 
Secretary, J. A. Quince, Telame, N. C. ; Treas- 
urer, J. W. Bryant, Leland, N. C. 

Note — The above was copied from last year's 
report, as no report was received tliis year. — 

Eastern Virginia Conference (Colored). 

Reported by Secretary Howell.) 

Territory. — Eastern and Western — Compris- 
es part of Nansemond, Isle of Wright, South- 
ampton, Sussex. Surry, Norfolk, Northampton, 
Richmond and Warrick counties. 

Nest session November, 1905. 

President, Rev. S. A. Howell, Newport News, 
Va. ; Secretary, W. T. Howell, Holland, Va. ; 
Treasurer, Wm. H. Ried, Somerton, Va. 

Ministers — P. C. Banks ; Joseph Booker ; Ed- 
ward Butts, (licentiate) ; J. M. Copland; Isa- 
iah Dillard ; Geo. W. Dillard, (licentiate); G. 
W. Drake ; D. B. Edward ; D. Evans ; Wm. 
Franklin ; R. Gaines ; S. A. Howell ; J. P. 
Hech ; O. H. Heath ; G. W. Henderson ; J. T. 
Jones ; A. S. Jones ; Kilby Knight; (licenti- 
ate) ; C. H. Keen, (licentiate) ; J. P. Lewis, 
(licentiate); J. McDowell; W. S. Matthews; 
J. H. Milteer ; W. S. Midgett ; J. M. Parsons ; 
J. C. Parker ; J. H. Reid ; J. S. Sumler ; D. 
Sparrow; J. W. Steward, (licentiate); B. 
Snow; Enoch Towns, (licentiate); John Tur- 
ner, (licentiate) ; H. W. Williams; J. W. Wil- 
liams, (licentiate) ; J. F. Wiggins, (licentiate) ; 
J. A. Williams, (licentiate) ; Wm. Ward,, (li- 
centiate) ; Nathaniel Austin ; S. M. Basker- 
ville, ; Lillie V. Christmas, (licentiate) ; J. J- 
Faulk; Casandra Faulk, (licentiate) ; J.L.Fen- 
derson, (licentiate) : A. Russell; W. S. Scott; 
S. B. Baptis ; J. D. McGeachy, (licentiate) ; W. 
H. Jones, (licentiate) ; S. C. Kenedy, (licen- 
tiate) ; Wm. F. Jones, (licentiate^ ; J. M. Law- 
ton, (licentiate) ; R. B. Bailey, (licentiate) ; 
Jas. A. Smith, (licentiate) ; W. F. Brown, (li- 
centiate) ; W. E. B. Trent; William White, (li- 
centiate) ; S. H. Hunt, (licentiate). 


Bethany — I. Dillard; $500 ; 71 ; J. T. Goodman. 

Beens Church, Va. 
Chapel Grove— i. S. Sumler; $2,000; 204; J. 

J. Eley, Windsor, Va. 
Corinth Chapel — S. A. Howell ; $2,000; 274; 

W. A. Copland, Holland. Va. 
Christian Antioch — J. J. Faulk ; $1,000 ; 46 ; 

John Parker, Suffolk. Va. 
Christian Home — J. Booker ; $100 ; 15 ; R. 

Brown, Zuni, Va. 
Christian Chapel — G. W. Drake; Moses Boyd, 

Richmond, Va. 
Gallation — J. H. Milteer ; $500 ; 35 ; C. C. Out- 
land, Savage Crossing, Va. 
Galilee — D. Sparrow ; $100 ; 21 ; E. Towns, 

South Norfolk, Va. 
HomcriUe—3. M. Parsons ; $300 ; 33 ; J. E. 

Thomas. Ilomeville, Va. 
IIolUi >'pri))iis — No pastor; $500; 40; Mrs. F. 

S. ('upland, Whaleyville, Va. 
Laurel Hill— 3. J. Faulk; $1,500; 200; W. T. 

Howell, Holland, Va. 
Lone Star— P. C. Banks ; $800 ; 50 ; J. T. 

Faulk, Norfolk, Va. 
Little Zion Bethel — J. H. Milteer ; $500 ; 45 ; 

M. V. Powell. 
Mt. Ararat — W. S. Matthews ; $1,000 ; 162 ; L. 

W. Skeeter, Suffolk. Va. 
Mercy Seat — I. Dillard ; $300 : 20. 
Macedonia, Eastville — O. A. Heath; $300; 17; 

Miss T. C. Faulk, Eastville, Va. 
Macedonia. Norfolk — W. S. Midgett ; $500 ; 40 ; 

Willis Johnson, Norfolk, Va. 

Mt. Lebanon — I. Dillard ; $200 ; 25 ; James 

Chavers, Yales, Va. 
Mt. Olive — O. H. Heath ; $100 • 7. 
Morning Star — A. S. Jones ; $150 ; 38 ; Mrs. A. 

S. Jones, McFarland, Va. 
New Hope — S. B. Baptis; $1,000; 80; T. J. 

Vaughan, Berkley, Va. 
Pleasant Grove — P. C. Banks ; $1,000 ; 100 ; I.. 

H. Harrison, Sebrells. Va. 
Providence — J. S. Sumler ; $2,000 ; 125 ; J. W. 

Eitchett, Berkley, Va. 
Parsons Hill — W. F. Jones ; $100 ; 9 ; R. B. 

Bailey, Airfield, Va. 
St. Luke — J. S. Sumler ; $800 : 105 ; F. S. 

Brown, Berlin, Va. 
St. Martha's Chapel — H. W. Williams ; $150 ; 

35 ; S. L. Deavoroux, Quillins, Va. 
Union Hill — J. S. Sumler; $1,800; 103; F. T. 

Ricks, Enterprise, Va. 
Wesley Grove — S. A. Howell ; $8,000 ; 400 ; W. 

E. Sumler, Newport News, Va. 
Windsor Grove — J. H. Milteer ; $300 ; 35 ; G. 

W. Hill, Windsor, Va. 
Sunday-schools, 14. Valuation, $5,676. 

Eastern Atlantic Conference — Colored. 

(Reported by Secretary Taylor.) 

Organized November 25, 1889, at St. Anti- 
och Church. Pamlico, Maribel County, N. C. 

The next session will be held at Myrtle 
Grove Church, Maysville, N. C, Wednesday 
before the first Lord's day in November. 

President, Rev. J. Mann, Pamlico, N. C. ; 
Vice-President, Rev. A. Small, 260 Broad St., 
Newberne, N. C. ; Secretary, F. L. Taylor, 21 
Elm St., Newberne, N. C. 

Ministers — I. Aldridge : Isaac Heath ; J. 
Mann ; Peter McCoy ; H. E. Moore ; Jacob On- 
slow : P. R. Randell ; A. Small ; J. B. Smith ; 
J. H. Smith ; A. Sutton ; B. Sutton ; F. L. Tay- 
lor ; Aaron Wilson. 

Ordained, 14 ; Licentiates, 2. 

A. N. Goodwin ; M. Williams. 


St. Antioch — No pastor; J. F., Squires. 

Broad Creek Chapel — F. L. Taylor ; C. Midgett, 
Pamlico, N. C. 

Watson Tabernacle — F. L. Taylor ; Millie Nel- 
son, Newberne, N. C. 

Pilgrim Rest — J. B. Smith ; Jacob Anderson, 
North Harlow, N. C. 

Small Chapel — J. B. Smith; E. D. Williams, 
Arapahoe, N. C. 

Zion Hill — A. Sutton ; D. A. Cooper, Florence, 
N. C. 

St. Matthew Chapel — A. Small ; J. G. Coleman 
Pollocksville, N. C. 

Myrtle Grove — P. R. Randell ; St. Mark Holt, 
Mavsville, N. C. 

Union Chapel — A. Small ; Wade Taylor, King- 
ston, N. C. 

Christian Chapel — J. Mann ; Robena Ambrows, 
Stella, N. C. 

Cedar Hill — Jacob Onslow ; Matthew Blange, 
Boliva. N. C. 

Lewis Chapel — Jacob Onslow ; Mary Lewis, Jr., 
Wilmington, N. C. 

Mfissndon ia — A. Wilson. 

Christian Temple^J. H. Smith. 

Wilson Grove — J. H. Smith. 

Watson Chapel — J. H. Smith. 

Bocjiie Mission — J. Mann. 

Galilee Mission — J. Mann ; J. T. Moore. Pamli- 
co. N. C. 

Oriental Mission — Isaac Heath. 

Bay Boror Mission — Isaac Heath. 

Maysville Mission — P. R. Randall. 

Beaufort Mission — J. B. Smith. 

Kingston Mission — A. Small. 

Green Chapel — J. W. Hinnant. 

Churches, 16 ; Missions, 8 ; members. 1.055 : 



North Carolina Conference. (Colored.) 

(Reported by Secretary Henderson.) 

President, llev. J. H. Mabrey, Graham, N. 
C. ; Vice-President, Kev. A. A. Bright, Kaleigh, 
N. C. ; Secretary, 3. A. Henderson. Woodworth, 
N. C. ; Assistant Secretary, Rev. T. J. Levister, 
Burlington, N. C. ; Treasurer, H. K. Kearney, 
Franlilinton, N. C. ; Financial Secretary, Prof. 
H. E. Long, Franklinton, N. C. 

Trustees — Rev. T. Bullock, Rev. T. J. Levis- 
ter, Prof. H. E. Long. Prof. J. A. Henderson, 
Rev. Wm. Williams, Rev. J. W. Hinnant, Rev. 
A. A. Bright. 

Trustees Gaylord Hall — Rev. Thos. Bullock, 
Rev. B. Young. Deacon G. R. Long. 

Executive Committee — H. E. Long, Rev. J. 
H. McBroom, Rev. T. J. Levister. 

Temperance — Rev. Wm. Allen, Rev. C. L. 
Tyson, Rev. Jno. .\llen. Rev. A. J. Holoway. 

Sundai/schools — Rev. J. M. Trolinger, Rev. 
E. Bullock, Rev. C. A. Stroud, Rev. S. Dowd. 

Home Mission — Rev. C. W. Ray ; Rev. W. 
H. Horton, Rev. J. W. Hinnant, Rev. H. B. 
Baldwin, Rev. W. H. Dugger. 

Committee on Letters and Finance — Rev. C. 
Tyson. Rev. P. R. Alexander, L. A. Bullock, 
Eliza Rogers. H. K. Kearney, J. Z. Everett. 

Auditing Committee and Mission Board — 
Prof. H. E. Long, Rev. B. Young, H. K. Kear- 
ney, Rev. J. H. McBroom, Rev. J. Onslow, Prof. 
J. A. Henderson. Rev. T. J. Levister. 

Educational Committee — Prof. H. B. Long, 
Rev. A. \. Bright, Rev. Wm. Williams, Rev. J. 
W. Hinnant, Prof. J. A. Henderson. 

Ministers — S. A. Albright ; J. A. Alexander ; 
P. R. Alexander ; John Allen ; Wm. Allen ; H. 
S. Alston ; M. V. Alston ; J. H. Alston ; T. 
Bullock ; E. Bullock ; H. B. Baldwin ; A. A. 
Bright : H. S. Baskerville ; S. Colman ; G. W. 
Duke : W. H. Dugger ; S. Dowd ; R. Green ; Jno. 
Garland ; M. M. Hester ; W. H. Horton ; J. W. 
Hinnant ; J. A. Henderson ; A. J. Holoway ; 
S. W. Jones ; R. D. Johnson ; E. G. Jones ; John 
Kent ; T. J. Levister : A. Liggon ; H. E. Long ; 
J. H. Mabrey : J. H. McBroom ; J. H. Meadows ; 
A. Mitchell ; Wesley Marsh ; J. Onslow ; Robert 
Pretty ; Jerry Pretty : W. J. Pritchard ; C. W. 
Ray : L. A. Ruffin ; J. N. Ray ; C. L. Tyson ; R. 
T. Whitaker ; A. W. Watkins ; Wm. Williams ; 
J. H. Williams ; M. Watson ; B. Young ; J. M. 
Trolinger : O. Russell ; F. Fowler ; C. A. , 


Mrs. Adora Wrenshaw ; J. C. Core ; C. J. 
Alston; A. J. Thompson; J. E. McKenzie ; J. 
E. Pearson ; Thomas Hawkins ; G. S. Boyd ; 
Ed. Hill ; J. H. Williams ; G. W. Drake ; C. H. 
Holoway ; Wade Watson ; B. J. Williams ; Wm. 
Mayo ; H. W. McBroom ; W. H. Phillip ; Lonney 
Jones ; C. W. Richardson ; Thos. Brown ; Peter 
Schanlev ; A. Hunter ; H. M. Johnson ; A. 
Shaw ; M. S. McGhee ; A. Smith ; S. Whitaker ; 
M. S. Elam ; Moses Bullock ; William Bullock ; 
R. Whitlev : Richard Bullock : Josiah Wilder : 
R. H. Farrer ; W. H. Blank ; Ed. Mitchell ; 
Wesley Norwood ; John Mitchell ; G. Farrer ; C. 
L. Evans. 


Archer Grove — J. N. Rogers, Melville, N. C. 

Bethlehem — L. Davis, Keates, Va. 

Evans Grove — Eliza Rogers, Method, N. C. 

Blossom Grove — 

Burchetts Chapel — M. W. Walker, Nutbush, 

N. C. 
Cary Chapel — Dora B. Jones, Gary, N. C. 
Children Chapel, Va. — L. Epps Keates, Va. 
Christian Chapel— 3. E. Wilson, New Hill, N. C 
Christian Hope — J. C. Jackson. Malmore, N. C. 
Cedar Grove — Junius Rogers, Nelson, N. C. 

Cedar Hill — V. H. Manuel, Phoenix, N. C. 
Christian Home— P. B. Price, Apex, N. C. 
Christ ian Antioch — Z. M. Henderson, Wood- 
worth, N. C. 
Deen's Grove — 

Ebenezer — L. L. Sellars, Burlington, N. C. 
Franklinton — Robert Winston, Franklinton, 

N. C. ■ ■ 

Children Chapel — George Hunter, Graham, 

N. C. 
Free Liberty — Mary Core, Keyser, N. C. 
Green Level — W. A. Hunter, Haw River, N. C. 
Lewis Chapel — H. Hunter, Oxford, N. C. 
Hawfield Chapel — J. H. Rogers, Melville, N. C. 
Holly Spring — Hester Whitaker, Holly Springs, 

N. C. 
Hickory Grove — J. J. Lee, Flink, N. C. 
Island Hill — L. A. Bullock, Soudan, Va. 
Jerusalem — McKenzie Wright, Palmer Spring, 

N. C. 
Kinches Chapel — Minnie Geasley, Franklinton, 

N. C. 
St. Luke — L. Pettyfoot, Oxford, N. C. 
Mt. Zion, Vance — W. H. Henderson, Wilboro, 

N. C. 
Maple Temple — John C. John, Raleigh, N. C. 
Hanks Chapel — A. C. Taylor, Pittsboro, N. C. 
Strowds Grove — 

McBroom Chapel— A. T. Graham, Loy, N. C. 
New Light — E. P. Phillips, Wise, N. C. 
New Bethel, Wake — Seymour Dunn, Raleigh, 

N. C. 
New Bethel, Johnson — Charles Whitley, Maker- 

ville, N. C. 
Qak Level, Vance — R. D. Bullock, Nutbrush, 

N. C. 
Pine Hill — Thos. Horton, Silk Hope, N. C. 
Pleasant Hill — Al McClairis, McCullum, N. C. 
Pleasant Union — R. S. "Harp, Bango, N. C. 
Popular Springs — Moses Baker, Raleigh, N. C. 
Popes Chapel — Henrietta Grisom, Pocomoke, 

N. C. 
Rocky Branch^— 3. P. Williamson, Taylor, N. C. 
Rock Springs — W. H. Brooks, Grissom, N. C. 
Roland Chapel — J. H. Alston, Leather. N. C. 
Roanoke Chapel — Edmond Bullock, Goods 

B'erry, N. C. 
Sand Hill— Allen Moor, Aberdeen, N. C. 
Union Ridge — 

Whites Grove — S. W. Rowlet, Ridge Tav. N. C. 
St. Delight — C. J. White, Royton, N. C. 
St. Andrew — M. Baskerville, Henderson. N. C. 
St. Paul — A. L. Terry, Middlebur- N. C. 
St. Luke — 
St. Mary — 

St. Louis — -W. C. Lewis, Wilmington, N. C. 
St. John — M. C. Kearn, Hoffman,' N. C. 
Christian Hope — 
Williams Chapel — Jessie Williams, Warrenton, 

N. C. 
White Rock — W. L. Curtis, Durham, N. C. 
Wesley Chapel — J. W. Marsh. 
Youngs Chapel — Randel Crandell, Rand Mill, 

N. C. 
Pleasant Grove — Thos. Wltherspoon, Mansville, 

N. C. 
Manly Street — J. C. Becton, Raleigh, N. C. 
Mt. Zion — Avery Watson, Gibsonville, N. C. 
Hinnant Chapel — C. Granton, Esnite, N. C. 
Beaver Chapel — J. Bolden, Wakefield, N. C. 
Greens Chapel — C. Burney, Fort Barnwell, 

N. C. 
Zion Hill — H. House, Osgood, N. C. 
Red Hill — Ferry Watson, Arclay, N. C. 
Pairs Chapel — Maggie Rorrow. 
Herbert Mission — Lewis Smith, Kirresville, 

N. C. 
Mt. Olive — Sam Green, Norlina, N. C. 
gt joiin—F. P. Prent, Eagle Rock, N. C. 



Afro-Christian Convention. 

This Convention was orgonized in May, 1902, 
In the Watson Tabernacle in the city of New- 
bei-ne, N. C. It is composed of the following 
conferences : The N. C. Christian Conference, 
the Eastern Virginia Christian Conference, 
the Eastern Atlantic N. C. Christian 
Conference, the Cape Fear Conference, the 
Georgia and Alabama Conference, and the 
Georgetown South American Christian Confer- 
ence. In all, six conferences are represented. 

Territory — All the colored Christians in both 
Americas who accept only the Bible as their 
rule of faith and practice and as their creed. 

The convention is divided Into three depart- 
ments, namely : Publication, Educational and 

Chairman Publication — Prof. H. E. Long, 
EYanklinton, N. C. ; chairman Education, J. 
A. Henderson, Woodworth, N. C. ; chairman 
Missionary, Rev. S. A. Howell, Newport News, 

President^ A. A. Bright, Raleigh, N. C. • iSeo- 
retary, J. A. Henderson, Woodworth, N. C. ; 
Treasurer, J. W. Hinnant, Franklinton, N. C. 

The object is to do general missionary and 
educational work, to educate our ministry so 
that we may enter the centers of population 
and build Christian churches. 


Alabama $ 50.00 

Bible Union 75.00 

Central Iowa 175.00 

Central Indiana 175.00 

Central Illinois . . : 450.00 

Des Moines 200.00 

Eastern Indiana 1,000.00 

Eastern Atlantic (N. C) 50.00 

Eastern Virginia 625.00 

Eel Kiver " 660.00 

Erie 300.00 

Eastern North Carolina 300.00 

Eastern Kansas 50.00 

Indiana Miami Reserve 350.00 

Kentucky, First 150.00 

Kentucky, Second 50.00 

Michigan 200.00 

Michigan Eastern 75.00 

Maine 375.00 

Mount Vernon 400.00 

Merrimac 275.00 

Miami 1,550.00 

Northern Kansas 50.00 

Northern Illinois and Wisconsin.. 100.00 

Northwestern Ohio 700.00 

Northeastern Ohio 100.00 

North Carolina (colored) 100.00 

Northern W isconsin 75.00 

Northwestern Arkansas 50.00 

New York Southern 150.00 

New York Western 520.00 

New York Central 250.00 

New York Eastern 1,000.00 

New Jersey 550.00 

North Carolina and Virginia .» . . 325.00 

Northwestern Indiana 550.00 

Nebraska 25.00 


Northern Missouri . \ 100.00 

Ohio Central 600.00 

Osage 50.00 

Ontario 300.00 

Ohio 100.00 

Oklahoma 50.00 

Ohio Eastern 350.00 

Rays Hill 150.00 

Rockingham 600.00 

Rhode Island and Massachusetts.. 1,300.00 

Richland Union ■ 100.00 

Red River 50.00 

Southern Indiana and Illinois 200.00 

Southern Ohio 500.00 

Southern Kansas 50.00 

Southwestern Iowa 250. OJ 

Spring River 50.00 

Southern Pennsylvania 175.00 

Southern West Virginia 50.00 

Southern Wabash and Illinois 500.00 

Southern Illinois 250.00 

Tioga River 250.00 

Union Iowa 125.00 

Vermont State 150.00 

Virginia Valley lO'VOO 

Virginia Central 125.00 

W c:-:cin Tlliiioi^ . 150.0? 

Westei n North Carolina 300.00 

Western Indiana 800.00 

Western Washington 75.00 

Western Pennsylvania 50.00 

Western Michigan and Northern 

Indiana lOO.OO 

York and Cumberland 350.00 

Total $20,000.00 


Ministerial Directory— 1 905. 

Note — If any minister's name is omitted, or the address is wrong, he should notify his 
conference secretary. The list is according to information received up to December 16, 1904. 
The licentiates are in a separate list following this. 

— A — 

^ckley, J. W. (So. W. I.) Corning, Iowa. 
Adams. E. R. (E. K.) Independence, Kan. 
Adamson, John (Osage) Gester, Mo. 
Addinfton, A. M. (E. Ind.) Albany. Ind. 
Addington. Thos. (E. Ind.) Ridgeville,,Ind. 
Adkins, J. B. (Osage) DeWitt, Mo. 
Akers, A. J. (W. Ind.) Farmersburg. Ind. 
Albright, H. A. (W. N. C.) Moffits. N. C. 
Albright, S. A. (N. C.) Linhurst, N. C. 
Aldrich, L. J. (W. Ind.) New Rockford, N. D. 
Aldridge. J. (E. A.) Newberne, N. C. 
Alexander, J. A. (E. Va.) Pettet, W. Va. 
Alexander. P. R. (N. C.) Palmer Springs, Va. 
Allen. Alden, (N. Y. W.) East Springfield, Pa. 
Allen. Rose (Tioga) Evergreen, Pa. 
Allen, John (N. C.) Mt. Energy, N. C. 
Allen. R. Osman (N. T. E.) Stanfordville, 

New York. 
Allen. W. (N. C.) Gary, N. C. 
Allison, Alfred (E. Kan.) Chetopa, Kan. 
Allison, James (E. Kan.) Chetopa. Kan. 
Alston. H. S. (N. C.) Watkins, N. C. 
Amos, J. E. (N. Kan.) Webber, Kansas. 
Angel. J. A.. (S. W. W. Va.) Gallipolis. Ohio. 
Arnold, G. W. (E. Ind.) New Weston, Ohio. 
Arnold. Henry (M. C.) Corinna, Me. 
Arrick, R. P. (E. Ind.) Harrisville, Ind. 
Arthur, W. H. (O. E.) Gallipolis, Ohio. 
Ashby, R. (W. 111.) Lewiston, 111. 
Aspinall. Geo. L. (Mi. O.) Covington. Ohio. 
Atchinson, L. B. (W. 111.) Youngstown, 111. 
Atkinson, D. B. (Eel R.) Merom, Ind. 
Atkinson. J. O. (N. C. & Va.) Elon College. 

North Carolina. 
Aynes. E. (C. I.) Bloomington, Ind. 
Austin. N. (E. Va.) Newport News, Va. 

— B — 

Babb. J. W. (C. W.) Fremont, Wis. 
Baddershall, T. D. (Me.) Dixmont Center, Me. 
Bagby, T. F. (S. O.) Hamersville, Ohio. 
Bagby. W. W. (S. O.) Hamersville, Ohio. 
Bagley, Wm. (Des Moines) Des Moines, Iowa. 
Bailey, Mrs. Sarah (Mich). Defiance, Ohio. 
Bailey, H. L. (W. Ind.) Lebanon, Ind. 
Baker, J. F. (W. Ark.) Gentry, Ark. 
Baker, M. W. (Mi. O.) Springfield. Ohio. 
Baker, Hiley, (Eel R.) Kimmell. Ind. 
Baker, A. M. (N. W. O.) Defiance, Ohio. 
Baker, Earnest. (N. W. O.) Defiance, Ohio. 
Baker. C. L. (Y. and C.) North Sutton, N. H. 
Baldwin. H. B. (N. C.) Apex, N. C. 
Ball. Wm. (Ky. 2d) Plummer's Landing. Ky. 
Ball. J. E. (E. la.) LeGrand. Iowa. 
Banks, P. C. (E. Va.) Berkley. Va. 
Bannon, L. W. (W. Ind.) Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Baptes, (E. Va.) Richmond, Va. 
Barbee, A. P. (N. C. & Va.) Durham. N. C. 
Barnes, W. J. (N. Y. E.) Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Barney. Joseph. (Rays H. & S". Pa.) Clearville, 

Barney. J. H. (Rays H. & S. Pa.) Clearville. 

Barrett, D. P. (E. Va.) (Missionary,) Ponce, 

Porto Rico. 
Barrett, E. B. Putney, Vt. 
Barrett, J. P. (E. Va.) Covington, Ohio. 
Barrett, J. W. (E. Va.) Windsor, Va. 
Barry, J. E. (R. I. & M.) 277 Fremont St. 

Boston, Mass. 
Bartlett, Rufus (Me.) Hermon. Me. 
Bartlow, Mrs. F. (C. W.) Baraboo, Wis. 
Barton, B. S. (No Kan.) Lincoln. Kan. 
Barkerville, S. M. (E. Va.) Berklev, Va. 
Baskerville, H. S. (N. C.) Manson, N. C. 

Bassett, J. H. (Erie) Beaver Center, Pa. 

Baugher, S. L. (R. H. & S. P.) Conshohocken, 

I'eanland, David, (Erie) Springboro, Pa. 

Beardshear, H. (Neb.) Ponca, Neb. 

Beebe, G. A. (O. Cen.) 585 Cherry St., Fall 
River, Mass. 

Bell, S. A. (N. W. O.) Quincy, Ohio. 

Beller. Wm. (Mi. O.) Lebanon, Ohio. 

Bennett, A. H. (So. I. & 111.) Danville, 111. 

Bennett, E. E. (Des M. ) Winterset, Iowa. 

Bennett, S. D. (Mi. O.) Dayton, Ohio. 

Bennett, S. W. (Mich.) Lexington, Mich. 

Berry, M. B. (N. E. O.) Agosta, Ohio. 

Besemer, J. E. (Tioga) Campbell, N. Y. 

Besemer, Mrs. S. A. (Tioga^ Campbell, N. Y. 

Bethel, Wm. (Ohio) Ray, Ohio. 

Bicknell, J. J. ( ) Young America, Ind. 

Bird. John (N. J.) Moscow. Pa. 

Birnbaum, T. (S. Kan.) lola, Kansas. 

Bishop, Emily K. (Mi. O.) Dayton, Ohio. 

Bishop, J. G. (Mi. O.) Dayton, Ohio. 

Bishop, Thomas C. (C. 111.) St. Joseph, 111. 

Black, B. F. (E. Va.) Suffolk, Va. 

Blake, G. C. (Ohio) Antonis, Ohio. 

Blankenship, Thos. (Ky. 1st) Mouth of Lau- 
rel, Ky. 

Blodgett. Geo. W. (E. Ind.) Anderson, Ind. 

Blood. John, (N. J.) Lewisburg, Pa. 

Bloomfield, S. B., Eaton, Ohio. 

Boatright, D. A. (Me.) Bangor, Me. 

Bodman. E. J. (R. I. & M.) Pall River, Mass. 

Boice, W. T. (E. Ind.) Des Moines, Iowa. 

Bolton, J. W. (Bel R.) Britton, Mich. 

Bonner, S. M. (W. Va.) Dry Folk, W. Va. 

Booker, Joseph, (E. Va.) Windsor, Va. 

Boone, C. A. (W. N. C.) Elon College. N. C. 

Boord, J. S. (W. Ind.) Veedersburg, Ind. 

Borthwick. M. W., Hagerstown, Indiana. 

Boswell. D. S. (Eel R.) LaFountain, Ind. 

Bosworth, H. B. (E. Ind.) Portland, Ind. 

Bowerman, G. J. (So. 111.) Murphysboro, 111. 

Bowman, T. J. (S. O.) Ripley, Ohio. 

Bowman. A. J. (S. O.) Maddox, Ohio. 

Box, J. L. (Tioga R.) Canisteo, N. Y. 

Boyce, Robert, (U. la.) Letts, Iowa. 

Bozell, Geo. (I. M. R.) Tipton, Ind. 

Bradley, Wm., 374 Marlboro St., Boston, Mass. 

Braithwaite, E. (C. 111.) Ivesdale, 111. 

Brammer. Minnie. (Ky. 1st) North Fork, Ky. 

Brand. A. L.. Middleport. New York. 

Brandon, Richard (Mi. O.) West Milton, Ohio. 

Brate. S. (N. Y. C.) Lakemont. N. Y. 

Brewer, John (So. 111.) Carbondale, 111. 

Brieghleb, G., (N. Y. B.) Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Bright, A. A. (N. C.) Raleigh, N. C. 

P.riley, Chas. S. (O. E.) Blatchford, Ohio. 

BrileV. H. B. (O. E.) Carbon Hill. Ohio. 

Bricklev. -J. C. (N. Mo.) Quartz. Mont. 

Brodt, W. R. (So. O.) West Union, Ohio. 

Brooks, M. C. (So. 111.) Makanda, 111. 

Brown, C. A. (W. Ind.) Lebanon, Ind. 

Brown. C. O. (S. O.) Otego. N. Y. 

Brown. J. S. (W. M. & N. I.) Marcellus. Mich. 

Brown. J. E. (W. Wash.) Bordeaux, Wash. 

Brown, Eliza L. (Mi. O.) Liberty, Ind. 

Brown. G. A. (N. 111. & W.) Oregon, 111. 

Brown, G. Verner (N. Y. E.) Wilmington, Del. 

Brown. Henry (N. Y. E.) Lakemont. N. Y. 

Brown. J. M." (O. Cen.) Holley. N. Y. 

Brown. L. D. (Mi. O.) Pleasant Mills, Ind. 

Buchner, A. L. (Scioto V.) Charleston, W. Va. 

Buckner. A. S. (S. W. W. Va.) Henderson, W. 

Bullock. E. (N. C.) Nutbush. N. C. 

Bullock, T. (N. C.) Nutbush, N. C. 

Burdine, W. E. (C. la.) Barnes, Iowa. 



Burdine, H. (C. la.) Barnes, Iowa. 
Burkett. P. Z. (C. I.) Edlnburg, Ind. 
Burnett, J. P. (So. O.) Muncie, Ind. 
Bui-nham, A. C. (S. W. I.) Linden, Iowa. 
Burns. G. AV. (Ky. 1st) Brushhart, Ky. 
Buroker, Martin (R. U.) Soldiers Grove, Wis. 
Burrill, S. L. (Me.) Hermon, Me. 
Burton, A. S. K. (W. M. & N. I.) Fenville, 

Buscli, T. E. (O. V.) Middleport, Otiio. 
Bustiong, Hannah (N. Kan.) Heber, Kan. 
Busliong. Peter (N. Kan.) Heber, Kan. 
Butler, II. E. (Mi. O.) St. Paris, Oliiho. 
Butler, Estella (S. O.) St. Paris, Ohio. 
Butler, H. H. (E. Va.) Suffolk, Va. 
Butler, M. W. (E. N. C.) Fuqua Springs, N. C. 
Byrket, Eli (I. M. R.) Warren, Ind. 
Byrket, C. P. (E. Ind.) Anderson, Ind. 

— c — 

Cain, Geo. B. (E. Ind.) Sidney, Ohio. 
Caldwell, W. R. (W. Wash.) Montesana, Wash. 
Cameron, E. (So. Kan.) Sycamore Springs, 

Campbell. Wm. (S. W.) Greenup, 111. 
Campbell. W. M. (Scioto) Wellston, Ohio. 
Canada, P. P. (E. Ind.) Winchester, Ind. 
-Canada, P. A. (R. I. & M.) New Bedford, 

Canter, Henry (Ohio) Oak Hill, Ohio. 
Capron, Levi. (E. Ind.) Harrisville, Ind. 
Card, J. W. (Rock) Kittery Point, Me. 
Garden. J. S. (N. C. & Va.) Durham, N. C. 
Cardwell, W. W. (O. E.) Chestnut Grove, Ohio. 
Carls, S. A. (O. Cen.) Raymond, Ohio. 
Carington, John (Ky. 1st) Valley, Ky. 
Carmean, J. M. (S. Wabash) Newton. HI. 
Carnell, J. P. (C. W.) Sherman, Wis. 
Carney, A. L. (W. Ind.) Darlington, Indiana. 
Carothers. J. W. (C. Ind.) Allerton, 111. 
Carter, E. M. (Ala.) Truitt, Ala. 
Carter, Wm. M. (Scioto V.) Portsmouth, Ohio. 
Carter, Geo. C. (N. J.) Alpha, N. J. 
Carter, G. H. (Des M.) Al Ellen, New Mexico. 
Carter, J. M. (Mt. V.) New Waterford, Ohio. 
Carter. L. S. (C. 111.) Hammond, 111. 
Case, Wm. (N. Y. E.) West Oneonta, N. Y. 
Case, A.. Pnionville, Me. 
Cassel, Isaac iN. W. O.) Herring, Ohio. 
Catte, H. D. (S. W.) Willow Hill, 111. 
Chancellor. P. (Osage) Weaubleau, Mo. 
Cash, A. W. (W. Ind.) Sheridan. Ind. 
Chappel, Peter (E. Va.) Berlin, Va. 
Chase, David L. (Rock) Columbus Grove, Ohio. 
Chase, W. P. (N. Y. E.) St. .Tohusville. N. Y. 
Cheesman. J. H. (Tioga) Greenwood, N. Y. 
Chidley, Howard J. (Vt. State) Burlington, Vt. 
Chidley. W. H. (Ont.) Newmarket, Ont. 
Chrisman, B. H. (O. Cen.) Centerburg, Ohio. 
Cisna. A. II.. Columbus, Ohio, 500 N. 20th St. 
Clancv. C. H. (No. W.) Baxter. Iowa. 
Clapp, .1. Alex. (C. 111.) Danville. 111. 
Clark, .1. B. (N. Y. W.) Morgansville, N. Y. 
Clark. .Tohn H. (N. Y. E.) Clinton Corners, 

New York. 
Clark, .1. L. (I. M. R.) Summitville, Ind. 
Clarridge. P. (O. Cen.) Five Points. Ohio. 
Clayton, B. F. (Mi. O.) Yellow Springs, Ohio. 
Clem. H. R. (Mt. V.) Defiance, Ohio. 
Clements, W. G. (E. N. C.) Morrisville, N. C. 
Click. F. M. (W. Ind.) Sheridan, Ind. 
Clouse, F. M. (Ohio.) Omega, Ohio. 
Clymer, J. F. (I. M. R.) Elwood, Ind. 
Coate, J. W. (N. Kan.) Winfleld, Kan. 
Coates, J. A. (Ala.) Rock Mills, Ala. 
Coddington, C. H. (Mi. O.) Conover, Ohio. 
Coe, I. H. (R. I. & M.) Now Bedford, Mass. 
Coflin, F. G. (C. I.) Madrid. Iowa. 
Coffin, Leslie E. (Y. & C.) Pottersville, Mass. 
Cogswell, Joseph S., Walpole, N. H. 
Cole, D. A. (Tioga) Cameron Mills, N. Y. 
Cole, Henry (So. Kan.) Arlington, Kan. 
Coleman, S. (N. C.) Keats, Va. 

Colgan, D. C. (Ky. 1st) Mt. Carmel, Ky. 
Colley, J. C. (Ala.) Truitt, Ala. 
Collier, S. D. (N. Mo.) Lemonville, Mo. 
Collins, J. D. (N. Y. B.) Bates, N. Y. 
Collins, M. G. (N. 111. & W.) Oak Park, 111. 
Colville, S. H. (Kv. 1st) Muses Mills, Ky. 
Comer, J. R. (W. N. C.) Ether, N. C. 
Conibear, G. A. (R. I. & M.) Providence, R. I. 
Conkling. D. L. (N. Y. E.) Middletown, N. Y. 
Conley, Harry (Ky. 1st) Ironton, Ohio. 
Conrad, John (N. J.) Philadelphia. Pa. 
Cook, Chas. W. (Y. & C.) South Berwick, Me. 
Cook. John F. (N. E. O.) Bspyville, Ohio. 
Cook, D. A. (I. M. R.) Sheridan, Ind. 
Cooke, H. (Okla.) Skedee, Okla. 
Coon, Chas. A. (Ohio) Oak Hill, Ohio. 
Coon, G. R. (Ohio) Blatchford, Ohio. 
Coons, J. A. (E. Ind.) Nottingham, Ind. 
Coons, Jos. M. (E. Ind.) Ridgeville, Ind. 
Coop, Chas. (U. la.) Fairfield, R. F. D., Iowa. 
Cooper, Fred. (N. Kan.) Lincoln, Kan. 
Cope, Lycurgus, (Mt. V.) Elkton, Ohio. 
Copland, J. M. (E. Va.) Suffolk, Va. 
Coplen, E. (N. W. I.) Rochester, Ind. 
Cortner, J. R. (E. Ind.) Winchester, Ind. 
Cottom, J. L. (Mich.) Barryton, Mich. 
Corvan, H. G. (N. W. N. D.) Malta. Mon. 
Cox, L. I. (W. N. C.) Elon College, N. C. 
Coy, D. O. (C. Ind., Taylorsville, Ind. 
Crampton, Henry, (Mi. O.) Eaton. Ohio. 
Creger, J. H. (Des M.) Peru, Iowa. 
Crosby, B. S. (N. Y. E.) Versailles. Ohio. 
Cross, J. H. (E. Ind.) Losantville. Ind. 
Crowell, N. W. (N. J.) Rochester, N. Y. 
Cummings, J. (C. I.) Kurtz. Ind. 
Cummins, J. B. (Ohio) Stockade, Ohio. 
Cummins, Calvin, (W. M. & N. I.) Cumming- 

ville, Mich. 
Cunningham, S. C. V. (W. M. & N. I.) New 

Carlisle, Ind. 
Curlett, Frank (Tioga) Rochester, N. Y. 

Dailey, Hiram (N. E. K.) Almena, Kan. 
Daniels, John (W. Pa.) Mountain Grove, Pa. 
Daniels, G. W. (W. Pa.) Fairchance. Pa. 
Darnall, T. C. (E. Kan.) Welch, Ind. Ter. 
Davidson, T. J. (So. 111.) Pomona. 111. 
Davis, R. (W. M. & N. I.) Marcellus, Mich. 
Davis, M. M. (Ky 1st) Muses Mills. Ky. 
Davis. T. N. (N." Y. E.) Austerlitz, N. Y. 
Davis, W. D. (Ala.) Daviston. Ala. 
Davy. S. H. (Tioga) Sabinsville, Pa. 
Dawson, T. B. (N. C. & Va.) High Point. N. C. 
Dawson, Wm. M. (Mi. O.) Yellow Springs, O. 
Dav Fred. (S. W.) Oberliu. Ohio. 
Day, N. (Rock) Newton. N. II. 
Dean, Ellen, (Mt. V.) McClainsville. Ohio. 
Doarholt. John (No. W.) Reedsburg, Wis. 
Deck. W. N. (N. W. O.) Bryan, Ohio. 
Defur, Clarence (So. I. & 111.) Cynthiana. Ind. 
Denison, Warren H. (Mi. O.) Troy, Ohio. 
Dennen, J. W. (Ont.) Keswick, Ont. 
Dennis, V. R. (Ohio) Wellston, Ohio. 
Denny. L. L. (E. Ind.) Selma, Ind. 
Denton, J. B. (S. W. I.) Emerson. Iowa. 
Devore, E. A. (J. M. R.) Indianapolis, Ind. 
DeWeese, C. (N. Mo.) Mendon. Mo. 
Deyo, C. I. (Mi. O.) Pleasant Hill, Ohio. 
Dickason. I. N. (N. E. O.) DeCliff, Ohio. 
Dillard, Isaiah (E. Va.) Ferguson Wharf, Va. 
Dillon. Alice J.(N. Y. E.) Castile. N. Y. 
Dillon, J. A. (N. Y. E.) Castile, N. Y. 
Diltz. Thomas C. (S. E. Neb.) Brownsville, 

Dipbove, J. (Eel R.) Frankton. Ind. 
Dipboye. J. W. (I. M. R.) Elwood, Ind. 
Dofflemver, J. W. (Va. Cen.) Elkton. Va. 
Dolby, W. II. (So. O.) Nicholasville, Ohio. 
Doll," J. H. (No. Kan.) Lincoln, Kan. 
Dollar, C. M. (Ala.) Corn House, Ala. 
Doolin. G. W. (So. 111.) Murphysboro, III. 
Douglass, J. J. (So. AV.) Robinson, 111. 



Dowd, S. (N. C.) Raleigh, N. C. 
Drake, D. R. (W. Ark.) Beaumont, Kansas. 
Drake, G. W. (E. Va.) Richmond, Va. 
Drake. S. S. (W. Ark.) Chester, Ark. 
Draper, G. W. (So. III.) Carbondale. 111. 
Duckworth. H. J. (O. Cen.) Mt. Sterling. Ohio. 
Duckworth. J. F. (No. Mo.) Hayman. Col. 
Dudley, J. W. (W. Ind.) Linden, Ind. 
Dugger. W. H. (N. C.) Oxford, N. C. 
Duke, G. W. (N. C.) Ridgeway. N. C. 
Dunagan. John A. (Ky. 1st.) Martin, Ky. 
Dunfee, Jos. (N. W. I.) Etna Green, Ind. 
Dunlap. Albert (Mt. V.) 144 W. Fourth Ave., 

Columbus, Ohio. 
Durham. I. B. (So. 111.) Day, 111. 
Dutton. John G. (R. I. & M.) Westerly. R. I. 
Dyer. O. W. (O. Cen.) Columbus, Ohio, 1155 

N. High Street. 
Dykeman, L. A. (Tioga) Knoxyille, Pa. 

_E — 

Ealey, W. M. (C. 111.) Urbana, 111. 
Earl! I. H. (W. Ind.) Wingate, Ind. 
Edmanson. T. J. (Ala.) Talbut, Ala. 
Edward, D. B. (E. Va.) Newport News, Va. 
Ehrheart, J. S. (Erie) Elwood City, Pa. 
Elder, J. W. (Ala.) Barfield. Ala. 
Elder, T. H. (Ala.) Milltown. Ala. 
Elder. Wm. A. (R. U.) Soldiers Grove, Wis. 
Elliott. Ellen (N. Kan.) Heber, Kan. 
Ellis, John H. (Ky. 2d.) Gimlet. Kv. 
Ellis. R. J. (So. I. & 111.) Boyleston, 111. 
Elwell, J. O. (Des M.) Afton, Iowa. 
Embree, Isaac (C. 111.) Kingman, Ind. 
Enders. Geo. C. (Mi. O.) Wellington. Ohio. 
Ends, W. H. (W. Va.) Moorefield, W. Va. 
Epright. John E. (N. J.) Conshohocken, Pa. 
Etter, J. E. (Mi. O.) Warren. Ind. 
Evans, E. R. (So. 111.) Bloomfield. 111. 
Evans, Marion (Ky. 2d) Leon, Ky. 
Evans, F. E. (Ohio) Pride, Ohio. 
Evans, John (So. W.) Olney. 111. 
Evans, D. (E. Va.) Newport News. Va. 
Evans, W. L. (Ky. 1st) Vanceburg. Ky. 
Everman. James S. (Ky. 2d) Charlotte Furn- 
ace, Ky. 
Ewin, Wm. (So. I. & 111.) McLeansboro, 111. 

— F — 

Faulk, J. J. (B. Va.) Holland, Va. 

Feese, Wm. (N. W. I.) Monterey, Ind. 

Fenner, J. B. (Mi. O.) Sidney Ohio. 

Fenton, R. G. (N. Y. B.) Charleston Four 
Corners. N. Y. 

Fenwick, J. B. (N. J.) Finesvlle, N. J. 

Fenwick, C. R. (Des M.) Des Moines, Iowa. 

Fenwick, Minnie (Des M.) Des Moines, Iowa. 

Ferguson. Samuel J. (S. W. W. Va.) Pliney, 
W. Virginia. 
~*~~Ferrier, John M. (N. Y. E.) Providence, R. I. 

Ferril. C. A. (So. 111.) Murphysboro. 111. 

Fish, A. (No. W.) Osage, Iowa. 

Fisher. E. W. (R. U.) Soldiers Grove, Wis. 

Fite. S. D. (I. M. R.) Marion. Ind. 

Fitzgerald. E. (Des M.) Morrow, Kansas. 

Flammer, Wm. (Mi. O.j Oberlin. Ohio. 
3*c Flanders. W. B. (R. I. & M.) New Bedford, 

Fleming, P. H. (W. N. C.) Burlington. N. C, 

Fletcher. John (C. W.) Clintonville, Wis. 

Fletcher, W. Percy (Ont.) Drayton, Out. 

Flowers. E. F. (S. B. Neb.) Lincoln. Neb. 

Flora. R. J. (Scioto V.) Coalton, Ohio. 

Fly. M. L. (So. 111.) Makanda, 111. 

Follansbee. L. E. (Des M.) Des Moines. Iowa. 

Foltz, G. W. (N. W. O.) West Cairo, Ohio. 

Foor. S. W. S. (Rays H. & S. Pa.) Everett, 
Pa., R. F. D. 5. 

Ford, Samuel (N. W. I.) Winamac, Ind. 

Ford, W. H. (N. C. & Va.) Zion. Va. 
t '^ordyce, Lewis, (U. la.) Libertyville, Iowa. 

Forrest, L. H. (Ky. 2d) Sandyhook, Ky. 
Foster, Jas. L. (E. N. C.) Raleigh, N. C. 
Foster. Silas (Vt.) Jeffersonville, Vt. 
Fowler, S. M. (Mich.) Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Fraley. D. A. (Ky. 2d) Isomville, Kv. 
Francis, B. (R. I. & M.) South Westport, 

Francis. J. C. (W. Ind.) iJrazil, Ind. 
Franklin, Wm. (B. Va.) Portsmouth, Va. 
Frantz, Samuel (Eel River) l.^o. Manchester, 

Freeman, Riley, (Bel River) Urbana, Ind. 
Freeman, W. A. (So. W.) lola. 111. 
Freeman. W. W. (C. I.) Taylorsville, Ind. 
Freeman, H. M., Miss, (Rock.) Maiden, Mass. 
Freeman, A. PI. (Osage) Waco, Mo. 
French, Edward, (N. Y. B.) So. Berne, N. Y. 
Frederick. J. R. (S. W.) Annapolis, 111. 
Fry, B. C. (R. I. & M.) (missionary) Utsu- 

nomiya. Japan. 
Fry, H. (W. W.-ish.) Montesano. Wash. 
Fry, Susan V. (W. Ind.) (missionary) Utsu- 

nomiya, Japan. 
Fuller, N. (E. Va.) Berkley. Va. 
Fuller, Wm. R. (So. Kan.) Little River, Kan. 
Fulton. H. C. (N. C. & Va.) Greensboro, N. C. 
Funderburg. P. (Okla.) Glencoe, Okla. 
Furgerson, Levi, (Y. & C.) Tuftonboro, N. H, 
Furnas, James (C. la.) Marshalltown, Iowa. 
Furnas, O. P. (Mi. O.) West Milton, Ohio. 
Furnas, Rebecca (C. la.) Marshalltown, Iowa. 

— G — 

Gade, L. W. (E. Ind.) Industry, 111. 

Gaige, F. E. (N. Y. B.) Huntersland, N. Y. 

Gaines, R. R. (E. Va.) Newport News, Va. 

Garbutt, Thos. (Ont.) Eddvstone, Ont. 

Gardner, T. J. (I. M. R.) Logansport, Ind. 

Gardner, Frank H. (Rock.) Portsmouth, N. H. 

Garland, A. R. (Rays H. & S. Pa.) Perry 
Grove, Md. 

Garling, L. K. (Osage) Humansville, Mo. 

Garman, C. O. (Mi. O.) Eldred Hall, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

Garner, G. B. (N. W. O.) Vaughnsville, Ohio. 

Garner, H. (R. U.) Viola, Wis. 

Garrett, E. E. (Des. M.) Newkirk, Okla. 

Garretson. John (I. M. R. Mt. Zion, Indiana. 

Gaskins, M. A. (So. O.) Bentonville, Ohio. 

Gates, L. (N. W. I.) Laporte City, Iowa. 

Gee, Robert, (Ky. 2d) Grayson, Ky. 

Gee, William (Ky. 2d) Saulsberry, Ky. 

Gennett. W. L. (N. J.) Bridgeboro, iSI. J. 

Gettis, J. D. (S. W. I.) Greenfield, Iowa. 

Gillespie, T. C. (W. Ind.) Staunton, Ind. 

Glascock, T. H. (Ky. 1st) EUsberry, Ohio. 

Godfrey, C. H. (Ky. 1st) Rugless. Ky. 

Godley, A. (I. M. R.) Muncie. Ind. 

Goernandt. C. D. (N. Kan.) Lincoln. Kan. 

Goodwin, C. W. (S. W. I.) St. Derion, Neb. 

Golden. A. J. (No. Mo.) Hercules, Mo. 

Goss, John A. (Rock) York Corner. Me. 

Gott. R. H. (W. Ind.) Kokomo, Indiana. 

Gould, E. J. (Ont.) Apslev, Ont. 

Grafton. J. C. (C. la.) Le Grand. Iowa. 

Grate, G. W. (Mt. V.) Signal. Ohio. 

Gray, T. W. (Ala.) Level Road, Ala. 

Gray, H. H. (Ky 1st) Garrison, Ky. 

Gray, Isaac H. (B. Ind.) Muncie, Ind. 

Gray, May (Ky. 1st) Garrison. Kv. 

Green, Geo. J. (E. Va.) Morrisville, N. C. 

Green, John (C. 111.) Danville, HI. 

Green, Mary A. (E. Va.) Norfolk, Va. 

Green, R. (N. C.) Raleigh, N. C. 

Greene, O. S. (E. Ind.) Ft. Recovery, Ohio. 

Greenleaf. E. S. (Vt.) North Shrewsbury. Vt. 

Grenslit, G. W. (R. I. & M.) Putnam, Conn. 

GriflSng, H. L. (Tioga) Port Byron, N. Y., R. 
F. D. 40. 

Griffith, G. L. (Mi. O.) Tro.y, Ohio. 

Griggs. R. Eugene (Mich.) 82 Bast Maumee 
St.. Adrian, Mich. 



Origson, A. J. (Ky. 1st) Burtonville, Ky. 
Grimes, Wm. J. (N. Y. C.) Syracuse, N. Y. 
Gross, W. A. (Mi. O.) Springfield, Ohio. 
Grover, H. A. (O. E.) Pine Grove, Ohio. 
Guinn, M. M. (E. Ind.) Princeton, Kansas. 
Gunn, H. H. (C. 111.) Oakwood, 111. 
Gustin, Ellen, G. (R. I. & M.) Attleboro, Mass. 
Guthrie, J. W. (N. Y. C.) Conquest, N. Y. 
Gwinn, M. M. (E. Kan.) Princeton, Kansas. 

— H — 

Hacke, A. C. (N. Y. E.) Oberlin, Ohio. 
Hagans, C. M. (Mt. V.) Mt. Sterling. Ohio. 
Hagans, J. B. (Mt. V.) Magnetic Springs, O. 
Hagar, Wm. (Ky. 2d) Portlow, Ky. 
Hciiuer, C. H. (Ont.) StoufEville, Ont. 
Hainer, E. W. (N. Y. E.) Greenwood, N. Y. 
Hainer, W. H. (N. J.) Irvington, N. J. 
Hainer, M. A. (Vt. State) Newton, N. H. 
Halfaker, J. S. (N. W. O.) Defiance, Ohio. 
Hall, Ellwood C. (N. J.) Hope, N. J. 
Hall, Edwin C. (N. Y. E.) Hartwick, N. Y. 
Hall, W. J. (Mer.) Georges Mills. N. H. 
Hammer, M. E. (W. N. C.) Tillman, N. C. 
Hammond, E. D. (N. Y. S.) Marion, N. Y. 
Hammond, G. R. (W. Ind.) Mellott, Ind. 
Hance, C. J. (N. W. O.) Spencerville, Ohio. 
Hancock, O. J. (Rock) Old Orchard, Me. 
Haner, E. W., Greenwood, N. Y. 
Hanner, G. W. (S. Kan.) Wichita, Kan. 
Hanson, A. M. (C. la.) Ferguson, Iowa. . 
Harden, M. D. (N. C.) Graham. N. C. 
Hardway. H. G. (O. E.) Irondale, Ala. 
Harlan, I. C. (Neb.) Waco, Nebraska. 
Harrell, J. W. (B. Va.^ Portsmouth, Va. 
Harris, E. M. (Mt. V.) Utica, Ohio. 
Harris, O. A. (E. Ind.) Bluffton, Ind., R. F. U. 
Harris, Robert, (N. W. N. D.) Denbigh, N. D. 
Harrington, M. J. (C. 111.) Danville, 111., 925 

No. Robinson St. 
Harward, W. D. (E. Va.) Petersburg, Va. 
Haskins, Edward (R. U.) Excelsior, Wis. 
Hatfield, D. H. (So. W.) Peakline. Texas. 
Hathaway, M. V. (So. W.) Trimble, ..1. 
Hathaway, O. I. (N. Y. C.) Binghamton, N. Y. 
Hathaway, Warren, (N. Y. E.) Blooming 

Grove, N. Y. 
Hawk, C. (C. HI.) Barnes City, Iowa. 
Hawk, S. D. (N. J.) Newark,' N. J. 
Hawley, M. F. (Mi. .O.) Troy, Omo. 
Hayes, J. E. (N. J.) Baptistown, N. J. 
Heath, A. R. (W. Ind.) Covington, Ind. 
Heath. O. H. (E. Va.; Nassawadox. Va. 
Heath. Isaac (E. A.) Florence, N. C. 
Hedger, W. W. (Ky. 1st) Muses Mills, Ky. 
Heflin. Wm. (N. W. I.) Russiaville, Ind., R. 

F. D. 1. 
Heikes, N. M. (Me.) Albion, Me. 
Helfenstein, S. Q. (N. Y. W.) Defiance, Ohio. 
Helfenstein, D. M. (U. la.) Clemons, Iowa. 
Hendershot, W. H. (S. Kan.'* 
Henderson, .1. A. (N. C. ) Woodsworth, N. C. 
Henry. A. N. (Mich.) Eureka, Mich. 
Hensley. C. C. (I. M. R.) Yorktown, Ind. 
Hercules. L. W. (I. M. R.) Center, Ind. 
Herndon, W. T. (N. C. & Va.) Elon College, 

North Carolina. 
Hess. Perry. (So. 111.) Carterville, 111. 
Hess, B. L. (N. Y. E.J Medway. N. Y. 
Hessenflow, F. E. (N. Mo.) Farmersville, Mo. 
Hester, M. M. (N. C.) Durham, N. C. 
Hewes, Chas. E. (Me.) Hermon, Me. 
Hewson, W. (N. K.) Almena, Kan. 
Hickerson, John (Ky. 1st.) Wallingford, 

Hicks, .7. P. (E. Va.) Berlin. Va. 
Hidy, David (Eel River) No. Manchester, Ind. 
Hill. Lyman, (N. Y. S.) Lisle. N. Y. 
Hiller, G. W. (So. 111.) Carbondale. 111. 
Hillman, J. J. (N. Kan.) luka, Kan. 
Himes, L. (I. M. R.) Arcadia, Ind. 
Ilinkle, A. P. (I. M. R.) Goldsmith. Ind. 
Hinnant, J. W. (N. C.) Gary, N. C. 

Hoag, J. R. (S. B. Neb.) Wymore, Neb. 
Hoagland, B. F. (Mi. O.) Yellow Springs, O. 
Hobbs, Jas. A. (Ky. 1st) Vanceburg, Ky. 
Hobbs, J. F. (Ky. 1st) Vanceburg, Ky. 
Hobbs, Wm. (Ky 1st) Vanceburg, Ky. 
Hodges, S. (C. 111.) Catlin. 111. 
Hoeflfer, C. W. (Mi. O.) Richmond, Ind. 
Hoel, I. M. (C. 111.) Atwood, 111. 
Holaday, L. D. (Eel R.) Kimmell. Ind. 
Holland, R. H. (E. Va.) Holland. Va. 
Holoway, A. J. (N. C.) Nutbush, N. C. 
Holmes, Thomas (Mich.) Chelsea, Mich. 
Holt, J. W. (N. C. & Va.) Burlington, N. C. 
Holt, Myrtle (Vt.) Calais, Vt. 
Holverstott, H. H. (N. E. O.) Marion, Ohio. 
Honsberger, M. J. (Y. & C.) Freedom N. H. 
Hook, C. F. (Tioga) Laurenceville, Pa. 
Hook, Belle H. (Tioga) Laurenceville, Pa. 
Hook, A. W. (Mi. O.) Bradford. Ohio. 
Horton, W. H. (N. C.) Gary, N. C. 
Hornbaker, W. O. (Mer.) Laconia, N. H. 
Hostetter, W. P. (Okla.) Fallis. Okla. 
Houseman, T. J. (So. 111.) Reynoldsville, 111. 
Howard, Lester (R. I. & M.) Stanfordville, 

New York. 
Howard, T. W. (S. W. I.) «tratton, Ont. 
Howe. H. (Scioto V.) Jackson, Ohio. 
Howell, S. A. (E. Va.) Newport News, Va. 
Howsare, McD. (Mich.) Maple Rapids, Mich. 
Hubbartt. Thos. (I. M. R.) North Judson, Ind. 
Hughes. S. H. (Ky. 1st.) Garrison, Ky. 
Hull. H. (N. Mo.) St. Joseph. Mo. 
Humphries, Taylor (Ky. 1st) Muses Mills, Ky. 
Humphrev, T. P. (Me.) Hampden Corner, Me. 
Humphreys, Arthur (N. Y. C.) No. Rush, N. Y. 
Hunt, A. W. (B. Ind.) Hartford City, Ind. 
Hunt, E. E. (N. W. O.) Lykens, Ohio. 
Hunt, G. D. (Ala.) Truett. Ala. 
Hunt. S. (B. Va.) Eastville, Va. 
Hunter, T. (Scioto V.) Wellston, Ohio. 
Hurd, A. J. (Tioga) West Pike, Pa. 
Hurlburt, D. (Me.) Eastport, Me. 
Hurley, M. L. (E. Va.) West Point, Ga. 
Hurst, A. P. (Ky. 1st) Muses Mills, Ky. 
Husted, Don G. (N. Y. C.) Rochester, N. Y. 
Hutchinson. S. A. (O. Cen.) Blmwood, Ohio. 
Hutton, David S. (U. la.) Ottawa, Kan. 
Hutton, F. D. (W. Wash.) Montesano, Wash. 

Inch, W. H. (Ont.) Toronto, Ont. 

Irons. E. W. (W. 111.) Ellisville, III. 

Irons, M. T. (S. W. I.) Geary, Okla. 

Irons. Geo. W. (W. 111.) East Galesburg. 111. 

Isely, A. F. (N. C. & Va.) Elon College, N. C. 


Jackman, Taylor (N. W. I.) Kokomo, Ind. 
Jackson, Geo. B. (So. O.) Hamilton, Ohio. 
Jackson, W. A. (N. W. N. D.) Westhope, N. D. 
Jacobs, A. O. (So. W.) Newton, 111. 
James, Mrs. A. R. (S. W. I.^ Edgewater, Col. 
Jennings, N. L. (N. Mo.) Seymour, Iowa. 
Johnson, G. W. (E. Ind.) Eaton, Ind. 
Johnson, I. W. (E. Va.) Suffolk, Va. 
Johnson. L. F. (N. C. & Va.) Greensboro, 

North Carolina. 
Johnson, L. W. (E. Ind.) Losantville, Ind. 
Johnson. R. D. (N. C.) Southern Pines. N. C. 
Johnson, R. M. (W. Ind.) Harmonv. Ind. 
Jones, A. S. (I. M. R.) Goldsmith. ' Ind. 
Jones, C. C. (E. Va.) Coshocton, Ohio. 
Jones, C. J. (N. Y. E.) Marion. Ind. 
Jones, D. (Scioto V.) Jackson, Ohio. 
Jones, D. W. (Eel River) Ft. Wayne, Ind. 
Jones, Elias (N. Y. W.) Akron. N. Y. 
Jones, G. W. (R. U.) Richland Center. R. F. D. 
Jones, J. E. (E. Ind.) New Madison, Ohio. 
Jones, A. S. (E. Va.) McFarland. Va. 
Jones. J. T. (E. Va.) Berkley. Va. 
Jones. S. W. (N. C.) Franklinton. N. C. 
Jordan, F. B. (E. Va.) Holland, Va. 



Judy, DeK. (E. Ind.) Greeuville, Ohio. 
Julian, M. P. (W. Ark.) Chester. Ark. 
Julian. Tiffin (E. Ind.) Christiansburg. Ohio, 

— K — 

Keck, P. H. (Scioto V.) Wellston, Ohio. 
Keller, David. Walther, W. Va. 
Kemp. Alphonso E. (B. Ind.) Ft. Recovery. O. 
Kemp. W. H. (Okla.) Parklanf' Oklahoma. 
Kemp, B. F. (E. Ind.) No. Manchester, Ind. 
Kendall. A. B. (Erie) Erie, Pa. 
Kent, John (N..C.) Holly Springs, N. C. 
Kent, Geo. H. (Rock) York Corner, Me. 
Kerr. Alva M. (Mi. O.) Dayton, Ohio. 
Kershner, Clark B. (\\. Ind.) Linden, Ind. 
Kilpatrick, R. L. (Mt. V.) Perryton, Ohio. 
King. S. K. (O. Cen.) Columbus, O., 451 West 

State Street. 
Kinnev. J. W. (So. Kan.) Potwin, Kan. 
Kirk. William (S. E. Neb.) York, Neb. 
Kitchen. J. T. (E. Va.) Windsor, Va. 
Klapp. P. T. (N. C. & Va.) Pittsboro, N. C. 
Kl.npp, S. B. (E. N. C.) Virgilina. N. C. 
Kline, L. P. (R. U.) Bloom City, Wis. 
Klink. E. C. (N. W. I.) Argos, Indiana, 
Knight, W. R. (Ala.) Truett, Ala. 
Knight, Zebulon, (Y. & C.) So. Berwick, Me. 
Kobb, J. R. (N. W. I.) Center, Ind. 
Kupers, H. J. (R. U.) Excelsior, Wis. 

— L — 

Laird, J. R. (N. J.) Kittery, Me. 
Laird, S. B. (W. 111.) Cuba, 111., R. F. D. 
Lake, Charles W. (Me.) Newburg Center, Me. 
Lamb, N. E. (N. Kan.) Hill City, Kansas. 
Lambert, Riley (N. W. K.) Almena, Kan. 
Lambert, Joseph (Rock) R'^e, N. H. 
Lang, Wm. H. (Me.) Pittsfleld, Me. 
Langdon, A. H. (Ky. 1st) Greensburg, Ky. 
Lankford. G. O. (Ala.) Truett, Ala. 
Lannon. Hattie (So. W.) Merom, Ind. 
Lassitter, L. L. (Va. V.) Ramseur, Va. 
Latchaw, John R. H. (E. Ind.) Muncie, Ind. 
Lattimer, J. N. (N. Y. C.) Memphis, N. Y. 
Lawhorn, S. P. (Ky. 1st) Vancebui-g, Ky. 
Lawrence, G. D. (C. 111.) Danville, 111. 
Lawrence, John J. (Erie) Angola, N. Y. 
Lawrence, W. W. ((W. N. C.) Erect, N. C. 
Lawson, E. L. (W. Ind.) Merom, Indiana. 
Lawwill, C. C. (So. O.) Ellsberry, Ohio. 
Layman, John (I. M. R.) Michieantown, Ind. 
Leavitt. L. M. (C. 111.) Lewistown, 111. 
Lee, F. C. (Des M.) Thayer, Iowa. 
Leonard. J. W.. Holyoke, Mass. 
Leonard. A. (N. W. O.) Grover Hill, Ohio. 
Leonard. T. K. (N. W. O.) MeComb, Ohio. 
Lepley, D. (N. W. O.) Lima. Ohio. 
Leslie. Robert (Ga. & Ala.) Moorefleld, Ala. 
Lett. M. F. (Ala.) Clanton, Ala. 
Levister, T. J. (N. C.) Burlington, N. C. 
Lewis, J. W. (R. -I. & M.) North Dighton, 

Lewis, L. E. (O. Cen.) Richwood, Ohio. 
Lewis, R. R. (Ky. 1st) Vanceburg, Ky. 
Lewis, R. A. (S. W. I.) Redfield. Iowa. 
Lewis, Samuel (O. E.) Bladen. Ohio. 
Liggon. A. D. (N. C.) Holly Springs, N. C. 
Liles. G. W. (Kv. 1st) Mouth of Laurel, Ky. 
Linville. D. C. (I. M. R.) Middletown. Ind. 
Lindsey. Isadore (So. 111.) Pomona. 111. 
Linscott. Thos. (Mich.) Snarta. Ohio. 
Littell. J. B. (So. W.) Fairfield. 111. 
Llovd. Stephen A. (N. Y. C.) Plainville, N. Y. 
Lobaugh. D. (N. W. O.) Dupont, Ohio. 
Lockwood. Samuel (Des. M. ) Osceola, Iowa. 
Logan, James (Ky. 1st) Brushhart. Ky. 
Logue, J. R. (Rays H. & S. Pa.) Pine Ridge, 

Long, A. (E. Ind.) Losantville, Ind. 
Long, D. A. (W. N. C.) Graham. N. C. 
Long. G. L. (O. E.) Chestnut Grove, Ohio. 

Long, H. E. (N. C.) Franklinton, N. C. 
Long, R. H. (Mt. V.) Centerburg, Ohio. 
Long, S. (B. Ind.) Versailles, Ohio. 
Long, W. S. (N. C. & Va.) Graham, N. C. 
Loper, A. B. (Ky. 1st) Quincy, Ky. 
Lott, H. L. (E. Ind.) Greenville. Ohio. 
Loucks, Albert, Wing's Station, N. Y., R. R. 

No. 22. 
Loucks. D. C. (N. J.) Locktown, N. J. 
Luck. C. E. (C. la.) LeGrand. Iowa. 
Lundy. W. L. (N. W. O.) Christiansburg. Ohio. 
Luther. Nelson, (R. I. & M.) Clayville, R. I. 
Lyke, M. D. (N. Y. B.) Lakeville. N. Y. 
Lytle, Lloyd, (O. E.) Point Rock, Ohio. . 

— M — 

Mabrey, J. H. (N. C.) Graham, N. C. 
MacCalman. John (N. Y. C.) Lakemont, N. Y. 
Mace. C. S. (N. Y. B.) Bates. N. Y. 
Mace, J. A. (N. Y. C.) West Vienna, N. Y. 
Macy, Edward H. (R. I. & M.) South Ports- 
mouth, R. I. 
Maddix. W. L. (Ky. 2d) Olive Hill, Ky. 
Maddox, John (Ohio) Coalton, Ohio. 
Mahaney, P. S. (So. W.) Winterrowd, 111. 
Main. S. S. (Mt. V.) Berkey. Ohio. 
Manley. J. L. (O. V.) Middleport, Ohio. 
Mann, Horace, (Mi. O.) Rifle, Colo. 
Mann, Joseph (E. A.) Pamlico, N. C. 
Mann, A. D. (Mi. O.) Westerville, Ohio. 
Manners, A. J. (W. Ark.) Gentry. Ark. 
Mansfield, T. K. (N. W. O.) Defiance, Ohio. 
Manville. W. S. (Eel River) Valparaiso lud. 
Maple, G. M. (Scioto V.) Sinai, Ohio. 
Maple. W. J. Finney, Mo. 
Markley. J. J. (Eel River) Bluffton. Ind. 
Marks. Levi (Eel River) North Webster. Ind. 
Marsh, Wm. (N. C.) Lindhurst. N. C. 
Martin, John (O. V.) Huntsville, W. Va. 
Martin, James (W. Ind.) Advance, Ind. 
Martin. W. T. (So. 111.) Regeat, 111. 
Mason, B. (Erie) McLallen's Corners, Pa. 
Mason. A. (E. K.) Altoona. Kan. 
Massie, Jas. B. (O. B.) Okey, Ohio. 
Masters, J. L. (B. Kan.) Mound Valley, Kan 
Masters, J. S. (E. Kan.) Pearl, Mich. 
Matthews, W. S. (B. Va.) Portsmouth, Va. 
May, A. W. (Rays H. &S. Pa.) Robinson ville, 

McAllister. James, (R. I. &M.) New Bedford, 

McBroom, J. H. (N. C.) Haw River. N. C. 
McCague. F. (N. W^O.) Ashton. 111. 
McClary, O. E. (N. W. O.) Findlay. Ohio. 
McClain. W. C. (N. Kan.) Lincoln, Kan. 
McCloud. N. S. (N. W. O.) Dunkirk. Ohio. 
McCord. E. K. (Rock) (Missionary) Sendal, 

McCormick, (Ky. 1st) Denton, Ky. 
McCoy. C. B. (N. W. I.) New Waverly, Ind. 
McCoy, G. F. (O. V.) Kyger, Ohio. 
McCoy, Peter, (B. At.) Fayetteville, N. C. 
McCrone. H. W. (Rock) Amesbury. Mass. 
McCullough. Peter, (Mi. O.) Toledo, Ohio. 
McDaniel, C. A. (R. I. &M.) Lubec, Maine. 
McDaniel. R. H. (Mi. O.) Fidelity, Ohio. 
McDov.'ell. J. (B. Va.) Norfolk, Va. 
McElfresh, L. D. (Ky 1st.) Rugless, Ky. • 
McFarland. J. H. (S.W.I.) Rockport, Mo. 
McGeorge, S. (Mich.) Suisun City. Cal. 
McGinnis, D. A. (Bel R.) Andrews, Ind. 
McGinnis. D. D. (W. Ark.) Francis, Ark. 
McGlauflin. John. (N. Y. E.) East Chatham, 

N. Y. 
McHargue. A. D. (B. Kan.) Winfleld, Kan. 
McHargue. N. J. (B. Kan.) Independence, Kan. 
McKeen. S. H. (Me.) Johnsonburg, N. J. 
McKiernan. Geo. C. (N. Y. E.) PortlandviUe, 

N. Y. 
McKinnev, Geo. (S. W.) W'ynoose. HI. 
McKinzie, A. (N. Y. W.) North Greece, N. Y. 
McKenzie. James. (Mer.) Hill. N. H. 



McKown, S. S. (Mt. V.) Beloit, Ohio. 
McKown, Wm. (Ky. 1st.) Quincy, Ky. 
McLain. Nomen. (W. Ind.) New Ross, Ind. 
McLaughlin, H. H. (Me.) Carmel. Me. 
McMillen, John (W. 111.) Winterest, Iowa. 
McMurray. A. A. (E. Kan.) Madison, Kan. 
McNeely, S. (N.W.I.) Tiosa, Ind. 
McNees, J. II. (R. U.) Richland Center, Wis. 
McReynolds, N. Del. (Mi. O.) Bellefontaine, O. 
McRevnolds, I'. W. (Mich.) Defiance, Ohio. 
McWhinney. T. M. (Mi. O.) Yellow Springs,©. 
Meadows, Eliza (Ky. 2d.) Newfoundland, Ky. 
Meadows, J. H. (N. C.) Mt. Energy, N. C. 
Meadows. T. H. (Ky. 1st.) Muses Mills. Ky. 
Meflford, W. W. (So. O.) Russellville, Ohio. 
Mell, G. R. (N. W. L>.) Delphos. Ohio. 
Melson, B. A. (N. W. I.) Sheridan, Ind. 
Melvin, T. J. (So. O.) Neville, Ohio. 
Merritt, J. G. (N. Kan.) Morrowville, Kan. 
Meser. John (Ky. 2nd.) Williard, Ky. 
Michael, W. E. (E. Ind.) New Madison, Ohio. 
Midgett, W. S. (E. Va.) Norfolk. Va. 
Milholland, S. M. (O. Cen.) Orchard, Ohio. 
Millard, D. E. (Mich.) Portland, Mich. 
Miller, J. H. (E. Va.) Savage Crossing, Va. 
Miller, J. M. (Eel River) Wakarusa, Ind. 
Miller, Mrs. K. E. (C. 111.) Champaign, 111. 
Miller, Samuel (C. W. ) Madison, Wis. 
Miller, M. B. (Des. M.) Madrid, la. 
Miller, N. B. (W. Va.) Parsons, W. Va. 
Miller, O. P. (W. M. &N. I.) Casopolis, Mich. 
Miller, H. V. (So. O.) Russellville, Ohio. 
Miller, Chas. W. (N.J.) Quaker Street, N. Y. 
Miller, Al. (Ky 1st.) Mouth of Laurel, Ky. 
Milne, Wm. B. (C. la.) Le Grand, Iowa. 
Milteer, J. H. (E. Va.) Savage Crossing, Va. 
Mishler. Jennie. (N. 111. &W.) (Missionary) 

Home address. Leaf River, III. ; foreign, 

Ponce. Porto Rico. 
Mitchell, E. E. (N. J.) Philadelphia, Pa. 
Mitchell, A. (N. C.) Raleigh, N. C. 
Mizener, A. C. (So. Kan.) Eldorado. Kan. 
Moffit, S. (Des. M.) Afton, la. 
Mofflt, H. T. (W. N. C.) Mofflts, N. C. 
Moody. James 11. (Ohio) Jackson. Ohio. 
Moody, Laura (E. Kan.) Galena. Kan. 
Moore, D. W. (N. Y. W.) Dover. N. J. 
Moore, H. C. (B. Va.) Charlottsville, Va. 
Moore, H. E. (E. A.) Pamlico, N. C. 
Moore, T. V. (Tioga) Woodhull. N. Y. 
Morrell, Edwin (Mi. O.) Piqua, Ohio. 
Moorhouse, P. (Mich.) Edenville, Mich. 
Morgan. D. M. (Ky. 1st.) Liberty. Ky. 
Morgan, Carrie, (Kv. 1st.) Plumville. Ky. 
Morrill, A. IT. (R. I. &M.) New Bedford, Mass. 
Morrill, M. T. (Vt.) Hanover, N. H. 
Morrill, W. S. (Mer.) Franklin. N. H. 
Morris, A. N. (I. M. R.) Upland, Ind. 
Morris. Tillie (I. M. R.) Marion. Ind. 
Morris. Ida (B. Ind.) Winchester, Ind. 
Morris. J. P. (I. M. R.) Marion. Ind. 
Morrow, G. W. (Vt.) Burlington. Vt. 
Morrow, David L. (N. la.) Oscaloosa, la. 
Moses. Thomas G. (Me.) Eastport. Me. 
Mosteller, Silas, (N. W. I.) Young America, Ind. 
Mouncey. Bruce (I. M. R.) Liberty Center, Ind. 
Mudge. E. (Mich) Maple Rapids, Mich. 
Mugridge. J. H. (Y.&C.) Stratham, N. H. 
Mullen. W. F. (E. Ind.) Farmland. Ind. 
Murray, D. B. (Rock) Medford. Mass. 
Myers, Joel, (C. la.) Le Grand, la. 

— N — 

Naillieux, A. (N. Kan.) Iluscher, Kan. 
Nealeigh. Jacob (E. Ind.) Ludlow Falls, Ohio. 
Nelson, Charles (N. Y. E.) Barkersville, N. Y. 
Nelson, N. (Ohio) Jackson, Ohio. 
Newhouse, J. T. (B. Ind.) Chesterfield. Ind. 
Newhouse. S. S. (Mi. O.) liima. Ohio. 
Newman, C. B. (B. Va.) Virgilina, Va. 
Newman, J. TI. (W. N. C.) Elon College, N. C. 
Newman, N. G. (E. Va.) Newport News, Va. 
Newton. L. W. (Mt. V.) New Brighton. Pa. 
Nichols. F. M. (Ohio) Ray, Ohio. 

Nichols, R. J. (R. I. &M.) Hampton, Conn. 
Noel, S. T. (N. Mo.) Curry ville, Mo. 
Nickel, J. S. (W. Ind.) Marshall. Ind. 
Noffsinger, A. (Mich.) Crystal, Mich. 
Nutt, E. J. (O. Cen.) Westerville, Ohio. 

— — 

Oliver, J. R. (E. Ind.) Celina, Ohio. 
Oliver, J. W. (W. Ind.) Wingate, Ind. 
Onslow, Jacob (N. C.) Wilmington, N. C. 
Orr, J. B. (Ala.) Fazenda, Texas. 
Overlander, Addison, (N. E. O.) Bucyrus, Ohio. 

— P — 

Page, J. W. (I.M. R.) Jefferson, Ind. 
Page, R. W. (Eel River) Albion, Ind. 
Palmer, S. G. (Me.) Stanfordville, N. Y. 
Parker, Chas. (R. I. &M.) No. Scituate, R. I. 
Parker, W. G. (Eel R.) Goshen, Ind. 
Parker. J. C. (E. Va.) Berkley, Va. 
Parr, J. A. (W. Ind.) Middletown, Ind. 
Parsons, J. M. (E. Va.) Suflfolk, Va. 
Parsons, D. C. (O. Cen.) Appleton, Ohio. 
Patrick, F. M. (I. M. R.) Pickard, Ind. 
Patterson, J. J. (C. 111.) Danville, 111. 
Patton, J. W. (W. N. C.) Elon College, N. C. 
Paul, W. T. (So. W.) Greenup, 111. 
Pearson, M. J. (N. W. N. D.) Surrey, N. D. 
Peck, Ira L. (N. Y. E.) Freehold, N. Y. 
Peel, C. C. (N. C. &Va.) Elon College, N. C. 
Peel, R. H. (E. Va.) Waverly, Va. 
Pemberton, Albert (Scioto V.) Coalton, Ohio. 
Penrod, C. Tena (W. Ind.) (Missionary) Tokio, 

Percy, W. (Ont.) Stouffville. Ont. 
Perdue, Wm. (Eel River) Warren, Ind. 
Perkins, Everett (Vt.) Woodstock, Vt. 
Perkins, Geo. T. (N. Y. E.) Petersburg. N. Y. 
Perlee, Silas, H. (N. Y. E.) Randall, N. Y. 
Perry. H. (N. Mo.) Arapahoe. Okla. 
Pershing, H. H. (Erie) Searsburg, N. Y. 
Peters, F. H. (Mt. V.) Fall River, Mass., 266 

Pine St. 
Phillips, C. C. (Mi. O.) Liberty. Ind. 
Phillips, Edwin R. (Mer.) Belmont, N. H. 
Phillips, Geo. B. (U. la.) Fairfield. la. 
Phillips, J. T. (W. Ind.) Frankfort, Ind. 
Phillips, L. W. (Mer.) Franklin. N. H. 
Phillips. Wm. (O. E.) Yarico, Ohio. 
Pigg. John (Ky. 2d.) Nonchalanta. Ky. 
Pinnix, J. W. (N. C. &Va.) Kernersville, N. C. 
Piper. J. W. (C. la.) Le Grand, Iowa. 
Pitcher. C. S. (Me.) Corinna. Me. 
Pitser, Henrv. (So. O.) Sunshine, Ohio. 
Pittman, J. M. (N. J.) Bridgeboro, N. J. 
Pittman, R. W. (N. 111. & W.) Leaf River, III. 
Pittman, P. R. (N. J.) Tullevtown. Pa. 
Plunkett. J. M. (So. W.) Palestine. 111. 
Pollard. Emma, (Ky. 1st.) Stouts. Ky. 
Pollard. W. H. (Kv. 1st.) Stouts. Ky. 
Policy, H. E. (No. W.) Abbotsford, Wis. 
Pond, E. K. (C. Ind.) Clifford. Ind. 
Porter. John L. (O. E.) Th'ivener, Ohio. 
Porter. M. P. (E. Va.) Berkley, Va. 
Poste. Z. A. (N. Y. E.) Glenora, N. Y. 
Potter, George (Me.) Monticello. Me. 
Potter, Nathan (C. la.) Olin. la. 
Potter. O. P. (N. Y. W.) Machias, N. Y. 
Potter. S. W. (Erie) Fairview. Pa. 
Pounds. T. A. (E. N. C.) Clavton. N. C. 
Powell. D. (B. Ind.) Portland. Ind. 
Powell, D. E. (N. J.) Madisonville. Pa. 
Powers, B. J. (W. Va.) Norton, W. Va. 
Powers, A. G. B. (Va. Cen.) Needmore, Pa. 
Powers, O. W. (O. Cen.) 1301 Cortland Ave, 

Columbus, Ohio. 
Powers. Frank (E. Ind.) Ansonia, Ohio. 
Pratt. Joseph, (N. Y. B.) Waterbury, Conn. 
Preston, M. A. (Mich.) Barryton, Mich. 
Pretty. Robert ( N. C.) Harpsboro. N. C. 
Price." Samuel (So. W.) Greenup, 111. 
Price, W. G. (N. Y. E.) South Westerlo. N. Y. 
Pride, Ora L. (So. O.) Yellow Springs, Ohio. 



Prosser, D. (Ont. ) Newmarket, Ont. 
Prosser, James (Out.) Castleton. Ont. 
Putnam, D. I. (N. Y. E.) Ravena, N. Y. 
Putnam, Nelson (N. Y. B.) South Valley, N. Y. 

— R — 

Randell, P. R. (E. A.) Arapahoe, N. C. 
Ransford, W. H. (So. W.) Oblong, 111. 
Rapp, E. M. (Mi. O.) Garrett, lud. 
Rasmussen, Emma (S. Kan.) Turon, Kan. 
Rasp. E. L. (S. W.) Gresham, Neb. 
Rattan, S. N. Portage, So. Ontario. 
Ray, C. W. (N. C.) Haw River. N. C. 
Ray, J. N. (N. C.) Youngsville, N. C. 
Raynor, S. (W. Ark.) Harrison, Ark. 
Reed, E. S. (Mi. O.) Greenville, Ohio. 
Reed, John D. (Des M.) Thayer, la. 
Reed. Wm. R. iN. W. I.) Argos, Ind. 
Reed. W. R. (So. 111.) Wolfcreek, 111. 
Reedy, Emma (E. Ind.) Evart, Michigan. 
Reilev, Wm. (Mich.) Oxford, Mich. 
Remington, G. J. (W. M. & N. I.) Carr, Mich. 
Renedv. S. C. (E. Va.) Richmond, Va. 
Reynolds, J. W. (R. I. & M.) Ansonet, Mass. 
Reynolds, W. J. (R. I. &M.) Swansea Center, 

Rheubottom, M. G. (Eel R.) Wakarusa, Ind. 
Rhodes, H. J. (Rock) Manchester, N. H. 
Rhodes. Elisha (U. la.) Keokuk. Iowa. 
Rice. E. B. (Kv. 2d.) Denton, Ky. 
Ritchen, W. (S'. W.) Greenup. 111. 
Richter. C. A. (N. 111. & W.) Forreston, 111. 
Ridlon, N. T. (Y. &C.) North Hampton, N. H. 
Riggleman, Simon (W. Va.) Moorefield, W. Va. 
Rimer. W. C. (N. W. 0.1 Columbus Grove, Ohio. 
Rinehart. Wm. J. (N.W.I.) Pulaski. Ind. 
Rinehart, Chas. (N. E. O.) Nevada. Ohio. 
Rippey. G. W. (C. 111.) Atwood, 111. 
Roach, Killis (Va. Cen.) Nortonsville, Va. 
Roach, W. H. (W.N. C.) High Point, N. C. 
Robbins, John W. (E. Ind.) Muncie. Ind. 
Roberts, J. M. (E. Va.) Windsor, Va. 
Robinson. Eliza (Eel R.) Ft. Wayne, Ind. 
Robinson, P. J. (E. Ind.) Farmland, Ind. 
Robinson. Percy. (N. Y. E.) Brushton. N. ■*. 
Rockwell, Geo." R. (N. Y. C.) Memphis. N. Y. 
Rockwell, H. G. (Erie) Dewittville, N. Y. 
Rockwell, F. E. (N. Y. E.) Rural Grove. N. Y. 
Roe, W. J. fKv. 1st.) Mouth of Laurel. Ky. 
Roe. Eda. (Ky. 1st.) Mouth of Laurel, Ky. 
Koemer, G. A. (Erie) Bear Lake, Pa. 
Rogers, J. H. (N. W. O.) Antwerp. Ohio. 
Rolph. F. B. (N. 111. & Wis.) Ashton, 111. 
Roof. Nathan (Mich.) Ashley. Mich. 
Root, V. S. (Mich.) Tustin. Mich. 
Ross. D. J. (Ky. 2d.) Olive Hill. Ky. 
Ross. W. D. (E. Ind.) Parker. Ind. 
Rowland, C. H. (E. Va.) Franklin. Va. 
Ruffln, L. A. (N. C.) Raleigh. N. C. 
Rupe. J. C. (N.W.I.) Argos. Ind. 
Rupert, Wm. H. (W. Ind.) Brazil. Ind. 
Rush. D. M. (Ravs H. &S. Pa.) Everett, Pa. 
Rush, H. Y. (Mi."0.) West Milton, Ohio. 
Ruth, I'saac, (E. Ind.) Eaton, Ind. 
Russ, J. L. (Ont.) Baltimore. Ont. 
Rusnell, J. A. New Lebanon. N. Y. 
Russell, A. (E. Va.) Newport News. Va. 
Russell, A. B. (Mer. ) Laconia. N. H. 
Ryan. C. C. (N. W. O.) Spencerville, Ohio. 
Ryker, P. L. (Mich.) Maple Rapids. Mich. 

— S — 

Sage, Edward W. (U. la.) Washington, la. 

Sailer, P. S. (E. Va.) Norfolk, Va. 

Samuel. W. D. (Eel R.) Huntington. Ind. 

Sanders. Harvev. (Kv. 2d.) Saulsberv. Ky. 

Sando, W. H. (Mi. O.) Urbana, 111. 

Sargent. W. G. (Ont.) Toronto, Ont., 689 Bath- 

urst St. 
Schiffer. C. Wesley (N. Y. S.) Pine Bluff. N. C. 
Scholefleld. C. H. (N. Y. W.) Gasport. N. Y. 
Scholz. Herbert. (E. Va.) Berklev. Va. 
Scott, W. S. (E. Va.) Carrville. Va. 

Scott, J. S. (Ky. 1st.) Olive Hill, Ky. 
Scott, Jas. F. (Merrimac) Riverside, Mass. 
Seese, A. S. (W. Pa.) Greensburg, Pa. 
Seever, Benj. (Mi. O.) Springtield, Ohio. 
Sexton, G. W. (Ky. 2d.) Stinson, Ky. 
Sexton, Riley (Ky. 2d.) Denton, Ky. 
Shafer, Alonzo (N. Y. E.) Cranberry Creek, 

N. Y. 
Shafer, W. Max (E. Ind.) Royerton, Ind. 
Shank, C. H. (Y. & C.) Center Lovell, Me. 
Sharp, Andrew (Scioto V.) Wellston, Ohio. 
Shaw, Wm. H. (N. Y. E.) Utica, N. Y. 
Shear, Geo. D. (N. Y. E.) Warnerville. N. Y. 
Sheely, Mrs. Adaline (So. O.) West Union, O. 
Shelton, John (So. O.) Aberdeen, Ohio. 
Shepherd. W. J. (Okla.) Purcell, Ind. Ter. 
Shinkle. L. M. (So. O.) Five Mile, Ohio. 
Shirk, Stephfn (O. Cen.) Peoria, Ohio. 
Shoemaker. R. R. (Mi. O.) Centerburg, Ohio. 
Shope. F. (Scioto V.) Coalton, Ohio. 
Shoultz, J. H. (N. Y. E.) Binghampton, N. Y. 
Showalter. E. M. C. (N. Mo.) Station D, St. 

Joseph, Mo. 
Shuck, John L. (N. E. O.) Marion, Ohio. 
Sicks, Jacob, (E. Kan.) Independence, Kan. 
Sisco, H. C, Jay, Vt. 

Simmons, E. D. (W. Ind.) Russiaville. Ind. 
Simmons, L. E. (O. E.) Willkesville, Ohio. 
Simms, John D. (Osage) Gerster, Mo. 
Simpson, P. H. (Mich.) Battlecreek,, Mich. 
Simonton, S. S. (E. Ind.) Montpelier, Ind. 
Slone, J. M. (N. W. O.) Wetzel, Ohio. 
Small, A. (E. A.) Newberne, N. C, 220 Broad 

Smith, C. P. (Rock.) Portsmouth N. H. 
Smith, Ephraim (R. U.) Viola, Wis. 
Smith, Jno. B. (B. A.) Newberne. N. C. 
Smith, H. A. (Mi. O.) Eaton, Ohio. 
Smith, J. H. (E. A.) Ma^sville, N. C. 
Smith, Albert (B. Ind.) Marion, Ind. 
Smith, J. Stillman (R. I. & M.) Boston, Mass. 
Smith, Wm. J. (R. U.) Soldiers Grove, Wis. 
Smith, J. W. A. (B. Va.) Newport News, Va. 
Smith, J. V. (O. E.) Pine Grove, Ohio. 
Smith, Samuel (S. W. I.) Lewis. la. 
Smith, S. E. (N. W. O.) Dupont. Ohio. 
Smith, W. C. (C. la.) Albion, Iowa. 
Smith, Alice Draper. (N. Mo.) Mendon, Mo. 
Smith, J. M. (E. Ind.) Portland, Ind. 
Snodgrass. C W. (I. M. R.) Marion, Ind. 
Snow, B. (E. Va.) Franklin, Va. 
Snyder, S. (Mich.) Oxford. Mich. 
Snvder. Thos. (C. 111.) Danville, 111. 
Southward, John A. (Ohio) Five Points, Ohio. 
Spade, D. F. (E. Ind.) Portland. Ind. 
Spade. Wm. (E. Ind.) Bryant. Ind. 
Sparrow, D. (B. Va.) South Norfolk, Va. 
Spitzer, I. W. (C. W.) Waupaca, Wis. 
Spitzer, T. A. (E. Ind.) New Mt. Pleasant, Ind. 
Spohn, B. T. (Eel River) Albion, Ind. 
Spriggs, Frankie. (Mi. O.) Lebanon, Ohio. 
Spriggs, J. B. (Mi. O.) Lebanon. Ohio. 
Staggs, G. W. (Kv 1st.) Smith Creek. Ky. 
Stalev. W. W. (E. Va.) Suffoik. Va, 
Stanlev, Hannah M. (B. Ind.) Economy, Ind. 
Stearns, J. W. (N. Y. S.) So. Berlin. N. Y. 
Stephenson. J. W. (N. Mo.) Amazonia, Mo. 
Stetler. J. S. (R. U.) Viola. Wis. 
Steuart. W. W. (Eel River.) No. Manchester, 

Steuart. Wm. (N. Wis.) New London. ^\ is. 
Stockley, W. Ernest (W. 111.) Fiatt. 111. 
Stocum. Wm. (Tioga) Borden, N. Y. 
Stokes. A. A., Cleveland, Tenn. 
Stone, T. (W. Wash.) Melbourne. Wash. 
Stovenour. F. (E. Ind.) Portland. Ind. 
Stover. J. A. (S. W. I.) Griswold. Iowa. 
Strange. J. S. (N. Kan.) Lincoln. Kan. 
Strange, Sarah A. (N. Kan.) Gresham, Neb. 
Strange, T. M. (No. Kan.) Gresham, Neb. 
Street, John (N. E. O.) Marengo, Ohio. 
Strickland, C. V. (Eel River) Huntington, Ind. 
Strickland. Mrs. M. A. (Eel R.) Huntington, 




Strickland, F. G. (Eel River) Indianapolis, Ind. 
Strowd, T. W. (N. C. & Va.) Cliapel Hill, N. C. 
Sumler, J. S. (E. Va.) Berkley, Va. 
Summerbcll. Carlyle (C. la.) Le Grand, la. 
Summerbell, J. J. (Mi. O.) Dayton, Ohio. 
Summerbcll. Martyn (N. Y. E.) Lakemont, N. Y. 
Sutton, A. (E. A.) Pamlico, N. C. 
Sutton, B. (E. A.) Arapahoe, N. C. 
Swadley, A. P. (W. Va.) Dry Fork, W. Va. 
Swann, C. W. (Ala.) Able, Ala. 
Sweet, T. B. (N. Mo.) Olathe, Mo. 
Sweet, W. O. (R. I. & M.) Apponaug, R. I. 
Swope, S. L. (So. O.) Felicity, Ohio. 

— T — 

Tabor, J. M. (Ky. 2d.) Olive Hill, Ky. 
Tacket, Sherwood (Ky. 2d.) Olive Hill, Ky. 
Tamkin, John (Va. Cen.) Red Creek, Va. 
Tarr, C. C. (Eel R.) Bluff ton, Ind. 
Tate, W. IT. H. (E. Ind.) Pikeville, Ohio. 
Taylor, F. L. (E. A.) Newberne, N. C. 
Taylor, J. B. (Scioto) Given, Ohio. 
Teter, M. L. (I. M. R.) Goldsmith, Ind. 
Terrell, Melissa (C. la.) Springfield, Ohio. 
Terrell, Wm. (E. Ind.) Pikeville, Ohio. 
Terry, W. A. (Ont.) Viltoria, Ont. 
Tetlow, J. W. (Rock.) Milford, N. J. 
Thacker, Jr., Z. T. (Ky. 1st.) Muses Mills, Ky. 
Thacker, Sr., Z. T. (Ky. 1st.) Muses Mills, Ky. 
Thomas, A. A. (S. W. I.) Stuart, Iowa. 
Thomas, S. K. (S. W. I.) Council Bluffs, la. 
Thomas, F. M. (Osage) Kimball, Okla. 
Thomas, Frank (Ky. 2d.) Kilgores, Ky. 
Thomas, M. (Me.) North Bangor, Me. 
Thomas, Omer S. (Mi. O.) Greenville, Ohio. 
Thomas, S. K. (Osage) Ohio, Mo. 
Thompson, D. W. (N. Wis.) New London, Wis. 
Thompson, W. P. (Scioto V.) Wellston Ohio. 
Thompson, L. B. (W. Va.) Davis, W. Va. 
Thompson, Flora (Mi. O.) San Jose, Cal. 
Thompson, W. H. (N. W. O.) W. Liberty, Ohio. 
Thompson, E. I. (N. Wis.) New London, Wis. 
Thorn, C. C. (Tioga) Castile. N. Y. 
Thurlow, A. C. (Des M.) Benton, Iowa. 
Tickle, G. W. (N. C. & Va.) Elon College. N. C. 
Tillinghast, C. A. (R. I. & M.) Providence, 

R. I. 
Timberman, J. (Ohio) South Solon, Ohio. 
Tipton, J. W. (No. Kan.) Burlington, Colo. 
Todd, M. C. (N. W. O.) Defiance, Ohio. 
Tolman, W. H. (Me.) Newburg, Me. 
Tomlin, James (Ky. 1st.) Ellisberg, Ky. 
Tompkins, Mrs. M. A. (Eel R.) Elkhart, Ind. 
Tracy, C. A. (N. B. O.) Williamsport, Ohio. 
Tracy, J. A. (So. W.) Claremont, 111. 
Trent, W. E. B. (E. Va.) Norfolk. Va. 
Trent, Harvey (Ky. 2d.) Elliottsville, Ky. 
Trotter, F. P. (W. Ind.) Middletown, Ind. 
Troutman. J. W. (R. H. & S. P.) Clear- 

ville. Pa. 
Tucker, B. F. (N. W. O.) Bloom Center, Ohio. 
Turner, E. (Osage) Bey. Ark. 
Twiggs. J. M. (E. Kan.) Turon, Kan. 
Tyler, Myron (Y. & C.) Saco, Me. 
Tyron, I. C. (N. Y. W.) Castile, N. Y. 
Tyson, L. C. (N. C.) Burlington, N. C. 

— U — 

Ullerv, I. N. (E. Ind.) Gaston. Ind. 
Underwood, G. R. (E. N. C.) Underwood. N. C. 
Underwood. Wm. (So. 111.) Murphysboro, 111. 
Upton, G. N. (Ky. 1st.) Crum. Kv. 
Utter, A. G. (N. Y. E.) Union Mills, N. Y. 

— V — 

Vanbiber. Charles (Ky. 1st.) Burkhart, Ky. 
Van Dyck, R. W. (N. Y. E.) West Laurens, 

N. Y. 
Vanhoesen, Peter (W. M. & N. I.) Tallman, 

Vaughan, B. F. (Mi. O.) Centerville, Ohio. 
Vaughan, P. C. (N. Y. S.) Fitchburg, Mass. 

Villiers, W. H. (I. M. R.) Muncie, Ind. 
Villiers, Mrs. Clara J. (I. M. R.) Muncie, Ind. 
Vint, Don (So. I. & 111.) Olney. 111. 

— W — 

Wade, Pleasant, (So. W.) Claremont, 111. 

Wade, Thos. (So. W.) Newton, 111. 

Walker, I. M. (So. O.) Bruster Ave., Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 

Wallace, Maggie (S. W. la.) Rockport, Mo. 

Walters, W. T. (N. C. & Va.) Harrisonburg, 

Walters, N. (S. W. I.) Griswold, la. 

Warblnton, W. T. (M. O.) Hagerstown, Ind. 

Ward, F. O. (Me.) Augusta. Me. 

Warner, J. P. (Eel R.) Bluffton, Ind. 

Warner, W. A. (N. Y. W.) Leek, N. Y. 

Warrener, Wm. J. (E. O.) Federal, Ohio. 

Washburn, James (Me.) Parkman, Me. 

Watkins, E. A. (Mi. O.) Montpelier, Ind. 

Watkins, A. W. (N. C.) Middleburg, N. C. 

Watson, J. A. (E. Ind.) Harrisvllle, Ind. 

Watson, J. P. (Mi. O.) Dayton, Ohio. 

Way, P. T. (W. N. C.) Waxhaw, N. C. 

Way. S. H. (W. N. C.) Fork Creek, N. C. 

Waymire, I. C. (Mi. O.) Clayton, R. F. D. 1, 

Weaver, Fred (E. K.) Dexter, Kan. 

Weaver, J. H. (Mt. V.) East Liverpool, Ohio. 

Webb, Archie (N. J.) Vienna. N. J. 

Webb. L. (I. M. R.) Tipton, Ind. 

Webb, Wm. (O. Cen.) West Carlisle, Ohio. 

Webster, C. W. (N. Mo.) Gait, Mo. 

Webster, J. A. (W. N. C.) Franklinsville, N. C. 

Webster. J. W. (Me.) Newport. Me. 

Weeks, T. S. (R. I. & Mass.) Fall River, Mass. 

Welch, J. R. (W. 111.) 

Welch, Adelbert (Erie) Waterford, Pa. 

Wells, J. J. (N. Y. E.) East Sidney, N. Y. 

Wellons, J. W. (N. C. & Va.) Elon College, N 

West, E. W. (R. I. & M.) Westerly, R. I. 

West. Jas. (N. Y. S.) New Berlin, N. Y., R. F. 

Weston. J. B. (N. Y. E.) Stanfordville, N. Y. 

Wetzel. J. (B. Ind.) Farmland, Ind. 

Wheat, G. W. (Kv. 1st.) Muses Mills, Ky. 

Wheeler, S. G. (Me.) EJaston. Me. 

Whitaker, John, (Osage) Weaubleau, Mo. 

Whitaker, O. B. (N. K.) Lincoln, Kan. 

Whitaker, R. T. (N. C.) Raleigh, N. C. 

White, James (Ky. 2d.) Sharpsburg, Ky. 

■V^niite. J. T. (Okla.) Avery. Okla. 

White. T. E. (W. N. C.) (Missionary), Salinas, 
Porto Rico. 

Whitlock. Wm. (Kv. 2d.) Willard. Ky. 

Wicker, J. D. (E. N. C.) Sanford, N. C. 

Wicker, W. C. (E. N. C.) E]on College, N. C. 

Wiggins. J. D. (So. I. & HI.) Enfield, 111. 

Wiggins, J. R. (Kv. 1st.) Muses Mills. Ky. 

Wiiburn. Milton. (Ky. 2d.) Sardes. Ky. 

Wiles, M. M. (I. M. R.) Sheridan, Ind. 

Wilfong. Ira W. (W. Va.) Moorefield, W. Va. 

Wilgns, Vina B. (N. W. N. D.) Surrey, N. D. 

Wilkinson, W. W., Ft. Branch. Ind. 

Willey, E. H. (N. I.) Fairfield, Iowa, R. F. D. 

Williams, C. A. (O. Cen.) Raymond, Ohio. 
Williams. H. W. (E. Va.) Ouillins, Va. 
Williams, Wm. (N. C.) Raleigh. N. C. 
Williamson. F. E. (Okla.) Renfrow. Okla. 
Williamson. C. R. (C. Ind.) Pike's Peak. Ind. 
Willis. A. W. (W. M. & N. I.) Manistee Junc- 
tion. Mich. 
Wilson, H. C. (O. E.) Pine Grove, Ohio. 
Wilson, A. (E. At.) Ruskin. N. C. 
Wilson, J. W. (Erie) East Springfield, Pa. 
Wilson, Wm. (Mich.) Port Huron, Mich. 
Winans. J. P. (N. Y. E.) Kirkwood. N. Y. 
Wlnegardner. W. Y. (N. W. I.) Twelve Mile, 

Winget C. L. (S. O.) Westboro. Ohio. 
Winston. M. L. (E. N. C.) Creedmore. N. C. 
Winter. H. V. (E. K.) Olpe, Kan. 



Winton, James B. (I. M. R.) Morristown, Ind. 
Wiseheart, Emaline, (I. M. U.) Warren, Ind. 
Witters, G. W. (C. I.) Milroy, Ind. 
Wolfe, M. D. (Rock) Haverhill, Mass. 
Wolford, C. J. (W. Va.) Red Creek, W. Va. 
Wolford, Eliza (Ky. 2d.) Leon, Ky. 
Wood. J. A. (Eel R.) Elkhart. Ind. 
Woodbury, J. H. (E. Kan.) Cherokee, Kan. 
Woodworth, A. D. (W. Ind.) (Missionary) To- 
kyo, Japan. 
Woody, G. (W. Ind.) Darlington, Ind. 
Wright, E. H. (Mer.) Franklin Falls, N. H. 
Wright, G. W. (E. Ind.) Greenville, Ohio. 
Wright, H. J. (N. Kan.) Arvada, Col. 
Wright, J. B. (So. W.) Sumner. 111. 
Wright, J. H. (W. N. C.) Asheboro, N. C. 
Wright, J. L. (So. W.) (5reenup, 111. 
Wright, J. R. (2s. 111. & W.) (Japron. 111. 
Wright, J. T. (N. W. K.) Norton. Kan. 
Wright, J. W. (Mt. V.) Coshocton, Ohio. 

Wright, W. J. (N. J.) Tullytown, Pa. 
Wyman, O. T. (Erie) Dewittville, N. Y. 

— Y — 

Yantis, J. W. (N. W. O.) McComb, Ohio. 
Yinger, Emma B. (Mich.) Albion, Mich. 
Youmans, A. C. (N. Y. E.) Albany, N. Y. 
Youmans, J. T. (N. Y. S.) Whitney s Point, 

N. Y. 
Youmans, M. C. (N. Y. S.) Medusa, N. Y. 
Young, B. (N. C.) Middleburg, N. C. 
Young, C. H. (N. W. Ark.) Seba, Ark. 
Young, Charles H. (Des M.) Truro, Iowa. 
Young,- John (Mer.) Sunapee, N. H. 
Young, J. A. (Mich.) Romeo, Mich. 
Young, W. J. (Erie) Conneaut, Ohio. 

Zeigler, E. G. (Mi. O.) Donnelsville, Ohio. 


Allen, G. C. (N. W. O.) Dayton, Ohio. 

Barton, B. (S. Kan.) Liverpool, Kansas. 

Beisiegel, J. J. (Eel. R.) Goshen, Indiana. 

Bennett, J. S. (Scioto V.) Jackson, Ohio. 

Blake, F. B. (Ohio) Antonis, Ohio. 

Bogar, E. M. (S. W. I.) Auburn, Nebraska. 

Bolton, Ford (Bel B.) Muncie, Indiana. 

Bone, J. H. (Mt. V.) Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 

Booher, H. (S. W. I.) Greenfield, Iowa. 

Booth, Henry. (Ohio) Wellston, Ohio. 

Bowers, J. W. (N. W. O.) Vanwert, Ohio. 

Bowyer, A. \Y. (N. W. I.) Tipton, Indiana. 

Bradley, G. W. (S. W. I.) Linden, Iowa. 

Bray, W. O. (N. W. O.) Grover Hill, Ohio. 

Brown, B. B. (Eel R. ) Larwill, Indiana. 

Bryan, T. M. (S. W. I.) Panora, Iowa. 

Burns, Abbie L. (N. E. O.) Hepburn, Ohio. 

Carpenter, J. B. (O. E.) Point Rock, Ohio. 

Chapins, S. S. 'N. Mo.) Brunswick, Mo. 

Clapool, J. (N. W. O.) Otterville, Ohio. 

Coats, Anna (E. Ind.) IJnion City, Indiana. 

Collins, Henry (R. H. & S. P.) Cumberland, 

Cope, E. A. (Mt. V.) Elkton, Ohio. 

Cox, J. O. (W. N. C.) 

Crowthers, W. C. (Eel R.) Kimmel, Indiana. 

Daniels, R. W. (R. H. & S. P.) Cypher, Pa. 

Davis, J. M. (S. Ind. & 111.) Thompsonville, 

Ellingwood, Charles (Me.) EUingwood Cor- 
ners, Me. 

Fincout, A. K. (Mich.) Barryton, Michigan. 

Fockler, C. E. (Ont.) Stoufifvllle, Ontario. 

Forcyth, John (Ohio C.) Woodstock, Ohio. 

Ford, G. W. (R. U.) West Lima, Wisconsin. 

French, E. J. (N. C. & Va.) Elon College, N. C. 

Geller, J. (Okla.) Glencoe, Oklahoma. 

Gloyd, G. W. (Bel R.) Kimmel, Indiana. 

Goller, E. D. (N. W. O.) Indianapolis, Ind. 

Gregory, J. T. (W. Ind.) Adriance, Ind. 

Hainer, F. L. (Ont.) Toronto, Ontario. 

Hammond, L. B. (N. Y. S.) Lakemont, N. Y. 

Harness, C. M. (E. Ind.) Selma, Indiana. 

Hatfield, C. C. (Mi. O.) Columbus, Ohio. 

Hayes, Mrs. B. O. (W. Ind.) Center, Indiana. 

Hayes, W. N. (W. N. C.) Erect, N. C. 

Hershey, C. B. (Mi. O.) Piqua, Ohio. 

Holderby, G. A. B. (W. N. C.) Graham, N. C. 

Holderby, Mrs. G. A. B., (W. N. C.) Graham, 
N. C. 

Hughes, R. S. (S. W.) South Bend, 111. 

Jones. F. S. (Eel R.) Marion. Indiana. 

Kauffman, Jesse (R. H. & S. P.) Glencoe, Pa. 

Kern, B. F. (W. N. C.) Moflits, N. C. 

Kerr, Ercy (Mi. O.) Enon, Ohio. 

Kibbey, W. P. (W. Ind.) Jamestown, Indiana. 

Kitamura, Mrs. M. (Mich.) Defiance, Ohio. 

Loughner, S. H. (W. Ind.) Frankfort, Ind. 

Lytle, H. C. (O. E.) Point Rock, Ohio. 

Mahan, C. (S. W.) Hunt, 111. 

Martin, W. H. (Mi. O.) Christiansburg, Ohio. 

Martin, J. W. (O. V.) Huntington, W. Va. 

Martz, John (R. H. & S. P.) Glencoe, Pa. 

Massie, N. W. (O. E.) Lecta, Ohio. 

Mead, F. A. (Tioga R.) Campbell, New York. 

Melenger, Harvey (Ohio) Coalton, Ohio. 

Miller, A. N. (W. I.) Logansport, Ind. 

Morton, S. C. (Mi. O.) Pleasant Hill, Ohio. 

Myers, W. P. (O. E.) Rio Grand, Ohio. 

Neighbors. W. G. (S. K.) Eldorado, Kansas. 

Nelson, Wm. (O. B.) Dexter, Ohio. 

Nute, Alice (S. W.) Elgin, 111. 

Orebaugh. J. C. (E. Ind.) Muncie, Indiana. 

Penrod, N. W. (Mi. O.) Dawson, Ohio. 

Ray, Alva (Ohio) Dove, Ohio. 

Read, Harry (S. W. I.) Griswold, Iowa. 

Rockwell, C. N. (N. J.) Hunlock's Creek, Pa. 

Rowe, N. C. (S. W.) Merom, Indiana. 

Samuel, P. H., Chicago, Illinois. 

Sheldon, R. A. (Mt. V.) Sparta, Ohio. 

Sloan, J. A. (S. 111.) MurphyShoro, 111. 

Spade, E. R. (Ml. O.) Oxford, Ohio. 

Spencer, Thomas (0. E.) Sand Run, Ohio. 

Stephenson, J. W. (S. O.) Ripley, Ohio. 

Stotler, S. L. (O. C.) Sabina, Ohio. 

Tentral, L. (S. 111.) Wolf Creek. 111. 

Thompson, James (Ohio) Beecher, Ohio. 

Underwood, J. L. (S. Ind. & 111.) Albion, IlL 

Vancleve, G. W. (W. Ind.) Lewis, Indiana. 

Velie, A. E. (C. W.) Sherman. v>xS. 

Vinson, Mary J. (W. Ind.) Stone BlufC, Ind. 

Wait, J. W. m. Iowa.) 

Walters, R. (S. W.) Merom, Indiana. 

Warner, J. H. (O. C.) Caixa, 254 Rio De 

Janeiro, Brazil, S. A. 
Wiley, G. W. (TS[. W. I.) Carrington, N. D. 
Williams, E. M. (S. 111.) Carbondale, 111. 
Williamson, P. L. (W. N. C.) Elon College, 

North Carolina. 
Willoughby, B. A. G. (Ont.) Ringwood, Ont. 
Wright, Willis, (S. W.) Greenup, 111. 


Alston, C. J. (N. C.) Pomocoke, N. C. 
Boyd, G. S. (N. C.) Woodsworth, N. C. 
Brown, W. F. (E. Va.) Berkley, Va. 
Bullock, Moses (N. C.) Manson, N. C. 
Bullock, Richard (N. C.) Manson. N. C. 
Bullock, W. (N. C.) Manson, N. C. 

Butts, Edward (E. Va.) Norfolk. Va. 
Christmas, Lillie V. (E. Va.) Suffolk, Va. 
Dillard, G. W. (E. Va.) Homeville, Va. 
Drake, G. W. (E. Va.) Richmond, Va. 
Elam, M. S. (N. C.) Greensboro, N. C. 
Faulk, C. (E. Va.) Boxelder, Va. 



Fenderson, J. L. (E. Va.) Newport News, Va. 

Goodwin, A. N. (E. At.) North Harlow, N. C. 

Hawkins, Thomas (N. C.) Gary, N. C. 

Hill, Edward (N. C.) Raleigh, N. C. . 

Hunt, S. M. (E. Va.) Norfolk, Va. 

Hunter, A. (N. C.) Method, N. C. 

Johnson, H. M. (N. C.) Holly Springs, N. C. 

Jones, L. (N. C.) Raleigh, N. C. 

Jones, W. T. (E. Va.) Bowers, Va. 

Keen, C. H. (E. Va.) Portsmouth, Va. 

Knight, K. (E. Va.) Copland, Va. 

Lawton, J. M. (E. Va.) Berkley, Va. 

Lewis, J. P. (E. Va.) Norfolk, Va. 

McBrown, H. W. (N. C.) Haw River, N. C. 

McGeachy, J. D. (E. Va.) Richmond, Va. 

McGhee, M. S. (N. C.) Frankllnton, N. C. 
Pearson, J. E. (N. C.) Woodsworth, N. C. 
Phillip, W. H. (N. C.) Wise, N. C. 
Reid, J. H. (E. Va.) Suffolk, Va. 
Richardson, C. W. (N. C.) Wakefield, N. C. 
Smith, J. A. (E. Va.) Longview, Va. 
Steward, J. W. (E. Va.) Franklin. Va. 
Thompson, A. J. (N. C.) Vanteen, N. C. 
Turner, John (E. Va.) Ivor, Va. 
Ward, Wm. (E. Va.) Cleophus, Va. 
White, Wm. (E. Va.) Berkley. Va. 
Wiggins, J. F. (E. Va. ) Savage Crossing, Va. 
Williams, J. W. (B. Va.) Portsmouth, Va. 
Williams, M. (E. At.) Sella, N. C. 
Wrenshaw, Mrs. Adora (N. C. Raleigh, N. C. 



Aged Ministers' Home 20 

Akers, Rev. A. J 62 

Baker, Rev. M. W 21 

Bell, W. A 59 

Berkey, Ohio, Church 51 

Bishop, Rev. J. G 12 

Bluffton, Indiana, Church 56 

Boice, Rev. W. T 72 

Caris, Rev. S. A 47 

Carbondale Convention 66 

C. P. A. Building 4 

Defur, Rev. Clarence 64 

Dickson, Mrs. Emma 16 

Dillon, Revs. J. A. and J. Alice 41 

Farmland, Indiana, Church 58 

Fleming, Rev. P. H 79 

Haubstadt, Indiana, Church 65 

Hess, Rev. B. L. and wife 29 

Huntersland, New York, Church 40 

Huntington, Indiana, Church 61 

Industry, Illinois, Church 67 

Jones, Rev. C. J. 
Main, Rev. S. S . . 



McClainsville, Ohio, Church 49 

Medway, New York, Church 28 

Miller, Rev. N. B 81 

Moody, Rev. Laura 75 

Morrell, Rev. Edwin 55 

Mount Olives, Indiana, Church 63 

Sargent, Rev. W. G 53 

Stoner, C. C ! 73 

Sutphen, Judge S. T 45 

Toronto, Ontario, Church 52 

Troy, Ohio, Church 32 

Warner, Rev. J. F 57 

Webber, M. D 74 

Weeks, Rev. T. S 27 

Welch, Rev. Adelbert and family 43 

Wilson, Rev. J. W 20 

Wright, Rev. R. J 11 

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Christian Biblical Institute 24-25 

Defiance College 44-45 

Elon College 34 

Franklinton College 70 

Haberkorn Engine 96 

Kansas Christian College 54 Weaubleau Christian College 


Palmer College 26 

Queen's University 76-77 

Starkey Seminary 30-31 

Stricklands' Music 2 

Union Christian College 38-39 

.... 60 



General Index. 


Afro Christian Convention 84 

Alabama Conference 81 

Apportionment for Conferences ...... 84 

By the Sea 1(5 

Central Illinois Conference 68 

Central Indiana Conference 59 

Central Iowa Conference 71 

Central Wisconsin Conference 69 

Christian Endeavor Department ....17-19 

Conference Department 33 

Craigville Camp-Meeting Association 36 

Current Events, 1904 6-9 

Des Moines, Iowa, Conference 72 

Eastern Atlantic Conference (Coloreu; 82 

Eastern Indiana Conference 55 

Eastern Kansas. Conference 74 

Eastern North Carolina Conference.. 79 

Eastern Virginia Conference 80 

Eastern Virginia Conference (Col- 
ored ) 82 

Educational Department 21-23 

Eel River Conference 62 

Erie Conference 42 

Illinois State Conference 67 

Indiana ]Miami Reserve Conference ... 59 

Indiana State Christian Conference . . 55 

Iowa State Conference 71 

Kansas State Conference 73 

Kentucky (First District) Conference 76 

Kentucky (Second) Conference 77 

Kentucky State Conference. 75 

jNIaine Conference 35 

Merrimac Conference 36 

Miami Ohio Conference 48 

Michigan Conference 53 

Ministerial Directory . .' 85 

Missionary Department 12-15 

ilt. Vernon Conference 46 

Xew England Christian Conference... 33 

New Jersey Conference 41 

New York Central Conference 37 

New York Eastern Conference 36 

New York Southern Conference 40 

Xew York State Christian Association 36 

New York Western Conference 40 

North Carolina Confei'ence (Colored) 83 
North Carolina and Virginia Confer- 
ence . . 80 

North Missoviri Conference 72 

Northeastern Ohio Conference 46 

Northern Illinois and Wisconsin Con- 
ference 69 

Northern Kansas Conference 73 


Northern Wisconsin Confei-ence 69 

Northwestern Indiana Conference ... 62 
Northwestern ivansas Conference .... 74 
Northwestern North Dakota Confer- 
ence 75 

Northwestern Ohio Conference 50 

Ohio Central Conference 46 

Ohio Conference 46 

Ohio Eastern Conference 47 

Ohio State Christian Association .... 43 

Ohio Valley Conference 49 

Oklahoma Conference 75 

Ontario Conference 52 

Osage Conference ■ ■ 73 

Ozark Conference 73 

Rays Hill and Southern Pennsylvania 

Conference 42 

Red River Conference 75 

Rhode Island and Mass. Conference.. 33 

Richland Union Conference 69 

Rockingham Conference 35 

Scioto Valley Conference 52 

Southeastern Nebraska Conference . . 74 

Southern Christian Convention 78 

Southern Illinois Conference 68 

Southern Indiana and Illinois Con- 
ference ^o 

Southern Kansas Conference 74 

Southern Ohio Conference 49 

Southern Wabash (111.) Conference.. 6, 

Southwestern Iowa Conference 71 

Southwestern West Virginia Confer- 
ence o- on 

Sundaj'-School Department 2/ -29 

The American Christian Convention. . 10-11 

The Christian Publishing Association 5 

The Death Bed 15 

Tiogo River Conference 42 

Union Iowa Conference 72 

Vermont State Conference 35 

Virginia Central Conference 80 

Virginia Valley Conference 80 

West Virginia Conference 81 

Western Arkansas Conference 75 

Western Illinois Conference 68 

Western Indiana Conference 64 

Western Michigan and Northern Indi- 
ana Conference 53 

Western North Carolina Conference . 78 

Western Pennsylvania Conference ... 81 

Western Washington Conference .... 75 

York and Cumberland Conference ... 33 

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